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11 Best Sugar Daddy Sites and Apps for Luxury Dating in 2024

Best Sugar Daddy Sites image

After that whole end-of-the-world thing that happened recently, the best sugar daddy sites have reportedly seen a 72% increase in visitors.

Sugar Dating has been gaining visibility lately, largely thanks to social media influencers showcasing it as a way for women to meet financially stable men.

Bleed them dry, ladies!

With sugar daddy websites in high demand, we’ve put together this list of the best sugar dating sites of 2023 so far.

With features like background checks, private photo albums, and “Search by Net Worth”… we’ve got everything covered.

11 Best Sugar Daddy Sites for Meeting Rich Men

First Look

  1. Best sugar daddy site overall – Sugardaddy.com
  2. Luxury dating galore – Secret Benefits
  3. Bid for a hot date – What’s Your Price
  4. Face-blurring tools – Ashley Madison
  5. 5 million members – Sugar Daddy Meet
  6. Advanced search filters – Established Men
  7. Global sugar dating – Miss Travel
  8. Serious luxury dating – Elite Meets Beauty
  9. Big UK & US user base – Sugar Daddie
  10. For the highly-educated – Elite Singles
  11. Great 4:1 female to male ratio – Sudy

1. Sugardaddy.com – One of the Best Sugar Daddy Websites On The Rise

sugardaddy.com is an upcoming sugar daddy website

Package Price/Credit Total Cost
100 credits $0.59 $59.00
500 credits $0.34 $169.00
1,000 credits $0.29 $289.00

Sugar Daddy (not to be confused with Sugar Daddie) is another site that frowns upon hookups, casual dating, and of course, escorting. The site’s theme is about taking sugar relationships seriously. It’s probably no coincidence the site bans profiles with hookup or escort overtones. 

But of course, there are dedicated escort sites for that kinda thing.

The site offers local matching as well as searches and filtering in multiple locations. With 1.5 million users it’s a successful site, but with room to grow. If you’re out of matches for the day, then check out the group forums and discussions to interact with more users. It’s a nice way to mingle without the high pressure of a first date. 


  • Mobile optimized site
  • Unlimited photos
  • Real sugar daddy baby relationships
  • 1.5 million + members


  • Only a 7-day free preview
  • Lots of escorts trying to pose as sugar babies

[Browse potential dates for free here]

2. Secret Benefits – Spark Sugar Arrangements in Secret


  • 100 credits: $0.59 per credit – Total Cost: $59.00
  • 500 credits: $0.34 per credit – Total Cost: $169.00
  • 1,000 credits: $0.29 per credit – Total Cost: $289.00

Looking for a sugar dating platform that adds a touch of mystery to your connections? Look no further than Secret Benefits, the discreet haven for those seeking sugar arrangements with a hint of intrigue. Let’s dive into what makes Secret Benefits a tantalizing choice in the sugar dating universe.

Secret Benefits shies away from casual flings and instead embraces meaningful sugar relationships.

Profiles with hookup or escort undertones are firmly discouraged, creating an environment focused on genuine connections.

The platform hosts a thriving community of 1.5 million users, promising a rich pool of potential matches. If you ever find yourself running low on daily matches, fear not – the group forums and discussions provide a low-pressure arena for mingling and interaction.

Unlock the allure of Secret Benefits and embark on a journey where sugar arrangements thrive in secrecy. With a commitment to genuine connections and a platform tailored for meaningful encounters, Secret Benefits invites you to explore a world of captivating sugar dynamics.

Embrace the excitement and indulge in a sugar dating experience that’s as discreet as it is thrilling.


  • Optimized mobile site for dating on the go
  • Unlimited photo sharing for expressive profiles
  • Commitment to real, meaningful sugar arrangements
  • Substantial member base of 1.5 million individuals


  • Limited 7-day free preview period
  • Some escorts attempting to pass as sugar babies

[Discover the Secrets of Secret Benefits here]

3. What’s Your Price – The eBay of Sugar Dating

what's your price is the #2 best sugar dating site

Credits Price Charge
Women Free Free
100 credits $0.50/c $50.00
450 credits $0.33/c $150.00
1,000 credits $0.25/c $250.00

What’s Your Price takes a somewhat cynical, if efficient, view towards dating. What are you willing to pay for just one date with a beauty – and with no expectations about how the date ends? If you’re happy to pay top dollar and outbid other gents for the attention of a college-age sugar baby, you’ll love What’s Your Price. 

Unlike Millionaire Match, however, you don’t have to be filthy rich to join or bid… you just have to be committed to spending money and bidding on your favorite sugar baby of the night. The site operates similarly to those charity dating auctions you used to hear about back in the day.

But you know… not for charity.

The average price for a date is $125, not too bad if you make decent money. You also don’t have to be a woman to be bid on…but just know, men tend to be far less successful at getting bids than women. This is the world we live in!


  • Like eBay for Sugar Dating
  • Great for men who want a final budget price
  • Bid on dates with women OR men (LGBTQ+ friendly)
  • Average date is $125


  • Not as many advanced features as its competitors

4. Ashley Madison – “Anonymous” Sugar Daddy Website

ashley madison is the #3 best sugar daddy site, though it's not designed exclusively for sugar dating

Type Of Plan Credits Price Per Credit Total Cost
Free for Women Free Free Free
Basic 100 credit package $0.65 per credit $64.99
Classic 500 credit package $0.38 per credit $189.99
Elite 1000 credit package $0.31 per credit $309.99

Ashley Madison is not a sugar-themed site, but it’s the best place to find anonymity and date with discretion. For married sugar daddies or men in the public eye that want to keep a low profile, Ashley Madison might be their best choice. 

You don’t have to give any private information here, but you can still verify all information with the site. Meanwhile, you keep your real name secret and enjoy the anonymous sugar relationship without the risk of manipulation or exposure. 

With Ashley Madison, you can also use features such as face-blurring tools and emergency logout “panic buttons” if you’re trying to look for sugar babies or sugar daddies while keeping a low profile. Not everyone wants their business out there for everyone to see on an app.

So, is this one of the best sugar daddy sites? Not quite. But it’s still worth a shot!


  • Anonymous dating
  • Face-blurring filters
  • Emergency logout “panic button”
  • Privacy heavily emphasized


  • No income requirements or an exclusive sugar theme

5. SugarDaddyMeet – Great Verification Process (Less Catfishing!)sugardaddymeet sugar daddy site


Plan Price Per Month Single Payment
1 mo $50.00/m $50.00
3 mos $30.00/m $90.00
6 mos $24.00/m $144.00 

A more competitive site than you may think and boasting almost 5 million members, Sugar Daddy Meet also offers a higher female to male ratio and has fun features like “suggest a date itinerary”, first date gifts, verification for daddies and babies, and an advanced search. 

It’s been one of the best sugar daddy sites for 15 years at this point!

Reply messages are free, winks are free, and you can keep track of your best matches with the favorites feature. There are also chatrooms to meet groups of other users in addition to local matching, so you can find someone who lives within easy reach. 

Still, compared to some of the best dating sites out there, this sugar daddy website is a little lacking and their app is not great.


  • First date ideas provided
  • Virtual gifts to break the ice
  • Over 5 million members
  • More females than males + verified accounts


  • Limited free options
  • Video chat is in beta
  • The website is better than the app

6. EstablishedMen – Best Sugar Dating Site With Filtered Searching

establishedmen is one of the best sugar daddy sites

Plan Price Per Month Single Payment
1 month $79.00/m $79.00
3 months $49.00/m $147.00
12 months $25.00/m $300.00

EstablishedMen may be one of the more cynical sugar dating matches since it doesn’t make many allusions to love or dating. It’s more of a connect site where women can meet wealthy men.

You know, to “connect” or whatever. 

Still, the signup process is easy and the membership is fairly active. Even better, the site has chat rooms for groups, free memberships for women, and gifts to send your favorite sugar babies. 

The site does offer filtering on your searches and matches, so you don’t have to spend much time politely rejecting the ones that fall short of your standards… whatever they may be.

However, this service doesn’t currently have a sugar dating app, which isn’t ideal in the smartphone age.


  • Virtual gifts, chatrooms, etc
  • Many verified sugar daddies & babies
  • Filtering by body type, personality, lifestyle, etc. 


  • No app version
  • Limited free preview for men

7. Miss Travel – Best International Sugar Daddy Site

miss travel is a popular international sugar daddy site

Plan Type Price Per Month Single Payment
1 month $59.99/m $59.99
3 months $54.99/m $164.97
6 months $49.99/m $299.94

Miss Travel has a great concept: why settle for an ordinary date when you can walk the streets of Paris, Barcelona, or Bora Bora with your new sugar baby? It’s fun for you to show off and it’s a dream come true for her. 

This site is a traveling community and it just so happens to specialize in romance. Once you find a love connection, you can plan a luxurious getaway with the person you’ve been falling for and chatting with for some time. 

On the other hand, globetrotting sugar babies and sugar daddies can essentially enjoy sugar dating on the go worldwide!

Miss Travel has a slightly smaller database of members (just under 700k) but they are all over the world and ready to travel the world.

MT also has an option to split the bill 50/50. If you’re a sugar baby, that might not seem appealing at first. However, sometimes sugar daddies admire independent women and will be impressed by a woman who wants to pay her own way… at least to some degree.

Every daddy is different!


  • Worldwide dating itinerary
  • International membership
  • A good mix of successful sugar babies
  • “Split the Bill” feature


  • No webcam chat
  • Not a high female/male ratio

8. EliteMeetsBeauty – Sugar Daddies & Sugar Babies Looking For Love


Membership Price Per Month
1 month $39.99 per month
3 months $29.99 per month
6 months $19.99 per month
12 months $14.99 per month

EliteMeetsBeauty, formerly known as RichMeetsBeautiful, goes for a different angle in the sugar dating mix. Tired of empty sex and pampering? Maybe it’s time to settle down…and date someone you’re actually compatible with and admire.

Sugar dating can be romantic too!

Elite Meets Beauty allows rich men to define their needs and personality and then uses an algorithm to match people up scientifically. You get a checklist of preferences and a good match among three million members. 

The site discourages sugar dating, in favor of more committed and long-term relationships. No wonder it has a competitive female-to-male ratio of 70/30. Essentially, it’s a dating site for rich people and beautiful people who are upfront about what they want.

At least it’s honest, eh?


  • Affordable rates
  • Serious relationships encouraged
  • Better matches overall
  • Men can send gifts to their favorites


  • Those interested in sex & freedom might not be into it

9. SugarDaddie – One of the Best Sugar Daddy Sites for the UK

sugardaddie is one of the top sugar daddy sites

Membership Price Per Month
1 month $33.99 per month
3 months $22.66 per month
6 months $19.83 per month
12 months $16.99 per month

SugarDaddie promises a lot of vague things on its first page. Like making dreams come true and having the time of your life. But that’s just because they want you to join for free and take a look around the site. 

There are many standard features like high-quality photos, chat, winks, virtual gifts, and a blog.

Though the website may be pretty simple, it’s hard to hate a site that’s been making matches since 2002, not to mention a high-profile site that has attracted approximately 5 million users.

Sugar Daddie has a big following in the UK but also has its own office in Florida for the United States. The mobile-friendly site and customer support by phone are also distinct advantages over some competitors. 

Still, it doesn’t have its own sugar dating app and there is limited verification for sugar babies and daddies, which isn’t ideal in modern times.


  • A trusted site with a long history
  • Encourages sugar dating or real commitment
  • Customer support by phone


  • No app version
  • No real verification of income
  • Catfishes very common

10. EliteSingles – Best For Smart & Successful Sugar Babies

elite singles is a dating site where sugar babies and sugar daddies are both smart and successful

Membership Price Per Month Single Payment
Light (3 mos) $34.95 $104.85
Classic (6 mos) $19.95 $119.70
Comfort (12 mos) $17.95 $215.40

EliteSingles is the opposite of the stereotypical sugar baby site. Here, wealthy men can date educated women, and even independent and successful women. The site is unmatched in terms of its 85 percent highly-educated, college-degreed population. 

If you like a smart woman, you’re in luck.

EliteSingles also goes for the heart and doesn’t offer much in the way of local searching or randomized searching. Instead, you get real matches – women that are your equals, independent, and ambitious. 

This is a great site for men serious about meeting a “sugar baby” with depth, not just beauty. Then again, the site’s resentment of superficial flirting and pampering may work against its demographics.

Also, it’s not technically a sugar dating website, so there’s that too.


  • Take a personality quiz & discover your dating style
  • Get matches – no searching necessary for busy people
  • College-educated singles
  • Unique demographics


  • Limited free preview
  • No local matches
  • Not technically a sugar dating site

11. Sudy – Best Sugar Daddy App 

sudy is the best dedicated sugar daddy app

Sugar Daddy Prices

Premium Daddies Price Per Month Single Payment
1 month $69.99 $69.99
3 months $56.66 $169.99
6 months $41.67 $249.99

Sugar Baby Prices

Premium Babies Price Per Month Single Payment
1 month $14.99 $14.99
3 months $11.66 $34.99
6 months $8.33 $49.99

Sudy is the hottest new app in the sugar dating field, with over 3 million members, and the vast majority female. The 4-1 ratio makes it one of the most competitive sites in terms of attracting beautiful women and featuring wealthy men.

Good stuff!

Sudy is made for mobile and app surfing – it’s one of the few dedicated sugar daddy apps you can find. You can create a profile and start browsing quickly. Then, filter out the wrong types and find your ideal date. 

Members are verified so it’s also a safe app and one that will attract men and women looking for the real thing – no time wasters. 

So if you’re into the idea of checking out potential sugar dates on your smartphone, Sudy is perfect.


  • Dedicated sugar daddy app
  • International searches
  • Married flirting or long-term relationships
  • Unique ranking system


  • Profile moderation can take time

Best Sugar Daddy Sites FAQs

Are you new to the art of being a sugar daddy? Or are you a new sugar baby scouting out the competition on the best sugar daddy sites?

No problem, here we address all of the ins and outs of sugar daddy and sugar baby dating. 

sugar daddy and sugar baby enjoying wine

What is sugar dating exactly?

Sugar dating is not to be confused with escorting or even “hookups.” Sugar dating means the experienced partner (usually a man but sometimes a woman) wants to pamper and spoil a younger partner. 

The younger partner gets lots of free gifts, meals, and entertainment, sure! But many sugar babies enjoy these relationships because they get to meet wise, interesting, and successful men – exactly what they want. 

However, not everyone is cool with the sugar dating theme. That’s why you might have to go to a niche site to find it, rather than a mainstream online dating site. 

This stuff isn’t for everyone!

Some sugar babies and sugar daddies struggle with catching feelings for each other, even if that wasn’t part of their original plan. Be careful and know what you’re getting into!

Are sugar daddy sites legal?

Yes, as long as you’re not arranging to have sex for money.

Ultimately, sex is a decision you and your partner may decide to make at some point, but no one should be specifically under pressure to have sex because of the money or pampering. Money or gifts are only exchanged for time and the opportunity to get to know someone attractive.

To find out more, check out our article: Is It Legal To Have a Sugar Daddy?

What city has the best sugar daddies?

Naturally, big cities and “rich” cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, and San Francisco are sugar dating hotspots. But don’t underestimate big cities per state, such as Raleigh NC, Dallas, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Miami.

The best sugar daddy sites will have members in most major cities, but there are definitely “hotspot” cities where sugar daddies are located more heavily.

What is a good allowance for a sugar baby?

The price depends on a number of factors including:

  • The region in which you live (NYC is more expensive than Seattle, etc.)
  • The number of sugar babies and daddies nearby
  • “Value” as determined by scarcity/competition
  • How much the sugar baby’s company is enjoyed
  • The sugar daddy’s own personal budget
  • Specific arrangements

In a rich city like New York, it’s not uncommon for a sugar baby to get an allowance of $3,000 per month. Naturally, a smaller city or rural area would not go at the same rate.

It’s also smart to diversify the allowance by way of accepting gifts, cash, bill payment, college tuition, wishlists, and the like. 

Are sugar daddy websites free for women?

Most of the best sugar daddy sites are free for women, including sites like What’s Your Price, and EstablishedMen. However, sometimes you can find a sugar daddy at a non-sugar daddy dating site, such as Ashley Madison. 

Are there male sugar babies and female sugar mommas?

There are a few sugar momma or “cougar” dating sites, where older women take out and pamper younger men. Sugardaddy.com is the top dog site in this regard and is usually more reliable than all the other “Horny Rich Mom” knock-off websites out there.

We’re all for levelling the playing field!

A sugar momma with a male sugar baby

How much money does a man have to make to be a sugar daddy?

It’s best to verify with the website you’re interested in before finalizing a membership. Some millionaire-themed websites, for example, insist that men be millionaires. However, other sites report that most sugar daddies are more like lifetime millionaires rather than multi-millionaires.

For example, one survey found that the average income per sugar daddy is 250k a year.

So yeah, you don’t need to be Bill Gates or anything.

Can you find LGBTQ dating on a sugar site?

It depends on the site. Top sites like Ashley Madison cater to bisexual dating, and men looking for men, or women looking for women, or even both men and women. However, for trans or non-binary dating, it’s more difficult to find sugar relationships. 

Sites like EliteSingles work better because it doesn’t list gender as a filter. OkCupid and Adult Friend Finder are also known to be open-minded as regards trans, non-binary, or gender fluidity… though they’re not sugar dating specific.

Hopefully things improve soon!

RELATED: Best Gay Sugar Daddy Dating Apps

How can I tell a catfish from the real thing?

For starters, always make sure the person you’re chatting with is verified by the dating site. Just because you’re a sugar daddy doesn’t mean you have to assume all sugar babies are real. It’s not the polite thing to do. It’s actually a smart move to only chat with verified sugar babies.

Proving your identity to the online dating site is not that difficult – especially for a woman who’s going to be getting lots of free stuff. Limit your messaging to unverified members and encourage visitors to sign up for a free membership with verification.

After all, most sugar dating sites offer free memberships to women. 

You might find that some sugar babies have OnlyFans profiles, which can help make them seem more authentic too. It’s not a guarantee, but the bigger their online presence, the more information you have to go off.

So, which is the top Sugar Daddy Site?

Our top pick for sugar daddy dating sites was Seeking because of its versatility in bisexual and even sugar momma dating, as well as its overall popularity. More members and notoriety means more opportunities to find your sugar dating match. 

The site also has a high female to male ratio and for men, that means more competition for their attention, which is exactly what you want. 

All of these sites offered competitive packages and are worth a free tour. If you have the money and the curiosity then why not give sugar dating a chance? Maybe it won’t last forever, but it’s sure a fun way to spend a restless season.

Good luck, stay safe, and have fun!

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