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Adult Friend Finder Review: Is AdultFriendFinder a Hit or Miss in 2024?

Adult Friend Finder (abbreviated to AFF) might be known as an easy place to meet equally-as-easy adults with whom you can share sensual intentions.

But AFF isn’t just a regular ol’ hookup site and that’s exactly what we discuss in our in-depth, straightforward Adult Friend Finder review of 2024.

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What does this site offer and is AFF really worth it?

Can we lay the rumors to rest that AFF is just a rip-off? If so, what are the best Adult Friend Finder alternatives?

From my time on the site, I can tell you there is much to be enjoyed here and I answer these questions and more below.

Adult Friend Finder Review: First Impressions

Here are a few pointers worth noting, including the highs, lows, and overall impact.


  • Easy sign up for free
  • Millions of users worldwide
  • Kinks, fetishes, and alternative interests are welcome
  • Mobile-friendly website
  • Loads of open-minded individuals
  • Good number of local users
  • Round-the-clock customer support
  • Open to every sexual orientation
  • Fair and affordable premiums
  • High success level for hookups


  • Free membership is highly restricted
  • Watch out for inactive and fake profiles
  • Ads may hijack your attention
  • Not for finding a serious relationship

Overall Rating

From my own experience, I would rate AFF 4 out of 5 stars because of its friendly community, cool communication features, and overall high potential success rate compared to other traditional dating sites or best hookup sites.

Adult Friend Finder Review: Personal Experience

Being in a new place can be very lonely, and good company is well appreciated. So how about we dig into the AFF pudding and get a taste of what it’s really like?

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Sign Up for Free on AFF.com

The fact that AFF’s membership is free didn’t give me much time to think twice and pull out of the deal.

First of all, I wasn’t subjected to a gruesome questionnaire about all my perks, what ticks my boxes, and whatnot.

That was a relief.

All I had to do was prove I was legally of age, after identifying my gender and who I was interested in. There was also info on sexual orientation, race, marital status, and body type (basic physical appearance questions) that I was asked to provide but is not required to join.

Afterward, I had to geo-tag myself and provide my city of residence, so the site can work its magic and locate my fine neighbors who are also trying to use AFF’s dating services.

Anyway, it took less than five minutes before I was done setting up my profile, choosing to add my photo later on.

Is The Free AdultFriendFinder Version Worth It?


I hate to burst your bubble so early, but the free AFF membership doesn’t come with much ammo.

My homepage introduced all these lovely beauties around my city, vividly displaying their basic information including their photos. But an in-depth analysis of these profiles requires a paid membership, so I decided to look around for what I can do for free before upgrading.

Obviously, my first stop was the search button.

I was welcomed by well-thought-out filter options that I must say made my work a lot easier.

Basically, it guides you to find a match from any sexual orientation, who might be also looking for someone with your profile qualities to hookup. AFF also gives you an age range to pick from and narrows the scope further by asking for a city of preference.

AFF isn’t just a hookup site for in-person meetings, though.

There’s a dope Live Action section where members and models host their live cams. This was a plus which I added to my bucket list for later since many live member webcams are free to access.

I also ran into an interesting adult chat room where, needless to say, I left blushing after the conversations that took place in there.

Going Premium on AFF (Gold Membership)

My mission to get laid via AFF needed me to dig into my wallet, so I checked out their premium tiers, and boy was I impressed.

The Gold membership is pretty affordable with the plans divided into monthly, 3 months, and annual deals. I decided to go for the monthly tier to test the waters, and for $39.95, I’m in the Gold club.

The 3-month plan would have cost me $26.95/month or $80.85 billed quarterly, with the annual plan being $19.95 per month, or a total of $239.40 for the year. I would advise choosing the annual plan if you’re planning on having a good time for a long time.

After opting in, I was immediately introduced to a lot more potential matches than I was presented with in the free features.

Now, I would be lying if I said that everyone on the list got my blood boiling, but there was a decent balance of “my types” versus the others.

Be sure you don’t get sneezed by bots, though.

If the “honey” and “sexy” are mindlessly used, and the other end responds within seconds, you can basically assume and make a run for it.

Note that AFF doesn’t accept payment from PayPal or cryptocurrency. Instead, you can make transactions via your Visa, Mastercard, or Discover.

Now that I have full access to AFF, it’s time to meet some cuties and see if it ends with bodies colliding.

Fingers crossed…

Bagging a Date (How Easy/Hard Was It?!)

With 80 million members globally, it shouldn’t be too hard to snag an experience, right?

Thankfully, with AFF’s intensive search parameters, I was able to narrow down the search for my petite fountain of awesomeness.

With the option to locate matches within 5 miles away, I soon have a match that’s within reach and can initiate contact.


Is that Lucy?

No… Probably not.

Anyway, as I learned while writing this AdutlFriendFinder review, most of my fellow AFF users are here for a quick fix, so don’t come bearing huge expectations for single souls looking for serious relationships. I did, however, come across a few – one in approximately 20 profiles – so don’t dim your candle just yet.

If you are waiting for me to confirm whether the people on the site are real, I can assure you that, according to the profiles I came across, most did seem to be legit, active AdultFriendFinder users not run by an algorithm.

From past experiences on online hookup sites, I’ve learned to avoid generic conversations (even with paying members) that look like poorly written porn scripts. Most times it’s either a bot or an overeager scam artist.

Available Categories on AFF.com

AFF’s dating services house an open-minded community of individuals who just want to get laid (they mince words here).

It hosts a variety of individuals with all sorts of kinks and fetishes. From orgies to same-sex hookups, even polyamorous and bi-sexual couples, you’re sure to fit right in.

As I mentioned earlier, the site’s search filters are pretty reliable.

I also met a few adventurous couples seeking to meet a unicorn male/female and groups that meet and hook up. For those of us who love our drinks well-matured, AFF is also probably the best place to find hot cougars and bears.

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Live Action Segment

The Live Action section is where all the fun is when you’re ready for a break.

Looking for the pro models on AFF? This is where you’ll find them hanging out.

Before my Gold Membership, I couldn’t get full access to any of them. You also need to have an account balance to chat with some of the models here. They won’t get you laid, but they can give you a show worth binge-watching.

I spent a good time cruising through the section filtering through models of different kinks and ages from all across the globe.

Some models’ streams are free to ogle at while others are paid for. The charges are not that steep, starting anywhere from 28 tokens to tune in.

Models aren’t the only ones going live on AFF.

I also discovered that I could go live and broadcast my shine should ever my creative drive kick in. AFF even goes further ahead to give both premium and free users a few tips on improving their live streams.

I could pick guys, girls, transgender, couples, and groups here. Though some users may not be supermodel hot, others are natural performers, just showing off their potential in bed.

The good thing is that their chat rooms aren’t usually crowded with horny guys, so it’s easier to have them all to yourself or take them into the private rooms if you have a good tipping hand.

Special Features Adult Friend Finder Review


This is like the Facebook ‘poke’ function, only much naughtier. It helps initiate a conversation with other online members without the cliché ‘Hey’ and ‘Hello’. The wink is sent to your crush to let them know you are interested in starting something – like MJ once said.

Sadly, only premium users can send a wink back if they get one. You’ll only be alerted when someone sends you a wink, but cannot reply if you’re a free member.


The Hotlist is where you save the pretty catches you’ve run into so you can “revisit” them later on. This free function is available to all users, especially those like me, short on memory space because age is somehow catching up.

AdultFriendFinder Mobile Site

The Adult Friend Finder web app version is way cooler and smoother on the eyes than the site IMO. The images are clearer and much crisper.

To use the app, tap on the “Mobile Site” at the bottom right side of the page. Once the mobile site loads, tap the address bar and click the “AdultFriendFinder app” link at the top-right corner of your browser and you’re good to go.

I loved it since it allowed me to keep in touch with some of the interested users I had already matched with. The instant notifications whenever I received a Flirt, profile view, or text also saved me from apologizing a lot for replying late to my chat messages.

Nobody wants that now, do we.

Other AFF.com Forums

User Blogs

“For someone who is budget conscious, blogs are a cheap way of entertainment,” begins one popular blog post.

The blogs section is an ingenious means from AFF to promote user engagement.

I immediately saved a few interesting topics to my reading list for when I’m done writing this review. I could also choose whether I wanted to view nude and sexual content or not.

Members of the AFF community get to share their thoughts on various issues, mostly their kinks and fetishes.

Some users prefer to chill and sip a coffee while floating through their imaginary world of erotic fantasy. By going through this section, adent readers like myself can also engage their minds in a creative, yet sexy way.

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A few bloggers have as many as up to 7k+ followers keeping their tabs open at any time of day. I found that reading is more convenient than watching a live stream if you are out in public and want to keep your affairs on the DL, for example.

Some of those blogs make really good arguments, while some just represent free thinkers with a lot of time on their hands and opinions on their minds.

I probably should have started by mentioning that the blog section can be accessed even on a free account, but that would spoil the surprise.

So, surprise!

Erotic Stories

Where others choose to use their bodies, others choose to juggle their words. Both can create the same effect and turn you, depending on your preference.

On those nights you don’t want to watch live streams of hot models before the cam, you can choose to read the subtle, yet effective sex stories written by like minded folks.

Most of them are fictitious, of course, but going through some stories gives you a feeling that the said events most likely happened.

The stories you will run into here are not 50 Shades of Grey, only more concise versions that go straight into the action after a paragraph or two of literary foreplay.

Adult Friend Finder Review – Comparison to Other Dating Sites

We’ll dig into the website to see, is AdultFriendFinder worth it?

Site Navigation

AFF has a pretty sleek user interface, to begin with. The layout is so simple with important pages like My Stuff (your profile), Search, Live Action, What’s Hot (to check out trending pics, videos, and profiles), and My Community put right at the top of the home dashboard.

Some dating sites focus less on the aesthetic, and more on the messaging features ending up with a site that doesn’t offer much for the eyes.

AFF’s mobile version is also well laid out and works on both iOS and Android devices. The pixel quality of the photo/video uploads is enough, as you won’t have to squint to make out the faces or other identifying features on the profiles you come across.

User Base

While there are other sites with more users than AFF such as Tinder, Bumble, and Ashley Madison, it sits comfortably in the top ten with over 80 million global members.

For obvious reasons, the site is dominated by a higher ratio of male to female users. This should not worry you much since, besides the numbers, AFF’s users are always active and cut across every kink or fetish you can think of.

There’s always someone for everyone.

Success Rate

Without overlooking personal effort, being on AFF’s dating website is almost a guarantee that you’ll meet someone of your liking, but only if you’re persistent enough.

AFF has a great success rate when it comes to getting you laid compared to even Alt. Though there are no solid statistics to support this, my experience and overwhelming user reviews are positive enough to support these claims.

Best Adult Friend Finder Alternatives

Not really sure Adult Friend Finder is the right fit for you? Let’s take a look at how it compares to other top choices for adult dating and entertainment. These are the best sites like Adult Friend Finder in short.

Adult Friend Finder vs. Ashley Madison


Adult Friend Finder and Ashley Madison are both adult hookup sites, and both are highly efficient for hookups. There are many similarities but some differences, too.

The major difference is payment-related.

Adult Friend Finder runs on subscriptions, while Ashley Madison is credit-based for men and free for women.

Depending on how lucky you are with the ladies, that can be a good or bad thing.

When it comes to the features, both have video chat (important!), but Ashley Madison has better discretion features as it started out as an affairs site.

If discretion is important to you, you should definitely go to Ashley Madison.

You get to private your profile to the extent you want, and you can even disguise the Ashley Madison app on your phone.

Adult Friend Finder, on the other hand, has fewer fake profiles as women also have to pay for subscriptions.

There’s also more adult entertainment in the form of live cams and X-rated videos, and there’s even an adult superstore.

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Adult Friend Finder vs. Seeking

seeking dating

The biggest difference you’ll notice between Adult Friend Finder and Seeking is the price – Seeking is 5 times more expensive!

That’s because it’s a luxury dating app and the best one in its niche.

Seeking is free for women, so if you are one and looking for wealthy men to hook up with, it should be the obvious choice.

All the men on it need to provide proof of income, while the women have to go through ID verification.

If you’re looking for luxury dating, Seeking is the best place to go.

But it’s not for everyone, so if you’re looking for a more affordable app for fast and easy hookups, Adult Friend Finder is the better option here.

It also has a significantly larger user base, which makes it highly efficient. 

And there are all kinds of people on Adult Friend Finder, so it’s easy to find folks into luxury dating, too – just the ones that prefer to spend less on the app itself.

Check out our Seeking review to learn more

Adult Friend Finder vs. LiveJasmin


When it comes to the battle between Adult Friend Finder and LiveJasmin, the first thing you’ll notice is that there is no competition here, really.

The two sites differ in their purpose – the former is a hookup app, while the latter is a live cam site.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t any similarities, as you’ll find hot women and adult entertainment on both sites.

It’s just that you can hook up with the ones on Adult Friend Finder, while your chances of hooking up with one of LiveJasmin’s girls are incredibly low.

Still, if you’re in the mood for top-quality premium cam shows, there’s no better place than LiveJasmin.

The models are drop-dead gorgeous, and they really know how to put on a show.

There are free shows, but these tend to be on the tame side, and you’ll have to pay for the good stuff here.

Adult Friend Finder, on the other hand, has tons of raunchy free shows – by members, too. And you can hook up with the girls there.

Read our full LiveJasmin review here

Adult Friend Finder vs. Flirt4Free

flirt 4 free review

Flirt4Free is, much like LiveJasmin, a live cam site and not a hookup app like Adult Friend Finder, so that’s the key difference.

HOWEVER, there’s that element of adult entertainment.

Flirt4Free has some of the best free cam shows in the camming industry. That goes for production levels, content quality, and the cam models.

The models here start the show as soon as the cameras start rolling. 

When it comes to the C2C private shows, you pay by the minute, which is usual for cam sites. The private shows on Flirt4Free are reasonably priced, and you get 120 welcoming credits to test out the site.

So, Flirt4Free beats Adult Friend Finder when it comes to the quality of cam shows, hands down.

But if you’re looking to take things into the real world and hook up, you should definitely choose Adult Friend Finder, as you can’t really hook up with models on Flirt4Free.

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Adult Friend Finder Review – FAQs

Can I Use AdultFriendFinder for Free?

Yes, you can definitely use Adult Friend Finder for free, but you will be limited in a lot of functions. For starters, you won’t be able to view other users’ full profiles including their photos.

The interactive features are also your biggest loss as a free user since you can only receive but not send messages to your crush. Free members can not also send out winks.

The free-to-access features are public forums such as some live cams, blogs, erotic stories, and groups. Other free features include viewing live streams with the exception of some that can only be accessed by Gold members.

Is Adult Friend Finder Safe To join?

Yes, Adult Friend Finder is a safe site to join. Cyber security is a major issue in the online domain and many people fear for their safety and that of their information while interacting online.

Since 2015, the site has not reported any security breaches, and it appears that the previous incident was an accidental one-off issue that has since been resolved.

Instances of members being bullied or harassed on AFF are also rarely reported since users can opt out of conversations they feel don’t rub them off the right way.

How Can I Cancel My Adult Friend Finder Subscription?

To cancel your Adult Friend Finder Subscription, first, cancel the auto-renew option for your account. This prevents AFF from initiating automatic payments from your bank.

To disable the auto-renew, access your profile from a computer (not mobile phone) and click your username.

From the drop-down list, click on ‘My Account’, and select “Billing History and Credit card information”. This screen displays your subscriptions and all you have to do is disable the Auto-renew check box.

After that, you won’t be a premium member anymore.

How Do I Avoid Scammers on Adult Friend Finder?

To avoid being scammed on Adult Friend Finder and any other online dating site, stay vigilant and observe the following helpful tip:

  • Never entertain users that try to solicit money from you using whichever excuse.
  • Avoid inactive profiles whose users only resurface after a long while.
  • Do not share your personal information (especially your financial credentials).
  • Trust your instincts and abandon ship, especially after identifying a potential catfish.
  • Stay away from any profile that spams you with generic messages.
  • Don’t agree to “talk out” of the platform within the first few days.
  • Ask for video calls to prove the identity of the person on the other end.

AdultFriendFinder Review: What I Really Think About AFF

After completing this Adult Friend Finder review, AFF feels like a hookup buffet, serving you only your favorite cuisines of adult dating…where most who join know what they want – to have some no-strings-attached fun.

From my hands-on experience…

You can find your ideal MILF, young singles, or adventurous couples to have casual flings with, and expect to fulfill your wild desires without too much hassle.

Go directly to AdultFriendFinder by clicking here

I love that AFF’s online dating site evens out the playing field by giving you the courage that you might have lacked if you were to meet your crush in-person first, right off the bat.

Instead, you get to converse and up your game beforehand via tips from the blog section, too.

Show off your best smile, be clear about your intentions, and be creative with your replies – then you will have a mighty good time on this adult dating site.

What’s stopping you from making a move?

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