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14 Best Hookup Sites to Find an Easy Fling Online in 2024

Some of us aren’t looking for happily-ever-after. Or maybe we want commitment, but not yet.

And that’s absolutely fair – we all have busy lives.

Whatever your story is, don’t waste your time on crappy hookup apps full of bots and simps. There’s more out there.

Here I’ve listed the best hookup sites of 2024. Cut to the chase and get straight to sex with these no-nonsense hookup sites and apps.

You’re welcome.

Best Hookup Sites in 2024

We’ve saved you the trouble of surfing to every single one. Here’s an overview of the top 10 hookup sites online, so you can just choose the one that fits your needs best. Enjoy!

Find a Date Fast

  • Quick and easy hookups
  • Large user base

Discreet hookups

  • High-quality hookups
  • Mostly married people

High probability of hooking up quickly

  • More females than males
  • Very fast sign-up

Most efficient matchmaker

  • Diverse pool of active users
  • Accessible from almost anywhere

Most popular free hookup app

  • Birthed “swipe right” phenomenon
  • Free-to-try premium features

Totally free to use

  • 100% free to use
  • Forum-style online dating platform

Great for fetish hookups

  • Millions of active users
  • Fast & responsive mobile app

Free Personal Ads in USA

  • Approximate map location on posts
  • Stay totally anonymous

Hookups for couples & singles

  • LGBTQ+ friendly
  • Gender split it close to even

Fastest hookups

  • Profile self-destructs in 1 hour
  • 100% free for women

Women control first engagements

  • High women to men ratio
  • Simple & easy-to-use interface

1. AdultFriendFinder – Best hookup site overall

screenshots and logo of Adult Friend Finder, our best hookup site of 2024

Quick Stats

  • User Base: 80 million
  • Best For: Casual sex, 30s & 40s
  • Free Version? Yes (browse only)
  • Standout Feature: Live cams
Plan Duration Monthly
Free Unlimited Free Free
Gold 1 mo $39.95 $39.95
Gold 3 mos $26.95 $80.85
Gold 12 mos $19.95 $239.40

AFF has one of the largest user enrollments of about 108+ million people with an 80:20 men to women ratio.

Now we can’t guarantee that all of those accounts are real and active… but with such large numbers, getting someone who wants to get down with you isn’t much of a hassle – if you search right.

The site has a neat filter system that helps you narrow down your search to very specific qualities. This means less time on the search board and more getting action.

Other great features you will find there include:

  • Live streams – rivaling the best cam sites
  • Chat rooms – only available for the premium subscribers
  • Blogs – your personal space that allows you to let others know what’s on your mind
  • Hotlist – lets you show interest in others by adding them to it

The free version is great and all, except for the spammy ads. You can still opt for the paid service that ranges from $19.95 – $39.95 and offers a ton more features with fewer ads and a nicer experience all round.

At AdultFriendFinder, everyone is all about sex and there’s no time-wasting with fake pleasantries and all that BS.

We’ve called it the best hookup site because everyone is there for the same reason – to find an “adult friend”.

Nudge nudge, wink wink.

AFF is also notorious for being one of the top swinger sites since 1996, so it’s perfect if you’re part of a swinging couple looking for a good time.

Find a Date Fast

  • Quick and easy hookups
  • Large user base

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2. Ashley Madison – Hookup site for married people

logo and screenshots of ashley madison, a top hookup site for married people

Quick Stats

  • User Base: 70 million
  • Best For: Married people, discreet affairs
  • Free Version? Yes (for women)
  • Standout Feature: “Panic Button” logout
Plan Credits Price
Women Free Free Free
Basic 100 $0.65 each $64.99
Classic 500 $0.38 each $189.99
Elite 1000 $0.31 each $309.99

Ashley Madison has a reputation for being one of the most engaging places for married folks to look for quick hookups.

Obviously, we do not condone cheating on your spouses, though many people use the site to look for threesomes or polyamorous couples.

With a male-to-female ratio of 1:1.13, getting matched with someone won’t be that hard. The users are also aged between 18 – 35, so you can expect a lot of diversity.

The most common features you’ll interact with on this discreet dating app include:

  • Calls
  • Text Chats – free for women
  • Winks – works like Facebook’s “poke” and lets someone know that you’re interested in them
  • Face-blurring tools – to hide your real identity

Now, while the site has it going for women, it’s a kind of a pocket drill for men. Males have to buy credits for up to $50 to enjoy the chat features. But hey – it’s worth it!

If you are a married person or couple and looking for some adventure e.g., threesomes, then Ashley Madison has got your back.

Discreet hookups

  • High-quality hookups
  • Mostly married people


3. Seeking – More women than men (rare!)

seeking logo

Quick Stats

  • User Base: 40 million
  • Best For: Rich men & attractive women
  • Free Version? Yes (for women)
  • Standout Feature: Search by Net Worth
Length Price Monthly
Premium 30 days $3.33/day $99.99
90 days $3.00/day $269.99
Diamond 30 days $8.33/day $249.99
Women Unlimited Free Free

Seeking has over 20 million users worldwide spanning the ages of 25 – 34. The ratio of women to men stands at a staggering 5:1!

Why? Because it’s a luxury dating site at its core.

The site is a great relief for older wealthy guys who want attractive young women and vice versa. However, you can also find older wealthy women looking for young, attractive men too.

Seeking’s site also boasts of a simple interface coming with a search filter that helps you clear the clutter. They also have a privacy feature that allows you to select who can see your photos, keeping your profile as discreet as you like.

Other features involve:

  • Video chats – for paying users (great for proving user identity)
  • Blog – to get all the current buzz on “dating up”
  • Search filters for income – women can search for men based on salary

The only glaring downside, apart from the expensive membership for men, is that men may have to spend a ton on the girls to best their chances of getting laid.

Aside from that, women join for free, therefore, also increasing your chances of getting a hookup.

High probability of hooking up quickly

  • More females than males
  • Very fast sign-up

4. Zoosk – One of the best casual sex sites

zoosk, a popular free hookup site

Quick Stats

  • User Base: 40 million
  • Best For: Hookups & dates
  • Free Version? Yes
  • Standout Feature: “SmartPick” matching
Type Of Plan Monthly Cost Total Cost
Free Version Free Free
1 Month $29.95 $29.95
3 Months $19.98 $59.95
6 Months $12.49 $74.95
12 Months $12.49 $149.88

Operating in 80 different countries, Zoosk gives its users a chance to get hooked up wherever they are on the planet.

It currently hosts more than 35 million profiles of people aged between 24 – 30 years who’re mainly looking for brief encounters and ONSs.

Once signed in, you’ll immediately appreciate the diversity in its demographics and the vast pool of ready players.

Through their “SmartPick” feature, the system accurately recommends profiles portraying what you’re looking for. It enhances its precision by studying your behavior around the platform when using the app.

Zoosk also has a “Dating Insights” section that gives you the latest scoop on the dating scene.

Like most free hookup sites, Zoosk’s free membership doesn’t give enough to truly whet your appetite. You’ll have to subscribe to the paid membership ($29.95/month) to enjoy the best of its features.

Still, the platform’s worth a shot if you are a globe trotter and would love to sample all the local cuisines! It’s possibly the best free hookup site for frequent travelers.

Most efficient matchmaker

  • Diverse pool of active users
  • Accessible from almost anywhere

5. Tinder – Most popular free hookup app

Tinder, the world's most popular hookup appQuick Stats

  • User Base: 75 million
  • Best For: Casual sex
  • Free Version?: Yes
  • Standout Feature: New “Matchmaker” Tool for Your Friends
Type Of Plan Cost
Free Version Free
Gold – Under 28 $14.99 month
Gold – Over 28 $29.99 month
Plus – Under 28 $9.99 month
Plus – Over 28 $19.99 month
Platinum – Under 28 $14.32 month
Platinum – Over 28 $17.99 month

Tinder is kind of a “free for all” market for casual hookups. It has a male to female ratio of about 7:3, mostly made of users aged between 18 to 35 years.

The most outstanding feature of the app is its infamous swipe function. You may swipe right or left to either like or pass on someone’s photo respectively.

With a paying account, you get an unlimited number of swipes and likes.

Yes, it’s shallow. Welcome to online dating.

The adult dating app also has a geolocation feature that helps you zero in on other available users looking for dates/hookups near you.

Other stunning features that make Tinder the most popular free hookup app include:

  • Free chat – Chat to your matches without paying a dime
  • Live video calls – Facetime matches to make sure they’re not a catfish
  • Photo sharing – Exchange photos privately 😉
  • Connect with Spotify – Showcase your superior music taste
  • Connect with Facebook/IG – Prove you’re a real person!

And because it’s mostly free… yeah… you’ll have to deal with a couple of pseudo profiles out to fleece you.

Be on the lookout for red flags!

Other than that, Tinder is a fantastic place to start your online escapades for dates and hookups as a newbie. Casual dating is so easy here.

Also, new for 2024 is the “Matchmaker” tool which allows your friends to review your matches for you and make suggestions. After all, their opinion matters to you!

Most popular free hookup app

  • Birthed “swipe right” phenomenon
  • Free-to-try premium features

6. Reddit Dirty R4R – Best 100% free hookup site

eddit r4r, one of the few 100% free hookup sites

Quick Stats

  • User Base: 1.5 million
  • Best For: Internet-savvy people
  • Free Version? 100% free
  • Standout Feature: Anonymous profiles

Reddit’s Dirty R4R subreddit is a marketplace where everything and anything goes.

It’s an open scene with a fairly balanced female-to-male ratio where every person from every walk of kink roams.

This hookup platform isn’t like other hookup websites – it’s a personals-style forum where you can discuss your sexual preferences and kinks openly.

The best part is that it’s all 100% free. 

Like other platforms, you have to sell yourself most appealingly to get noticed. You also have to state what you’re after in the hookup and hope that luck will be on your side.

Naturally, getting sex remains a long shot in most cases as it’s quite difficult to make your “offer” stand above the others.

The user base is also limited, so finding local hookups in your state/city is easier said than done.

But if you have patience, you can start slow over at the Dirty R4R subreddit and increase your presence, slowly boosting your street cred on this unique local hookup platform.

Some people also use the platform to advertise their OnlyFans profiles and make a little extra coin on the side.

Totally free to use

  • 100% free to use
  • Forum-style online dating platform

7. FetLife – Sex Site for Fetish Hookups

Quick Stats

  • User Base: 1.4 million
  • Best For: Fetishes & kinks
  • Free Version?: Yes
  • Standout Feature: Kink/BDSM meetup events
Type Of Plan Monthly Cost Total Cost
Free Version Free Free
6 Months $5.00 $30.00
12 Months $5.00 $60.00
24 Months $5.00 $120.00

FetLife offers you a completely different experience from the bored-out bedroom sex. This here is the ultimate kink hub at your disposal if you want memorable fantasy one-night stands.

FetLife’s platform currently holds over 8 million users aged 25 – 34 years. They also have a tipped female-to-male ratio where women make up 25% and men 75% of the total dating pool.

So yeah, it’s more male-dominated than many sex sites… keep that in mind.

Still, this sex site stands out as the best fantasy ONS site because of its active and kinky community.

The site’s main features include:

  • Search filter
  • Photo and video sharing
  • Real-time notifications

You’ll only experience the best this platform has to offer with the paid membership. This includes advanced search parameters and other profile boosters.

So whether you’re into feet, BDSM, role play, whipping, or having your genitals (consensually) tortured… this could be the hookup site for you.

Some sex sites are worth paying for!

Great for fetish hookups

  • Millions of active users
  • Fast & responsive mobile app

8. Feeld – Best hookup site for open-minded couples (and singles!)

feeld logo and screenshots

Quick Stats

  • User Base: 2 million
  • Best For: Open & poly couples, unciorns
  • Free Version?: Yes
  • Standout Feature: 20+ sexuality & gender options
Type of Plan Monthly Cost Total Cost
Free Version Free Free
30 days $11.99 $11.99
90 days $8.00 $23.99

Feeld brings couples and singles alike to a place where they can air freely air their desires. The app lets you explore beyond the norms in society for a more satisfying sex life.

It currently has more than 2 million users with 60% being males and 40% females.

The Couple’s Account feature allows couples to pursue their sexual desires together if it’s a path they’ve agreed upon. Sometimes spicing up your sex life with a 3rd (or 4th!) person is JUST what you need.

You can also opt to browse unnoticed using the incognito feature that masks your identity. This is pretty useful when you want to know more about someone but are afraid of approaching them.

Most hookup dating sites do not offer these kinds of features, so get into it.

Other features include:

  • Last seen – for paying users only
  • Future connection – lets you confirm with a profile in case you know them in person

You will more if you get on the paid membership, as is the case with most hookup sites.

Feeld also made it compulsory to link your account to your Facebook profile to minimize creepy stalkers. That may be a pain in the butt, but it shouldn’t cause much fuss if your intentions are pure.

So, are you a couple or a single looking to explore casual lovemaking? Maybe you should Feeld it.

Hookups for couples & singles

  • LGBTQ+ friendly
  • Gender split it close to even

9. PURE – Best hookup app

pure app logo

Quick Stats

  • User Base: 11.5 million
  • Best For: Quick low-key hookups
  • Free Version? Yes
  • Standout Feature: Temporary Profiles


1 Week $14.99 / week
1 Month

$29.99 / month

Pure is one of the best hookup apps you can try right now. Why? It allows you to create a temporary hookup profile that lasts for just 1 HOUR before self-destructing.

In other words, you have 1 hour to get lucky!

This has many upsides – the sense of urgency increases, encouraging people to make decisions and avoid being flakey or indecisive.

On top of that, the 1-hour time limit means that you can advertise yourself for 1 hour and then disappear completely without a trace left over.

If you want to hook up discreetly, there’s no better way.

The Pure app is also 100% free for women and very LGBTQ+ friendly, so it’s perfect to find sex in many, MANY different forms.

It also has a cute UI and some of the strictest security measures we’ve ever seen for a hookup app, giving you that extra peace of mind. Catfishing is close to impossible.

Oh, and the logo seems to be a giant cartoon vagina.

So that’s nice too.

Though the Pure signup process is tedious due to all the security checks, it’s kind of a double-edged sword because it makes this hookup app a lot safer.

If you can put up with that wait, then Pure will not disappoint you in the casual sex department, we’re sure.

Fastest hookups

  • Profile self-destructs in 1 hour
  • 100% free for women

10. Bumble – Women start the conversation

bumble logo, the best hookup site for women

Quick Stats

  • User Base: 50 million
  • Best For: Women
  • Free Version? Yes
  • Standout Feature: Networking & Friendship options
Plan Credits
Free Unlimited Free
BumbleBoost 1 Week $10.99
1 Month $24.99
Lifetime Forever $149.99
Bumble Credits 1 Coin $1.99
5 Coins $8.99
10 Coins $14.99
20 Coins $24.99
30 Coins $37.99

Bumble literally sets the standards when it comes to women’s empowerment in the online dating space. It’s known for its strict rules of engagement that only let the lady be in charge of the whole scene.

About time!

Oh, and as you can see above, they give you MULTIPLE ways to pay, including credits plans and even a LIFETIME SUBSCRIPTION for a one-off payment of $149.99.

Cool stuff, so this is definitely one of the best hookup apps out there.

Basically, women send the first message on this dating app. Many female users have their inboxes flooded with d*ck pics and creepy messages on normal hookup sites, so Bumble tries to curb that.

Once you download this dating app, you’ll enjoy a simple interface with the swipe function that lets a tiger know you like them.

It also has a ‘Backtrack’ feature that allows you to cancel if you liked a profile by mistake. Pretty rad.

One major buzz kill is the likelihood that your ‘potential’ match may want a serious relationship before you conduct any business. If you’re using Bumble for hookups, make your intentions clear.

On the upside though, Bumble offers a great, secure platform for getting laid if you make your intentions clear from the get-go.

Check out our full Bumble Hookup App Review for more.

Women control first engagements

  • High women to men ratio
  • Simple & easy-to-use interface

11. Hinge – Top exclusive hookups app

hinge logo, a top hookup app for millennials

Quick Stats

  • User Base: 23 million
  • Best For: Millennial dating & hookups
  • Free Version? Yes
  • Standout Feature: Prompts & ice-breakers
Plan Length Monthly Total Cost
Free Version Free Free
1 mo $9.99 $9.99
3 mos $6.99 $20.97
6 mos $4.99 $29.94

Hinge made a name for itself as an app-only platform for dating and hookups after launching back in 2012. The app makes a great dating platform but also has amazing hookups going on if you play your cards right.

Most of the users there are millennials with an almost balanced female to male ratio. Hinge is also one of the most popular dating apps in the LGBTQ community, proving particularly popular with lesbian women.

Setting up a profile is a breeze. Hinge has an effective match-making system that connects you to similar profiles sharing your tastes and preferences.

It also has:

  • Who liked me – lets you know who’s shown interest in your profile
  • Chat messaging
  • Video chat
  • We met – allows you to share your meeting experience with the app’s moderators

With the premium version of this dating app, you get to enjoy additional perks like streamlined profile search and unlimited likes.

Nonetheless, you’ll get massive heartbreaks if you’re only after a quickie. Most users here prefer starting things slow and then building towards sex like in a committed relationship.

Still, making your intentions clear will get you consistent long-term hookups. Play it cool and whatnot.

12. Grindr – Best gay hookup site

grindr logo, the best gay hookup app

Quick Stats

  • User Base: 12.5 million
  • Best For: Gay hookups
  • Free Version? Yes
  • Standout Feature: See guys nearest to your location
Plan Duration Monthly Total
Free Version Unlimited Free Free
Xtra 1 month $13.00 $13.00
3 Months $9.40 $28.20
12 Months $5.20 $62.40
Unlimited 1 month $41.11 $41.11
3 Months $20.39 $61.17
12 Months $14.71 $176.46

Grindr is undoubtedly the best free platform for gay men to get their freak on. I mean, the entire user population is in the millions and is made up of almost exclusively gay men.

And they are there for one reason only… steamy one-night-stands.

Grindr hosts myriads of profiles that you can skim through to get a match.

Better yet, the site has a well-tuned geolocating feature that lets you see the gay profiles near your surroundings. It helps you minimize a lot of talking and maximize on getting to know each other!

If you come from a remote place, you can opt to first talk via chat to see whether a meet-up is worth your while.

Unlike some adult dating sites on the scene, Grindr has also changed with the times, now offering multiple Gender and Sexual Orientation options to users.

We love to see it!

However, the profiles are a tad too scarce with information that can help you make certain decisions. I’d suggest you make use of the text and video chat features before committing to anything just yet.

13. HER – Community-building sex hookup app for lesbians

her, best lesbian hookup app

Quick Stats

  • User Base: 13 million
  • Best For: Lesbian dating & hookups
  • Free Version? Yes
  • Standout Feature: Community events
Plan Duration Monthly Cost Total Cost
Free Version Free Free
1 month $14.99 $14.99
6 Months $10.00 $59.99
12 Months $7.50 $89.99

HER’s dating platform makes it possible for lesbians and queer women/people to get a piece of the action too. Its main goal is to bring the lesbian community closer beyond random hookups.

The main user population is 100% women and LGBTQ+ people, meaning you have a clean shot at getting laid down the line.

And although this is one of the best free hookup sites for lesbians, it’s also easy to score a romantic date here or just find a friend with similar interests to you!

This dating site is a great avenue offering a lot of free features that suffice to get you well on your first LGBTQ hookup.

One of the most outstanding features is the free chat that allows you to interact with your crush without paying.

This top lesbian dating site also has:

  • Meet– lets you pair with someone within your locality with the same tastes
  • LGBTQ+ Events – lets you create and keep track of the latest social events around the LGBTQ community
  • Report – for flagging down suspicious profiles to the administrators

The inability to filter your search in the free account is a pain in the neck but won’t get in your way if you know your way around a tight squeeze.

However, like most online dating sites, there is a paid version of HER that will make the process of finding someone much more seamless.

14. Alt.com – Casual dating site for BDSM & kink fans!

Quick Stats

  • User Base: 2.3 million
  • Best For: Fetishes & kinks
  • Free Version? Yes
  • Standout Feature: Community events
Plan Monthly
Total Cost
Free Verison Free Free
Silver – 1 Month $19.95 $19.95
Silver – 3 Months $11.99 $35.97
Silver – 12 Months $8.33 $99.97
Gold – 1 Month $29.95 $29.95
Gold – 3 Months $19.99 $59.97
Gold – 12 Months $12.50 $149.97

ALT is a wild space that lets you explore your wildest fetishes. Be it BDSM, role-playing, bondage, or orgies – you will not run out of options to score.

Unlike many dating apps and hookup sites, the people here are open-minded and excited to get a little freaky!


The site has 2+ million users on the platform aged between 25 – 34 with a fairly balanced male to female ratio, so if you fall within this age range, you’re in the right place.

ALT provides an engaging live video chat that allows users to size and verify a prospect’s personality – we all know that the top hookup sites can be filled with bots and catfishes, so it’s great to know you’re talking to a real person!

And yes, the video chat feature can get sexy too.

ALT also has a chat feature which you can only enjoy the perks if you subscribe to the paid membership. (Gold membership starts at $29.95/month or $149.97 for a year)

This free hookup site for kink also has a super-accurate search function that lets you filter and only net profiles similar to yours.

However, the site suffers from the common infestation of fake profiles spamming other users, so keep an eye out for that.

If you are looking for some non-committal mistress, dominatrixes, swingin’, or alternative play, then ALT.com is your stop.

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Best Hookup Sites and Apps – FAQs

best hookup sites faq

What Is A Hookup?

A hookup is where you get to have sex with a person without any romantic involvement. The sex is consensual and both parties do not expect anything in return.

The parties involved may also set the boundaries that both will adhere to when engaging in intimacy.

A casual hookup with a sex partner is NOT expected to lead to serious dating or a long-term relationship. However, there are some instances where hooking up leads to serious relationships.

Who knows where sexual dating may take you?

RELATED: How to Avoid Catching Feelings After a Hookup.

Are There Any Hookup Sites That Are 100% Free?

Yes, there are. Spaces like the Dirty R4R subreddit offer users a completely free platform to interact with users and find local hookups.

On the other hand, other sites like Adult Friend Finder, Tinder, and Bumble also offer a free membership version to their users. There, one still gets to enjoy most of the features that the site/app has to offer, though there are limitations and ads.

Free websites are cute, but if you’re looking for serious sex, you really need to invest in paid hookup sites. By putting money on the table to become a premium user, you’re essentially telling everyone that you’re serious about your sexual encounters.

God knows there are a lot of flakey users on free hookup websites!

How Can I Increase My Chances For Getting A Hookup?

You must first ensure that you’ve identified an app or site that plays to your tastes. Afterward, set up your profile and clearly state what you’re looking for so that you’re clear.

If you’re looking for casual sex and set up a profile on Christian Mingle, don’t be surprised when no one speaks to you.


You have to also keep updating your profile with new photos of yourself to let other users see that you’re a real person.

The icing on the cake is always interacting with other members to build your presence and chances to get laid.

What Are The Best Hookup Sites For Gay Men?

Grindr is the best hookup site (or app, we should say!) for gay men and LGBTQ+ people. The app is full of men that only go there for the sole purpose of having casual sex and nothing else.

When it comes to gay hookup sites and apps, Grindr is undoubtedly the king.

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Conclusion: What are the Best Hookup Sites Overall?

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to which the best hookup sites for dating are. Finding the right hookups on the best dating sites will depend on your personal needs.

This includes whether you want a short or prolonged encounter, a hint of kink on the plate, or any other preferences important to you.

If you want to meet potentials from one of the most populated sites with high success rates, then Adult Friend Finder is the best bet. It’s also amazingly sex-positive and full of open-minded people, making it the perfect dating site for unashamed sex fans!

However, for some amazing wild sex and BDSM action, head over to ALT.com and quench your thirst for the stranger side of sexual encounters.

Whichever hookup sites or casual dating sites you try, we hope you find the perfect platform to fulfil your needs. Remember to have fun, stay safe, and make your intentions clear.

Good luck!

If you’re struggling with sex addiction, check out this helpful guide on Sex Addiction, Hypersexuality and Compulsive Sexual Behavior from Cleveland Clinic.

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