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10 Best Luxury Dating Sites in 2024: Find Your Luxury Dating App Today

luxury dating sites

Look who we have here curious about luxury dating. Wouldn’t it be nice for you to get your piece of the sweet life for once?

Gone are the days when your social status and circle determined your dating.

We’ve got wealthy dating sites that are available for everyone to join – some of the millionaire dating sites are even free for women!

It would be a waste for you not to give them at least a shot.

We’ve figured it all out for you, and we bring you the 10 best luxury dating sites in 20243 and some luxury dating tips to ace the game.

First Look – Best Luxury Dating Sites

Top Luxury Dating Sites 2024

1. Tawkify – Best Luxury Dating Site Overall


  • Tailored matchmaking
  • High-quality matches
  • Discreet and confidential
  • Expert guidance
  • Personalized approach


  • Premium pricing
  • Limited control


  • Basic Plan: From $299/month
  • Premium Plan: From $599/month

Tawkify is similar to having your own personal cupid, dedicated to finding your perfect match. Seriously, that’s exactly what it is.

This tailored matchmaking service ensures that every introduction feels like destiny in the making.

However, this level of exclusivity comes at a premium price, making it more suitable for those willing to invest in their romantic pursuits.

While the lack of control may scare off some classic online daters, those seeking genuine connections will find Tawkify to be a beacon of hope in the vast sea of dating apps. Moreso when it comes to finding a wealthy partner to date.

In essence, Tawkify is not just a luxury dating service; it’s a journey towards finding true love amidst the chaos of modern romance.

Take the plunge with personalized matchmaking on Tawkify

2. Seeking – Free Luxury Dating for Women


  • Free for the ladies!
  • Verified profiles
  • Wealthy men and attractive women


  • Among the most expensive luxury dating sites


  • 100% free for women
  • Premium 1 month – $109.99
  • Premium 3 months – $96.66 a month
  • Diamond 1 month – $274.99 a month

Wealthy dating sites may be popping up left and right, but we still haven’t tried a better luxury dating site than Seeking.

It beats other luxury dating apps because of its advanced features but also its dating pool. It seems like all rich men and extremely attractive women are on Seeking.

Here’s one thing all the ladies reading will love – the wealthy dating site is 100% free for female users.

And here’s another for the fellas – the rich men dating on Seeking are spoiled for choice, as there are more women than men.

There’s a strict verification process in place, so you know you’re not dealing with fake profiles.

Men and women can have their profiles verified, and rich men can also supply the millionaire dating website with proof of income to up their chances.

Besides that, you can pay an extra $50 for the luxury dating site to run a background check on you. This significantly ups your chances, whether you’re a man or woman, and gives you unlimited access to whatever it is you’re looking for.

And, most importantly – Seeking works. Countless success stories are what make the luxury dating site and why people flock to it.

>>Join Seeking, the best luxury dating site

3. Luxy – Where Wealth Meets Romance


  • Exclusive community
  • Verified profiles only
  • VIP events
  • Mosty wealthy customers


  • High membership costs
  • Elitist atmosphere
  • Limited accessibility


  • Luxy Black: From $99/month
  • Luxy Platinum: From $299/month

Luxy is another epitome of luxury dating, catering to an exclusive user base who are seeking an affluent partner in romance.

With verified profiles and plenty of tailored VIP events, Luxy offers a glimpse into a world of extravagance and sophistication. That is, if you find the right partner here.

The hefty price tag may be prohibitive for some, and the elitist atmosphere may feel inaccessible to others. Yet, for those willing to indulge in the finer things in life, Luxy provides a gateway to a realm where love and luxury intertwine seamlessly.

In essence, Luxy is not just your standard dating platform. It’s a lifestyle choice for the discerning few who demand nothing but the best in their quest for love.

Immerse yourself in the world of luxury dating with Luxy

4. Victoria Milan – Bougie & Discreet Luxury Dating App

victoria milanPros

  • Bougie folks all around
  • Decent male-to-female ratio
  • ‘Panic button’ closes the app right away


  • You can’t message as a free account


  • 3 months – $49.99 per month, $149.97 total
  • 6 months – $39.99 a month, $119.97 total
  • 12 months – $29.99 a month, $359.88 total

Victoria Milan is one of the most popular rich men dating sites and takes a high second place on our list of the best luxury dating sites.

And it’s not just a bunch of rich men dating on it with a lack of hot women, which seems to be a plague of many millionaire dating sites – even those that are free for women.

Victoria Milan has a well-balanced ratio of wealthy men and women who are fine AF, even though women have to pay, too.

That says something.

The luxury dating site’s premium features allow you to mask your identity and keep your presence on the site a secret.

Better yet, the exclusive app logs you out automatically after a certain time of inactivity, and there’s a panic button that lets you shut down the site immediately.

The millionaire dating site is a great option for those looking for discretion.

>>Go to Victoria Milan, one of the best luxury dating sites

5. Ashley Madison – Luxury Dating Site for MBA Affairs

ashley madisonPros

  • Free for female users
  • Top-notch discretion
  • Credit system (no auto-renewal)


  • Some catfishes


  • 100% free for women
  • 100 credits – $59
  • 500 credits – $169
  • 1,000 credits – $289

Speaking of discreet millionaire dating sites, look who we’ve got next on our list – none other than Ashley Madison.

If you are really serious about discretion and privacy, go with this dating app.

Ashley Madison is not just one of the wealthy dating sites. It’s a dating app that was made for extramarital affairs. As such, it’s got the best discretion features among the millionaire dating sites on our list.

There’s the app disguise feature that lets you make the app appear as something entirely else and customize the notifications.

Then there are the face-blurring tools and numerous options to private your profile.

The best part? Ashley Madison is also a free dating site for ladies.

As you know, free wealthy dating websites draw lots of attractive singles, but also some catfishes. So use your common sense and the video chat feature to keep them away.

>>Head to Ashley Madison, the most discreet dating platform

6. Established Men – For Long-Term Luxury Dating

established menPros

  • Women get free messages
  • Send virtual gifts fast
  • User-friendly interface


  • Limited search filters


  • 1 month – $79 a month
  • 3 months – $49 a month, $147 total
  • 12 months – $25 a month, $300 total

This list of the best millionaire dating sites wouldn’t be complete without Established Men, so here it is.

Why does this luxury dating site deserve to be on the list? Let’s start by saying that over 50,000 attractive and wealthy singles are active at any point.

The dating app is pretty easy to use – there’s no learning curve to it.

That makes online dating very fast and easy, though most singles on the site aren’t looking for casual dating but serious relationships.

Here’s some good news for the ladies – your free account will let you message without paying.

All the rich men dating on the online dating app will, in turn, love to hear that there are more women than men, which is a rarity among online dating websites.

And everyone who joins this dating service looking for a serious relationship will love the detailed profiles that tell you a lot about other attractive singles on the dating app.

>>Join Established Men, one of the best rich men dating sites

7. Secret Benefits – Luxury Dating Site With 90% Verified Accounts

secret benefitsPros

  • 90% of profiles are verified
  • REALLY wealthy men
  • Pay-per-action credit system


  • No video chat


  • 100% free for women
  • 100 credits – $59
  • 500 credits – $169
  • 1,000 credits – $289

One thing that bothers men the most about luxury dating apps is the fake profiles and all kinds of scams that come with them.

There’s no need to worry about these things with Seeking – 90% of profiles on the millionaire dating site are VERIFIED.

All those beautiful women on Secret Benefits are real!

You don’t have to pay a premium membership for this wealthy dating site. Instead, you pay per action or the messages you send to other users.

As for the ladies, what you’ll love most about this millionaire dating site is that you don’t have to pay zilch.

And you get access to really wealthy men – you know, the quiet wealth types.

The downside of Secret Benefits is that it lacks the video chat feature other luxury dating apps have. But since most attractive singles on it are verified, you can have your video calls elsewhere.

>>Join Secret Benefits, one of the wealthy dating sites with the most verified users

8. Elite Singles – Luxury Dating for Educated & Successful Singles

elite singlesPros

  • Highly educated professionals
  • For long term relationships
  • Free extensive personality survey


  • Not for hookups


  • 1 month – $59.95 a month
  • 3 months – $57.95 a month, $173.85 total
  • 6 months – $44.95 a month, $269.70 total

If your idea of a perfect match is a wealthy one but also an educated professional, you should consider a premium membership at Elite Singles.

85% of the dating pool on this high end site holds a Bachelor’s Degree or higher form of education.

They are not only wealthy people but also educated professionals like doctors, CEOs, engineers, and the like.

Most of them are looking for long term relationships, though, so you won’t have much luck if you’re looking for casual online dating.

The signup process is easy, but you will get an extensive personality survey to fill in. Do your best, as the site will use what you put in to fix you up with your perfect match.

There’s an intelligent matchmaking service that works to find you your perfect millionaire match. You also have advanced search filters in case you want to do it on your own.

>>Go to Elite Singles, one of the best luxury dating apps for long term relationships

9. Millionaire Match – Millionaire Match Rich Men Dating Sites


  • Wealth verification
  • 20+ years experience
  • 5+ million members
  • Help with profile creation


  • Free members are restricted
  • No iOS app


  •  Free membership available
  • Premium membership starting from $80/month

Millionaire Match is one of the world’s oldest and most successful millionaire dating sites. The site has over 20 years of experience matching wealthy men and women with their ideal partners. And that’s only one of the many reasons we love it.

Millionaire Match also stands out because it offers an unrivaled online dating experience with a wealth verification system that ensures all members are genuine, wealthy singles who are looking for love.

The site also offers various features to help you find your perfect match, including advanced search filters, match recommendations, and even profile editing.

So if you’re at a loss for words or don’t know where to start when writing your “about me”, Millionaire Match’s team can help.

One downside of Millionaire Match, though, is it doesn’t have an iOS app. So if you’re an iPhone user, you’ll have to use the mobile browser site.

But aside from that, they make your safety and security a priority, so they have strict measures to protect you.

With over 5 million members, Millionaire Match has something for everyone. From doctors to lawyers to CEOs and everything in between, you’ll find a match regardless of your gender or sexual preferences.

If you’re looking for someone with a similar lifestyle or someone who shares your interests and values, we believe Millionaire Match can help you find your ideal partner.

>>Find your millionaire by signing up today

10. AdultFriendFinder – One of the Horniest Luxury Dating Apps


  • Fast and easy hookups
  • Huge user base
  • Inclusive and LGBTQ+-friendly


  • You need a premium membership to message


  • 1 month – $39.95
  • 3 months – $26.95 a month, $80.85 total
  • 12 months – $19.95 a month, $239.40 total

AdultFriendFinder is not one of the luxury dating apps per se, but there are plenty of wealthy singles looking to mingle on it.

It’s the horniest app on the online dating scene.

People go to AdultFriendFinder to find casual flings and one-night stands, and they flock there like there’s no tomorrow – the luxury dating site has over 80 million users worldwide.

It’s a very sex-positive and inclusive place full of people with all kinds of kinks. Video calls are free, but you’ll have to get a premium membership to message.

Community forums on the dating platform are vibrant places with all kinds of topics. They are also a great way to find your millionaire match, and so are the search filters.

But AdultFriendFinder is not just an online dating platform – there’s plenty of X-rated content for you to enjoy on those days you don’t find a match.

And an adult superstore on those you do!

>>Join AdultFriendFinder, one of the horniest luxury dating apps

11. Elite Meets Beauty – Safest Luxury Dating Site

elite meets beautyPros

  • State-of-the-art encryption security
  • Manually verified profiles
  • You can link your profile with Facebook


  • Some limits to the number of matches


  • 1 month – $69.99 a month
  • 3 months – $59.99 a month, $179.97 total
  • 6 months – $49.99 a month, $299.94 total
  • 12 months – $39.99 a month, $479.88 total

If you’re looking for the safest wealthy dating sites, look no further than Elite Meets Beauty or Rich Meets Beautiful as it was formerly known as.

Firstly, it’s got state-of-the-art encryption security to protect your data.

It’s also one of the rare luxury dating apps where moderators manually verify profiles to protect your safety and your peace of mind.

When you go searching for your millionaire match, you can rest assured that they are who they say they are if they’re verified.

And you’ll have advanced search filters to find just what you want.

You can also link your Facebook account to the luxury dating service, which will make uploading photos a whole lot easier.

All you need to do is drag them to the luxury dating site.

And if you’re looking for discretion or anonymity, use the photo editing tools to blur your face or put a mask on it.

>>Head to Elite Meets Beauty, one of the safest luxury dating apps

12. SugarDaddyMeet – Luxury Dating With 92% Female Reply Rate

sugar daddy meetPros

  • 92% sugar baby reply rate
  • All profiles are verified
  • Smooth-running app


  • No video chat


  • 1 month – $50 a month
  • 3 months – $30 a month, $90 total
  • 6 months – $24 a month, $144 total

One thing that plagues many luxury dating apps, especially the bad ones, is the fact that it’s hard for men to secure replies and dates from women.

That’s a real bummer, especially if you have to pay per message.

That’s where SugarDaddyMeets trumps all other luxury dating sites (even the best wealthy dating sites) – the female reply rate stands at a high 92%.

Pretty impressive, huh?

It gets better – all profiles on SugarDaddyMeet are verified, so you don’t need to worry about catfishes or fake rich men dating there.

The downside is that the luxury dating site doesn’t have video chat, which could make things much more convenient. But hey, win some, lose some.

You do get one heck of a smooth-running app, and then you can take things to social media for video calls.

>>Go to SugarDaddyMeet, one of the best luxury dating sites

13. eHarmony – One of the Best Luxury Dating Sites for Real Love


  • High-quality folks
  • Many success stories
  • People looking for serious relationships


  • Not one of the niche luxury dating sites


  • 6 months – $65.90 a month, $395.40 total
  • 12 months – $45.90 a month, $550.80 total
  • 24 months – $35.90 a month, $961.60 total

eHarmony may not be one of the niche rich men dating sites, but it sure has many rich men dating on it.

It’s a regular online dating site and your best bet if you’re looking for true love with wealthy singles.

People on eHarmony are successful high-achievers looking for a long term relationship, and if you’re looking for that kind of partner, eHarmony is the place to go.

Another reason eHarmony is one of the best wealthy dating sites is its attention to detail. They’ll give you an extensive survey and ask you to fill out your profile with lots of details.

Do both, as that helps the exclusive dating app fix you up with the best matches for you.

Note that eHarmony is an amazing high end dating site, but it won’t be of much help if you’re looking for casual sex.

If you’re looking for a wealthy man or woman for a serious relationship, though, this is one of the best luxury dating apps to go to.

>>Join eHarmony, one of the best luxury dating apps for true love

Luxury Dating Tips: How to Win Over a Rich Man

Now you know the best luxury dating sites, but there’s no way we’re gonna let you just barge in and fend for yourself.

Here are the luxury dating tips that will help you win over any rich man you encounter on these luxury dating apps:

  • Don’t pretend
  • But try to fit in
  • Less is more
  • Don’t be awkward about his wealth
  • Know the score

Don’t Pretend With Your Millionaire Match

One of the common mistakes women on the luxury dating scene make is trying to pretend they belong to high classes, too, one way or another.

Don’t do it.

The men on the best wealthy dating sites see through it, so there’s no point, but it’s also off-putting and can only make things worse for you.

You’ll appear dishonest or too preoccupied with money.

The men you’ll meet on the best millionaire dating sites know the women on them aren’t rich, and they don’t need them to be.

You not being rich is not a big deal for them.

So, it’s best for you to be honest and not make it a big deal for you or in the relationship either. Don’t put too much significance on you not belonging to their social circle.

But Try to Fit In With Elite Singles

If you’re lucky, you two will take things further from the best luxury dating sites, and you’ll get a chance to meet his friends or even family.

While you shouldn’t pretend to be a part of high society, you SHOULD try to fit in.

Know the dress code for every event these wealthy singles take you to, and dress accordingly. Being subtle is always a virtue, so don’t overdo anything.

Talk, laugh, and react with class, and don’t be overly emotional or dramatic.

Most men you meet on millionaire dating websites surround themselves with successful and educated people that are up-to-date with current affairs.

Try to follow the current events and culture so you can talk to them, but don’t be overly opinionated and go against their stances – there’s nothing to gain with that.

Less Is More When Luxury Dating

less is more dating

High end individuals that frequent luxury dating apps go by ‘less is more’ when it comes to style, so you should, too.

This especially goes for wardrobe and makeup.

No rich man wants a woman looking like a stripper to accompany him to these elite places and meet his elite friends.

Don’t put on too much makeup, and no crazy colors.

The same goes for wardrobe. You’ll notice that most wealthy women love neutrals when it comes to makeup and clothes, both.

Beige is your favorite color now – nothing tacky or too shiny.

Don’t Be Awkward About His Wealth

He’s rich – he knows it, and you know it. And there are great differences between the haves and have-nots, and they’re apparent in every detail.

But there’s no need for you to openly notice them every time.

You don’t want to openly ask or demand him to pay for things or buy you stuff, but you don’t also want to point out how expensive they are when he does.

Act naturally on these occasions.

Don’t make it all about money or him being a rich man. That goes for your friends, too. The last thing they should do when they meet him is to greet him with, ‘Oh, so you’re the rich man she’s been talking about.’

That will make it appear he’s nothing more than his bank account to you.

Know the Score When Millionaire Dating

Listen, there are plenty of men pretending to be rich on the best luxury dating sites, hoping to get themselves the attention (and something else) of attractive women.

Some of them even have SOME money.

But if you really want to be serious with really wealthy people, you need to make sure they’re really wealthy.

Look them up, and be mindful of the zip code and how they are with spending. If they always point out how expensive things are, chances are they aren’t really wealthy.

If you’re on these luxury dating apps looking for old money, it’s always a good idea to ask them what schools they went to figure out whether they were born into money.

It’s an inconspicuous question, but the answer tells you all you need to know.

FAQs About Luxury Dating Apps

Before we wrap up the topic of luxury dating, we’ll answer some of the most common questions about luxury dating sites.

Is There a Free Luxury Dating App?

Seeking is a free luxury dating app for women, as are Victoria Milan, Ashley Madison, and Secret Benefits.

When it comes to men, most rich men dating sites will require them to pay, either for subscriptions or for credits.

What Is the Best Dating Site for Wealthy People?

The best dating site for wealthy people is Seeking. It’s got plenty of rich men and beautiful women on it and a balanced ratio between the two. Besides that, the site has advanced features and a sleek interface.

Does Tinder Work for Luxury Dating?

Tinder isn’t really one of the rich men dating sites, but it is the best free dating site, so it COULD work. Since it’s free, you’ve got nothing to lose if you keep it as a backup option and focus on the best luxury dating sites like Seeking or Victoria Milan.

What Is the Most Expensive Dating App?

Seeking is the most expensive dating app and the best one for luxury dating. The good news? If you’re a woman, you can join Seeking free of charge.

Good Luck on the Best Luxury Dating Sites

best luxury dating sites

Now you know what the best luxury dating sites are and how to win over a rich man you meet on them.

All that’s left for you to do is choose the best one for you.

We can’t recommend Seeking more. It beats all other luxury dating apps when it comes to the dating pool, features, and performances.

Victoria Milan and Ashley Madison are second and third best.

The good thing about these luxury dating sites is that most are free for women, which means you can join more of them to up your chances.

And if you’re a man – well, these are luxury dating sites, after all, so you’ll need to be good for it to join.

Whichever you choose, we’re sure you’ll enjoy it and get your money’s worth, and we wish you the best of luck with luxury dating!

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