Most Popular OnlyFans To Follow in 2024: Exclusive OnlyFan Content at Your Fingertips

So, you’ve finally decided to jump on the OnlyFans bandwagon, eh?

With all the hype going around, it’s hard not to get curious about what sexy NSFW treats lie behind the paywall of the most popular OnlyFans accounts.

We’re here to tell you that OnlyFans is a bonafide treasure trove of naughty content, with some OnlyFans accounts surpassing massively popular porn sites in terms of what you can get.

If you’re looking for a popular OnlyFans account to start your journey with, we’ve curated a list of the most-beloved OnlyFans girls. From custom nudes to exclusive clips – you can get it all on a dime.

Most Popular OnlyFans Creators Right Now

First Look

  • Bella – Most popular OnlyFans account overall
  • Sam – Petite princess with a popular Onlyfans account
  • Kacy – Expert at fulfilling your dirty wishes
  • Zayla – Famous Onlyfans MILF
  • Riley – Popular solo videos on OnlyFans
  • Haley – Best OnlyFans account with a can-do attitude
  • Molly – The tempting girl-next-door from OnlyFans
  • Maria – Adventurous queen
  • Aisha – Increasingly popular OnlyFans girl
  • Carli – Most popular OnlyFans account for outdoor adult content

1. Bella – Most Popular Onlyfans Account Overall


Top Features

  • $3 for 30 days premium membership
  • Has uploaded over 900 media files
  • Gives teasers outside OF
  • Shows off her booty frequently
  • Keeps it light and fun

Those who have ventured into the adult content and video gaming corners of OnlyFans have most likely heard of Bella Bumzy. This beauty knows just how to pull in her target audience, the gamers, and the geeks.

With her booty on display (more often than not) and some useful gaming setup, the gamer-girl aesthetic has certainly done her good.

And because she’s just so bubbly and sexy, even those outside of the gaming community can’t get enough. For as low as $3, you can get unlimited access to Bella’s media files (almost 1,000 and counting) for 30 days.

Want a trial? Find her free OnlyFans page Pokebella, for a sneak peek into her paid exclusive content.

You won’t get bored with either account, as even her free OnlyFans account has over 300 pieces of steaming hot and cute media to keep you entertained. Bella’s one of the best OnlyFans teens for a reason…

Want to see more of Bella? Check out her socials below:


2. Sam – Petite and Popular OnlyFans Girl With Steamy Content

sam slayre

Top Features

  • Nearly 1,300 media uploads
  • $3 for 30 day-access
  • Actively replies to subscribers on OF
  • Simple and classic theme
  • Changes setup often for the thrill

Looking for someone to spoil? Our next OnlyFans girl, Sam Slayres, has just the content for you.

On her OF page, Sam says that she enjoys chatting up subscribers who can spoil her during their online exchanges. It’s a plus if you’re into the outdoors because her 1,000+ media files are set beyond the confines of her room.

Talk about being a risk-taker.

It’s no wonder Sam sees her subscriber count rising every day. Almost 500k likes aren’t even enough to justify just how satisfied her paying subscribers are. At $3 for 30 days, you can enjoy Sam’s virtual company and have a 10/10 girl that will get your imagination running wild.

A little word of advice? Visit Samlypuff, her free profile, to get yourself excited about the paid content. We guarantee you’ll be purchasing that premium in no time after this.

Want to see more of Sam? Check out her socials below:



3. Kacy – Hottest OnlyFans Genie Grants You Naughty Wishes


Top Features

  • Experience with adult productions
  • $3 for 30 days of unlimited access
  • Almost 1600 pieces of media
  • Free teasers on her socials
  • Rewards loyal subscribers
  • Loves dare-devil content

If we had to keep up with Kacey Black’s growth in OnlyFans day by day, we’d probably be panting and sweating as we keep track. She’s speedily rising to the top of the game, all because of her daring and well-produced adult content.

As someone who has been part of the adult film industry, she manages to use her expertise and turn it into something the audience can’t get enough of.

She grants everyone’s dirty wishes, making her OF’s one and only hot genie.

Kacey loves teasing her fans before the main content is officially up. Her social media is teeming with teaser videos that will leave you hot and bothered until her next photo or video is released.

Experience this thrill thoughtfully prepared by Kacey for only $3 a month. If you’ve been subscribed for an extended period, you can even expect a special loyalty treat from her.

Feel free to DM Kacey for any special requests. You don’t have to ask her twice. She’ll satisfy your wishes in no time.

Want to see more of Kacy? Check out her socials below:


4. Zayla – Most Popular OnlyFans MILF and Stepmom


Top Features

  • Accepts one-on-one arrangements
  • Dresses up as characters often
  • Almost 2,000 files in her public gallery
  • Only $3 for 30 days
  • Beautiful curves and mature charm

We have to give it to Zayla for committing to an image and doing it exceptionally well. OnlyFans has never seen a stepmom persona done this perfectly. Zayla is the MILF and sugar mommy everyone wants for themselves.

And she’s just waiting for you to get the ride started.

She accepts one-on-one virtual girlfriend setups, so you can enjoy her for yourself through DMs. Look out for her occasional cosplay content that spices up her usual stepmom photos and videos.

Want her to dress up as something in your fantasies?

Drop a DM, and she might just grant your request. You probably won’t be ready for everything she can release on her OnlyFans page. This woman works overtime to keep her loyal subscribers satisfied.

Your first month can be purchased for $3. Get access to almost 2,000 media files which will convince you to stay longer and longer.

Come and enjoy Zayla’s flawless photos and videos and revel in your stepmom kink all you want now!

Want to see more of Zayla? Check out her socials below:


5. Riley – Self-Love Queen, Most Popular OnlyFans Adult Content


Top Features

  • OnlyFans content with great quality
  • Accepts private message requests from fans
  • Styles herself well to reveal her best attributes
  • $3 for 30 days
  • Access to almost 1,500 media files
  • Encourages body positivity

Curves are beautiful. And Riley makes it a point to show off her curves at any possible moment on her profile, something we think you will enjoy.

Riley does not shy away from showing off the enhancement procedures she has done on her body. We love how she’s unapologetically sexy and confident because, with that face and that physique, you should be nothing but.

To show off her attributes, she wears tiny outfits that don’t leave much to the imagination. Colorful swimsuits, sleepwear, and skimpy underwear highlight her best parts, and we’re just over here trying to take it all in.

Pay the subscription fee of $3 per month and get the chance to have a private conversation and live chat experience with her. Get cozy with Riley anytime you want to.

Riley also wants you to get a microdose of her beauty through the free OnlyFans page. Visit Riley is Rawr and save some cash while you gawk at Riley.

Want to see more of Riley? Check out her socials below:


6. Haley – Most Popular OnlyFans Videos (Caution: addictive)


Top Features

  • Free profile available
  • Almost 1,500 photos and videos
  • Caters to sugar daddies and luxury kinks
  • DMs are open for any requests
  • Daily releases
  • Uses a TikTok-style format for videos

Many of you have fantasized about getting intimate with a beautiful woman, with five-star hotels, expensive meals, luxury vacations, and high-end romantic ambiance in the background.

If we just described you, Haley is the perfect woman for you.

Haley loves being of service to sugar daddies and those with a luxury kink, so she creates content to portray just that. Who wouldn’t want the illusion of pleasure and excess along with a sexy companion?

Haley has a free OF page with over 1,500 media files. She also accepts requests through DMs from those who are willing to pay.

Just view her short TikTok-format videos to prepare yourself for what’s coming because this girl has no limits. And we love her for it.

If you decide to become a paying member, expect to see Haley in fewer and fewer items of clothing and setups that get kinkier by the day. After all, it’s not for nothing that she has almost 400k likes.

Want to see more of Haley? Check out her socials below:



7. Molly – Most Popular OnlyFans Girl Next Door


Top Features

  • Perfect roleplaying scenarios
  • Appears like a girl next door with surprises
  • Almost 1,500 media files
  • Open for special requests through DMs
  • Doesn’t fall short of media production

Molly has the hand for production and uses that to bring only the best viewing experience to her loyal subscribers.

There’s nothing better than content that makes you feel immersed and in the moment. Molly is so good at setting the mood, you might as well be there with her, having the time of your life.

Like many hardworking OF girls, Molly boasts over 1,000 photos and videos she has shot and post-processed to perfection. With an eye for lighting and styling and a body so tempting, it’s no wonder she has almost 350,000 likes on her OnlyFans page.

Subscribe to her OnlyFans profile for free and knock yourself out with photos and videos showing off Molly’s body (occasionally accompanied by sex toys and props).

If you want to see more, just pay $3 per clip and see Molly exceed your expectations as she fulfills your requests. You can even sext with her and receive freebies if you stay for the long haul.

Want to see more of Molly? Check out her socials below:



8. Maria – Dare Devil OnlyFans Model


Top Features

  • Open for special video requests
  • Releases content regularly
  • Has almost 1,500 media files
  • $3 for 30 days
  • Free teasers on social media platforms
  • Does live streams

Maria keeps it daring and brave. This is her edge over other OnlyFans models on the same platform. Her live shows are a testament to how much she can do just to keep her subscribers happy.

And we’re sure your happiness isn’t going to manifest just with a smile on your face.

So if you’re going to watch one of her live shows, make sure you’re somewhere private because even the teasers she releases on social media can cause chaos.

What makes it even better is that her cute outer persona works so that you’ll see none of the sinfulness coming. She rightfully earned almost 300k likes for this surprising quality.

Pay $3 for your first month of subscription. If you want something customized for you, just send her a quick message and detail your request. Pay accordingly, and you’ll get that high because of Maria in no time.

Want to see more of Maria? Check out her socials below:



9. Aisha – Rising OnlyFan Star


Top Features

  • Almost 1,000 free photos and videos
  • DM conversations that get hotter and hotter
  • Accepts special requests for cheap
  • Watch HD NSFW videos
  • Changes up her styling to keep fresh

Another rising star is on our radar.

Aisha has almost 1,000 media files ready to bring her audience to their knees as they witness her beauty. She does not hold back, and that’s what’s raking in the subscribers.

Another thing that makes the audience stay is the way she shows a new look almost every time she makes a release.

She’s obviously quite dedicated to keeping her content fresh.

And in the world of NSFW content, there’s nothing better than surprises around every corner.

Roleplaying with Aisha through DMs, a privilege for her paid subscribers will leave you asking why you didn’t get the premium much earlier. One look at her intimate and natural replies, and we know just why she’s among the most popular Onlyfans girls.

If roleplaying is not enough, add a maximum of $5 for photos and videos tailored to your liking. What better way to get you off than something you requested by yourself?

For a little insider tip for Aisha’s OF: loyal subscribers are rewarded. So stay a while and wait for your prize.

Want to see more of Aisha? Check out her socials below:


10. Carli – Thrill Provider With Popular OnlyFans Gallery


Top Features

  • Has both SFW and NSFW content
  • Provides free teasers on social media pages
  • Almost 1,700 free media files
  • Various outdoor setups
  • Rewards loyal subscribers

Carli will take you out for an enjoyable experience with photos and videos that combine seduction and fun. Skim through almost 1,700 free media files set outdoors for a change of scenery.

No one does outdoor content better than Carli. So if you are spending time indoors and want to do something to relieve your stress, just hop on over to her OF page to enjoy all the NSFW content you want.

Of course, if you’re outside and miss Carli’s companionship, you can also view her SFW choices and wait until you’re in private to get a little crazier.

Because this girl is just so versatile, she has amassed almost 300,000 likes on her page.

For all the fitness buffs, Carli’s account doubles as a sexy fitness inspo platform. You can multitask between getting motivated and finding that much-needed pleasure. Now that’s what we call a good deal.

Have some outdoor fun with Carli on her future outdoor escapades on her free profile today.

Want to see more of Carli? Check out her socials below:



11. Daisy – Hollywood-esque OnlyFans Model


Top Features

  • Releases content regularly
  • Open to custom requests through DM
  • Free teasers
  • Almost 1,000 photos and videos
  • Familiar face and attractive physique

As an indie OnlyFans creator, Daisy surprised us with how regularly she posts her media. We noticed that her content is more intimate than many OnlyFans creators make.

It’s a good strategy if you ask us. Making content that looks and sounds more intimate makes the audience feel like they are more attended to, making them stay for more.

One look at Daisy, and you’ll wonder if you’ve seen her face somewhere before. Well, you probably have because people say she looks like pop singer Ariana Grande. This is a claim to fame for the OnlyFans model, but it’s definitely not the only one.

With almost 150,000 likes and 1,000 photos and videos later, Daisy has become one of the next big OF profiles. She fulfills private requests perfectly and releases free content like there’s no tomorrow.

She’ll name her price for each request, so keep your eye out for her reply if you want your wish to be granted today!

Want to see more of Daisy? Check out her socials below:



12. Emmy – Popular OnlyFans Model With Sassy Persona


Top Features

  • Much of her content is SFW
  • Almost 1,700 media files for free
  • Simple persona and image
  • Has a good booty
  • Can be corny, but still funny

Reading OF models’ OnlyFans bios can be quite repetitive. But Emmy writing about how she wants to get freaky made us do a double-take.

The fact that she looks like such a cute and calm woman barely masks just how willing she is to go all out and crazy. And we think that’s an asset. Everybody likes some added excitement to their sexual encounters.

Emmy takes us traveling with her media files. Almost 1,700 photos and videos are available to browse through and feel that you’re on a special hot vacation with Emmy herself.

If viewing her free subscription content is not enough, request a sexting session or other preferred virtual activities from Emmy, and you might be shocked at how down she will be for your crazy ideas.

Those 150,000 likes are well-deserved, we’ll tell you that.

Get a load of Emmy’s SFW content wherever you are and unlock paid content and requests for even more sexy fun.

Want to see more of Emmy? Check out her socials below:



13. Lucy – Most Popular OnlyFans Seductress


Top Features

  • Free subscriptions
  • Open for one-on-one chatting
  • Low-cost locked content
  • Creates tailor-fit photos and videos for subscribers
  • Almost 1,500 media files to choose from

Lucy does well with entertaining her subscribers on her own, but when she pulls a plus one into her shoots, we could hardly even contain ourselves.

We didn’t think it’d be possible for this uniquely-abled OnlyFans girl to get hotter.

Once you click on Lucy’s OF profile, you’ll immediately be charmed by her blonde beauty and bubbly persona. She entertains chat conversations and maintains a friendly and, eventually, seductive demeanor for the pleasure of her subscribers.

Because Lucy is differently-abled, all these are made a hundred times more impressive. Maintaining a top-tier OnlyFans account while navigating a platform that’s not usually for individuals who are mute is not an easy feat at all.

Yet Lucy does it with much grace and beauty.

She has even produced almost 1,500 photos and videos and gathered almost 200,000 likes since making her best OnlyFans account.

Don’t wait any longer, and visit Lucy’s OF page now for some solo and duo fun.

Want to see more of Lucy? Check out her socials below:



10 Most Popular OnlyFans Runner-Ups With Cheap Subscriptions

  1. Vulsie
    Want direct interaction with your OnlyFans model? Vulsie, the kawaii cat-girl replies to all DMs and posts solo, kinky content. NSFW content to the max, and at $6 at that.
  2. Violet Myers
    This girl has almost 600k likes on her OnlyFans account. And she brings all the big-booby hentai characters to life for only $5 a month.
  3. Ester
    Love the sports and workout niche? Ester’s free OnlyFans has something for you. Indulge in Ester’s gym photos, sprinkled with some fun bathing suits in different concepts.
  4. Natalie
    We know you’ve fantasized about the high life. Why not bring Natalie into the picture? She does luxury dating content and already has over 100 media files in her gallery.
  5. Vngel
    She plays solo, uses toys, and doesn’t censor her videos for your full enjoyment for only $10.40. Vnegl also started a free account for more free content!
  6. Sunny
    Two words for Sunny: Cosplaying and NSFW. And both you can get for a free subscription!
  7. ShadyDoll2
    Free subscriptions to watch this girl’s explicit content almost feel wrong because it feels so right. Feast your eyes for free with this user’s 100+ media files.
  8. Angel
    Let Angel take you to naughty heaven with over 600 media files, including content with a partner. She updates daily, so you have no time to get bored! Only $5.99 for a monthly subscription.
  9. Swordgirlfriend
    For only $8.99 a month, get exclusive content from this beautiful blonde model who loves dressing in both buckles and frills. She posts sexy photos on her Twitter account, too!
  10. Lai
    If you love big bosoms and girls who are, as the model puts it “naked AF”, check out Lai’s Onlyfans subscription. It’s only $3.25 a month, and you get access to over 1,400 media uploads and posts.


How Does OnlyFans Work? FAQs

What To Know Before You Subscribe to Onlyfans?

Before you subscribe, know that OnlyFans (as a content-sharing platform) can be host to both SWF topics and explicit content. This makes it a great platform for your daily fix of content from your favorite creators.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that the NSFW content released by OnlyFans models is what OF is most famous for.

What Is Onlyfans, and Is It Dangerous?

OnlyFans is a site where OnlyFans creators can sell their content through subscription fees or per-clip payments. All types of content are accepted on this site.

Generally, OnlyFans is not dangerous because transactions between the best OnlyFans models or creators and audiences happen in-app and are regulated.

Can You Search for Onlyfans Accounts on Onlyfans?

No, you cannot search for an account on OnlyFans. You must use a third-party search function OnlyFinder or FanPleaser or directly use their profile link.

Can I Make Money on Onlyfans?

Yes, you can make money on OnlyFans. OnlyFans content creators can post photos and videos, which people unlock with money. They can also name their monthly premium subscription fees for long-term users.

RELATED READING: Best Fansly girls

Should I Make My Onlyfans Account Free?

You should make your OnlyFans account free if you have a stable income channel aside from OnlyFans. Free accounts have the choice to offer locked content for a certain price, and profit from this may be intermittent.

Monthly subscriptions may be more favorable for those who need a continuous stream of cash.

Do You Have To Pay for Free Onlyfans?

No, you do not have to pay for free OnlyFans. However, keep in mind that you do need a payment method added in your account to use the site.

Who Has the Most Popular Onlyfans Account in the World?

Bella Thorne has the most popular OnlyFans account in the world. Her experience earning a million dollars from OF within 24 hours went viral.

Who Is the Most Popular Female on Onlyfans?

The most popular female on OnlyFans, excluding celebrities, is Sam Slayres, who has over 500k likes on her OnlyFans account. She has over 1,300 media files and also offers a free profile.

Who Is the #1 Among Onlyfans Content Creators?

The #1 OnlyFans creator on OnlyFans is Bella Bumzy. Her gamer girl content, topped with booty, has taken her to the top of the list of creators.

How Much Do the Best Onlyfans Girls Make?

How much the best OnlyFans girls make does not have a definite answer. It will depend on their monthly subscription premium and the number of subscribers. Top OnlyFans accounts can make around $5,000 per month.

How Much Do the Top 1% Of Only Fans Creators Make?

The top 1% of OnlyFans content creators on OnlyFans can earn as much as $100,000 per month. Celebrity OnlyFans occasionally reach millions of dollars in annual earnings.

Who Will Your Top OnlyFan Be for 2023? Most Popular OnlyFans in Conclusion

The most popular accounts on OnlyFans not only provide top-tier content and customized videos, but they also surpass some porn production companies in terms of quality and value.

We love Bella Bumzy, as an all-around go-to OnlyFans account. Her visuals could excite any booty lover while her gamer-girl persona is what will keep you coming back.

Whoever you choose to follow, we hope you’ll find someone whose content is worth your time and cash!

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