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Most Loved Lesbian OnlyFans Accounts Featuring Hottest OnlyFans Girls (2024)

Let’s be frank – the most talked-about OnlyFans accounts primarily feature straight women, so where’s all the LGBTQ+ OnlyFans content?

Our most loved lesbian OnlyFans accounts feature loads of sizzling photos and videos that are definitely NSFW and we’re all the better for it. 

Here are our favorite lesbian couples, pornstars, and more, with few limitations, if any. These girls offer just about everything, from free subscriptions to premium, private sessions.

Yes, please!

Top OnlyFans Lesbians Reviewed

1. Rosalia – Best OnlyFans Lesbian Overall

Rosalia’s socials:

What you’ll get:

  • XXX lesbian sex content guaranteed
  • Lots of uploads (nearly 2,000 pics/vids)
  • Open to custom requests
  • $3.15 for 31 days

Rosalia is the best lesbian OnlyFans girl that you can find at the moment, hands-down. This curvy seductress offers you the opportunity to watch hot solo videos and lesbian couple sex tapes on the daily. 

That’s all thanks to how prolific and absolutely promiscuous Rosalia is. Be prepared for her treasure trove of 100% NSFW and XXX content, which amounts to more than 1,800 photos and videos.

Makes sense, you can catch daily uploads from her after all.

There’s a lot of variety here too. You can just as easily find pics of Rosalia’s wet pussy as you can videos aimed at fulfilling certain fantasies, say, a husband doing anal with his wife and her bisexual friend joins in.

The monthly subscription cost to get in on Rosalia’s kinky, lesbian couple scenes is also super affordable. Simply put, she’s pretty damn accessible.

Apart from all the amazing content she provides, you also have the opportunity to ask for custom video commissions or photo sets from this lesbian OnlyFans maven. All you need to do is hit up her DMs.

2. Doutzen – Lesbian OnlyFans Self-Proclaimed Anal Queen

Doutzen’s socials:

What you’ll get:

  • Hardcore butt stuff
  • Impressive porn gallery
  • Exclusive content sales
  • $3 for 31 days

If you’ve been on the lookout for lesbians on OnlyFans that put the “D” in dirty, then wait no more: Doutzen is your best choice. Seriously, you can’t go wrong with this girl’s posts if you’re hankering for some extreme woman on woman sex in your life. 

Priding herself as the platform’s queen of anal, Doutzen does magic with her sphincter. Regardless if it’s in an orgy video or photo where another woman is going to town on her, this lesbian OnlyFans model might very well have the loosest morals you can find.

And, my god, you’ll love it.

Her impressive library of nearly 2,000 pieces of content truly shows how well-versed Doutzen is in the art of pleasure. You’ll find her naked and having sex with folks of any gender or orientation on her page.

Plus, this lesbian OnlyFans powerhouse also accepts custom video requests and offers exclusive sex tapes on sale, which you won’t find her posting on her general feed. 

You’ve gotta message her for those hot treats!

3. Victoria – Biggest OnlyFans Lesbian Porn Library

Victoria’s socials:

What you’ll get:

  • Over 4,000 posts with lesbian porn
  • 100+ sex tapes for sale
  • Daily updates guaranteed
  • $4.50 for 31 days

Producing photos and videos is hard work, which makes Victoria all the more impressive. With an OF porn library that’s currently at 4,200+ clips and images, and 100+ more sex tapes,  it’s hard to find talent on the platform to match Victoria’s productivity.

This lesbian OnlyFans model offers everything from hot cunnilingus scenes to sensual sexcipades that even straight women will appreciate, no doubt.

You can expect excitement day in, day out with this woman’s porn treasury, as she keeps adding content that’ll make you cum at a rapid pace. Suffice it to say the fun doesn’t end with one post per week.

She charges a nicely affordable general subscription fee to her general posts. But believe us when we say that your life is about to get hot as hell once you shoot her a private message and inquire about her exclusives.

Oh mama…

4. Lola – Best in Busty Lesbian OnlyFans

Lola’s socials:

What you’ll get:

  • Amazing lesbian group scenes
  • Freebies for returning subscribers
  • $3.15 for 31 days
  • Best for big boobie lovers

You’re missing out on one hot OnlyFans content creator if you haven’t decided to subscribe to Lola’s posts yet. This busty blonde offers some of the most fun group scenes that feature lots of seductive lesbians fucking their way to internet stardom. 

Lola’s a perfect OnlyFans girl if you’re tired of the all-too-common solo scenes usually found on content-sharing sites like this. 

Hey, the more, the merrier, right?

That said, fans of this naughty lesbian model are always in for a treat. With nearly 1,900 pictures and videos on the site, you can watch her orgasm in front of a camera with the help of other men and women.

Plus, it’s not often that ladies with fine features like Lola are extremely generous toward their fans. This hot woman sends out free gifts to people who renew their subscriptions to her OnlyFans page.

You give us hope for humanity, Lola. Never change! 

5. Samantha Ava – Top OnlyFans Lesbian Girlfriend Experience

Samantha’s socials:

What you’ll get:

  • Hot virtual girlfriend experience
  • Great fan engagement
  • Porn content all the way
  • $3 for 31 days

If you’re interested in having a hot, intimate virtual relationship with a bona fide sexpot, then prepare to fulfill your fantasies with Samantha Ava.

Don’t let the scant 200+ pieces of general content fool you; this woman is one of the most active lesbians on OF at the moment. 

The difference between her and others, however, is that she focuses more on giving her fans exclusive stuff than general posts. To be specific, Samantha’s OnlyFans is dedicated to providing hot, lesbian virtual girlfriend experiences to her followers.

This babe also offers exclusive, lesbian sex flicks and custom stuff that only you can watch.

To put it simply, her general feed serves more as an example of what’s in store for dedicated fans. So, don’t hesitate to slide into her DMs to build a sexy relationship with her or order exclusive content.

Your world is about to get rocked in all the right ways, friends!

6. Kat Aphrodisiac – Best Custom Lesbian Videos on OnlyFans

Kat’s socials:

What you’ll get:

  • Great fan communication
  • Super kinky custom requests
  • Dick ratings
  • $4 for 31 days

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like if you actually became friends with your favorite lesbians on OnlyFans? Well, you have Kat Aphrodisiac for that!

Instead of just letting you watch her fuck or dine on some nipples with her pictures and videos, this delicious lesbian goes the extra mile by making you feel at home via comment or DM opportunities.

That’s right: If you’re a lonely woman or boy who needs to be heard, you can rest assured that this lesbian model on OnlyFans personally replies to your messages. 

Now that’s something that fans can build a satisfying relationship around!

You can also find some of the hottest content caught on camera from this flexible minx. She doesn’t offer much in the way of general updates, but she more than makes up for it with an unmatched willingness to do pretty much anything you want in a custom movie. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re into BDSM or solo orgasm videos, Kat’s got you…

7. Mom and Me – Extremely Popular Lesbian OnlyFans

Mom and Me’s socials:

What you’ll get:

  • Taboo pornographic videos
  • Literally thousands of content
  • $3 for 31 days
  • Super niche

Relationship taboos might be frowned upon in the real world, but the internet says otherwise!

Mom and Me, also known as Elle and Karley, respectively, are a couple of ladies who decided to spice up your life by posing as a mother-daughter porn duo on OnlyFans. Regardless of the truth of the matter, one thing’s for sure: they have the whole thing on lock.

With more than 8,000+ videos and photos on their general post feed, there’s no shortage of stuff here that’ll leave you covered in your own cream. These girls have everything from torrid kissing to BDSM roleplay videos.

In addition, interested subscribers are also welcome to commission these voracious lesbian women for custom pics and clips. 

Hit them up with a private message and prepare to replace your pornographic internet searches with Mom and Me! Oh yeah!

8. Stella Love – Best Lesbian OnlyFans, Cam Girl Combined

Stella’s socials:

What you’ll get:

  • Pre-recorded lesbian clips
  • Promo cam shows
  • $12.99 for 31 days
  • Cheeky performer

Fans are going to be hard-pressed to find content creators, especially lesbian models, on OF who offer honest-to-goodness live shows instead of the usual posts you see on the site.

Stella Love is one of those specialties. 

Believe us when we say that we didn’t believe she existed when we first heard her name. The world is so much better because she does, though!

As far as lesbian ladies on OF go, Stella offers her fans tasty porn, like lesbian scenes and adult-themed cosplay images on her general feed. What sets her apart from other lesbian OF models out there, though, is that she doubles as a bona fide cam girl, too.

Yes, indeed.

You’ll often find her posting promo links to these exclusive live cam shows on MFC, special bundles for her OnlyFans subscribers. She’ll interact with you while she plays with herself or with one of her lesbian mates. It’s yummy.

9. Shyla Jennings – Iconic Lesbian Pornstar OnlyFans

Shyla’s socials:

What you’ll get:

  • Great fan engagement
  • Archive of classic porno videos
  • $4.99 for 1 month

It’s not difficult to see Shyla Jennings’s influence on other women in the adult entertainment industry. This porno hall of famer is one of the greatest lesbian performers and she’s doing OF now. Lucky us?!

With more than 1,000 pics and scenes on her general feed, you can find Shyla’s recently released stuff, as well as an archive of classic movies that she’s filmed with other women throughout the years.

What makes Shyla’s page extra special, though, is how she personally answers each and every message or comment from her subscribers on the site. One-to-one convos with a pornstar? Shouldn’t take much convincing, really.

Ladies, take note: this is how you become a true superstar in the jizz biz. 

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10. Koko Mylk – Hottest Lesbian Solo Performer on OnlyFans

Koko’s socials:

What you’ll get:

  • 100% NSFW solo pics and clips
  • Custom requests
  • Oil fetish
  • $9.99 per month

Koko Mylk is a beyond gorgeous Cambodian-Brazilian performer who might very well be one of the naughtiest lesbian women you’ll find on OF.

Don’t let the “luxury pornography” post updates fool you.

This lady is anything but modest once she starts taking her designer dresses off and starts abusing herself with her digits. Suffice it to say, she knows how to pleasure herself and as a result, pleasure you.

Koko currently has around 900 bits of content on the site, but her promise of an update every 10 hours will remedy that rather small library sooner than later.

More OnlyFans Hotties You Can Follow

These ladies might not fall in the “lesbian” category, but there’s no doubt they provide subscribers some of the tastiest, sexually charged content you can find on the site:

  1. Riley Kwum – Submissive Little Doll

If you like BDSM or submissive girls in general, then you’re going to love what Riley Kwum is all about.

This content creator loves to play dress-up and undress for her subscribers, especially if you request exclusive or custom content from her via DMs.

  1. Zayla – Super Horny Stepmom

Turn your mommy issues into masturbation fodder with Zayla: OnlyFans’ very own “stepmom specialist”. This model doesn’t break character and loves to treat her subscribers as if they were her own kids.

And you know mommy loves to make her kids happy!

  1. Haley Brooks – All-Around Minx

No other sign says “OF superstar” better than a lack of limitations when it comes to the custom requests, and Haley will pretty much do anything!

If you love porno that’s made for your eyes only, then you better check her out.

  1. Cup of Carli – Indie Pornstar

Cup of Carli likes to get around, and she sure knows her way.

Part indie pornstar (look her up as Delilah Dagger) and OF content creator, Cup of Carli is no stranger to some superbly kinky scenes, whether it’s squirting n’ creampie combos or DP threesomes!

  1. Kacy Black – Kinky Teen Model

Kacy Black is the kind of chick who usually gets murdered first, along with her boyfriend, in an 80s horror movie. 

That is to say, she’s got classic cheerleader looks and the sexual appetite to go with it. Her content is almost exclusively NSFW, with tons of booty fetish stuff thrown into the mix to keep you coming back for more.

(Find more 18+ babes among our favorite teens OnlyFans)

  1. Maria Moobs – Big Boobs and Sexy Costumes

If you like girls with damn fine utters, then you should definitely give Maria a try.

Apart from flaunting her voluptuous body, she adds a bit of mustard to her content by dressing up in kinky costumes that will make you bust it hard.

  1. Sunny Rayez – Sexting Extraordinaire

Sunny Rayez is the kind of OF content creator who loves to connect with her subscribers. As such, you’re going to find that the sexting opportunities she provides are just as hot, if not hotter, than her pics and porno scenes.

Plus, she has a free account. 

That’s basically a sign that’s telling you to come on in and enjoy yourself.

  1. Sam Slayres – Best Homemade Content

Sam Slayres is the prototypical girl next door who’s taken her talents to OF. 

This pretty young thing specializes in providing her followers with amateur-style, pornographic pics and scenes that you can enjoy as a general subscriber to her page. She’s also more than happy to oblige your custom requests.

  1. Bella Bumzy – Fastest Rising Model

Bella Bumzy is new to OF, but that’s only because she just turned 18. Make no mistake: she’s making up for lost time by being one of the most prolific e-girls you’ll find on the platform.

She has a special knack for gamer girl and cosplay pornography, which makes her perfect for all you geeks looking for a slutty model to touch yourself to.

  1. Lucy is Loud – Extraordinary OnlyFans Girl

If you’ve only recently joined OF, you’re probably not aware that there are far more fetishes on display aside from the usual BDSM fare. Lucy is Loud is one such performer who stands as a shining beacon for people who get hard hearing mute girls moan.

This one’s an inspiration with the way she turns her “disability” into her strongest selling point!

  1. Emmy Beehz – Booty Flash Expert

Although she doesn’t go full pornstar on you, Emmy’s OF page is littered with NSFW content that prominently showcases her glorious behind.

The fact that she’s a thin, lithe lady just accentuates those bouncy cheeks of hers. So, if you like big butts that you can’t deny, then subscribe to this saucy thirst trap to get your fix.

  1. Aisha – Flexible In Many Ways

Aisha is flexible in more ways than one. Aside from that body of hers that can contort like a Cirque Du Soleil acrobat, this model is able to jump from one look to the next seamlessly.

She’s hard to categorize, with the best way to describe her being “an undeniable seductress” who can cater to any fetish or kink you can think of.

  1. Daisy Dray – Best Free OnlyFans Account

If you’re strapped for cash but want your fix of daily depravity, then we highly suggest that you hit that subscribe button on Daisy Dray’s page.

Unlike other models who use “free” subs to hoodwink you into buying premium content, Daisy’s legitimately generous with her stuff.

  1. Charlie – Legit OnlyFans Gamer Girl

Some “gamer” girls out there just use the title for making porn, but Charlie truly has the credentials to be one hell of a gamer girl.

Aside from sending you nudes and solo scenes, Charlie offers invites to her Twitch streams where she doesn’t just flaunt her cleavage, but actually plays games like Hearthstone and Pac-Man to please her followers.

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FAQs Lesbian OnlyFans Accounts

Do Any of The Best OnlyFans Models Offer Free Subscriptions?

Yes, some of the best OnlyFans models offer free subscriptions.

Performers like Rosalia, Doutzen, Lola or Victoria don’t offer free subs to their OF general feed, but they thankfully charge a super reasonable fee for their respective pages. 

On the other hand, models like Haley Brooks, Daisy Dray, Emmy Beehz, Aisha and Sunny Rayez offer 100% free subscriptions to their general content feed. That means you can enjoy most of their stuff without having to pay a thing.

The only time you need to shell out some cash for these models is when you purchase an exclusive piece of content or commission them for custom videos or image sets.

What Do Girls on OnlyFans Post?

Girls post photos and videos on OF. Depending on the type of content creator or model you’re subscribed to, these pieces of content can be NSFW or otherwise. 

For the most part, however, you’re going to find that there are a lot of OF girls who make adult content meant for people ages 18+. That’s because the platform is a great place for independent sex workers to sell their wares as well as connect with their clients.

How Do I Choose My Favorite Lesbian OnlyFans Content Creator?

How to choose your favorite lesbian OnlyFans content creator all boils down to your budget and personal preferences. Consider the following:

The type of content they create:

Are you a fan of solo performers? Professional porno movies? Group scenes? 

Do your research to find out what exactly a lesbian OF model is producing on their page to know what’s in store for you.

Their subscription fee:

OF models set their own subscription fees, so you’re going to find a wide range of prices depending on which content creator you’re looking at, starting from $3 monthly.

To fully enjoy what any given performer has to offer, choose one that you can subscribe to for at least a couple of months. If they offer free general subscriptions, then all the better.

How Do I Search for The Best Lesbian OnlyFans Models?

You can look for your favorite lesbian OF accounts using these methods:

Social Media:

If you’re already following your favorite lesbian performer on other platforms like IG, Twitter, or Snapchat, there’s a huge chance that they have their OF page linked there (if they do have one). Simply click on that to reach their OF account.

Third party OF search engine:

There are search engines online dedicated to scouring OF to find you the best accounts out there. Use something like fanpleaser, key in whatever keyword you want to look for and then let it do the rest!

Who’s Your Favorite OnlyFans Lesbian in 2023?

Rosalia, Victoria, Lola and Doutzen are just a few of the best lesbians you can find on OnlyFans at the moment. These performers offer quality content and dynamic fan engagement to give you a more intimate experience with them.

From budget-friendly general fees to private encounters with these models via DMs, we vouch for each and every one of these sultry babes.

Get on with your OnlyFans love affair and subscribe today.

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