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    Best Celebrity OnlyFans To Follow in 2023 and What You’ll See When You Do

    For as long as celebrities have been on social media, enthusiastic fans have been fantasizing about what happens after the IG story bar runs out.

    Thanks to celebrity OnlyFans accounts, many celebs offer exclusive access to personal content, making it easy to peek behind the scenes. Regardless if people deem it bold, tasteful or raunchy, the top celebrity OnlyFans have fans gathering around.

    Wondering who to follow? We review our favorite OnlyFans celebs below.

    Top 15 Celebrity OnlyFans Accounts To Subscribe To

    1. Bhad Bhabie – Most Controversial Celebrity on OnlyFans

    Best Features

    Bhad Bhabie burst onto the scene already a few feet deep into controversy, though that definitely hasn’t slowed her down.

    She’s a sassy persona and gifted songwriter, with notable rap hits in her collection.

    Always the type to pull off an unexpected stunt, she’ll have you entertained for hours, not surprising given how many years she’s been twerking.

    As for her subscription, she charges $23.99 per month for full access to her OnlyFans account. Witty and eccentric, Bhad Bhabie is always up for having fun interactions with her fans and welcomes everyone to her DM for a chat.

    2. Erica Mena – OnlyFans Celeb Who Loves To Entertain

    Best Features

    • Loads of exclusives
    • 5.8M Instagram followers
    • 842K Twitter followers
    • 20K likes on OnlyFans
    • $25.99 per month

    This former model and reality show contestant doesn’t stray away from the spotlight. Since her public split with co-star Safaree Samuels, she has moved on with her life as an independent woman.

    Erica is a pro emcee at parties and if you thought she can’t get down and dirty on the floor, you’re in for a surprise.

    She’s one of the few celebrities keen on building lasting relationships with her fans, too. Erica often treats them with live streams featuring her entertaining in her own stunning way.

    Get access to Erica’s colorful gallery of personal exclusives for $25.99 per month. However, if you’re willing to spend some tips in her DMs, Erica will bless you with a custom request of your dreams.

    3. Jordyn Woods – Famous Reality TV Star on Only Fans

    Best Features

    • Free subscription
    • 200+ items in her gallery
    • 12.5M Instagram followers
    • 726K Twitter followers

    Caught amidst the debacle that is the Kardashians, Jordyn Woods rose to fame by being Kylie Jenner’s best friend. Entangled in a series of dramatic events, she quickly became one of the top most Googled people of 2019.

    Since the controversy, Jordyn has made a name for herself, independent of the Kardashian influence, and shows just how much noise she can make.

    She takes her OnlyFans activities seriously, frequently uploading snapshots and teasers.

    With over 165K likes on her 200+ posts, her free subscription has proven difficult to resist.

    4. Amber Rose – Most Talked About Celebrity OnlyFans Account

    Best Features

    • $5 per month + other bundles
    • Exclusive content
    • Occasional chats
    • 3.7M Twitter followers
    • 23.2M Instagram followers

    Keeping up the mild trend of controversy on this list, Amber is downright one of the most notorious internet celebrities on the globe. She has perfected the art of doing her thing and Miss Rose’s attitude shows it.

    A model and fashion designer, Amber’s is known for her trademark bleach-blonde buzz cut and surgically enhanced booty cheeks.

    Speaking of her looks, if her OnlyFans account is anything to go by, her posts have amassed over 81K likes — making Amber quite the head-turner.

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    Subscription rates on her channel vary by the bundle, but for as little as $5 per month, you’ll get caught up on the action. When she’s feeling a little naughty, Amber can be very inviting.

    You’re welcome to DM her for a more one-on-one experience. But if you want to make Amber Rose feel special, her wishlist is also available on the platform.

    5. Shanna Moakler – Popular Runway Queen on OnlyFans

    Best Features

    • Frequently DMs
    • 12K+ likes
    • 138.3K Twitter followers
    • 394K+ Instagram followers
    • Over 100 posts

    A former Miss USA, Shanna Moakler sent waves across the web when she decided to start an OnlyFans. She said it was about time to share and have some fun with her fans.

    She told her fans not to expect any NSFW content as she is not ready to go crazy just yet. Most of the content she posts on her OF page includes exclusives of her personal life and the fashion world.

    So, you can expect rare scenes of her modeling or acting and other such clips that don’t get to her followers on Instagram.

    Shanna has garnered over 12K likes since she decided to join the platform and currently has a limited subscription offer of $7.20 per month.

    6. Blac Chyna – Most Interactive Celebrity on OnlyFans

    Best Features

    • Various fetishes and niches
    • 170+ posts on OnlyFans
    • $19.99 per month
    • Interactive chats
    • 16M Instagram followers

    The socialite-turned-rapper rose to fame as Nicki Minaj’s body double. She’s also had a taste of the Kardashian life after a whirlwind relationship with Rob culminated in baby #2 and another Kardashian-led reality TV show, Rob and Chyna.

    Blac Chyna is quite active on her OnlyFans account, with regular updates on Mondays and Fridays. This is matched up with loads of exclusives that will keep you glued to her like a leech.

    What makes Chyna’s account attractive is her one-on-one chats, which can be personalized to her fans’ liking. She performs in a plethora of niches and her catalog of uploads will not only keep you entertained but provide inspiration for more intimate experiences with her.

    With over 18K likes on her OnlyFans page, you can tell she’s got both her feet on the field.

    7. Austin Mahone – Best Celebrity OnlyFans For Music Exclusives

    Best Features

    • 100+ media uploads
    • Exclusive posts
    • Free subscription

    Famous singer and songwriter Austine Mahone decided he was old enough to mix things up in his career and be more open with his fans.

    He introduced his entry into Only Fans with a naughty photo of himself and a topless woman with his hand clearly in her business. He posted the heated photo to tease his fans into exciting curiosity about what he might be up to.

    Well… so far, it seems to have worked.

    Until now he’s not uploading any NSFW content, but you can still catch his abs basking in the midday sun every now and then.

    His fans flock to the page which currently has over 63K likes and 100+ photos. And he’s sweetened the deal further by throwing in a free subscription if you would fancy joining him in his personal life.

    8. Larsa Pippen – Best Celebrity Tease on OnlyFans

    Best Features

    • Live streams
    • Chance to win a virtual date
    • Free subscription!
    • 3.8M Instagram followers

    This real housewife of Miami is a reality star-turned-business woman and the ex-wife to NBA star Scottie Pippens.

    Her rollercoaster lifestyle means she’s always on the move and carries her fanbase along on her many live streams. Her OnlyFans page has amassed up to 28K likes, serving as a sneak peek into her life.

    On top of offering exclusive behind-the-scenes content, Larsa is happy to share NSFW photos, rocking some of the finest swimsuits and more.

    And guess what?! It’s a free subscription!

    Since her taste in men is exquisite, she still has a fine line-up of suitors at her door. Apart from a front seat at her reality show, she teases her fans with the idea that she might even land her ideal date from her OnlyFans account.

    9. Poonam Pandey – Responsive Celebrity OnlyFans

    Best Features

    • Live shows and interactive chats
    • 300+ media uploads
    • Free subscription
    • 1.1M Twitter followers

    Famed Bollywood model and actress, this South Asian queen came from Mumbai with love.

    Poonam has a habit of breaking the internet with attention-grabbing stunts. She has had her fair share of on-screen scandals but still doesn’t fail to hook more fans with her attitude.

    Her celebrity OnlyFans account offers a free subscription and is adorned with a humble, yet impactful media catalog of 300 photos and videos. She invites her fans to connect with her and chat one-on-one, while her VIPs can lounge at her live streams.

    10. Bella Thorne – Most Active Celebrity OnlyFans

    Best Features

    • Free subscription
    • VIP privileges with photo purchases
    • 25.3M Instagram followers
    • 6.5M Twitter followers

    The former Disney star has made OF entrepreneurship her knack. On her first day, Bella broke OnlyFans, raking in earnings totaling over $1 million, and did it again her second week on the platform.

    Her channel comes with a free subscription and offers top-notch exclusives with state-of-the-art production.

    Bella’s gallery boasts a media catalog of 1,300+ videos and iconic photos, the best of which can be unlocked for as little as $2. All you need is tissues and lotion by your side.

    Good girls have gone bad; we see that every day. What makes Bella different is her attitude. If you don’t like what she does, she doesn’t give a hoot. And at the end of the day, that’s a recipe for a successful account.

    11. Tyler Posey – Most Popular OnlyFans Celebrity Male Actor

    Best Features

    Tyler Posey is probably the most adored actor on OnlyFans and his first post on the platform might have something to do with that, where he was playing the guitar naked.

    Since then, his OnlyFans account has accumulated over 200K likes, and his regular posts keep his fans on the edge of their seats. Apart from his free sun-kissed photos, he also posts teasers of his upcoming musical projects as exclusive content for his most loyal subscribers.

    12. Lottie Moss – Popular Fashion Celebrity on OnlyFans

    Best Features

    • Free subscription
    • 163 media uploads
    • Expansive fashion gallery

    Lottie is the younger sister of British supermodel Kate Moss. She’s a well-established fashion model who wears sometimes controversial, yet always glamorous outfits.

    Her work on OnlyFans has sparked curiosity from fans all around the globe, where they can watch her very sex-positive, forward content.

    Her subscription costs are free of charge, where she charges tips for exclusive photos and clips.

    13. Tana Mongeau – YouTuber Turned OnlyFans Celebrity

    Best Features

    • Occasional chats
    • Free subscription
    • 5.4M Instagram followers

    The YouTube sensation-turned-influencer turned her sights to OnlyFans as a platform where she can share exclusive scenes from her life with her fans.

    Her OnlyFans account comes with a free subscription and provides a glimpse into her daily life. She has a large following that was probably drawn from her other social media pages that flock to her OnlyFans.

    With exclusive live streams featuring other social media personalities and a whopping 505 media uploads, Tana is reeling in the big bucks. On top of this, she offers occasional chats with her fans, which shows she can talk the talk, and walk the walk, too.

    14. DJ Khaled & Fat Joe – Celebrity OnlyFans for Inspirational Content

    Best Features

    • Tons of live studio content
    • Fan interactions
    • 123k+ fans
    • Free subscription

    In January 2021, best buds Fat Joe and DJ Khaled announced that they would start a joint OnlyFans account. From the get-go, the pair stated they would not post any adult content, and that the page would only be used for inspirational purposes.

    So far, they have posted approximately 130 media uploads which are accompanied by 13.5K likes.

    They are only here to spread some good vibes and cheer, so why don’t you join them in the pursuit of happiness?

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    Top OnlyFans Runner-Ups

    More of our favorite best OnlyFans girls are included below:

    1. Bella Bumzy – Free OnlyFans Gamer Girl

    Bella loves to play and she doesn’t shy away from any game you might challenge her with (like literally and figuratively!). Her gamer theme has earned her the adoration of thousands of gamers on the platform.

    She likes to show off her trim figure in some sexy shorts or fitness wear often around her gaming gear and other toys if you know what I mean. If you’ve got the tip and a sweet-enough tongue, then feel free to DM her if you are in the mood to go on a ‘special mission’.

    2. Aisha – Sexy Up-and-Coming OnlyFans Model

    This petite princess has amassed a huge OnlyFans following due to her regular posts and the frequent free exclusives. Regardless of which wig she’s sporting, you are guaranteed a good time even on a free subscription.

    Her DMs are open to her fans, and Aisha loves to curate requests, often going above and beyond for her clients.

    3. Cup of Carli – OnlyFans Outdoors Model

    A stunning cup of beauty, Carli loves nature and the outdoors in general. She is a delicate flower but could turn into a nasty chic in a flick of an eye.

    Her outdoor photography is easy on the eye, making you notice just how much effort she puts into capturing every little detail. Easy to see why over 200K hedonists decided to set up camp in her backyard.

    4. Molly Sims – Top Production Quality

    Molly fits the definition of an all-American girl. With blood-red lips and a curvy physique, she’s a sight for sore eyes.

    She flaunts her goddess-like body in sportswear and bikinis that don’t leave much to the imagination. With amazing high-definition shots and foxy poses, her gallery will have you seeing her face in everything you look at later on.

    5. Haley Brooks – Best Free OnlyFans Page

    Haley is one of the platform’s supermodels. She has a slim enchanting figure often wrapped around some fine lingerie. She frequently posts a variety of teasers, with lots of eye-catching photos.

    She isn’t one to act snobbish, even in her DMs. On the contrary, she is a fine hostess and doesn’t mind the occasional company. Her exclusives range from $5 to $9 which are worth the price tags.

    6. Daisy Dray – Most Popular Celebrity Doppelganger

    Daisy is a captivating Latina doll who’s a close look alike of Ariana Grande. With a cute face and plump rear to boot, you won’t want to look away from her photos.

    Her page has over 500 candid photos and videos, accessible for a free subscription. For those inclined to spend some tips on Daisy, there’s a whole bunch of exclusive content available, on top of one-on-one chats.

    7. Emmy Beehz – Top Body-Positive Model on OnlyFans Platform

    Emmy is an all-natural, steamy cup of naughty that you just can’t pass on.

    She loves everything natural from her curves to her outdoor shoots. Along with her laid-back personality, her premium subscription will give you a full glimpse of her persona.

    8. Lucy is Loud – Best Special Niche Model on OnlyFans

    Lucy Goyette is probably the most unique personality you are likely to encounter on OnlyFans. She is cute and bubbly, with just a dash of both mystery and fantasy.

    She’s mute, but this doesn’t stop her from being loud and proud. She is one hell of a flirt and for only $3 per month, you can get the full experience of sexting, teasing and more!

    9. Kacy Black – Most Interactive with Free Teasers

    As far as fan interaction goes, Kacy won’t leave you on ‘seen’, ever.

    She regularly posts both free and exclusive content on her profile,, with regular teasers dropping on her Insta page, too.

    Her subscription rate sits at $3 per month, and her DMs are open for special requests and tips, should any specific fantasy come to mind.

    10. Zayla – Hottest Stepmom on OnlyFans

    Zayla is here to fulfill her fans’ indulgent fantasies. Her ever-present cleavage is jaw-droppingly mesmerizing, you won’t be able to think about anything else.

    This adventurous stepmom is enough to offset any man into temptation. Her custom content sets the bar for other mature performers and her gallery is mouthwatering. All for a subscription fee of $3 per month.

    Celebrity OnlyFans Accounts FAQs

    Do Any of The Famous OnlyFans Offer Free Subscriptions?

    Yes, there are several famous OnlyFans accounts that offer a free subscriptions

    A few of the celebrities in our top ten list have no subscription fee attached to their OnlyFans pages. This includes Tyler Posey, Poonam Pandey, Bella Thorne, and Larsa Pippen.

    Despite the free subscription, some content on their pages is exclusive, meaning that viewing the uploads can come at a fee depending on the celebrity and type of content.

    Some of our favorite redhead OnlyFans and busty OnlyFans also offer free subscription rates.

    What Do Girls on OnlyFans Post?

    Girls on OnlyFans, as well as creators of all genders and identities, can post and sell original content on OnlyFans as a way to make money online.

    This can be photos, videos, art and physical items for sale.

    As a subscription-based platform, fans can subscribe to find exclusive content from their favorite celebrities, performers, artists and social media influencers.

    While originally founded as a way for creators to sell SFW content, OnlyFans grew into a safe space for NSFW content from amateurs and OnlyFans pornstars alike, offering a platform to performers and sex workers to thrive with a steady monthly income.

    Who Is The Most Famous OnlyFans Girl?

    Determining who is the most famous OnlyFans account would be difficult, with limited criteria for measuring their fame and success.

    If we were talking about which celebrity on OnlyFans has a large fanbase or has consistently managed to keep fans abuzz, then it would definitely be Cardi B, a no-brainer.

    However, if a model’s gross earnings from their OnlyFans payouts could be used as a parameter to measure their online success, then the top three rankings are: Blac Chyna, Bella Thorne, and Cardi B respectively.

    Which Famous People Have OnlyFans Accounts?

    The famous people that have OnlyFans accounts can come from any entertainment branch.

    From singers and rappers, to YouTubers and reality stars, these celebrities are slowly becoming pros at running their OF accounts. The nature of the content, SFW or adult, is totally up to the celebrity’s personal preference.

    So, choose wisely.

    How Can I Find My Favorite Celebrity OnlyFans?

    You can find your favorite celebrity OnlyFans account by checking their social media accounts.

    Public accounts often pin their additional social media links to the profile bio, which can help you see whether your favorite celebrity has an OF account, or not.

    If you happen to find a link to the celebrity OnlyFans account, it will take you straight to the celeb’s OnlyFans page.

    Alternatively, you can try using third-party search sites dedicated to finding OnlyFans accounts.

    Best Celebrity OnlyFans – Takeaway

    From attractive photos and short videos, to inspirational routines and mindfulness, going through all of the celebrity OnlyFans content is quite the rabbithole.

    With one of the largest fandoms, consider the talented Bhad Bhabie with all her badness, as your next OF subscription. As top-notch entertainers that regularly interact with their fans, take a look at Blac Chyna and Amber Rose too.

    If you’ve not found your favorite celeb here, maybe they’re not on the platform yet, and you might just have to wait a little longer before they catch on to the celebrity OnlyFans bandwagon.

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