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    Hottest Gamer Girl OnlyFans Accounts To Follow and Play With

    gamer girl

    Gaming is more mainstream than ever, and dudes aren’t the only ones heading to OnlyFans in hopes of becoming the next, hot gaming content creator.

    Sexy content mixed with playtime? Yes, please.

    Our favorite gamer girls on OnlyFans cover a variety of niches, featuring both upcoming models and popular accounts alike. They all have one thing in common: they aim to please and entertain not just with their looks but their gaming skills.

    Let’s play…

    Top OnlyFans Gamer Girls 2022 Reviewed 

    1. Bella Bumzy – Best OnlyFans Gamer Girl Overall

    bella bumzy screenshot

    How much you’ll pay: $3 monthly

    Bella Bumzy is one of the best OnlyFans girls of 2020 full-stop – she belongs to that generation of people who grew up on a steady diet of internet lasciviousness and video games, and it’s worked out pretty well for her. 

    Her OnlyFans account is one of the finest gaming-themed pages you can find on the platform if you’re looking for delicious XXX and NSFW stuff.

    And let’s not beat around the bush here: we know you’re not on OnlyFans just to watch attractive women stream games over the internet.

    You can expect to find some of the kinkiest posts from this minx, which range from content related to the hobby, right down to filthy photos and videos with a distinct gamer feel to them.

    Check her out on Instagram and take a peek at her secondary, 100% free OnlyFans, too.

    2. Paige Macky – XXX Gamer Girl Only Fans Content Creator

    paige macky screenshot

    How much you’ll pay: Free subs to her general content

    Paige Macky hits all the right buttons (pun absolutely intended) when it comes to stuff that only fans can appreciate. 

    Especially if you’re a pervert who likes to see spicy e-girls bare all for their subscribers, you’re going to find that Paige’s OnlyFans account is as close to perfect as you can get.

    Aside from being one of the few legit gamers out there on OF, Paige is also one of the naughtiest cosplayers you can find on the site right now. 

    Simply put, she’s a double whammy all wrapped up in a deliciously petite package.

    Users who have access to her OF account are treated to a bevy of hot photos and videos– all in the XXX geek porn category to boot! If you pay a bit extra, you can even have the opportunity to make this online sex kitten create exclusive stuff for you.

    Check her out on Instagram and Twitter

    3. Luce Cosplay – International OnlyFans Cosplay Gamer Girl

    Luce Cosplay screenshot

    How much you’ll pay: $12 monthly

    Don’t let the higher-than-usual subscription rate here deter you from checking out Luce Cosplay.

    She’s the kind of content creator on OnlyFans that’s just as renowned on the platform as she is in the global geek community.

    For one, she’s a master cosmaker and cosplayer, who lets those paying for her content get exclusive access to her award-winning work. 

    As a streamer, Luce has garnered literally tens of thousands of followers on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter who join her streams whenever she’s online. 

    All that said, you’re going to love just how versatile this young woman’s OnlyFans page is. Even without any hardcore XXX stuff– though NSFW content aplenty– we can all agree that the result is a totally entertaining performer from A to Z.

    Check her out on Instagram and Twitter

    4. Jasmin Foxe – Best Gamer Girl OnlyFans for Nudes

    jasmin foxe screenshot

    How much you’ll pay: $10 per month

    If you’re the type of horny user who likes the stereotypical streamer on their OF feed, then go ahead and have fun with Jasmin Foxe. 

    She’s one of the most popular OF creators out there in the world of video game-themed porn and an equally famous live streamer, too. 

    But since Twitch only allows these models to show cleavage when they play online, this woman is business savvy by offering an OnlyFans subscription to viewers who want more.

    Can you blame them?

    We’re not just talking about your typical lewd image sets here, either; Jasmin does some of the filthiest porn videos peppered with ahegao faces, mandingo-sized dildos, and a bit of kinky BDSM for good measure.

    Check her out on Instagram

    5. Amouranth – Cosplay Gamer OnlyFans Goddess for NSFW

    amouranth screenshot

    How much you’ll pay: $14.99 per month 

    Amouranth has been a busy bee – not including her frequently updated OnlyFans page, she’s active on 5 socials from live streams on Twitch to barely-SFW Twitter posts, teasing TikToks and fitness-oriented YouTube videos.

    Behind the scenes, she’s garnered 976k likes from her loyal base of OnlyFans subscribers. 

    Her content gallery spans far and wide, covering a mixture of saucy NSFW content, gaming-related videos, and revealing “outfit” checks that leave nothing to chance. 

    You’ll unlock access to 995 risque photos and 291 tantalizing video clips for just $5.25 upfront, but her normal monthly fee is nothing short of a bargain for the sort of bedroom-worthy action she delivers. 

    Check her out on Instagram and Twitter 

    6. Chelxie – Fetish-Friendly Gamer Girl Only Fans

    chelxie screenshot

    How much you’ll pay: $35 monthly

    Chelxie is one of France’s most popular influencers, garnering fame through Instagram, Twitter, Twitch and, of course OnlyFans. 

    You get a wide variety of stuff from this woman, from gaming community-related content to NSFW (though not quite XXX) media that focuses on teasing and foot fetishes. 

    She’s French, after all, so maybe the sexualized stereotype is true?

    Check her out on Instagram and Twitter

    7. Alinity – Canadian OnlyFans Gamer Girl for Hot Streams

    alinity screenshot

    How much you’ll pay: $10 per month 

    Alinity skyrocketed to the Horndog Hall of Fame for her hottub streams on Twitch, and she’s remained active in the spotlight with her NSFW OnlyFans page. If you’ve ever wanted to see this starlet getting nude for the camera, she’s good for more than her Canadian hospitality. 

    She charges a very reasonable $10 per month for access to her uninhibited content gallery, which boasts 482 erotic photos and 60 video clips that could make you late for work. 

    Of course, if you’d rather “try before you buy”, her saucy IG page and NSFW Twitter account give would-be subscribers the chance to cop a virtual feel for free. 

    She might be adorable behind a video game controller, but she’s downright sexy in her barely-there booty shorts. 

    If you really want to get her attention (and some brand-new material for the wank bank), her Amazon Wishlist is up for grabs. 

    Check her out on Instagram, Twitter, and Twitch 

    8. Julia – Best Gamer Girl Only Fans Chat Model

    julia screenshot

    How much you’ll pay: $25 per month

    Julia, who’s more popularly known as Khaljiit, is an undeniable superstar in the gaming community. She’s also become quite the popular OF creator right now, particularly for people who want to engage in intimate chats with their favorite influencers.

    Online gamer girlfriend, anyone?

    Aside from the delicious lewd clips and images she produces, this one is an amazing conversationalist who provides her community with gaming tips and fun conversations overall.

    You’re definitely going to be happy with the end result once you join this model’s OF account.

    Check her out on Instagram and Twitter

    9. ShannaNina – Legitimate Only Fans Gamer Girl

    Shanna nina screenshot

    How much you’ll pay: $14.99 monthly

    If you’re on the search for a space within the OF gaming niche that doesn’t involve touch-control vibrators and tons of sex, then you men and women should give ShannaNina a shot. 

    She’s one of the most famous legit gaming influencers around right now, so don’t anticipate the usual dose of silicone-filled breasts here. 

    Instead, you can expect process videos related to gaming strategies, news and articles and just an overall friendly vibe from this top OF content creator.

    Check her out on Instagram and Twitter

    10. Sara Mei Kasai – Super Popular Gamer Girl Only Fans

    sara mei kasai screenshot

    How much you’ll pay: FREE subscription

    There aren’t any ifs or buts about it: we’re living in a reality where Sara Mei Kasai is without a doubt one of the most famous streamers with OnlyFans accounts right now, and we’re all the better for it.

    She’s a spicy e-girl who focuses on gaming and delivering NSFW goodness that you can’t find on other platforms like YouTube or even her Twitter account. 

    Oh, and the best part? 

    She offers free subs to her OF, and she doesn’t post any junk there, either.

    Check her out on Instagram and Twitter

    Best Gamer OnlyFans Girls – Runner-Ups

    1. Sam Slayres – Super Popular OnlyFans Content Creator

    Sam Slayres lights the fire down below; and 405k OnlyFans likes only strengthen her alluring reputation among horny guys the world over. She’s ready to do anything you ask, and her gallery is filled with 1,097 media clips that give you a sneak preview of her naughty mind. 

    You can see Sam in all her glory for $3 upfront. 

    For the price of an espresso, she’ll rate your lewd pics and use her sweet words to tame your raging anaconda into submission.

    2. Kacy Black – Interactive OnlyFans Model With No Limits

    Kacy Black might be a shy, innocent girl on the surface, but you know what they say – never judge a book by its cover! A quick glance at Kacy’s loaded content gallery tells a different story. 

    She’s got 1,316 uninhibited photos and 65 NSFW videos that go past vanilla. 

    New subscribers can add to Kacy’s 540k “likes” count for just $3 upfront, but her regular subscription is priced at $30/month. However, once you see exactly what Kacy’s willing to do for her fans, you’ll have no problem making room in your budget for some quality content. 

    3. Haley Brooks – Dominates OnlyFans Charts for Good Reason 

    We’re not sure exactly how long it’s been since Haley Brooks turned 18; but she’s skyrocketed to mainstream popularity for her excellent content gallery. She’s nothing short of a tease, delivering 1,096 NSFW photos and 175 addictive videos that are sure to tent your khakis.

    Better still, you can subscribe to our favorite “zoomer” girl for free

    She’s earned 289k likes on the platform already, so there’s no telling when she’ll force new subscribers to pay for her hottest pics and vids. Regardless, we’re willing to pay full price for fresh talent like this. 

    4. Zayla – Our Favorite Milf OnlyFans 

    Zayla’s dominating the stepmommy niche one submissive at a time – if you’re getting sick and tired of taboo PornHub clips that leave you frustrated and disappointed, Zayla is here to help. 

    She knows how to take charge and put you in your place, and she loves rewarding obedience. 

    You can get the inside scoop on Zayla’s loaded content gallery for $3 upfront; but her regular subscription is priced at $30/month. With 1,506 naughty photos and 110 dominatrix-style videos at your fingertips, you might have some trouble following her instructions. 

    5. Riley Kwums – Seductive OnlyFans Conversationalist

    She’s got curves that go on for weeks, thicc thighs, a closet filled with revealing cosplay getups, and a booty that just won’t quit. 

    If that’s not reason enough to drop $3 for 31 days, Riley is the queen of seductive DMs

    Once you finish scrolling through 1,142 photos and 51 tantalizing video clips, she’s waiting to give you the personalized experience of a lifetime. She knows just what to say for the right price, and she loves pleasing her most generous fans with custom NSFW content

    6. Molly – OnlyFans Girl-Next-Door You’re Too Scared to Approach 

    Molly Sims can usually be found in her house, creating content that makes you wish you were more confident back in college. As it stands, she’s the girl-next-door that elicits stuttering and blushing from any guy within a 5-mile radius. 

    You can subscribe to her OnlyFans page and help her achieve 300k likes for free

    You’ll gain access to 971 upskirt photos and 97 mind-melting video clips for your trouble. Once you inevitably send her an awkward message, her knowing smirk drains your pockets and other things.

    7. Maria Moobs – Sassy and Sweet Only Fans Girl

    Mia Moobs seemingly has it all – caramel-colored curves, a sweet personality, a dirty mind, and a naughty streak come part of the package. She’s always happy to chat; but you’ll have to clear your schedule to scroll through 1,167 NSFW photos and 38 sexy videos in private. 

    She’s already accumulated 286k likes from her subscribers, and you can cop a virtual feel for just $3 upfront.

    If you’re looking for a college-aged beauty that’s sassy, sweet and affordable, Mia’s your gal!

    8. Aisha – Upcoming OnlyFans Hottie

    Aisha might not be as popular as our top picks, but she’s working double shifts to build her follower count on OnlyFans. She’s already earned 15.4k likes from subscribers who fell in love with her gorgeous features and pleading eyes straightaway; but she’s just getting started. 

    New subscribers can unlock access to 416 erotic photos and 52 tantalizing video clips for free; but there’s no telling when Aisha will decide to lock her exotic curves behind a paywall. 

    If you’re on the hunt for some new and foreign talent, Aisha should be your first choice! 

    9. Cup of Carli – Get Your Daily Dose of Sweetness

    With an ultra-revealing fashion sense, a sweet smile, and delicate curves to match, it’s no surprise that Carli’s accumulated 224k likes from her OnlyFans subscribers. You’ll cop a virtual feel with 1,256 barely-there outfit snapshots, and you won’t pay a dime out-of-pocket.

    Yes, her subscription is 100% free.

    Then again, if you decide to get more intimate with Carli, she’s more than willing to create custom content and sext with her fans for the right price. Let’s be honest – once you get to know her, you won’t be able to go without your daily Cup of Carli. 

    10. Daisy – Celebrity Look-Alike With A Free OnlyFans Subscription

    Daisy is virtually indistinguishable from Ariana Grande, but Ariana hasn’t made her segway into the world of adult content (yet). Until we see Ariana get her big break, Pete Davidson is responsible for at least half of the 112k likes that Daisy’s received on OnlyFans. 

    She has 585 naughty photos and 74 teaser clips on display for the low price of free

    Once she’s got you all hot and bothered, Daisy happily accepts message requests and creates individualized NSFW content for her most generous tippers.

    11. Lucy Is Loud – Mute, Empowering & Fetish-Friendly Model 

    Lucy Goyette breaks the mold – she’s turned her muteness into her greatest asset, with inspired content that empowers disabled creators to express their sexuality without restriction. 

    She’s extra sensitive to her other senses; and you can see just how “loud” Lucy gets for free. 

    Her gallery is filled with 1,068 enticing photos and 70 “loud” videos that paint handicapped content creators in an unbelievably sexy light. Most of her content is geared towards fetishists, and her OnlyFans page presents a remarkable introduction into the world of mute adult films. 

    12. Emmy Beehz – College Cutie With Tons of Free Only Fans Content 

    Emmy’s blonde hair, curvaceous features, and skimpy outfits leave little to the imagination. She stops just short of parading around in her birthday suit, but you can watch Emmy strut her stuff with 1,172 risque photos and 91 enticing shorts

    And the best part? 

    You won’t have to pay a dime before watching this college cutie bare it all for the camera. Of course, if you’re willing to foot the bill for her next round of textbooks, she’s got plenty of NSFW content and seductive messages lined up for your enjoyment.

    Pro tip: Take your love of gaming and hot models to another level with the top VR porn sites

    OnlyFans Gamer Girls FAQs

    Who’s The Best Gamer Girl on OnlyFans Right Now?

    The best gamer girl on OnlyFans right now is Bella Bumzy.

    Paige Macky comes in as a close second.

    Words aren’t enough to describe how great these two performers are, with the type of digital releases that’ll definitely keep you coming back for more. These range from gaming-themed NSFW image sets to XXX stuff that will have you drooling all over your screen.

    What Is OnlyFans?

    OnlyFans is a content-sharing platform that allows its members to sell digital content to their followers on a subscription basis. Additionally, OF content creators are allowed to offer exclusive stuff that you can directly purchase from them, from video clips to physical products.

    The top OnlyFans accounts overall in 2022 include an even wider variety of content and models to tickle your fancies.

    How Do I Search for The Best OnlyFans Gamer Girls?

    You can search for the best OnlyFans gamer girls using third-party sites like FanPleaser.

    Since OnlyFans doesn’t have a proper search engine to help you look for specific content creators on their site, you only have a couple of options in order to find the hottest gamer girls you can follow on the platform.

    On the other hand, you can find their respective OF pages (if they do have one) on their other social media accounts, such as on Twitter or Instagram.

    Then again, you can just use our top picks and make your life exponentially easier!

    Follow The Best Gamer Girls OnlyFans in 2022

    Gamer girls on OnlyFans are pretty niche and not so easy to find among the 1 million+ content creators on the site.

    Thankfully, our go-to Only Fans gamer girls cover the basis here.

    Babes like Bella Bumzy are right at your fingertips.

    In conclusion, you’re now ready to go out there and enjoy some of the best gaming-related content that you can find on OnlyFans right now, be it NSFW or otherwise.

    Have a great time!

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