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Spokeo Review: Is It the Best Background Check Service?

The safety of the people we care for is more in danger than ever since the world isn’t quite as safe as it used to be. Recognizing those around you might mean the difference between ease and constant concern, whether they’re nearby or online.

Thankfully, background check sites like Spokeo are available to provide us with information we would not otherwise have access to.

Finding personal information about other people is simple and quick with Spokeo because of its 12 billion records, affordable subscription rates, and quick results. This article discusses Spokeo’s features in detail and explains why it’s a service that should be taken into account.

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Spokeo Review – At a Glance

Since its launch in 2006, Spokeo has honed its capacity to offer background data, criminal records, or even clues for locating an old buddy.

Since Spokeo utilizes approximately 12 billion records for every search, over 20 million people have grown to trust the service throughout this period. Plans are reasonably priced, and outcomes are available immediately.


  • Lightning-fast results
  • Reasonably-priced plans
  • Easy to use website
  • Over 12 billion records
  • Unlimited PDF downloads


  • There are add-on fees for some services
  • Too reliant on social media
  • Lacks some government search information
  • Available in the US only

When using a person’s search service, it’s crucial to work with a reliable business to get the best results. Spokeo has been meeting these standards since its founding in 2006, and Spokeo reviews are a testament to this.

Check Spokeo reviews to see how the service can assist you in creating an extensive report using every item of data you may have about a person. Use Spokeo and check the outcomes for yourself if you’re unsure.

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Spokeo Review – Key Features

Spokeo is a reliable background check service thanks to a number of important features. Discover all of its capabilities by reading on.

Free Searches

You can use Spokeo for free by inputting a name or mobile number to get the most basic results. It does offer a small bit of information, but practically all of it’s illegible and obscured.

In searching through the data, those who can comprehend what’s going on should be able to glean some useful information.

You will need to purchase one of Spokeo’s membership plans in order to receive a complete report.

Identify Unknown Calls or Texts

When mobile telephone numbers were made public, the globe was flooded with unsettling texts and calls. Every time you get a phone call from an unknown number, Spokeo provides you with the ability to find the caller’s identity with its phone number lookup feature.

Those who use Spokeo can see the threat of cyberbullying and offer ways to cope with it as it’s all too widespread.

Reestablish Long-Lost Family Connections

Users of Spokeo can track relatives who have vanished from the family history by conducting a family search.

Even the ability to seek birth or family records and establish links that might otherwise be lost is available. After all, you can always start talking again with someone you haven’t seen in a while.

If you and a family member have drifted apart through the years, Spokeo might help you mend fences. The software can also find distant relatives who can assist fill out the family tree and provide information about your ancestors’ past.

Spokeo can assist in reuniting family members who have been separated due to a calamity.

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Wealth Data

One person may be paid more than the other at work, which is unjust to people who hold the same position. Although it’s not recommended to directly inquire about pay, Spokeo’s wealth search does all the legwork for you.

You may discover a person’s anticipated earnings as well as how much property they own and what kinds of investments they have. To go even further, Spokeo offers lifestyle information to give users a peep at life behind locked doors.

Reconnect With Old Friends

Although many people still don’t use these platforms, social networking sites have made it simpler to find people from prior professions or academic years.

Even if you manage to find someone on media platforms, it will be clear once you make a request. A person’s search finder, however, can find what you’re unable to.

Before giving a detailed report on what the person has been up to, Spokeo searches through billions of documents to identify the person in question.

Your former companion or flame won’t know because you won’t be actively acquiring this information. You can choose whether you still wish to contact the person after receiving all of their personal information.

Uncover a Person’s Criminal History

Criminal histories might be kept secret, but Spokeo can search through government documents and find the data for you. The website can provide criminal backgrounds, including the kind of charge, where the incident occurred, and when it did.

The platform goes further by disclosing details on prior DUIs and other reckless driving histories. Also, it will identify prior sex offenses so you may feel secure about the people that live close by.

As Spokeo’s criminal history search isn’t included in the site’s free plan, you will need to pay extra for it.

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Help Small Businesses Grow

Spokeo has other valuable applications for your company even though it’s not advised to use it to screen applicants for job postings. It makes it easier to find fresh leads or find previous customers you wish to get back in touch with.

The service offers an onboarding procedure for your staff, and a dashboard displays account utilization and search results. Each member of your team has unlimited free access to download PDF reports, and information may be filtered based on a variety of criteria.

Get to Know the Neighbors

You can utilize Spokeo’s built-in location search in order to know your neighbors. You can do a geolocation search to learn more about people nearby even without their names or phone number.

The website keeps track of previous residences in addition to gathering names and other useful information.

Know the Truth About the Person You’re Dating

It’s usual to meet people online, but even after multiple chats or phone calls, you might not have a clear understanding of the individual who answered the phone.

You can use Spokeo to search up your possible date to determine if they’re hiding anything that might be a deal breaker by using their name, mobile number, or email address. You’ll feel more secure and at ease when you meet a person for the very first time in this fashion.

Protect Your Online Presence

With Spokeo, you can look up people and they can look up information about you. You can discover information about your online presence from billions of records by conducting a self-scan.

Anything you believed to be private might be accessible to anyone using a people-finding technology similar to yours. If you come across something you don’t like, the platform can assist you in deleting it off the internet, hiding it from anyone looking for you.

Spokeo, a legit company that focuses on social media, may assist in removing old posts from previous years that might come back to bother you today.

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Spokeo.com Reviews From Real Users

Despite all that Spokeo excels at, clients don’t seem to be all that interested in it. Despite receiving an A rating from the Better Business Bureau, it only receives a pitiful 1.1/5 reviews from users.

The majority of reviews have the following structure, alleging that users were charged without warning for a full month’s membership.

When looking into whether or not Spokeo is legit, TrustPilot reviews give it a rating of 1.3 out of 5. Reviews raise the same issues that the BBB does.

With more than 800 reviews, ConsumerAffairs gives Spokeo 3.1/5 stars, which is a little better.

Alternatives to Spokeo

Spokeo is powerful thanks to its thorough searches and quick results, however, not everyone’s needs may be met by the program. You can find a few alternative people’s search engines below.



Full-featured apps are available from BeenVerified for iOS and Android, making searching from any location a breeze.

While processing results could take some time, the app enables you to save any results to your devices for later review. Unclaimed property information and search tools for unclaimed money are available on BeenVerified.

You can only use BeenVerified to run 100 reports per month, even if you have a membership. While this may seem like a lot, if you’re online dating or relocating to an unfamiliar area, scans may quickly pile up.

  • BeenVerified only permits 100 searches every month, but Spokeo offers limitless searches
  • The mobile apps from BeenVerified are unparalleled

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TruthFinder searches the entire dark web to find information that is inaccessible to more conventional people search sites. There aren’t many places where shady persons can conceal themselves after such a thorough examination.

While you search for information on the website using a name, mobile number, or email, it does a decent job of safeguarding your identity.

It can take many minutes of unpleasant prompts to get to your results thanks to the laborious process of obtaining your data. Although this detracts from the services, the finished report ought to be worthwhile. When conducting your search, be aware of additional fees for extra features.

  • Spokeo produces legit outcomes more quickly than TruthFinder
  • Although both websites have access to billions of records, only TruthFinder uses the dark web

Read our TruthFinder review here.

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Instant Checkmate


Governmental investigations into a person’s background or criminal history are at the heart of Instant Checkmate’s business model. By eliminating irrelevant information, filters make it simpler to find information.

Instant Checkmate might take a while to return search results, even with filters.

The website makes it simple for users to purge unwanted content from their search histories by hiding or eliminating it from public view. The major drawback of Instant Checkmate is its price, which is much greater than those of comparable products.

  • Criminal background checks are free with Instant Checkmate
  • Memberships on Spokeo are significantly less expensive than those on Instant Checkmate

Read our Instant Chekmate review here.

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Spokeo Review – Things To Consider Before Using a Background Check Service

Utilizing a background check business offers access to someone else’s life that would otherwise be impossible.

Not so long ago, only huge corporations and the wealthy could do these searches. With so much information now accessible online, anyone with the right credentials can access personal information.

Services like Spokeo may compile legit background data, employment records, and even criminal backgrounds for a person you’re interested in for a minimal cost.

You can get helpful information here whether you want to learn more about the new neighbors, investigate rumors about a child’s teacher, or find comfort regarding an online dating match.

When doing searches, bear in mind that you cannot utilize services for determining eligibility for rent, employment, or financial lending without Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) compliance. Background check services like Spokeo and others are only appropriate for use by individuals, not by businesses.

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Spokeo.com Review Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Still wondering about Spokeo’s operation? The responses to all of these frequently asked questions are provided below.

Is Spokeo Legit?

It’s a reliable search tool that may reveal details about a person based on their name, mobile number, address, or email.

To provide a thorough and legit profile of the subject, the service searches through 12 billion public and private documents. You can do an infinite quantity of searches and store the PDF results on a gadget for a modest monthly cost.

How To Cancel Spokeo

You can sign up for a subscription that renews itself after one month or three months, depending on your preference. You can go to your account page at any time during the billing period, scroll down to “Manage Account,” and then click the “Cancel” option.

The subscription will no longer renew, but you can use the time remaining on your current subscription.

Is Spokeo Safe?

Users have the ability to seek information about virtually anyone, including neighbors, long-lost relatives, and possible partners. The program will look for background information on those people by combing through 12 billion records.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act shields potential renters, employees, and borrowers from these searches, thus it’s illegal to use it to find out information about them.

How To Delete Spokeo Account

You can still access settings to resume a subscription or edit your profile even after closing your account.

To completely deactivate an account, you must get in touch with their customer support staff. The team member has the ability to delete your account, which will prevent you from logging in going forward.

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Final Thoughts on Spokeo Review

Spokeo is a legit and effective tool for learning more about someone you’re interested in. You may access information spread across 12 billion sources of data with only a few quick keystrokes. Everything is compiled by the service into a straightforward report that is exclusively for your eyes.

Background check websites conduct searches completely anonymously, with individuals’ social media profiles still accessible. There is no danger of disclosing your search to the other person, whether you’re looking up someone’s schooling, employment history, or criminal record.

Although they can appear to be identical, each background screening service operates slightly differently. It excels thanks to its huge database of record sources, affordable plans, and quick results. Use the platform right now if you want to learn more about someone.

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DISCLAIMER: You may not use the non-FCRA approved services mentioned in this article or the information they provide to make decisions about consumer credit, employment, insurance, tenant screening, or any other purpose that would require FCRA compliance. These services don’t provide consumer reports and are not consumer reporting agencies. (These terms have special meanings under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 USC 1681 et seq., (“FCRA”), which are incorporated herein by reference.) 

The information available on our website may not be 100% accurate, complete, or up to date, so do not use it as a substitute for your own due diligence, especially if you have concerns about a person’s criminal history. The services we mention do not make any representation or warranty about the accuracy of the information available through our website or about the character or integrity of the person about whom you inquire. For more information, please review each service’s Terms of Use.

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