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8 Best People Search Sites Online – Ultimate Guide

People Search Sites

Finding the most effective people search sites among the sea of ones that all claim to be the best can be a daunting task. The fact that there are numerous effective people searching sites online doesn’t help. We’ve spent time researching and assessing people search sites in order to make an ultimate guide that has the list of the eight most effective people search sites online.

Here are the eight most effective people search sites to track down a long-lost friend, track down a long-lost family, get intimate details about a casual acquaintance, and much more.

>> BeenVerified Best People Search Site >>

8 Best People Search Sites on the Market

  1. BeenVerified: Best People Search Site Overall
  2. PeopleLooker: Best for Fast & Accurate Results
  3. TruthFinder: Best for Public Records Search
  4. Intelius: Best for Detailed Reports
  5. Instant Checkmate: Effective for Criminal History Check
  6. PeopleFinders: Best for Ease of Use
  7. Spokeo: Cheapest People Finder Site
  8. US Search: Oldest People Search Engine

BeenVerified: Best People Search Site Overall


BeenVerified is a web-based service that offers detailed reports on individuals by examining public records, social media profiles, and other online resources, providing reliable and current information to its users.


  • Offers a wide range of search options
  • User-friendly interface with easy navigation
  • Responsive and helpful customer support


  • Some data may require additional fees
  • Individual reports are not available

Usability: 4.9/5

A significant advantage of using BeenVerified is its easily accessible interface that enables users to effortlessly browse the website and seek information. The search findings are presented in an orderly and comprehensible manner, facilitating clear and straightforward comprehension.

Features: 5/5

BeenVerified offers several essential features, including:

People Search: This feature permits users to search for individuals using their name, phone number, email address, or social media username, providing users with personal details like contact information and previous addresses.

Criminal Records Search: BeenVerified grants access to criminal records, such as arrests, convictions, and sex offender registries. This feature can be beneficial to employers, landlords, or anyone interested in confirming someone’s criminal background.

Public Records Search: BeenVerified scans various public records, such as property records, court records, marriage and divorce records, providing users with information on someone’s educational background, employment history, and other personal details.

Pricing: 4.9/5

Another advantage of BeenVerified is its affordability. It offers a range of subscription plans to suit different budgets, and users can choose to pay on a monthly or yearly basis. This makes it a cost-effective option for those who need to perform background checks regularly.

>> BeenVerified Best People Search Site >>

PeopleLooker: Best for Fast & Accurate Results



  • User-friendly
  • Provides thorough search reports
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Covers social media and genealogy searches


  • Does not provide individual reports

PeopleLooker is a website that enables individuals to access reliable public records in a quick, affordable, and convenient manner. It allows you to obtain information that may not be easily accessible through Google.

Usability: 4.9/5

The general consensus is that PeopleLooker is user-friendly and straightforward to use. Its interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, allowing individuals to conduct searches and access public records without much hassle. Moreover, PeopleLooker offers comprehensive search reports that are simple to comprehend and browse through, which can be advantageous for those unfamiliar with the public records search process.

Features: 4.9/5

PeopleLooker provides various features that enable users to perform comprehensive searches and access a broad range of public records. Its primary features comprise:

  • People Search: Enables users to locate individuals by entering their name, address, phone number, or email address.
  • Reverse Phone Lookup: Facilitates users to identify the owner of a phone number and retrieve their public records.
  • Username Search: Allows users to search for individuals using their usernames across different social media platforms.
  • Address Lookup: Enables users to retrieve information about a specific address, such as its ownership, history, and associated public records.
  • Email Lookup: Allows users to find information related to an email address, including the owner’s name, address, and other public records.

Pricing: 4.8/5

PeopleLooker offers a monthly subscription model and a 7-day trial option for $1 to its customers. If customers decide to continue using the service, they can choose between two premium plans: a monthly membership at $22.86/month or a 3-month membership at $18.28/month.

>> PeopleLooker Best People Search Site >>

TruthFinder: Best People Search Site Overall


TruthFinder, which began operations in 2015, isn’t as old as some of the other people search sites, but it has quickly emerged as one of the most widely used background check businesses in the world.

TruthFinder claims to have over 60,000 5-star reviews, so it must be doing something right when compared to other people search sites online. Furthermore, having a perfect score from the Better Business Bureau (A+) helps to solidify their standing in the industry.

TruthFinder is the best people search site for many reasons. Still, it has its pros as well as cons.

The Pros

  • Detail-oriented concepts
  • Reach out to the help desk at no cost
  • There are several different search mechanisms available
  • Super simple to implement
  • BBB rating of A+
  • Can scan the deep web

The Cons

  • High-price

Specs of TruthFinder

Usability: 4.9/5

TruthFinder relies on a clean and simple website design to earn its reputation as one of the easiest people search sites one can navigate. Site content is, for the most part, well-organized on the main page itself, making it simple to navigate.

An Android application rounds off the package, allowing users to quickly learn more about people they know, no matter where they happen to be.

Features: 4.9/5

TruthFinder’s reverse phone lookup, people search, background, and public records check are just a few of the many search options available to you in contrast to other people search sites.

Identifying information can be used in this type of people search sites, such as a person’s mobile number, email address, physical location, or name, can be used for this purpose.

Verifying online dates, reuniting with long-lost relatives, finding a new housemate, or even seeing what displays on your own check are all excellent uses for the background check features.

TruthFinder also searches over millions of government records to provide you with the most comprehensive view of a person’s criminal history, arrest record, and other relevant public information.

Modern society is particularly vulnerable to identity theft due to the widespread use of digital technologies. The purpose of a dark web scan in people search websites is to determine whether or not your personal data has been compromised and is being used for illicit purposes by hackers or other cyber criminals.

Not only does the scan look for signs of identity theft on the web, but it also keeps an eye out for any new attempts.

What TruthFinder Can Uncover: 4.9/5

TruthFinder’s ability to sift through millions of government documents means that it likely provides the most comprehensive search results of all people search sites.

You may learn the following from a comprehensive report on TruthFinder:

  • Past location information
  • Dating site history
  • Documentation of birthdate and death
  • Historiography in the classroom
  • Family history including close family members
  • Personal dating records
  • An individual’s record of criminal activity
  • Internet profiles for social networking
  • Violation traffic laws records
  • Reports of arrests
  • Details on how to get in touch
  • Career background

Pricing: 4.7/5

TruthFinder is the highest-tier service of all the people search sites, therefore, it may not be the most cost-effective. However, TruthFinder is ideal if you need in-depth and comprehensive reports.

However, if you only need to know the most basic information about an unknown caller, TruthFinder’s reverse phone lookup is completely free.


>> Try TruthFinder >>

Intelius: Best People Search Site for Detailed Reports


Intelius, which has been around since 2003, is widely considered to be the industry standard of all people search sites when it comes to doing people and background checks.

Intelius may be the best choice if you need a simple tool for daily people searches. Furthermore, the lookup platform examines millions of records, providing a solid foundation from which to learn a great deal more about your potential new neighbor or date.

The Pros

  • Comprehensive archive of government documents
  • 20+ billion public records
  • Fast cycles of message updates
  • In-depth reports
  • Multiple search options
  • The UI is straightforward
  • Trustworthy; receives consistently excellent reviews from customers

The Cons

  • Works in the United States only

Specs of Intelius

Usability: 4.9/5

Intelius distinguishes itself from other people search sites due to its user-friendly interface, which was built with simplicity in mind. The search parameters are clearly shown on the homepage, along with helpful prompts that will help you quickly and easily narrow your results.

Again, the site appears to do a terrific job of presenting the information it pulls from the vast public records. It uses public records in relatively digestible portions, so that you have an easy time sorting among results.

Features: 5/5

The broad search options provided by Intelius when compared to other people search sites are designed to increase your chances of locating the information you require.

Normal people search sites are reliable since they allow you to find out a lot of information about someone with just their first and last name. You can get more precise results by including additional search criteria, such as the person’s state or city.

In addition, you can utilize reverse lookup tools like reverse phone lookup and reverse address lookup to discover who is hiding behind a new number or who owns a certain piece of real estate. When applying for a mortgage, the reverse address lookup is a useful function in people search websites.

What Can Intelius Uncover: 4.9/5

When it comes to providing thorough and latest reports on individuals and properties, Intelius appears to hold its own among the list of people search sites. Perhaps the end product will even surprise you positively.

Intelius searches can reveal a wide variety of data, including:

  • Personal wealth history
  • Social networks and other online identities
  • Felony records
  • Close extended and nuclear family records
  • Financial woes records including bankruptcy cases
  • Speeding or other road violations records
  • Sexual conduct records
  • Indictments
  • Past court information
  • Latest and past contact numbers
  • Resident history

Pricing: 4.9/5

For no cost, users can perform a simple search on the platform. You can use this to get information about a person, such as their age or previous residence. Just like most people search sites, you’ll need a paid subscription to get in-depth reports.

Currently, the subscription prices are lower than those of most people search websites, which is wonderful news. We think Intelius is a good investment because of the breadth and convenience with which it provides information.


>> Try Out Intelius >>

Instant Checkmate: Effective People Search Site for Criminal History Check

Instant Checkmate

The Pros

  • Speedy and accurate reporting
  • User-friendly design
  • Full disclosure of criminal history
  • Access to free, unlimited phone support
  • Free PDF report downloads
  • Reputable

The Cons

  • There’s no option to purchase a single report at this time

Specs of Instant Checkmate

Usability: 4.9/5

To begin, Instant Checkmate provides an uninterrupted search experience by fusing a speedy search engine with an intuitive menu bar.

It’s assured that you won’t have to spend a lot of time looking through a report to find the specifics you need because Instant Checkmate performs an excellent job of providing even the most extensive reports in precise form.

It’s likely you won’t run across any problems when using the web service, but if you do, the service provides prompt and free phone assistance.

Features: 4.9/5

There are primary direct search methods available on Instant Checkmate: people search, reverse phone lookup, public records, inmate search, criminal search, and background check.

All you need to do is enter a person’s name and city, and this app, just like other people search sites, will return relevant results. It’s also comforting to know that you may learn about an unknown caller simply by providing their phone number.

Instant Checkmate’s criminal records search is by far the most impressive function of all the people search sites, as it examines a mountain of data. The best thing is that you can refine your search for criminal records by selecting a certain state, city, or even zip code.

Last but not least, the inmate search provides a short glimpse inside the country’s prisons, jails, and more, for those who are hoping to find long-lost acquaintances or family members who may have been incarcerated.

What Instant Checkmate Can Uncover: 4.8/5

Instant Checkmate goes well beyond simple criminal history checks and performs a comprehensive background verification service.

A few things might be revealed by Instant Checkmate:

  • Background information on past and present location
  • Report on previous or present arrests
  • Death and birth date records
  • Family records
  • Gun permits
  • Previous and latest phone records and number
  • Felony records
  • Internet identities and profiles
  • Previous or present court history records
  • Previous address records

Pricing: 4.8/5

While Instant Checkmate’s subscription options are more expensive than those of its main people search sites rivals, the service provides excellent value for the money, especially over the long term.

However, please note that you can’t buy just one report, and downloading PDFs will cost you an extra $1.99, but having a hard copy of the data is useful.

Cost Breakdown:

>> Use Instant Checkmate >>

PeopleFinders: Best People Search Site for Ease of Use


PeopleFinders is one of the people search websites that facilitate people searches and the acquisition of related data. It’s a well-known app that provides detailed information about people, such as their contact details, criminal records, and history.

The website is one of the people search sites that is user-friendly and facilitates searches by name, address, and phone number.

PeopleFinders have a wide variety of applications, including features that can help you to reunite with separated friends and family members, research new employers and relationships, and more.

The Pros

  • Applicable for use in screening prospective workers
  • Potentially helpful in reuniting with long-lost loved ones
  • Offers access to a wealth of personal data
  • Comfortable navigation and control system

The Cons

  • Some information may be expensive to access
  • Possibility of unwarranted intrusion into someone’s personal life
  • It may not be appropriate to make certain details public
  • The data presented may not reflect the most recent developments

Specs of PeopleFinders

Usability: 5/5

In general, users like PeopleFinders among other people search sites due to its simplicity. A simple interface makes it possible to look up individuals by address name, or contact information.

Further, a simple interface and well-structured results make it one of the great people search sites that help you perform quick research.

One more thing users can do to refine their search for people search websites is to use the filters provided. In PeopleFinders, the site’s search features make it simple for visitors to find what they’re looking for. They often do a search based on a person’s whereabouts, age, or even criminal history.

PeopleFinders’ overall simplicity and straightforward interface make it suitable for users with varying degrees of technical proficiency.

Features: 4/5

You can find people by name, number, or address with PeopleFinders, much like you do with Intelius. The latter only provides an additional one in the form of an email address lookup.

Using a reverse phone lookup is a great way to end your curiosity about strange calls. You may look for an individual or research the neighborhood’s past residents with the site’s handy “reverse address” function. In addition, if you receive an email and would need further information on the sender, the free email lookup is your best ally. With it, you can find information on people with their email addresses.

The website is among the people search sites that provide sufficient data without charging a fee. Trying to track down pals ended up being much less of a hassle and a much quicker process than you had anticipated. Results revealed the best means of getting in touch with them. A directory of their neighbors, complete with contact information, was also provided. It’s hard to find a better option of free people search engines for finding people.

What Information Can Be Obtained Using PeopleFinders?

Using a PeopleFinder, you can learn a great deal about a person, including:

Uncover Social Media Profiles: A person’s social media profiles can be uncovered with PeopleFinders.

Background Information: Information such as a person’s career history and educational background can fall under this category.

Relatives & Associates: An individual’s family and friends can be easily located with the help of PeopleFinders.

Property Records: Details on a person’s real estate holdings, such as their location, property type, and name of the owner, may be included.

Public Record: Records of marriages, divorces, and bankruptcies can fall under this category.

Contact Information: One’s name, current and past addresses, telephone number, and electronic mail address(es), among other things, may fall under this category.

Note that not everyone will have access to all information, and not all of it will be accurate or current. Furthermore, there can be details that are too sensitive to share with the general public.


PeopleFinders has a variety of premium services available, including:

Although PeopleFinders is one of the popular people search sites, it does have certain drawbacks. In the first place, there are some doubts about the site’s honesty in its data collection. Additionally, there’s almost little data available regarding a person’s social media profiles.

Unlike other people search sites, you may buy individual reports here. If you’re trying to save money by only performing single searches, then that’s a good option.

>> PeopleFinders – People Search Site >>

Spokeo: Cheapest People Finder Site


Are you searching for an inexpensive people search site? Perhaps you’ve stumbled onto it now.

Spokeo appears to be the optimal choice for consumers looking for people search sites that grant access to very casual information about a person because it strikes a solid mix between price and broad searches compared to other people search sites.

A total of 12 billion records are said to be safe within the site’s confines. As evidence of their credibility, you might look to verification from respected media outlets like Forbes and the New York Times.

The Pros

  • It’s cheap and quick
  • Intuitive navigation & controls
  • Updates to search parameters are applied automatically
  • PDF reports are available for download

The Cons

  • Restricted by past criminal records

Specs of Spokeo

Usability: 4.9/5

Spokeo has all the hallmarks of a top-notch people search site, including a clean design that makes good use of white space. In short, even if you’ve never used people search sites before, you won’t have any trouble getting about on Spokeo.

The site’s customer care and search assistants are committed to resolving any concerns as quickly as possible.

Features 4.7/5

Spokeo doesn’t have a ton of bells and whistles, but it performs everything you’d expect from a top-notch background check service while staying true to its minimalist design philosophy.

Spokeo is among the people search engines that are able to find extensive information about an individual from just a phone number, name, physical address, and even an email address.

In fact, the reverse address search app is proven to be a fantastic tool to learn more about a property, as seen by the numerous glowing customer feedback reports.

In any case, Spokeo’s regular updates are one of its most useful functions in the people search sites market. In the event of a change, Spokeo will notify you and update your report to reflect the most recent information about your friend, family member, or business associate.

What Spokeo Can Uncover: 4.7/5

Spokeo has a friendlier tone and is a terrific resource for digging up in-depth, individual details.

To sum up, what you can anticipate from this service compared to other people search engines, consider the following:

  • Felony convictions
  • Statistical evidence of wealth
  • Record of past whereabouts
  • Relationships between members of the same family
  • Specifics on how to get in touch
  • Information about oneself
  • Profiles on various social media platforms

Pricing: 4.8/5

We think Spokeo is a good value for what you get from it. It’s one of the people search engines that is dedicated to providing you with excellent information and quality for your time and money despite the fact that it’s one of the most affordable people search sites available.

A Review of Costs:

>> Spokeo – People Search Site >>

US Search: Oldest People Search Engine


US Search, which has been around since 1993, is the granddaddy of people search sites. US Search is among the most massive people search engines that comb through the county, federal, and state records to learn mostly generic, basic information on people.

It’s particularly useful for those looking to reconnect with old friends and acquaintances. Even so, the site might still be used to research a house or property history.

The Pros

  • Quick search generation
  • Price-friendly entry-level search engines
  • Established for over 25 years

The Cons

  • Expensive and in-depth reports
  • Few criminal records available

Specs of US Search

Usability: 4.5/5

Despite its founding in early 1993, US Search, like other people search sites it stay up-to-date with its cutting-edge, user-friendly interface, which includes a step-by-step process for conducting a search via a person’s name, contact information, or location.

Features: 4.3/5

US Search is best known for its lightning-fast reports. In just a few minutes, you’ll have access to comprehensive search results along with the full contact information of the person you’re performing a lookup for. People search engines keep your reports for a whole year, so you can easily go back and look at them.

What you can find with US Search: 4.3/5

With US Search, you might learn the following:

  • Existing social media profiles
  • Record on personal details
  • Latest property ownership records & their appraisal
  • Telephone records including numbers
  • Education and employment background history

Pricing: 4.4/5

The one-time report fee at US Search is among the lowest in the people search engines industry, but more comprehensive reports come at a higher cost.

A Review of Costs:

>> US Search – Oldest People Search Site >>

Ranking Methodology for the Best People Search Sites

The finest people search sites should be ranked based on a number of variables, including:

  • Features: People search engines that met or exceeded customer expectations by providing a wide variety of useful services and online tools ranked higher.
  • Accuracy: In continuation of the preceding point, precision is mandatory. If the data is inaccurate or out-of-date, then the quantity of data found is meaningless. Thus, we considered precision while determining the following effective people search engine choices.
  • Search Capabilities: It’s essential to look up individuals using various parameters such as the latest address, telephone number, name, etc. The greater the variety of search parameters in people search sites, the more likely the site is to return relevant results.
  • Pricing: The cost of a service is also a major consideration. There’s no point in having a useful people search service, quality output, and great usability features if the costs of the people search sites are so high that no one can afford them. Therefore, each of the people search sites and their application features’ final ranking was influenced by their relative affordability.
  • Database: The size of an online database is a distinctive aspect of people search engines, people lookup, and background services. More can be learned from a database if it’s sufficiently large.
  • Support: The best people search websites will have responsive support staff to address any concerns or questions customers may have.
  • Privacy and Security: The people lookup sites should have transparent procedures in place to safeguard users’ personal information and guarantee that it will be handled in a responsible manner.
  • Ease-of-use: The design and layout of a website have a significant role in both the readability of the content and the user experience as a whole. People searching sites that are easy to navigate, have a minimalistic design, and are responsive on mobile devices were given more weight in the ranking.
  • Quality of Information: When rating people search sites and people search engines, the caliber of the data that they present is paramount. This pertains to the data’s veracity, exhaustiveness, and freshness.

>> BeenVerified Best People Search Site >>

What Is a People Search Service?

You could be looking for long-lost relatives or checking out potential partners. Using a people-finding service is as easy as a few clicks. An online people search database makes it simple to locate a person by offering only the information you have, such as a name, phone number, or location.

Most Effective People Search Sites – Guide

What Is the Best Site to Find Someone?

When looking for someone, BeenVerified is the greatest option.

After searching through over 20 billion records, the website generates detailed results. In addition, Intelius provides some of the most comprehensive contact and personal information in its reports than other people search sites, making it easier than average to reconnect with an old friend or business associate.

Are There Any Free People Search Sites?

Apparently, there are actually a couple of people search sites that will conduct a free people search for you.

However, many people search sites will only provide you with minimal results unless you pay, as they typically pay for information from reputable sources.

How to Find Out Where Someone Lives?

A person’s name, contact information, social network username, and even email address may often be used to uncover basic information about them on people search sites.

You can usually find out someone’s address by looking through their report, which will typically include their address and any previous addresses they may have used.

In most cases, a report will also include a list of potential family and acquaintances, giving you yet another possible avenue of inquiry into the subject’s whereabouts.

Can I Find Someone Just by Using Their Name?

Yes. The use of a name alone is sufficient to locate a person. On the other hand, if you happen to have an extremely common name, you’ll get a lot of results in your search. If you’re looking for someone by name but are having trouble, knowing the city or state they last lived in will help immensely.

>> BeenVerified Best People Search Site >>

Tips on Choosing the Best People Search Site

The best chances of finding useful and up-to-date information about someone are offered by the most trusted and effective people search sites.

If you’re looking for advice on which people search sites to join, read on.


The most reliable people-finding services consistently receive glowing testimonials from their users.

If you want to know which people search sites provide the most accurate insight into a person’s reputation, you should start by reading user reviews on social media and question-and-answer sites like Reddit, Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, and others.

Site Database

The site’s database provides a rough estimate of how much data people search sites might be able to obtain about a given individual or piece of real estate.

To get the most accurate results, choose people search sites like the ones we looked at above that sift through data from numerous sources, such as millions of public documents.

User Experience

The greatest people search sites will have an intuitive design that makes finding the information you need quick and easy.

In addition, the search criteria should be simple and quick to use, so that users of all skill levels may quickly and easily locate the information they require.


As a rule, the prices offered by various people search sites are quite comparable. However, the reports provided by the more expensive people search sites tend to be more comprehensive.

However, you should know that this data may not be useful for your purposes. If you want low costs and reliable results from your online searches, it’s advisable to stick with people search sites that give pricing close to the median of what the majority of the people search sites charge.

>> BeenVerified Best People Search Site >>

Benefits of Using People Search Sites

The truth is that it’s not a good idea to rely on conventional methods of investigation. You will probably come up blank or with meager resources. To do this, people search sites are essential.

Accurate Results

You can learn whatever you need to know by devoting some serious study time to the task. However, why bother when you can simply use people search sites? If you’re looking for the most recent information, go no further than these people search websites.

Fast Search

It’s not necessary to visit the library or government offices to look up a person and learn how to get in touch with them. The best people search websites can provide results at any time.

Background Checks

People search websites are useful not just for locating individuals, but also for researching their past, criminal records, and other relevant information.

Bulk Search

Finding several people the hard way will set you back five coffee cups and give you a splitting headache. A people search engine, on the other hand, can help you find the information you need quickly and easily.

>> BeenVerified Best People Search Site >>

Are There Any Free People Search Sites?

Trying to find out if there are any completely free people search sites. Sure, they do. We’ll give you a few solid examples:


Professional profiles can be viewed on LinkedIn. Most of the information displayed is related to a person’s professional life, and you don’t even require an account to view it. However, the site is not the finest people search site to consult if you’re looking for anything private.


If you know someone’s full name and address, you can use TruePeopleSearch to find them for free. Similar to other people search websites, it’s useful, but only up to a point. The people search app only searches its database of common American names for people you may be looking for.


It’s the granddaddy of people-finding service, so you can utilize it to track down anyone you need to. People searches on Google, however, will lead you down a rabbit hole of links and results because of the power of the search engine. The dispersed nature of the available data makes it difficult to locate certain pieces of information.


Nowadays, nearly everyone has a Facebook account, making it a credible people search site. Hundreds of people have created accounts with the same or very identical identities on this social networking site, which is a major concern.

>> BeenVerified Best People Search Site >>

How to Get Started With People Search Sites

  1. Register for the Service You Like Best: Sign up by clicking the sign up link and enter your first and last name and confirm your email address.
  2. Select a Subscription Plan: Choose the most convenient payment option and installment plan for your needs.
  3. Make a Search: Once you have signed up for the service, you can use the search bar to look for yourself or another person by entering a name, contact details, email address, social network username, or other identifying information.
  4. Narrow Your Search Results: In order to refine your search, the site may request further information from you. You can include a person’s location, hometown, and even faith here.
  5. Check Out the Results: You will receive a notification to review the report once the results are complete.

>> BeenVerified Best People Search Site >>

What Is the Best Site to Search for a Person?

BeenVerified is the best place to start since it has the most public data available, the most flexible search options, and the most timely and accurate results.

Intelius and Instant Checkmate are two other efficient people search sites that provide thorough searches and in-depth reports and aren’t too far behind.

>> BeenVerified Best People Search Site >>

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