White Runtz Weed Strain Information [2024]: THC, Effects, Growing Tips & More


White Runtz weed strain is famed among cannabis consumers for its incredible aroma. It was formerly known as one of the hottest strains on the market owing to its sugary flavor.

The strain’s popularity is rising again as more and more seed banks sell its high-quality seeds.This potent hybrid with unique lineage combines the best of Gelato and Zkittlez lineage.

This guide explores the strain’s origin, effects, THC content, and more. We also introduce you to the best seed banks selling high-quality White Runtz seeds.

Without further ado, let’s jump right in!

What is White Runtz Weed Strain?

This unique and rare hybrid strain came after crossing Gelato and Zkittlez.

Due to its enticing flavor, great range of potential effects, and incredible highs, White Runtz is one of the most sought-after strains on the cannabis market.

With a higher THC level that goes up to 24%, the White Runtz weed strain makes a beautiful choice for all seasoned THC consumers.

Origin and Genetics

White Runtz is a distinct weed strain in the beloved family of Runtz. White Runtz weed strain originates from Los Angeles, California. It was unpopular outside California for a few years, but the situation has changed dramatically.

According to cannabis fans, White Runtz was introduced by Gilbert Anthony Milam Jr., better known as Berner, a famous American rapper and cannabis enthusiast.

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White Runtz Weed Strain: Main Features

Now, we get to the main features of the legendary White Runtz weed strain. The following sections discuss its lineage, effects, aroma profile, and THC content.


White Runtz Lineage

The White Runtz weed strain is a very potent hybrid that came to be after crossing two Indica-dominant strains, Zkittlez and Gelato.

With unique genetics, White Runtz is known for exhibiting features of Indica and Sativa strains.

White Runtz Strain Effects

The highs from the White Runtz weed strain are as tasty as the unique sweet and fruity flavor.

When consumed in moderation, White Runtz causes a blissful tingling sensation, which starts in your spine before it spreads throughout the whole body.

The effects associated with White Runtz are also pleasantly energizing and euphoric. In other words, White Runtz has both energizing and sedating features, depending on the dosage.

The effects are similar to those associated with the White Cherry Runtz weed strain, a hybrid cross between Cherry Pie and White Runtz.

Strain Fragrance

White Runtz cannabis strain has a distinct fragrance owing to its unique combination of terpenes. It has a fruity and sweet smell inherited from its parents.


One of the most beloved features of the White Runtz weed strain is its distinct aroma.

The flavor is pleasing, with a powerful blend of sour and sweet candy notes on the exhale, balanced by a trace of citrus aroma.


White Runtz weed strain buds are easy to recognize. They appear densely frosted covered with white trichomes, hence the name White Runtz.

The buds usually appear olive green with a hint of purple. White Runtz produces denser and larger buds.

THC Levels

The White Runtz weed strain THC level is considered high, averaging 23-24%. 

Due to a higher THC level, White Runtz is known for producing profound and longer-lasting effects.

White Runtz Weed Strain Growing and Flowering Time

In the following section, we look at the White Runtz weed strain growing and flowering time, indoors and outdoors.


The White Runtz growing difficulty is easy to moderate. White Runtz weed strain can do well indoors and outdoors, but you must ensure adequate space and lightning.


Outdoors, White Runtz marijuana seeds can also thrive, but it prefers cooler environments since it is prone to struggling with mold.

When grown outdoors and indoors, the flowering time is also eight to nine weeks.

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The Benefits of White Runtz Weed Strain


White Runtz is used by medical marijuana patients to potentially help them ease the symptoms related to chronic pain, excessive stress, and anxiety.

Regular White Runtz consumers rely on this hybrid strain to relax and unwind after long days spent in the office.

Consumers struggling with anxiety and depression also report alleviation of their symptoms with regular consumption of White Runtz.

The Potential Side Effects of White Runtz Weed Strain

Like with other marijuana strains, White Runtz can cause some adverse effects, especially when consumed irresponsibly.

Consumers report dizziness, dry eyes, and dry mouth as the most common side effects.

This is a highly potent strain, so some consumers also report mood changes and sensations of hot or cold feet and hands.

White Runtz Growing Information

Now that you know all the basics behind one of the most beloved Runtz strains, let’s review the primary growing information.

Grow Difficulty

White Runtz weed strain is suitable for indoor and outdoor growth, but the plant prefers areas with a cooler climate.

Generally, the growth difficulty is easy to moderate, so White Runtz is an option if you are new to growing marijuana.


As mentioned, White Runtz plants tend to thrive in areas with cooler climates and lower humidity levels.

To ensure the most significant yields, you want to keep your plants in a well-ventilated space, whether indoors or outdoors.


This famed hybrid weed strain can thrive indoors and outdoors, but many new growers prefer indoor growing since you have more control over different environmental factors.

Flowering Time

The average flowering time of White Runtz is eight to nine weeks, regardless of whether you are growing indoors or outdoors.

Harvest Time

Depending on different environmental factors, the typical harvest time when grown outdoors is late September or early October.


Indoors, the legendary White Runtz strain can produce between 14 and 16 oz per 3×3 feet, which is very good for a hybrid strain.

The average outdoor yield under ideal conditions is roughly 18 oz per plant.

Where Can You Buy White Runtz Seeds Online

Below, we discuss the best seed banks that sell famed White Runtz in autoflowering and feminized seeds, so let’s go.

1. Seed Supreme – Best Overall


  • Claim a 10% discount on your first order
  • Hundreds of weed strains
  • Discreet shipping methods
  • Premium genetics on all seeds

Seed Supreme has a superior assortment of weed strains, over 4,000, to be precise.

As one of the leaders in the cannabis market, Seed Supreme promises fast and discreet shipping alongside premium genetics on each weed strain.

What is also important to note is that Seed Supreme offers a Germination Guarantee on all seeds.

Seed Supreme reviews note that if this will be your first shopping at this seed bank, you also qualify for a 10% discount.

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2. ILGM – 100% Germination Guarantee


  • Impressive variety of autoflower seeds
  • Offers Germination Guarantee
  • Get $10 off your first purchase
  • Buy 10, Get 10 seeds free promo

Discussing the best seed banks to shop for White Runtz and other famed weed strains, we have to mention ILGM (I Love Growing Marijuana).

The incredible seed assortment is present with high-THC, high-yield, and feminized cannabis seeds if this is what you are looking for.

Like Seed Supreme, ILGM offers a 100% germination guarantee alongside several special promo deals.

First-time buyers can get $10 off their first order, while complementary seeds are offered with bigger orders.

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3. Homegrown Cannabis Co. – Best for Beginners


  • 10% discount deal on your first order
  • Huge selection of beginner seeds
  • Weekly and monthly promos
  • Sells growing supplies and nutrients

Another renowned seed bank with an incredible assortment of seeds with premium genetics is Homegrown Cannabis Co.

If you are new to marijuana cultivation, you will find Bruce Banner, Blackberry Kush, and other options suitable for new growers.

Homegrown Cannabis Co. offers new buyers a 10% discount on their first order, while generous weekly and monthly promos also run rampant.

This seed bank also sells everything you need for a successful growth, including nutrients and other supplies.

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4. Seedsman – Offers Guaranteed Shipping


  • Selection of 650+ weed varieties
  • Offers Delivery Insurance
  • Free shipping promo deals
  • Save up to 50% with special promos

Seedsman is one of the longest-running seed banks on the market, established two decades ago in 2002. While based in Spain, it has a huge warehouse in California.

Seedsman is known for lightning-fast shipping, and all customers get a tracking number with each order, while discreetness is guaranteed.

Apart from offering an incredible assortment of over 650 strains, the company also provides Delivery Insurance.

Moreover, customers can save up to 50% on their orders with special time-limited discount promos.

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5. MSNL Seeds – Exclusive Deals & Discounts


  • Fast shipping, 1 – 5 days in the USA
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  • Germination Guarantee with each order

Discussing the best seed banks on the market, we have another great company to recommend, MSNL Seeds, famous for the best promos and discounts.

More specifically, MSNL Seeds customers get complimentary seeds with each order, something unheard of in the cannabis industry.

In addition, with monthly and seasoned promos, you can save 30% and sometimes even more on your order, a great option if you are shopping for cheap weed seeds with a smaller budget.

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Reviews and User Experiences with White Runtz Weed Strain

Check out the posts from experienced users who have tried and loved White Runtz to discover more about this strong hybrid strain.

This experienced THC user was looking for something different, something more potent, and White Runtz delivered. They appreciated the uplifting highs and the sweet and fruity aroma White Runtz is known for.

Review 2

According to this equally impressed user, White Runtz is one of the best hybrids, especially for individuals looking for something to help them deal with chronic pain and anxiety.

Review 1

Another delighted White Runtz consumer noted that this is a potent hybrid, perfect for when you are looking for profound body and mind relaxation.

Review 3

FAQs About White Runtz Strain

For more information on White Runtz, check the section below with the most frequently asked questions.

What Does White Runtz Strain Look Like?

White Runtz is easy to recognize due to its olive-green buds with trichome coverage reminiscent of snow.

Are There Different Phenotypes or Variations of White Runtz?

Yes, you can buy White Runtz autoflower and feminized seeds with a different THC level.

While there are no variations of White Runtz, there are different variations in the Runtz family.

Is White Runtz Suitable for Beginners or Experienced Cannabis Users?

White Runtz is more suitable for experienced users. Due to a higher content of THC that goes up to 24%, White Runtz is a very potent hybrid strain more suitable for seasoned THC users. 

Is White Runtz Weed Strain Indica or Sativa?

With two Indica-dominating parents, White Runtz is also an Indica-dominant hybrid, but it exhibits both Sativa and Indica strain features.

Is White Runtz Strain Strong?

Yes, White Runtz falls into the category of strong hybrid strains with a higher THC level averaging at around 22%.

What Distinguishes White Runtz from Other Cannabis Strains?

Compared to other weed strains, White Runtz has a unique appearance with dense olive-green buds covered in white trichomes.

What Are the Effects of White Runtz Weed Strain?

The main effects of the White Runtz strain are body and mind relaxation, alongside tingling highs. White Runtz can also lead to feelings of euphoria.

How Can I Grow White Runtz Weed Strain at Home?

You can grow White Runtz both indoors and outdoors.

What Does White Runtz Do to You?

With White Runtz, most first experience a tingling sensation that starts in the spine before it travels to other areas.

Consumers also experience profound body and mind relaxation and relief associated with Runtz strains.

Is White Runtz Weed Strain Suitable for Medical Use?

Yes, White Runtz is used for both recreational and medical purposes.

What Does White Runtz Weed Strain Taste Like?

White Runtz has a unique aroma flavor dominated by sweetness and fruitiness with a well-known earthy undertone.

What Is the White Runtz Strain Yield?

Under optimal conditions, White Runtz can deliver excellent yields of 16 to 18 oz per 3×3 feet, above the average for a hybrid.

How Much THC Does White Runtz Have?

White Runtz has a higher THC content of around 20%. Some manufacturers sell White Runtz seeds with a higher THC content, up to 24%.

What Are the Origins of the White Runtz Strain?

White Runtz is a cross between Zkittlez and Gelato, two Indica-dominant hybrids. It is believed to originate from California.

Where Can I Buy White Runtz Weed Strain Legally?

You can buy top-grade White Runtz autoflower and feminized seeds legally at several seed banks, such as Seed Supreme and other companies we briefly discussed.

Who Created White Runtz?

White Runtz was created by Cookies and Runtz breeders in California, who are known for producing high-quality and potent strains.

Is Runtz an Upper or Downer?

Runtz is both an upper and a downer. It is a balanced hybrid of indica and sativa, which means it can have both uplifting and relaxing effects depending on the dose and the user.

Why Is White Runtz So Popular?

White Runtz is so popular because it is a rare and exclusive strain that is produced by Cookies and Runtz breeders in California. It is also a balanced hybrid of Indica and Sativa, which means it can provide both physical and mental effects.

Many users enjoy its tropical cream and fruity earth flavors, as well as its ability to relieve stress, anxiety, and pain.

What Type of High is White Runtz?

White Runtz is a balanced hybrid strain that produces a relaxing and euphoric high. It can help with stress, anxiety, pain, and creativity. According to some users, White Runtz can make you feel like you are floating on a cloud of candy.

It can also induce a case of the giggles and a boost of appetite. White Runtz is best enjoyed in the afternoon or evening, as it can make you sleepy and couch-locked if you consume too much.

Is White Runtz Weed Strain Right for Me? – Final Thoughts

Because of its outstanding qualities, the White Runtz weed strain is a popular and highly sought-after option for both experienced and new marijuana growers.

One of its most noticeable characteristics is its distinct flavor profile, which frequently exhibits a sweet and fruity taste reminiscent of sour berries.

The THC level is also above the average, making this strain an excellent option for seasoned cannabis enthusiasts.

If you are looking for top-grade White Runtz seeds, Seed Supreme has got you covered, as well as other seed banks we discussed earlier.

We wish you a happy, growing, and delightful THC journey!

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