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Seed Supreme Reviews 2024: Is It Legit? Verified Reviews from Real Customers

Seed Supreme Reviews

So you’ve come across Seed Supreme and you want to make sure they’re trustworthy before buying from them?

To be honest, Seed Supreme is one of the most impressive cannabis seed banks right now. Why? It offers a huge selection of strains (4,000+), positive user reviews, some tempting offers, and more that you’re about to discover.

Sure, it doesn’t have the same experience as some other rivals, but it currently holds its own against the industry’s best.

Let’s take a closer look and find out more in this Seed Supreme Review.

Seed Supreme Reviews: First Look


  • Reputable seed bank
  • 1,500+ seeds for sale
  • Free shipping over $90
  • Guaranteed delivery for $10
  • Germination guarantee
  • Helpful customer service
  • Reputable breeders
  • Sale section


  • Many fake negative Seed Supreme reviews
  • No Live Chat support
  • Some little-known seed breeders

Deals and Discounts

  • 20-40% OFF select strains
  • Free shipping over $90
  • Free seeds on all orders

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Is SeedSupreme Legit?

According to many Supreme seed bank reviews, Seed Supreme is a legitimate seed bank. True, their customer service is a bit lacking, but nothing like what’s described in some (probably fake) Seed Supreme reviews.

Overall, most customers have a great experience.

Specifically, Seed Supreme sells high-quality cannabis seeds with stable genetics. And in case some of them don’t sprout, they’re covered by a germination guarantee.

Most customers are also pretty happy to receive free seeds on their orders, up to 8 on orders of 20 seeds or more.

Seed Supreme Reviews: History

SeedSupreme was established in California in 2013, which makes it one of the first US seed banks ever.

Since then, the seed bank has built partnerships with 30+ seed breeders worldwide to provide more than 1,500 cannabis seeds.

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Seed Supreme Reviews: Reputation

If you’ve checked Reddit threads and other cannabis forums, you will see some Supreme seed bank reviews that show that Seed Supreme has a good reputation.

Still, seeing bad user Supreme seed bank reviews indeed makes you cautious. And while it’s also true that Seed Supreme isn’t a perfect seed bank — most of those negative Seed Supreme reviews look fake.

Why? We’ll explain this in our Supreme Seed Bank reviews.

It’s because in the rare instances where people receive bad seeds (which can happen with any seed bank), Seed Supreme is generally very quick to send replacements.

In fact, that’s what made them one of the best seed banks in the United States, according to Supreme seed bank reviews.

Their genetics are also very good since they source seeds from top worldwide breeders like Barney’s Farm and Mephisto. Of course, if you choose seeds from lesser-known breeders, then the quality might be lower…

But that’s to be expected with any seed bank – you have to know what you’re doing. All in all, Seed Supreme is one of the best seed banks to buy from.

Seed Selection at SeedSupreme

According to many Supreme seed bank reviews, SeedSupreme is only one of several online seed banks or resellers with a wide variety of seeds from a wide variety of breeders.

Nirvana Seeds, Sensi Seeds, DNA Genetics, Barney’s Farm, Royal Queen Seeds, TGA Subcool, Greenhouse Seeds, Cali Genetics, Mephisto Genetics, and many more are just some of the well-known breeders from whom they get their seeds.

SeedSupreme’s collections and filters make it easy to navigate the many strains and breeders available.

Seeds can be sorted by breeder, strain, seed type, and various other categories, such as medicinal strains by symptoms and conditions, strains suitable for novice growers, strains with high CBD content, strains with high THC content, strains suitable for making concentrates, kush strains, skunk strains, hash strains, landrace strains, and more.

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Seed Supreme Reviews: Seed Quality

The truth is that SeedSupreme seeds are very high-grade. Because they source most of them from renowned breeders, you can get stable phenotypes and good germination rates.

However, it’s true that some seed breeders in their catalog aren’t the best, so we advise you to stick to the most popular ones such as Barney’s Farm, Dutch Passion, and Mephisto.

And remember that you’re covered by the germination guarantee. if you have any problems with your seeds.

Customer Service at Seed Supreme

If you have any queries or issues regarding placing a purchase for seeds, you may contact the SeedSupreme support staff through email.

However, SeedSupreme’s customer service staff will not give germination advice or answer queries pertaining to marijuana usage since their seeds are not marketed with that intention.

The SeedSupreme staff will only provide general information about its seeds, such as which seeds are best-sellers.

A common complaint with SeedSupreme is that their customer care team is slow to respond.

While some purchasers’ letters are responded to in a flash, others may have to wait days.

However, many customers who have sought out to SeedSupreme have had their problems rectified swiftly and efficiently.

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Seed Supreme Reviews: Sales and Discounts

SeedSupreme always has a wide variety of specials, offers, and discounts available. Even free seed offers are plentiful, according to Supreme seed bank reviews.

Exotic weed seeds seeds will be added to your purchase for free at the following points:

  • Spending under $50 will earn you 2 free seeds
  • Spending over $50 but under $100 will earn you 4 free seeds
  • Spending over $100 but under $150 will earn you 6 free seeds
  • Spending over $150 but under $200 will earn you 8 free seeds
  • Spending any amount over $200 will earn you a total of 10 free seeds

Occasionally, SeedSupreme will conduct a campaign called “Double your free seeds,” during which all of the aforementioned free seed quantities will be doubled.

Bitcoin Discount

SeedSupreme has been known to provide cheap weed seeds with discounts of up to 25% for customers who pay using Bitcoin, but that deal isn’t always available.

If you’re searching for a good price, make sure to visit their sale section, which is routinely updated with the newest sale products.

>>Check best prices for Seed Supreme here

Seed Supreme Reviews: Website Design

SeedSupreme.com is not only aesthetically pleasing but also very user-friendly.

SeedSupreme makes it simple to narrow down the vast seedbank choices by selecting criteria like desired CBD/THC content, ease of growing, and more.

SeedSupreme.com also has a handy currency converter that lets you see the site’s pricing in your choice of U.S. Dollars, British Pounds, or Euros.

SeedSupreme’s “Medical Cannabis” search bar lets customers look for cannabis varieties based on the ailments they are used to treat or the symptoms they alleviate, such as pain or nausea.

There is a lively blog at SeedSupreme, packed with information and commentary about the cannabis industry.

Also available on SeedSupreme.com is a state-by-state guide to the legality and public opinion of cannabis for medicinal and recreational use.

Seed Supreme Reviews: Payment Methods

SeedSupreme accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Potcoin, and most other major cryptocurrencies as payment.

SeedSupreme has a video on its website describing how Bitcoin works and how to get started using it, since it recognizes that many of its clients have never used Bitcoin before.

Not fond of crypto? SeedSupreme accepts cash payments by postal service for consumers who choose not to use cryptocurrencies.

It goes without saying that you assume all risk until the cash you sent is received. If you must send money, it is best to do it in a way that conceals its contents and includes some kind of tracking.

Cash only, however; SeedSupreme does not take money orders or cheques over the mail.

While the anonymity of SeedSupreme’s payment options is a huge bonus for consumers who value privacy, it might be a negative for those who would rather use a credit card or bank transfer.

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Seed Supreme’s Refund Policy

Return undesired items to SeedSupreme within 14 days after delivery for a full refund or exchange if they are still sealed in their original packaging.

They suggest writing “return to sender” on the parcel so it may be sent back to them.

Only if the products were broken or wrong will shipping charges be repaid. Shipping fees will not be incurred for returns or exchanges inside the United States.

SeedSupreme will refund the price difference if the item you want to swap is less expensive than the one you originally ordered, and they’ll get in contact if the new order is more expensive.

Within 14-30 business days, you should get the refund back on the same payment method used initially.

Seed Supreme Reviews: Shipping Policies

SeedSupreme ships seeds all around the globe from their distribution center in the United States of America.

Tracked USPS shipping is used for all orders.

However, purchases that use a third-party provider will not be fulfilled since they can no longer guarantee proper tracking. When you spend over $90 in the US, shipping is on the house.

Tracked shipping is great for keeping tabs on your SeedSupreme order as it makes its way to you, but it has shed light on the company’s erratic delivery schedules.

Some clients get their seeds within a few days, while others have to wait a week or longer.

>>Check best prices for Seed Supreme here

It offers a guaranteed shipping option. SeedSupreme provides a guaranteed delivery option for an extra $10. If for any reason your marijuana seed order doesn’t arrive, they’ll reship them to you at no extra cost.

If you purchase seeds from this business, you must pay for this service to safeguard your financial investment in the event that the seeds are confiscated or lost in transit.

Even if your purchase is eligible for free shipping, it won’t be guaranteed to ship unless you choose this option.

If something happens to your seeds in transportation and you didn’t choose guaranteed shipment, you’re pretty much out of luck. Orders that are not guaranteed by SeedSupreme will not be replaced or refunded.

If you choose guaranteed delivery and your package doesn’t arrive, SeedSupreme will send you a replacement shipment at no cost.

Seed Supreme Reviews From Verified Buyers

Interested in Seed Supreme reviews from other customers? Here are just a few of the positive and negative reviews you can find.

Seed Supreme customer review

Tim is happy with Seed Supreme and reports getting 100% germination rates – which is pretty good! On average, most customers get 80-90% so he definitely got a bit lucky.

Darnell has been buying marijuana seeds from Seed Supreme for 10 years and is still satisfied with the results.

Joshua had an issue (he sent 10x more than he should have…) and was very happy with the way it was handled. He got a refund and even free seeds, even though the mistake was his and not Seed Supreme’s.

>>Check best prices for Seed Supreme here

Seed Supreme Alternatives

Interesting to know how Seed Supreme compares to other reputable seed banks? Here you go.

1. ILGM – Best Alternative Overall


Overall, ILGM is the best seed bank in the United States. They offer very high-quality seeds (better than Seed Supreme) plus free shipping on all orders.

Additionally, they have Buy 10 Get 10 Free deals on a dozen of popular strains, which makes their seeds very affordable.

>>See BOGO Deals at ILGM

2. Homegrown Cannabis Co. – High Cannabis Potency (23% THC)

Homegrown Cannabis

Homegrown Cannabis Co is your one-stop shop for quality cannabis seeds. Whether you want feminized, regular, autoflowering, or fast-flowering seeds, or you’re looking for high CBD or high THC strains, they have it all.

You’ll love browsing their website, where you’ll find great deals and offers on every page. And don’t forget to join their Homegrown Stash loyalty program, where you can earn points with every purchase and use them to save money on your next order.

Plus, if you spend $200-$399 in a year, Homegrown Cannabis Co. reviews note that you’ll get access to exclusive sales. And if you spend $400 or more, you’ll be invited to their private growers’ forum, where you can chat with other cannabis enthusiasts.

3.  Seedsman – Offers Free Seeds on Selected Orders


If you’re based in Europe, Seedsman is a good Seed Supreme alternative. They offer a wide variety (4,000+ seeds) and good prices, although you have to pay for shipping.

Interestingly, the company gives 6 free seeds on $60+ orders, which is slightly more generous than Seed Supreme.

>>See 4,000+ Seeds for Sale at Seedsman

4. Crop King Seeds – Reputable Seed Bank in Canada


Crop King, based in Canada, may not offer as many options as Seed Supreme, but what they do sell is of excellent quality.

Their 80% germination guarantee is so strong that even skeptical customers may rest easy. In addition to fast delivery wherever in the globe in stealth mode, they also offer helpful customer support agents.

You may pay using Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, or Interac e-Transfer (Canadian customers only).

>>Get an 80% Germination Guarantee at Crop King Seeds

Seed Supreme Reviews: FAQs

We’ll answer some frequently asked questions about this seed bank in the next section of our Seed Supreme seed bank reviews.

Is Seed Supreme a Good Seed Bank?

Yes, Seed Supreme is generally considered a good seed bank according to Seed Supreme reviews. Many growers have had positive experiences with their wide variety of autoflowering and feminized seeds.

Is Seed Supreme in the USA?

No, Seed Supreme is based in the United Kingdom. However, they offer global shipping, including to the USA. So, while they’re not physically located in the USA, you can still get their seeds delivered to your doorstep.

Does Seed Supreme Have a Germination Guarantee?

Yes, Seed Supreme typically provides a germination guarantee. If your seeds don’t germinate as expected, they often offer replacements or refunds, demonstrating their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Where Is Seed Supreme Headquarters?

Seed Supreme’s headquarters is located in the United Kingdom. Despite being in the UK, they’ve gained a positive reputation for delivering quality seeds to customers worldwide.

>>Check the best prices for weed seeds Seed Supreme here

Seed Supreme Reviews: Wrapping Up

As we’ve seen in this Seed Supreme reviews, this is a legit seed bank that provides high-quality seeds. True, they may have had a slow start in the cannabis seed market, but that’s understandable for a new seed brand.

However, they have now caught up with the best in the industry with their guaranteed shipping, excellent reputation, seed quality and much more.

If you’re looking for a wide range of seeds, you’ll love Seed Supreme. You can even check the sale section to get 20-40% discounts.

With that said, we wish you a great harvest!

>>Check best prices for Seed Supreme here

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