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Best Feminized Seeds: Buy High-Yielding Female Weed Seeds in 2023

Best Feminized Seeds

Planting cannabis seeds that aren’t clearly feminized may feel like flipping a coin. With the best feminized seeds, however, you can be assured that almost all of your cannabis plants will produce the quality buds you’re looking for.

Feminized seeds are also ideal for growers who want to avoid the hassle of dealing with male plants that can pollinate and ruin the crop. On top of that, not all cannabis seed brands are equal.

On this page, we’ll look at the best feminized seeds on the market, and what makes them stand out. Learn why Seed Supreme is our top choice and other alternatives to try.

Best Feminized Seeds in 2023: Our Top Picks

The best feminized seeds are available from online stores that provide both quality and diversity. Their seeds, backed up by solid guarantees and regular special offers, range from beginner-friendly varieties to challenging, rewarding strains; from sleep-inducing to energizing; from sweet and fruity to kerosene notes. 

Overall, the best feminized seeds store is Seed Supreme, thanks to its product range, plant nutrition supplies, informative website, and privacy protections. 

1. Seed Supreme – Best Feminized Seeds Overall

Seed Supreme


  • Many high-CBD, low-THC strains are available
  • Selects cannabis strains from top-quality seeds banks
  • Super-discreet stealth shipping and packaging to hide your order from nosy neighbors
  • Buy One, Get One (BOGO) deals and frequent special offers to loyal customers


  • Some buyers complain of poor customer support

Seed Supreme is our overall top choice because it stocks over 1,500 types of feminized seeds, from pineapple-scented Cinderella 99 to Diesel to pine-rich, flowery Gold Leaf. Perhaps the deceptively-named Wedding Cake is right for you, with 27% THC and a thick, earthy, sour profile. Zkittlez has a mix of fruity flavors, a short-term focus boost, and an 18-23% THC content, while Acapulco Gold is more uplifting.

Additionally, Seed Supreme provides a great amount of information to would-be home growers. Each seed type has its THC and CBD percentages and ratios listed, along with flavor notes and the type of effects you can expect. There’s also an index of seeds for sale by their potential medicinal properties, including those that may benefit ADHD or PMS.


Seed Supreme is our favorite supplier of feminized seeds. With detailed information on growing cannabis and the effects of each strain, you can start cultivation with confidence.

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2. ILGM – Best Feminized Seeds for Beginners



  • Buy 10, Get 10 Free deals on some strains
  • Mix Packs of feminized seeds can add a greater variety
  • 14-day return policy
  • Free shipping in the USA


  • More expensive than Seed Supreme, with five seeds often priced at $89

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) is a user-friendly cannabis seed store, offering both feminized seeds and autoflowering options.

They include easy, step-by-step instructions for germinating cannabis seeds on their website. This starts with soaking your seeds in water for 24-72 hours and planting them under half an inch of soil and a 36-watt CFL light, two inches away. Sounds detailed, right? ILGM doesn’t cut corners with growing instructions.

Better yet, ILGM provides fertilizers, plant protectors, and some mold-resistant seed strains. The protectors contain natural ingredients, including beneficial bacteria, that both strengthen plant immune systems and directly remove threats. This way, your first time growing cannabis doesn’t have to be a series of guessing games.


ILGM is one of the best seed banks that ship to the USA and a fantastic supplier for beginner growers. They supply everything you need, from detailed instructions to fertilizers and plant protectors, to improve your chances of a successful crop.

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3. Homegrown Cannabis Co – Best Feminized Seeds for Genetic Diversity



  • A total of 531 cannabis strains, including 424 feminized seed types
  • Wide range of nutrient and protector products
  • Germination guarantee within 90 days after their arrival
  • Free germination guide to help you get started


  • Shipping is only available to the USA

Homegrown Cannabis Co boasts the best in-house genetics, with an extensive range of strains and a list of their lineages. CBD Cream & Cheese, for instance, is bred from UK Cheese and Seedsman CBD, and its Skunk heritage boosts its natural mold resistance. Too many choices? You can narrow your search by categories, such as effect, plant size, potential medicinal use, flavor, and more.

How are these strains created? Homegrown Cannabis Co follows strict codes of practice to ensure standardized outcomes. Their grow rooms are separately ventilated to prevent pollen drift, and they stabilize new strains across multiple generations before their first sales. They exclusively hand-pollinate, too, as the quality of genetics trumps the speed of development.


Homegrown Cannabis Co provides the best feminized seeds in terms of genetics and diversity. Their in-house strains are extensively stabilized and tested, while some old favorites are also available.

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4. Crop King Seeds – Best Feminized Seeds for Customer Privacy

Crop King Seeds


  • Ships to Canada, the USA, and other countries
  • Strict quality control processes ensure every plant will grow viable seeds
  • Germination rates of 80% or more if you follow the guide, with replacements guaranteed


  • Free shipping and international availability only apply to orders over $200

Crop King Seeds is our top choice for customer privacy. As a Canadian-based business, only customers in Canada will receive seeds in their original packaging. All other customers receive their seeds in random objects such as flashlights and pens. Their international orders have a 95% success rate when it comes to delivery, thanks to their discreet packaging.

When writing this review, Crop King Seeds stood out to us thanks to its fame. Their accolades include the 2017 prize for Top Seed Company at the Canadian Cannabis Awards, and it’s one of the most popular companies in Canada.


Crop King Seeds takes your privacy seriously, with creative measures in place for all who need them. The “treasure” they protect is worth it, too, as the company has won national recognition.

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5. Herbies Seeds – Best Feminized Seeds for Variety



  • Over 3,000 types of feminized seeds from dozens of producers are available
  • Ships internationally to many countries
  • Many autoflowering feminized seeds are in stock
  • Stealth shipping protects your privacy


  • Only accepts payments in Euro
  • All prices on the website are in the Euro currency

Herbies Seeds is like cyber-stepping into a giant cannabis department store, with more than 3,000 feminized strains. Over 900 are also autoflowering, so you don’t have to think about reducing the “daylight” period. You can adjust them by their percentage of THC or CBD, height down to the centimeter, yield by grams, or search for a particular producer.

If you’re reading this from outside the US, Herbies Seeds is one of the best seed bank options for international shipping. Among the countries they ship to are France and Belgium, where you can receive your seeds in as little as three days; alongside Uruguay, with an 11-14 day shipping period; and India, with a 13-16 day shipping period.


Herbies Seeds is the best feminized seeds provider for variety, with several ways to customize your search. It’s also got an extensive range of verified countries that you can ship to.

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6. Seedsman – Best Feminized Seeds for Cost Savings



  • Over 1,800 feminized seed strains are available
  • More than 20 years of experience in cannabis seeds
  • Customer support line
  • Discounts available for veterans and people with legal proof of certain conditions


  • No free shipping, apart from some European orders over a minimum spending threshold

Seedsman sells a wide variety of feminized seeds at a great value, with almost 1,900 female-only varieties. Some strains start as low as $12 for a packet of five. For example, a classic (but feminized) Special Kush costs around $17 for five seeds. Many of the most popular seed types, such as Northern Light, Bubblelicious, and Cristal Limit, cost $5-6 per seed.

Another key advantage of choosing Seedsman is its customer service. You can take advantage of a customer support line if you have any questions, and they are currently streamlining (as of late June) their germination support system. While Seedsman only has a 14-day return policy, you can ask any questions about your order for 90 days after it is sent.


Seedsman provides fantastic value for money, with some strains priced at $5 or less per seed and discounts for loyal customers or those with proof of veteran status or medical need. They are also attentive to customers’ needs with an active support line.

>>Check out the best deals for Seedsman 

7. Rocket Seeds – Best Feminized Seeds for High-THC Cannabis

Rocket Seeds


  • Germination guarantee of 80%, with customer support available if this is unmet
  • Seeds from over 20 top breeders, including Crop King Seeds and Rocket Seeds’ in-house strains
  • Informative blog with growing instructions, legal advice, and more


  • You cannot refine your search by difficulty level

Rocket Seeds can help you feel like you’re flying in outer space, with high-yielding and high-THC plants. You can refine your search to THC levels of up to 40%, or potentially kick certain health complaints out the airlock with CBD levels of up to 25%. Search for the highest yields, too, with grams-per-square-meter estimates of anywhere up to 1,200 grams.

As they partner with some of the best brands, Rocket Seeds boasts an 80% germination guarantee. If less than 80% of your seeds sprout, you must contact support staff to identify possible issues. You can receive a one-time reshipment once any issues are found for you to correct for your next planting.


Space is the place with Rocket Seeds’ cannabinoid-rich offerings, and assistance policy if its high germination guarantee is unmet.

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8. MSNL – Best Feminized Seeds for Special Offers



  • Receive free seeds with each order
  • Accepts payments from PayPal, Venmo, and CashApp, which is unusual among seed stores
  • Narrow your search to a range of climates, including tropical, arid, and alpine conditions


  • Some customers report poor service
  • No germination guarantee to protect your purchase

Marijuana Seeds.NL bills itself as the original online seed store, established in 1999. Such is the store’s confidence in its own success that it provides special offers for essentially all orders.

Every customer receives at least two free feminized seeds, which rises to four for orders over 50 pounds and seven for orders of at least 100 pounds. If you pay via Bitcoin or bank transfer, you’ll get a 15% discount on top of any other promotion.

Are you confused as to what the best feminized seeds are for you? MSNL also has a Seedfinder quiz. Choose your climate; whether you want to grow indoors or outdoors; whether flavor, strength, yield, or speed is most important; ideal height; and whether you prefer Sativa or Indica strains.

For example, searching for indoor feminized seeds that grow to medium height, prioritize flavor, are of the Sativa type, and suit temperate climates yield the wonderfully sweet Mimosa strain.


MSNL is our top online seed bank option if you’re looking for special offers. Some of these can be layered on top of each other, and all orders include freebies.

>>Check out the best deals at MSNL

9. Quebec Cannabis Seeds – Best Feminized Seeds for a Unique Crop



  • Limited edition seeds
  • Offers an 80% germination guarantee, with replacement seeds
  • Prioritizes hearty strains with the most consistent cannabinoid levels


  • Less variety than other seed banks reviewed here

Quebec Cannabis Seeds offers the best feminize seeds if you’d like to add something unique to your collection. Besides long-time favorites, they also sell limited edition seeds with fresh new flavor profiles from their experimental breeding projects. It is possible to continue the lineage of your feminized seeds, so you can impress your friends with “couture” cannabis.

Quebec Cannabis Seeds is another store that gives out free seeds with each order. Although they try to match available seeds to your personal tastes, you’re essentially getting a surprise every time to help you discover new strains. They’re typically from famous strains such as Purple Kush, White Widow, and Quebec Gold.


For the lovers of all things bespoke, Quebec Cannabis Seeds has limited edition offerings so your crop can stand out from the rest. With an 80% germination guarantee and a strong base of popular strains, you can expect a quality product, too.

>>Check the best deals for Quebec Cannabis Seeds  

10. Sonoma Seeds – Best Feminized Seeds Handpicked by Growers

Sonoma Seeds


  • Claims that all seeds are manually picked
  • 80% germination rate guarantee across 500+ strains
  • A detailed description of both the positive and negative effects of each strain
  • Quality customer service, including live chat


  • There is a 10% processing fee for credit card payments

Sonoma Seeds claims that they handpick all products, including their best feminize seeds, instead of a machine. This may reduce the risk of accidental damage and could allow for the discarding of seeds that just didn’t grow right. For this reason, they boast an 80% germination guarantee, as long as you follow all instructions (including the use of spring water only!).

Another feature of Sonoma Seeds we love is that they list both the benefits and drawbacks of each strain. For example, Banana Sundae is sweet, fruity, and potent enough to relieve anxiety, pain, and inflammation in some people. However, its THC content is high enough to cause dry eyes and cottonmouth even for experienced users.


Sonoma Seeds provides a great deal of care and attention when it comes to harvest time, handpicking their over 500 seed varieties. They also care for you by giving you information on the benefits and side effects of each strain upfront.

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What Are the Benefits of Using Feminized Seeds?

Best Feminized Seeds

The best feminized seeds give you more potent flowers, more time, and greater peace of mind compared to mixed crops.

Higher Yields

Your “true” yield isn’t the total flower count, but the amount that you can use. Feminize seeds produce female plants, which are the ones that produce the cannabinoid-rich flowers. Since female plants are the primary source of cannabis flowers, using feminize seeds ensures a higher yield of valuable buds.

Higher Quality

Female flowers and leaves are wonderfully rich in cannabinoids, thanks to their greater number of glandular trichomes on the surface. These are clear projections where cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids are produced and stored. Their production is significantly reduced after fertilization, so an entirely female crop will preserve its quality [1].

Less Grow Space Required

Each regular seed has a 50% chance of becoming male or female. This means you’ll need double the growth space to produce the same amount of cannabinoid-rich buds. Male plants produce very low levels of cannabinoids, so they’re only useful for industrial purposes. Additionally, female plants are bushy and shorter in comparison to male cannabis [1].

More Resistant To Pests and Diseases

Phytochemicals, including flavonoids and terpenes, benefit both human and plant health. They didn’t evolve with us in mind, as they serve purposes such as killing off bacterial and fungal infections. Their scent is often repulsive to pests too, acting as a warning. For these reasons, the phytochemical-rich female plants may have a higher disease resistance [2].

High THC

The leaves and flowers of female plants contain more THC for a stronger intoxicating or medicinal effect. A study on cannabis plants from different regions of Albania found that male leaves peaked at an average of 0.23% THC, while females had a THC content of 1.07-5.49% [3].

Maximize Productivity

The race against time to identify and remove male plants from your grow room or garden is time that could be spent on nurturing your female plants. Worse still, it’s a source of stress for growers, which reduces productivity and your overall enjoyment of the growing process.

>>Check the best deals for Seed Supreme 

How To Buy the Best Feminized Seeds

To find the best feminize seeds, prioritize company confidence and integrity, including replacement guarantees, special offers, and high ratings in customer reviews.

Brand Reputation and Customer Reviews

The best feminize seeds will have an average rating of 4.5/5 stars, or at least four out of five. They should have mostly positive reviews, and not repeated complaints of poor germination, incorrect products, or low-quality buds. Some brands have even won awards, such as Crop King Seeds’ Top Seed Company prize.

Germination Rate Guarantee

No germination rate is 100% for any type of seed, but the best feminized seeds should have an at least 80% success rate. 

In some cases, no feminize seeds in your pack will germinate even if the brand boasts a high (yet realistic) success rate. A germination guarantee allows you to receive a replacement seed pack if you follow all instructions correctly, and still don’t get any seedlings.

Genetics and Seed Quality

The best feminized cannabis seeds will come from growers that extensively test every new strain before putting them on the market. This lengthy process maximizes consistency and makes each lineage more robust, ironing out any major problems. Many well-established, famous strains are also on sale at the best stores.

Some genetic factors are better (or worse) due to individual preferences. While feminize seeds produce more cannabinoids, will they give you the THC: CBD ratio and phytochemical composition you want? Whether you want high THC, high CBD, or more of certain terpenes can be just as important as finding female seeds.

>>Check the best deals for Seed Supreme 

Promotions and Discounts

The best stores that provide feminize seeds have the confidence in their products to regularly offer discounts and other promotions. Taking advantage of special offers will also save you money over time. Some, such as MSNL, allow you to layer promotions, such as short-term offers over a 15% discount for Bitcoin users.

Prices, Shipping, and Returns

The best feminize seeds in terms of price cost around $5, or even less, per seed. Additionally, look for online stores and brands with free shipping and a robust return policy that doesn’t pile on extra costs. It may be a week or two before you know whether the seeds you bought are healthy, so 14-day return policies stood out to us the most. 

>>Check the best deals for Seed Supreme

What To Look For in the Best Feminized Seeds

How do you know if the best feminize seeds are right for you? Both their needs and yours determine the ideal match.

Indoor and Outdoor Seeds

The best feminize seeds stores will allow you to narrow your search down to indoor or outdoor cannabis strains. If you need extra privacy, indoor seeds are best, while many who can grow outside prefer the effects of outdoor strains.

Growing Difficulty

Aim for an easier growing difficulty if you’re a beginner or don’t have the resources that may be necessary for more challenging plants. As your experience grows, the range of feminize seeds that can work for you expands.

Flowering Time and Climate

Where you live and when it’s most feasible for you to harvest flowers is another essential factor in choosing the best feminize seeds. Stores such as the Homegrown Cannabis Co allow you to narrow down your search by sunny Mediterranean, temperate, and cool climates; as well as harvest times by month or year-round strains.

High Yields

Across even the best feminize seeds in terms of bud quality, there is a diverse variety of yields. The search bar on Herbies Seeds, for example, allows you to choose a range between 10 to 1,500 grams of bud per square meter (one meter is approximately 3’ 3”.) If you’re growing cannabis in a spare room, the high-yield options could give you more than a year’s supply.

Sativa vs. Indica

Sativa and Indica strains have differing effects, and some plants are a balance between the two. If you want a more uplifting effect, such as in cases of fatigue or poor focus, sativa strains may suit you best. Indica types are more soothing and often create the “couch-lock” sensation, which are often the best feminized seeds if you have insomnia or prefer to light up at night.

THC Content

Your ideal THC content depends entirely on your personal preferences and any medical needs you may have. Higher levels can be more effective for pain and insomnia, while low to mid-range THC content is best for creating uplifting, energizing effects. You’ll also want to check the terpene profile; some, such as myrcene, can amplify sensations such as couch-lock.

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Best Feminized Seeds: FAQs

Here are the most common questions readers have about the best feminize seeds for outdoor growing and indoor crops.

How Many Feminized Seeds Do You Need To Grow a Plant?

While you need only one feminized seed to grow a plant it is advisable to have some extra seeds in case some of them do not germinate or are damaged.

No germination rate is 100%, so packs of cannabis seeds typically start from four or five. The best feminized seeds will have an at least 80% germination rate, so five feminize seeds give you four plants. If you want to continue their lineage, you need at least three: one to enjoy now, and two to “mate” in a separate area.

How Long Do Feminized Seeds Take To Grow?

Feminize seeds take a total of at least three months to produce flowers ready for harvest. Autoflowering seeds, which can be feminized, will remain in the vegetative stage for around four weeks. After this, or once they spend at least 12 hours of the day in darkness for photoperiod strains, the flowering period commonly takes eight to nine weeks.

Are Feminized Seeds Suitable for Beginners?

Yes, feminize seeds are easier for beginners to grow. You don’t need to inspect your crop for male plants and can plant smaller batches while you find your feet and still enjoy a substantial yield.

Is It Better To Buy Feminized Seeds?

If your goal is to grow as much bud as possible, feminize seeds are the best overall. None of your crops are wasted, and there’s no risk of pollination ruining the female flowers.

Are Feminized Seeds Better Than Autoflowers?

As you can purchase feminized autoflowering seeds, there’s no real competition between the two, just different seeds for different needs. While feminize seeds only produce female plants, autoflowers are beginner-friendly options that don’t require a change in the length of “daylight” to start flowering, have shorter life cycles, and are often more resistant to harsher conditions.

>>Check the best deals for Seed Supreme 

Best Feminized Seeds: Final Thoughts

The best feminized seeds come from strong genetic lineages, bred to ensure that you get healthy plants with consistent, potent cannabinoid levels. They may come from tried-and-true strains that have simply been feminized or be exciting new hybrids. Their yields often surpass one kilogram per square meter, with the buds’ trichomes giving a frosted look.

When searching for online stores to buy the best feminized seeds, our favorites share several more qualities. The best seed banks provide features such as user-friendly information and sometimes even nutritional products for your crop; a guarantee (with replacement seeds) that 80% or more will germinate; customer privacy; and a diverse range of strains.

Overall, the best feminized seeds can be found at Seed Supreme. With hundreds of seed varieties across all flavor types and many potential health benefits, plus detailed growing information, you’ll be off to a great start for this year’s harvest.

>>Check the best deals for Seed Supreme


  1. Fitzgerald, T. “Evaluation of Masculinization Treatments to Produce Feminized Hemp Seed (Cannabis Sativa L.)” California Polytechnic State University, 2021, https://digitalcommons.calpoly.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=4210&context=theses
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