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Best Seed Banks That Ship to the USA Discreetly and Legally in 2023

High-quality cannabis seeds are the foundation of any successful marijuana cultivation. Whether you want to grow your own weed for personal use or for commercial purposes, you need to start with high-quality seeds from reliable sources.

But with so many options available online, it can be hard to choose the right cannabis seed banks online for your needs.

Fortunately, we have done the work for you and compiled a list of the best seed banks that ship to the US and offer a wide range of cannabis strains, from classic favorites to new and exotic varieties. Plus, they offer some of the best prices and deals on the market.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the best seed banks that ship to the USA in 2023. Our #1 cannabis seed bank choice is Seed Supreme, known for its extensive collection of premium seeds, excellent customer service, discreet shipping, and germination guarantee.

Best Seeds Banks: First Look

1. Seed Supreme – Overall Best Seed Bank

Seed Supreme


  • Wide seed selection
  • High-quality seeds
  • Discreet packaging
  • Worldwide shipping
  • BOGO deals
  • Free shipping on orders over $90


  • Limited strain information

Seed Supreme is a well-known marijuana seed bank in the cannabis seeds industry, offering a wide variety of high-quality seeds from reputable breeders. It is recognized for its diverse seed selection, discreet shipping, and customer satisfaction.

Seeds Offered: Autoflowering cannabis seeds | Beginner | Indoor/outdoor seeds | Feminized | Cannabis seeds | Medicinal seeds

Seed Supreme Seed Selection: 

The seed selection at this marijuana seed bank is highly regarded, with a focus on quality genetics and reputable breeders. Customers can explore various strains, including popular and sought-after varieties.

Seed Supreme Customer Service: 

Seed Supreme prides itself on offering friendly and helpful customer service. Customers can contact their support team for any inquiries or assistance.

Free Cannabis Seeds and Deals on Seed Supreme: 

Seed Supreme often provides attractive deals and promotions to customers. For instance, you can take advantage of their BOGO (Buy One, Get One) deals on ten popular varieties of high quality cannabis seeds. Additionally, they provide complimentary shipping on orders exceeding $90.

Also, make sure to explore the informative blog section on their website. You can gain valuable knowledge about high quality cannabis seeds and learn effective cultivation techniques for successful yields.

>>Check best prices for Seed Supreme

2. I Love Growing Marijuana – Best for Free Shipping to the US



  • 100% germination guarantee
  • Delivery Guarantee
  • Popular strains with thousands of reviews
  • Buy 10 Get 10 Free deals
  • Free shipping to the US


  • Standard cost

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) started as a small cannabis seed bank in 2012 but has become the cannabis seeds industry leader.

It strikes the ideal mix between a wide selection of strains, affordable prices, and a stellar reputation with 30K+ positive reviews.

Seeds Offered: Auto-flowering | Beginner | Fast-growing | Feminized cannabis seeds | High THC and CBD | Male and female seeds

ILGM Seed Selection: 

ILGM stocks various cannabis seeds online, including popular strains like White Widow Auto (1.6K+ reviews) and Bruce Banner (high THC content).

More importantly, these are high-quality seeds with great germination rates and stable phenotypes.

What does “stable phenotypes” mean? Phenotypes are the plant’s characteristics – including smell, taste, colors, yields, and even effects.

Loosely speaking, the higher-quality seeds will give reasonably similar plants, while low-quality seeds will give you very different plants that don’t seem to be the same strain at all.

This is a common issue with a bad cannabis seed bank, as seen on many forums and Reddit threads.

ILGM Customer Service: 

We mentioned great germination rates above, and in fact, ILGM is a reputable online cannabis seed banks that ship to the US and provides a 100% germination guarantee.

If any seeds fail to sprout, you can get free replacements.

It’s also good to know that the best cannabis seed bank has a very active growers forum where you can get answers to easy and technical questions — including anything from growing high-quality marijuana seeds to pruning, topping, Screen of Green, etc.

Free Seeds and Deals on ILGM: 

ILGM is one of the best seed banks that ship to the USA, providing complimentary shipping with no minimum order value.

Want to save some money? Check out their Buy 10 Get 10 Free deals. These are available on popular strains, and you could always put any extra seeds in the fridge to use them next year.

>>Check best prices for ILGM

3. Homegrown Cannabis Co. – High Potency Cannabis (23% THC)



  • Guaranteed germination
  • Provides seeds with high CBD and high THC levels
  • Educational materials available on the website
  • Fast delivery service
  • Buy One Get One Free (BOGOF) offers


  • Some customers complained of seeds not germinating

Homegrown Cannabis Co is a US-based reputable seed bank that offers a wide range of highly-potent cannabis seeds for different growing needs.

The company also provides complimentary shipping, germination guarantee, and educational resources for growers of all levels.

Seeds Offered: Auto-flowering | Feminized seeds | Indica| Sativa | Hybrids | High THC and CBD | Male and female seeds

Homegrown Cannabis Co. Seed Selection

Did we say “hundreds?”

Well, to be precise, Homegrown Cannabis stocks over 520 strain varieties — including autoflower seeds, feminized, regular, CBD, high-THC, and more categories.

Fortunately, they have excellent search filters that help you narrow your search without wasting hours looking at every page.

Want a recommendation?

Try Granddaddy Purple premium marijuana seeds. With THC content that can reach 22%, this weed strain is perfect for relaxing after a long day or kicking it out with friends.

Homegrown Cannabis Co. Customer Service

Homegrown Cannabis Co. offers great customer support live chat and email. The platform offers a 90-days germination guarantee for their seeds.

So if any seeds fail to sprout within 90 days after delivery, you can contact Homegrown for a refund.

Free Cannabis Seeds and Deals on Homegrown Cannabis Co. 

The Homegrown Stash loyalty program rewards you with points every time you buy cannabis seeds online from the cannabis seed bank. You can use these points to get discounts on your next orders.

Plus, if you spend $200-$399 in a year, you can access exclusive sales offers. And if you spend more than $400, you can join the private growers’ forum and share tips with other cannabis enthusiasts.

>>Check best prices for Homegrown Cannabis Co.

4. MSNL – Premium Seed Bank in Europe



  • Company has a long-standing presence in the industry
  • Highly regarded brand
  • Each order comes with complimentary seeds
  • Newcomers can benefit from value packs
  • High germination rate


  • Customers outside of Europe may experience lengthy shipping times
  • Free shipping options not available at this time

Marijuana-Seeds.NL has an extensive history that dates back to 1999. Operating primarily from the U.K., MSNL was founded during an Australian tour but primarily caters to European consumers.

In addition to providing a wide range of cannabis seeds, they also offer a list featuring their top-selling products, giving customers insight into popular choices among other buyers.

Seeds Offered: Autoflowering seeds |  Feminized | Male, Female, or mixed packs | Hybrid | Indica | Sativa | High-CBD | High THC

MSLN Seed Selection

Compared to other reputable seed banks, MSNL stands out as one of the best online seed banks options due to its high-quality selection. They offer over 250 various types of seeds, including feminized seeds, auto-flowering cannabis seeds, regular seeds, and medicinal strains.

MSLN Customer Support

MSLN Seed Bank offers exceptional customer service, with knowledgeable and friendly staff ready to assist customers with any questions or concerns. They prioritize customer satisfaction, ensuring prompt responses and efficient resolutions to any issues that may arise.

Furthermore, MSNL’s dedication and commitment have been recognized by mainstream platforms such as THC Talk and High Times; they have even received awards for their exceptional genetics.

Free Seeds and Deals with MSNL

The company continues to impress us with its attractive deals – offering discounts up to 50% off using coupon codes. In terms of promotions and incentives offered by MSNL: free seed offers are frequently available depending on coupon code usage – typically around five additional seeds per order.

Additionally, customers who make Bitcoin payments qualify for exclusive discounts while loyalty points can be earned on all purchases.

>>Find great deals on seeds with MSLN

5. Weed Seeds Express – Best for Delivery and Germination Guarantee


  • Wide selection of seeds
  • Guaranteed delivery and germination rate
  • User-friendly website
  • Offers convenient growing guides


  • Limited review information
  • Payment and shipping options are limited

WeedSeedsExpress initially started operating in 2005. The company’s beginnings can be traced back to a group of close friends who shared a passion for growing cannabis. These friends came together to experiment with breeding new strains of cannabis and exchange valuable growing advice.

After some time, three of them decided to expand their efforts and make the fruits of their labor available to the public, thus giving birth to the WeedSeedsExpress cannabis seed bank online. In recent years, WeedSeedsExpress has experienced remarkable growth.

Seeds Offered: Auto | CBD | Regular | Blueberry | Skunk | Hybrid | Indica | Sativa

Weed Seeds Express Seed Selection

WeedSeedsExpress reputable seed bank offers a wide range of over 150 strains, catering to different price points and levels of cultivation expertise making it a great place to buy marijauna seeds online. Despite being in operation for less than a decade, they have an impressive collection of high-quality genetic options, with new ones constantly being added each year.

One noteworthy strain is Sexxpot, an Indica that provides a distinct blend of stimulation and relaxation for both the mind and body. Its name derives from its notable aphrodisiac effects experienced by users!

Free Cannabis Seeds and Deals with Weed Seeds Express

You can easily find a variety of promotions and discounts on WeedSeedsExpress.com’s sale page. These include rotating promotions such as “buy 10, get 10 free,” as well as percentage-based discounts of up to 50% off.

Additionally, you can often discover promo codes for even more savings on their coupon page. It’s worth noting that the cannabis seeds offered at sale prices change weekly.

As an extra incentive, WeedSeedsExpress gives away 25 free sample of cannabis seeds each week to five individuals who either sign up for their newsletter or like their Facebook page.

When you make a purchase from WeedSeedsExpress, they also provide a complimentary additional 10% off the cannabis seeds you’ve ordered.

>>Find germination and delivery guarantees with Weed Seeds Express

6. Crop King Seeds – Best Cannabis Seed Bank in Canada

Crop King Seeds


  • Guaranteed delivery
  • 500+ weed strains
  • 80%+ germination rates
  • 7-day shipping in North America
  • Award-winning seed bank


  • Very few deals year-round

Crop King Seeds is the most known reputable seed bank in Canada. Founded in 2005, the company has won many awards (including the 2017 Canadian Cannabis Awards) and is as legit as they come.

Seeds Offered: Autoflowering seeds | CBD medical marijuana seeds | Fast-growing | Feminized marijuana seeds | Mix and Match

Crop King Seed Selection: 

Crop King comes #3 because they don’t offer as many marijuana seeds as Herbie’s — only 500+.

That said, 500+ seeds are still more than enough for most people, especially since you get all the typical categories — auto, feminized, regular, CBD, sativa, indica, ruderalis, etc.

Our favorite beginner strain is Green Crack for its potent yet balanced effects.

Crop King Seeds Customer Service: 

All your cannabis seeds are covered by an 80% germination guarantee. Just as importantly, Crop King provides fast 7-day shipping and they ship to the United States and Canada.

Like Herbie’s, you can join Crop King’s customer support via Live Chat or toll-free phone call 24/7.

Free Seeds and Deals on CKS: 

Unfortunately, Crop King Seeds isn’t as good as ILGM or Herbies regarding deals.

While prices are quite good, the only benefits are free shipping (over $200) and ten extra marijuana seeds on bulk orders (over $420).

They offer sales during certain holidays, such as Halloween and Christmas.

>>Check best prices for Crop King Seeds

7. Blimburn Seeds – Premium Genetics


  • Wide range of strain options
  • Innovative genetic development
  • Respected online seed bank with a focus on ensuring quality
  • Potential for special offers and promotions


  • Some reports of shipping and delivery problems
  • may not carry the most popular varieties

Originating from Spain, Blimburn Seed Bank has established itself as a prominent player in the cannabis seed industry. Founded by knowledgeable breeders with a deep passion for the plant, this online seed bank started as a labor of love, dedicating itself to creating strains that not only produce high yields but also offer captivating aromas, flavors, and effects.

Seeds offered: Feminized | Autoflowering seeds| CBD | High THC

Blimburn Seed Selection

One notable aspect of Blimburn Seed Bank is its commitment to innovation. Through their breeding programs, they consistently push the boundaries of cannabis genetics, resulting in unique and exciting strains of premium-quality marijuana seeds.

The company has over 950 cannabis seeds from unique, premium strains and popular ones, too.

Free Cannabis Seeds and Deals on Blimburn Seeds

For those looking for great value, this online seed bank frequently provides special deals and discounts that make their top-notch genetics even more accessible.

From exclusive offers on select strains to attractive bundle packages, Blimburn ensures that both beginner growers and experienced cultivators can embark on their cannabis-growing journey with confidence.

>>Find the best seed bank for premium genetics with Blimburn Seeds

8. Rocket Seeds – Includes 6 of the Best Cannabis Seed Banks

Rocket Seeds


  • 600+ weed strains
  • Tracked shipping
  • Discreet packaging
  • 5-7-day shipping
  • 6 more marijuana seed banks


  • No unique marijuana seeds

Rocket Seeds does not breed its own marijuana seeds, unlike other best online seed banks. Instead, it offers customers access to over 600 strains from 6 of the industry’s best seed banks, including Beaver Seeds and Crop King Seeds.

Seeds Offered: Autoflowering seeds | Fast-growing | Feminized seeds| CBD | Regular

Rocket Seeds Selection: 

This seed bank has partners who allow you to combine orders for many strains from various stocks into one shipment for one flat rate.

If you aren’t sure yet what cannabis seeds to acquire, this is a smart way to sample several strains simultaneously (without needing to place several orders).

Rocket Seeds Customer Service: 

Rocket Seeds provides lightning-fast shipping anywhere in the Americas. Expect delivery of your product within 5–7 business days.

In addition, premium marjiuana seeds are wrapped in disguise and sent in unmarked packages to evade detection by authorities. With the help of shipment tracking, you can always monitor the whereabouts of your marijuana seeds.

Free Seeds and Deals on Rocket Seeds: 

If you spend $420 or more at the online seed bank, you’ll get 10 cannabis seeds for free, and all purchases of $200 or more will be sent for free.

>>Check best prices for Rocket Seeds

9. Mary Jane’s Garden – Best Seed Bank for Placing Orders Anonymously

Mary Jane


  • 90% delivery success rate
  • Flexible payment option
  • Same-day delivery
  • Customer service accessible via live chat and phone


  • No returns or exchanges

If you are looking for a reliable and reputable source of premium cannabis seeds, look no further than this seed bank.

This seed bank has been serving the public with top-notch seeds since 2003, and they never compromise on quality or variety. The platform lets you buy cannabis seeds online under a fake name, as long the information on your credit card is authentic.

This seed bank ships to several countries worldwide on the same day, specializing in shipping to the USA.

Seeds Offered: Autoflowering seeds | Fast-version seeds | Feminized seeds| CBD | Regular | Medical

Mary Jane’s Garden Seed Selection:

This seed bank offers several high-quality cannabis strains from domestic and foreign breeders with eco-friendly packaging.

This covers all the well-known varieties and best-selling seeds, including Blueberry Diesel, California Orange, Crystal, Diamond Kush, and the winner of the Cannabis Cup, Widow female cannabis plant strain.

Mary Jane’s Garden Customer Service: 

Users claim an average germination rate of 80% or higher with Mary Jane Garden. However, the company does not give a germination guarantee.

Free Cannabis Seeds and Deals on Mary Jane’s Garden: 

This seed bank offers cannabis seeds at reasonable rates, but with guaranteed quality. The seed bank is well known for offering several coupon codes and deals and discounts.

Enjoy Bogo sale deals on selected 5 & 10 cannabis seeds packs. You can also buy any products and spend over $420 or more to get free 10 cannabis seeds at this seed bank

Get free shipping at Mary Jane’s Garden when you spend over $200.

Join their newsletter and receive the latest offers and discounts direct to your inbox.

>>Check best prices for Mary Jane’s Garden here

10. Beaver’s Seeds – Premium Seed Bank for Rare Seed Strains



  • Delivery assurance with insurance coverage
  • Faster shipping is provided through Canadian and US offices
  • All orders are dispatched within a 24-hours
  • Complimentary cannabis seeds are included with orders that exceed $420


  • No money-back guarantee except for cases involving lost seed

Operating since 2009 in Canada, Beaver Seeds prides itself on promoting superior genetic strains encompassing both foreign rarities and exclusive in-house varieties.

Seeds offered: Regular | Feminized | High-Yield | CBD | Autoflowering | Indica | Sativa | Hybrid

Beaver’s Seeds Seed Selection

Beaver Seeds, an esteemed online seed bank, effectively captivates customers with its appealing design, vibrant graphics, and most importantly, an extensive selection of strains. These include regular varieties, autoflower seeds options, feminized seeds, as well as premium and CBD-infused alternatives.

Beaver’s Seeds Customer Service

Despite being a relatively new player in the industry compared to other reputable seed banks, Beaver Seeds manages to offer competitive features such as a helpline for customers seeking assistance via phone calls.

In addition to this personalized support system there’s also an impressive germination rate boasting high success levels for growers. Furthermore, the company takes pride in its round-the-clock online customer support team ensuring prompt responses to queries or concerns that may arise.

Free Seeds and Deals from Beaver’s Seeds

Beaver Seeds often provides various promotions, deals and discounts to its customers. These can include discounts, free seed offers, or special bundle packages.

It’s best to visit the official Beaver Seeds website or subscribe to their newsletter to stay updated on their current deals. This way, you can access the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding any ongoing promotions or free seed offers they may have.

>>Find popular and rare seed strains at Beaver’s Seeds

11. SunWest Genetics – Best for Buying Seeds by Phone

Sunwest Genetics


  • Phone orders
  • Reliable shipping
  • 500+ varieties


  • Offers and discounts are limited
  • Not as well-known as ILGM

According to most customers, Sunwest Genetics sells high-quality seeds that grow into healthy cannabis plants.

Seeds Offered: Auto-flowering cannabis seeds | Feminized | High THC and CBD | Regular

SunWest Genetics Seed Selection: 

Moreover, the seed bank offers a one-of-a-kind phone ordering service. Indeed, you can buy over 500 different kinds of seeds by phone.

This is great if you want custom recommendations and hate wasting time on the Internet.

SunWest Genetics Customer Service: 

Are you just starting out?

If so, we suggest you look into their comprehensive germination guidelines for optimal results. Also, the website provides a detailed explanation of each seed along with all the relevant information you’ll need to know about it.

As a last touch, Sunwest Genetics provides worldwide shipping on seed packets with both stealth and guaranteed arrival.

Free Cannabis Seeds and Deals on SunWest Genetics: 

Orders over $200 qualify for free delivery, and orders over $420 come with a bonus of 10 high-quality marijuana seeds.

Considering ILGM offers better deals and discounts and free shipping with no minimum order value, we don’t see any reason to prefer Sunwest Genetics – but it’s still a good seed bank.

>>Check best prices for SunWest Genetics

12. Sonoma Seeds – Best for Handpicked Seeds

Sonoma Seeds


  • 500+ hand-selected marijuana seeds
  • 80% germination rate
  • Stealth packaging


  • 10% credit card fee
  • Fewer deals than ILGM

Seeds Offered: Autoflowering seeds | CBD | Feminized marijuana seeds | Regular

Sonoma is another seed bank based in Canada, with high-quality outdoor seeds and fast shipping.

Sonoma Seeds Selection: 4.3/5

Sonoma Seeds claims to handpick every seed they sell, making their 500+ seed collection outstanding.

It also means you can expect germination rates of 80% or more.

Sonoma Seeds Customer Service: 4.75/5

You can reach Sonoma by phone or Live Chat if you have any questions or issues.

Free Seeds and Deals on Sonoma Seeds: 4.3/5

When you spend $420 or more on seeds, you’ll automatically qualify for the standard free weed seed giveaway.

Apart from that, Sonoma doesn’t offer many deals and discounts, unfortunately. All things considered, Seed Supreme provides better value.

>>Check the best prices on Sonoma Seeds

13. Quebec Cannabis Seeds – Premium Seed Bank for Free Seeds



  • 80% germination guarantee
  • High-CBD seeds
  • Express shipping in Canada
  • 10-15% OFF on some strains


  • Free shipping only for orders over $200

Quebec Cannabis Seeds has been a top North American seed bank since 2013.

Seeds Offered: Autoflowering | Fast-growing | Feminized | High CBD | Mix and Match | Regular

QCS Seed Selection

Quebec Cannabis Seeds (QCS) offers a dozen of high-CBD seeds for medicinal purposes.

Why choose high-CBD seeds?

CBD seeds are favored due to their reputation for inducing relaxing effects, distinct from the typical psychoactive effects associated with traditional cannabis strains.

Quebec Cannabis Seeds Customer Service

Quebec Cannabis Seeds matches famous online seed merchants like Crop King Seeds, offering a respectable 80% germination guarantee.

Last but not least, QCS has good delivery times. American consumers may expect their marijuana seeds in discreet packaging within 5-10 days. However, Canadian customers can choose Express for 2–4 day delivery.

Free Weed Seeds and Deals on QCS

In addition to the standard 10 complimentary cannabis seeds with each $420+ transaction, some strains are sold at a 10-15% discount.

>>Check best prices for Quebec Cannabis Seeds

14. MJ Seeds – High CBD Seeds for Sale

MJ Seeds


  • High CBD content of 25%
  • Germination guarantee
  • In business since 2009
  • Ships discreetly


  • You need to pay an extra $30 for tracking your shipment

MJ Seeds is one of the best cannabis seed banks online that ship to the USA if you’re looking for a reliable source. They have been offering the best cannabis seeds since 2009, and have years of experience and knowledge under their belt.

You can find different types of seeds at MJ Seeds, such as auto-flowering, feminized, and fast varieties. They also have amazing bulk offers to help you get more for less money.

Seeds Offered: Auto-flowering | CBD | Feminized | Indoor | Outdoor | Fast-growing

MJ Seeds Selection

If you are looking for high-CBD hemp seeds, MJ Seeds is the top choice among the best online seed banks. It offers more than 20 varieties of CBD-rich strains, such as Cali Kush (20% CBD) and CB Diesel (25% CBD).

One of their popular strains is White Widow feminized, which is a mix of two pure landrace strains. This Indica-dominant hybrid will give you a balanced high … increasing your energy levels while helping you relax.

MJ Seeds Customer Service

If you receive damaged seeds, they will be replaced, as long as you send a picture within 24 hours of delivery.

MJ Seeds also provides returns on seeds that don’t germinate, though you will need to contact them before attempting to return the items.

Free Cannabis Seeds and Deals on MJ Seeds

These seeds are also much more affordable than regular cannabis seeds, saving you up to 40% on your purchase.

>>Check best prices for MJ seeds here

Buying Cannabis Seeds Online [Must Read]

Before you go out and buy marijuana seeds online, there are five things you need to keep in mind.

Brand Reputation

There are several best online seed banks that ship to the US where you may buy high-quality weed seeds, but not all of them are trustworthy or the best cannabis seed banks. To learn more about their offerings, you can read testimonials from previous clients and research their general reputation.

Germination and Shipping Guarantees

You won’t lose any sleep about getting a bunch of duds because of the germination guarantee. Furthermore, it seems unfair to charge for seeds that don’t grow.

In addition, guaranteed delivery from these best marijuana seed banks that ship safeguards you against the few occurrences of seed loss or seizure by customs.

>>Check best prices for Seed Supreme

Indica vs. Sativa Seeds

There is a wide variety of marijunana seeds to choose from. Sativa strains are the ones that are known for producing the “hippie high” and towering, elongated growth. By contrast, Indicas tend to be more relaxing.

Recreational (High THC) vs. Medical (High CBD) Strains

Utilizing high-THC premium marijuana seeds for leisure activities is advisable since they provide euphoric highs. But if you want weed’s calming benefits, get high CBD high-quality seeds.

Yield vs. Ease of Growth

The simplest seeds to cultivate often provide smaller yields. As your cultivation expertise grows, you should consider switching to more difficult seed varieties and using low-stress training methods to achieve massive outputs of up to 30 oz per plant.

For those who are not experienced cannabis enthusiasts, it is recommended to start with simpler strains from great online cannabis seed banks.

>>Check best prices for Seed Supreme

Best Seed Banks Online: FAQs

Here, we answer a few frequently asked questions about the best seed banks available today.

Is It Legal To Buy Cannabis Seeds Online?

Yes, if you want to buy the best cannabis seeds online, it is legal if you live in a state that has legalized weed. However, it’s a good idea to check your local laws before you buy cannabis seeds online from the best marijuana seed banks.

What Is the Best Seed Bank?

The best marijuana seed bank is Seed Supreme because of its wide selection of premium regular seeds and BOGO deals. That said, ILGM is also a good option, offering a solid 100% germination guarantee, free shipping to the US, and frequent deals and discounts.

What Is the Best Weed Seed For Sale?

We believe the best weed seed for sale is White Widow Auto. With several Cannabis Cups under its belt and 1.6K+ reviews on ILGM, it’s a perfect beginner strain with balanced effects.

How Long Do Weed Seeds Last?

High-quality weed seeds may keep in the refrigerator for up to 16 months. In fact, if you freeze these seeds, they may survive for up to 10 years.

How to Store Weed Seeds?

When not in use, seeds should be kept in a cold, dark area for up to three months.

If you don’t plan on using them immediately, refrigerating them will extend their shelf life to around 16 months.

Weed seeds must be frozen if they are to be kept longer.

Should I Buy Feminized, Regular, Or Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds?

You should evaluate your skills and knowledge before investing in feminized, ordinary, or auto-flowering seeds.

Choose auto-flowering seeds if you are just starting out. Female cannabis plants are the way to go if you’re an excellent grower. If you’re trying to create new strains, stick with ordinary seeds.

How Many Weed Plant Seeds Should I Buy? Will They All Survive?

In nature, not all seeds get the chance to flourish into mature cannabis plants with strong buds. Therefore, when purchasing feminized seeds, it is recommended that you should buy marijuana seeds online from top-rated marijuana seed banks at double the amount you expect to grow.

>>Check best prices for Seed Supreme

Best Weed Seed Companies Online: Wrapping Up

If you want to grow your weed plant, make sure to get the seeds from the reputable seed banks. Don’t be fooled by discounts and deals that seem “too good to be true.”

Seed Supreme is our #1 cannabis seed bank option as it offers a wide selection of premium seeds, BOGO deals on 10 popular strains, and valuable insights about fresh cannabis seeds and successful cultivation.

With a 100% germination guarantee, free US delivery, and regular B10G10 sales on top-selling strains, ILGM ranks second among the best cannabis seed banks available.

For a homegrown stash loyalty program, free shipping, and germination guarantee, Homegrown Cannabis Co. is a worthy alternative.

With all that said, we are legally obligated to remind you to check your local laws before buying cannabis seeds online.

And, of course, your legal obligation is to enjoy your stash.

>>Check best prices for Seed Supreme

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