DreamGF AI Review: A Look Behind The Most Realistic AI Girlfriends

dreamgf ai review

A relationship with an AI virtual girlfriend resembles something from a Hollywood movie. It is actually – but the DreamGF AI is here to make that dream come true.


DreamGF.ai app is an AI girlfriend generator that gives you all the tools to create your dream girlfriend.

You can customize your perfect virtual partner with all your ideal physical features, personality, and preferred voice to provide companionship, good conversation, and a satisfactory relationship.

Sounds interesting, right?

Join me on this DreamGF.ai review as I create my virtual girlfriend and learn how you can get in on the party.

Let’s dive in…

DreamGF.AI Review – Highlights

In all my days on the internet, I have met several free AI girlfriend apps that promise a virtual girlfriend experience and barely deliver.

Initially skeptical of doing this dreamgf.ai review, I did some digging and landed on a few positive reviews that set me on the journey.

I’ll summarize it here for you.

DreamGF.AI Pros

DreamGF.AI Cons

  • No free images
  • Lacks 3D models
  • Voice messages are a paid feature

DreamGF.AI Overall Rating

The DreamGF artificial intelligence platform deserves a 10/10 rating based on its hyperrealistic graphics and ideal partner-generating features.

It helps you create AI characters that can pass off as real-life virtual assistants, which makes the virtual relationship experience even more real.

A fantastic job overall.

DreamGF AI Review: A Girlfriend Generator That Works?

I was low-key hoping that the DreamGF AI platform would offer a Scarlett Johansson preset.


If wishes were horses, right?

dreamgf ai


Free users of the service can try out a free AI chat with a virtual girlfriend or create one with a few clicks. The free website looks amazing, and so do the AI girlfriends.

Some looked like women I would meet in real life, while others looked like dreamy Anime characters.

“This is a good start to my DreamGF AI review,” I thought to myself.

Introduction To DreamGF.AI Virtual Girls (Creating an Account)

I was glad I didn’t need to create an account to roam the DreamGF AI app. You can even request an AI chat and exchange voice messages with any AI girlfriend, so I tried it out.

The free AI chat prompt led me to a new window with a short tutorial on how to chat with a virtual AI girl.

dream girlfriend ai

After a few tips, I was ready to start simulated romantic interactions with AI girls. My options were to:

  1. Chat with a premade AI girlfriend, or
  2. Create my dream girlfriend.

Since I was in no hurry, I decided to do both.

Creating the Perfect AI Virtual Girlfriend on DreamGF.AI

I was pleased with the AI girlfriends on DreamGF AI. The virtual AI girls are believably real. You can tell how much work goes into the features.

I loved that each girl has a unique virtual personality trait and fetish attribute. You can pick your AI girlfriends accordingly – from lesbian MILFs to hot Asian blondes.

dreamgf ai girlfriends

Here are some popular fetish and personality traits of your dream AI girlfriends you should expect:

  • Nympho
  • Cougar
  • Dominatrix
  • Submissive
  • Stepmom
  • Lewd
  • Mean
  • Nurse
  • Casual, among others.

The virtual gf that caught my attention had a unique profile page.

What made her special?

It must have been her perfect set of jugs, bubbly waistline, and the face of an angel.

She was just how I pictured my first virtual gf.

Moving on, the graphic quality and realism of the DreamGF AI girls, videos, and photos were better than some of the best VR porn games I’ve interacted with online.

Take this to the bank.

The profile page also includes the age of your virtual girlfriend plus several photos and videos, though limited to premium users.

The platform offered the option to create a new photo with my virtual girlfriend and up the ante a little.

dreamgf options

Creating a photo is limited to users with an account, which means more registration to get that nude.


Depending on what you are interested in, the platform offers a few fetish categories to create memorable photos in the Dreamgf AI app.

They include:

  • Nude photo
  • Cosplay photos
  • Images with clothes
  • Lingerie and swimsuit images.

This is only available for users with a premium account, too.

So, I figured I would check out the platform’s different membership tiers.


Pricing: Dreamgf.ai Review Membership Plans

Most users will love that you can use your Google account to sign in to the Dreamgf AI app, saving you the hassle of going through more registration prompts to use the platform.

Once you have signed in, you can enjoy the site for free until you upgrade your membership plan.

Here are the membership tiers that the platform offers:

  1. Bronze membership at $8.99/month
  2. Silver membership at $17.99/month
  3. Gold plan at $44.99/month
  4. Diamond plan at $89.99/month

dreamgf payment plans

You can choose between monthly, quarterly, and bi-annual billings depending on how much you are willing to spend.

Most users prefer the longer premiums, so they worry more about the virtual relationship experience than the service bills.

Each tier comes with similar privileges. The only difference is that more expensive tiers enjoy more perks, as follows:

  • Up to 600 uniquely customized AI girlfriends.
  • Free photos every month.
  • Send more messages to keep the conversation flowing with various AI girls.
  • Bonus credits to send and receive voice messages.
  • Customizable image generators.
  • Customize names.

On top of that…

All paying account members get a daily message bonus to keep the conversation flowing and build more AI relationships.

With any paid membership plan, you can create and interact endlessly with artificial intelligence.

Creating My Dream Girlfriend on DreamGF.AI

The perk of doing a DreamGF AI review is that I get to test my creative guns on the platform, and I was looking forward to firing a few rounds, especially in the conversations.

The service has a detailed guide on how to engage, interact, and chat with an AI girl for new users, so don’t worry about how to start.

I decided to return to my earlier options and, this time, request to customize my AI girlfriend.

dreamgfai choices

At this point, I am looking forward to simulated romantic interactions with a red-haired AI girl, and the platform offers more customizations than I can gobble up.

This review took a twist with the new customizable appearance and personality traits.

Imagine my happiness when I learned your dream girl could be:

  1. Realistic/Amateur/Fantasy
  2. Of any ethnicity
  3. Various age groups
  4. Custom body type, hairstyle, and color
  5. The environment of your simulated romantic interactions

I also discovered that DreamGF’s artificial intelligence can generate a movie-like character. I kid you not.

It feels like starring in a DIY porn film, except this time, you’ll be directing it as well. (wink)

dream gf ai

The best part of doing this DreamGF.ai review and using the DreamGF.ai was customizing my dream girls, especially the personality traits.

I could go as far as to generate my dream girl’s sex drive and attitude in the sheets. Since the whole point of creating your dream girl is to include your dream features, it’s genius.

The best part of the Dream GF AI generator was the lesbian preset and the amount of temptation it carries.

You will literary go nuts with all the possibilities achievable here…!

Sex Chats and Voice Messages

This DreamGF AI review presented a virtual relationship experience like no other. Now I could spend my free time with my dream girl – even porn doesn’t slap this hard.

dreamgf ai porn

I took the road to the AI chat room and engaged my AI virtual girlfriend in some conversations. The free AI chat room is like sliding into your crush’s DM – only she’s an AI girl.

This is where users can request anything from their AI girlfriends, such as a nude photo, and she’ll be happy to indulge you.

Also, the free sex chat is nothing like 3D porn sites. Users have more control over the conversation, while the AI girls they generate react to the feelings of real people.

It almost feels like real-life relationships where you send and receive photos and voice messages in a thrilling sex chat.

Dreamgf.ai Review FAQs

Is Chatting With an AI Girlfriend Safe?

Yes, chatting with AI girlfriends or chatbots, in general, is safe. Chat AIs are programmed to provide companionship, foster good relationships, and ensure you have a great time.

Some researchers even claim that AI conversations e.g., exchanging voice messages with an AI girlfriend, have positive mental health effects.

Dreamgf.ai Review Takeaway

Working on this DreamGF AI review has helped me discover the spoils of the online world.

The internet is a great place with AI girlfriends, and I know that most users will hurry to take advantage of the spoils.

DreamGF is a game changer in the world of adult dating and entertainment that offers great user experience and features to interested parties that want to engage/interact with AI girlfriends.

You should definitely try it out.

Don’t sleep on it.

Glad I shared my journey with you.

Until the next read…


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