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Buy Marijuana Seeds: Get Feminized & Autoflowering Legally in the US

buy marijuana seeds

If you’re looking for the best sites to buy cannabis seeds in 2023; we’ve got you covered. Medical users, recreational smokers, and first-time explorers can find their perfect strain.

Even if the dispensary has been treating you well, growing your own can be much cheaper.

However, when it comes to buying cannabis seeds online, you should only trust reputable platforms like Seed Supreme. Our experts chose the best seed banks based on their strain selection, pricing, customer support options, availability, and other perks (like discreet international shipping).

Stick around for an in-depth review of the best seed banks in 2023!

Buy Marijuana Seeds in 2023: First Look

  1. Seed Supreme – Best site to buy marijuana seeds in the US.
  2. ILGM – Reputable seed bank with 100% germination guarantee.
  3. Homegrown Cannabis Co. – Best cannabis seeds for beginners.
  4. Crop King Seeds – Best site to buy high-CBD marijuana seeds.
  5. Rocket Seeds – Marijuana seed bank with 605+ cannabis strains.
  6. Mary Jane’s Garden – Best weed seeds bank for outdoor growers.
  7. Sunwest Genetics – Best online seed bank for customer support.
  8. Sonoma Seeds – Top domestic seed bank for cheap weed seeds.
  9. Quebec Cannabis Seeds – Buy weed seeds exclusively from Canada.
  10. MJ Seeds – Best seed bank to buy “fast-version” auto-flowering seeds.

1. Seed Supreme – Overall Best Site to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online

Seed Supreme


  • Get free seeds with every new order
  • Discreet packaging & stealth shipping
  • 5,000+ superior-quality pot seeds
  • Phone, email, and snail mail support
  • BOGO on blueberry hybrid seeds
  • 14-day refund policy (unopened)


  • Service available 9-5 GMT on weekdays

Brand Reputation: 4.9/5

Seed Supreme launched in 2013, and they operate within the United Kingdom. Nearly a decade later, they’ve become one of the most promising seed banks online with loads of unique options.

Beginner Strains: 5/5

Their Afghan Kush x Super Skunk feminized seeds hover around the 20% THC mark; which is perfect for beginners! This strain leans heavily towards pain-relieving effects and relaxation, so don’t make any plans once you get home from work. You might even throw out your Advil!

Veteran Strains: 5/5

Gorilla Glue #4 is heady, sticky, and gets veteran stoners so high they’ll need a parachute and emergency contact information. Aside from gumming up your grinder, this strain clocks in near 30% THC and is worth every frustrating second you spend trying to roll your next Backwoods.

Deals & Discounts: 4.8/5

Seed Supreme will throw in free seeds with every order. In honor of National Blueberry Month, they’re also running a BOGO discount on all blueberry hybrid strains! Grab your 2-for-1 today.

Customer Support: 4.6/5

Seed Supreme promises white-glove customer support via phone, email, and snail mail. However, their agents only take calls from 9 AM to 5 PM (GMT) on weekdays. If you manage to get in touch with them during your own work day; it’s worth spending your lunch break on hold.

Germination Guarantee: 4.4/5

Seed Supreme doesn’t have a germination guarantee, but they do offer a 14-day refund policy. If you’re not happy with your (ahem, unopened) pot seeds for any reason, reach out to request your full refund. This comes with no questions asked, so don’t be shy about getting in touch!

Final Thoughts: 4.8/5 

Seed Supreme boasts a selection of 5,000+ high-quality seeds from 104+ smaller seed banks. They’re the Amazon of getting high on your own terms, complete with global stealth shipping!

>> Check the best prices for Seed Supreme

2. ILGM – High-Quality Marijuana Seeds With a 100% Germination Guarantee



  • 100% germination rates
  • Launched back in 2012
  • Free US stealth shipping
  • 29,950+ verified reviews
  • Get their free Grow Bible
  • 24/7 support via email


  • No phone number to call

Brand Reputation: 5/5

ILGM stands for I Love Growing Marijuana, and founder Robert Bergman brings decades of personal experience to the table. They launched in 2012, and they’re among the only seed banks online to promise a 100% germination rate on their product for 11 years and counting.

Beginner Strains: 4.9/5 

White Gushers is a cross between Gelato #41 and Triangle Kush! ILGM grows their feminized seeds in-house, and this strain clocks in around 19% THC – as such, it’s ideal for new smokers. Expect anxiety relief and energy alongside a soothing body high that runs from head to toe.

Veteran Strains: 4.8/5

You don’t need a Chore Boy to smoke Green Crack, but this hybrid strain is designed to skyrocket your energy levels and cognitive well-being into the stratosphere. A 75% : 25% mixture of sativa and indica terpenes keeps that cerebral energy from turning into anxiety.

Deals & Discounts: 4.9/5 

When you buy 10 seeds, you’ll get 10 free seeds from ILGM! You can also claim $10 off your next order and download their free Grow Bible when you sign up for ILGM’s email newsletter.

Customer Support: 4.3/5

ILGM promises domestic, 24/7 customer support via email. That said, they don’t have a phone number for confused growers to call. Although you could wait 30-45 minutes for a response, their team’s dedication to integrity and professionality makes for a rewarding experience.

Germination Guarantee: 5/5

ILGM’s 100% germination guarantee sets them apart from the competition. With 29,950+ verified positive reviews and counting, it’s clear that ILGM’s secret is treating growers like people instead of customers. If your seeds don’t sprout, send them back for an exchange.

Final Thoughts: 4.7/5

ILGM blends a high-quality seed selection with excellent support, epic discounts, and their industry-leading 100% germination rates. Even the greenest growers have nothing to lose!

>> Check the best prices for ILGM 

3 Homegrown Cannabis Co. – Best Site for New Cannabis Growers



  • 2-minute strain selection quiz
  • Buy 8 seeds, get 8 free ones
  • Start earning Stash Points
  • Email, IG + live chat service
  • HomeGrown Forum + Diaries
  • 5,726 reviews & 9.6/10 rating


  • They don’t have a phone line
  • No real germination guarantee

Brand Reputation: 4.7/5 

Homegrown Cannabis Co. runs a tight ship, and their hand-picked team of breeders brings decades of personal experience to the table. They also cater towards beginners with an easy, 2-minute questionnaire that can help you find the perfect strain based on your desired effects.

Beginner Strains: 4.6/5 

Chocolope Feminized Seeds are better suited for the gym or a work presentation than your bedroom or a bag of Doritos; but this sativa-dominant hybrid strain won’t blast your face off. With THC levels hovering around 20%, it’s the perfect option for beginner-friendly euphoria.

Veteran Strains: 4.7/5 

Drop down to Dante’s Seventh Circle on Hellfire OG – with up to 30% THC, every lemon-pepper flavored inhale will have experienced stoners dancing with the devil.

This classic hybrid strain is engineered for socialization, relaxation, and mischief.

Deals & Discounts: 4.8/5 

When you purchase 8 cannabis seeds, you’ll get 8 free seeds with your order. Plus, we found plenty of single-use promo codes that make it easy to buy with Homegrown Cannabis Co! You’ll earn Stash Points starting with your first order – they can be exchanged for free seeds.

Customer Support: 4.9/5 

HomeGrown Cannabis Co. makes it easy for growers to get in touch via social media, email, and live chat. Follow them on Instagram, tag them in your next Facebook post, DM their team on Twitter, and learn more about cannabis cultivation with their informative YouTube channel.

Germination Guarantee: 4.2/5 

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find an actual germination guarantee. If your seeds don’t sprout, their team will ask you to submit proof that you followed their instructions. On the bright side, if you did everything the right way, you can expect a full refund or free exchange from their platform.

Final Thoughts: 4.6/5 

Homegrown Cannabis Co. sets their brand apart with organically grown hemp seeds, and their host of beginner-friendly features makes them the best option for brand-new cultivators.

>> Check the best prices for Homegrown Cannabis Co.

4. Crop King Seeds – Best Cannabis Seed Bank for High-CBD Strains

Crop King Seeds


  • 33+ medical CBD strains
  • 700+ more great pot seeds
  • BOGO 50% 5-seed packs
  • BOGO 10 & 25-seed packs
  • Recognizable since 2005
  • 24/7/365 customer service


  • 80% seed germination rate

Brand Reputation: 4.8/5 

Crop King Seeds has been a recognizable name within the cannabis industry since 2005. They went from growing strains in a single apartment to becoming one of the world’s largest seed banks, and they haven’t run out of steam 18 years later. Choose from 700+ exclusive cultivars!

Beginner Strains: 4.6/5

We picked Crop King Seeds for their unique selection of high CBD:THC strains. Medical users can enjoy the purported antiemetic, pain-relieving, and mentally soothing effect of cannabis without the intoxicating high THC is known for. Our favorite is their 20:1 CBD Diesel Strain!

Veteran Strains: 4.9/5 

Let’s not forget that Crop King Seeds features 700+ awesome cultivars for experienced users. Durban Poison is bred with 100% sativa landrace genetics, and veterans will feel a potent boost of venomous energy with up to 30% THC. Some even say it’s a mild psychedelic.

Deals & Discounts: 5/5 

Crop King Seeds will give you 10 seeds or 25 seeds for free when you order their 10 and 25 seed packs. While it pays to buy in bulk, non-committal growers can get the ball rolling with a BOGO 50% discount on all 5-seed packs. Finally, expect free shipping if you order $200+.

Customer Support: 4.6/5

You can take advantage of 24/7 customer support via phone, live chat, email, and social media. Their agents respond to chat inquiries within seconds, and their expert team is a primary driver of Crop King Seeds’ continued success in a saturated industry. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Germination Guarantee: 4.1/5 

Crop King Seeds claims that their pot seeds will germinate 80% of the time, which is better than offering no guarantee whatsoever. You’ll have to send a picture of your non-sprouting seeds to their support team if you want an exchange or refund. They’re usually pretty great about it.

Final Thoughts: 4.5/5 

Crop King Seeds rivals Seed Supreme with an excellent strain selection, awesome BOGO bulk deals, and top-notch customer support. Be on the lookout for this platform to continue growing!

>> Check the best prices for Crop King Seeds 

5. Rocket Seeds – Cannabis Seed Bank With 605+ High-THC Seeds

Rocket Seeds


  • Blast into space with Rocket Seeds
  • 605+ high-THC cannabis cultivars
  • BOGO 10 & 25-seed packs (same)
  • Free mobile app tracks your grows
  • Claim a one-time free reshipment
  • 24/7 phone, chat + email support


  • Another 80% germination guarantee
  • International shipping isn’t the fastest

Brand Reputation: 4.8/5 

Rocket Seeds earned a stellar reputation for their vast selection of high-THC strains – if you’re a beginner, you might want to shop elsewhere! They’ve been running the game since 2019, and their new partnership with Crop King Seeds adds 10+ years to their track record.

Beginner Strains: 4.6/5

3 Kings Feminized Cannabis Seeds have three parents – this sativa-dominant daytime strain is a cross between Headband x Sour Diesel x OG Kush. Beginners can enjoy a lower dose of the potent pain-relieving and energy-inducing effects with THC levels hovering between 14%-19%.

Veteran Strains: 5/5

Rocket Seeds shines bright with 605+ high-THC seeds from 20+ renowned breeders, and seasoned veterans can enjoy that first experience one more time with White Widow seeds. Topping out at 24.1% THC, the white trichome crystals on each bud indicate what’s to come.

It delivers a strong cerebral effect with classic indica drowsiness and euphoria. Don’t drive!

Deals & Discounts: 4.9/5 

Rocket Seeds follows in Crop King Seeds’ footsteps with truly excellent BOGO discounts. Bulk buyers can secure 10 free seeds or 25 free seeds when ordering the same quantity, and both sites promise free shipping for orders in excess of $200. Get 10 free seeds with a $420+ haul!

Customer Support: 4.7/5

Rocket Seeds won’t make you jump through hoops to get the assistance you deserve. You can give them a call over the phone, send them an email, or use their live chat feature to connect with a real person around-the-clock. Their phone number is toll-free and won’t cost a penny!

Germination Guarantee: 4.2/5

If you’re not satisfied with your first harvest, you can request a one-time reshipment of any seeds that didn’t germinate. Like Crop King Seeds, Rocket Seeds claims that their pot seeds will sprout 80% of the time. It’s no ILGM guarantee, but most growers won’t have an issue.

Final Thoughts: 4.4/5

Rocket Seeds is meant for veteran consumers with an expansive palate for mind-blowing highs and earth-shattering experiences. They have a downloadable app that tracks your next harvest!

>> Check the best prices for Rocket Seeds

6. Mary Jane’s Garden – Best Cannabis Seed Bank for Outdoor Seeds

Mary Jane_s


  • Lots of high-yield outdoor seeds
  • International seed bank for 8 years
  • Offers discreet, worldwide shipping
  • Phone, chat + social media support
  • BOGO 10 & 25 + 50% off 5 seeds
  • Comes straight from the Netherlands


  • Be prepared to hunker down & wait
  • $200+ required for global orders
  • Guarantee doesn’t apply for US

Brand Reputation: 4.8/5 

Mary Jane’s Garden blooms high-quality outdoor seeds in the Netherlands’ lushest regions. They’ve been shipping products across the globe for 8+ years, and they claim to have a 90% delivery rate with every single country. Just be prepared to wait 1-3 weeks for an envelope!

Beginner Strains: 4.5/5

Banana Kush tastes like an ice cream sundae, hits like a freight train, and produces buds that almost look edible – what’s not to love? This indica-dominant cultivar boasts moderate THC levels between 17% – 21%, and a 60:40 blend offers relaxation mixed with euphoric energy.

Veteran Strains: 4.7/5

Alaskan Thunder Fuck gives it away in the name. This outdoor strain can yield up to 700 grams of highly potent THC flower with each harvest! The sativa-dominant terpenes can guarantee users an intensely euphoric mindfuck that’s just as exciting as it is soothing.

Deals & Discounts: 4.8/5 

Mary Jane’s Garden got their intel from somewhere, and you can take advantage of the same exact discounts offered by larger domestic platforms. They’re currently running a buy-one get-one sale for all 10-seed and 25-seed packs. Newbies will get 50% off a second 5-pack!

Customer Support: 4.6/5

Mary Jane’s customer support team hails from the Netherlands, but they speak perfect English and work their hardest to address inquiries in a timely fashion. Prospective buyers can get hold of a real person over the phone, but their 24/7 chat feature is the quickest way to get in touch.

Germination Guarantee: 4.1/5

Unfortunately, international orders aren’t covered by Mary Jane’s 80% germination guarantee. If you’re buying from another country, you’ll have to get at least $200 (20 seeds) before placing an order. On the bright side, they proudly deliver to the darkest corners of the planet and back!

Final Thoughts: 4.3/5

Mary Jane’s Garden is plagued by international clauses and slow global shipping speeds, but the superb quality of their outdoor products makes them a fantastic choice for most buyers.

>> Check the best prices for Mary Jane’s Garden

7. Sunwest Genetics – Best Customer Support in the Cannabis Industry



  • Quick-responding 24/7 support
  • 500+ unique cannabis strains
  • Get 10 seeds on $420+ orders
  • Discreet international shipping
  • Best MJ genetics in the industry
  • 80% germination guarantee


  • US customers aren’t covered
  • $200 minimum for global orders

Brand Reputation: 4.7/5

Sunwest Genetics operates in Canada, and they source their seeds straight from California’s sunniest beaches. They’re admittedly a smaller seed bank, but they’ve earned a reputation for selling exclusive strains and giving their customers the best possible support since 2015.

Beginner Strains: 4.6/5

Amnesia Haze keeps THC levels at bay, so beginners can focus on getting their work done with this sativa-dominant strain! Measuring in at 15.5% THC, Amnesia Haze delivers mental stimulation and natural energy for hours before you feel compelled to pack another bong hit.

Veteran Strains: 4.5/5

Cherry Pie is an indica-dominant hybrid that’s crossed between Granddaddy Purple and the legendary Durban Poison. Veterans can expect a focused and attentive mental state with a deep sense of full-bodied relaxation, and this strain boasts THC levels between 20% – 23%.

Deals & Discounts: 4.8/5 

Unfortunately, US growers must buy $200+ worth of pot seeds to place an order with Sunwest Genetics. On the bright side, they make it worth your while to buy in bulk with free shipping across the globe! Take advantage of BOGO deals and get 10 seeds when you order $420+!

Customer Support: 5/5

Sunwest Genetics has a toll-free phone number, quick-responding chat team, email hotline, and comprehensive FAQs that address your concerns ahead of time. They have a dedicated Germination webpage that explains the cannabis cultivation process for complete beginners.

Germination Guarantee: 4/5

Although Sunwest Genetics has an 80% germination guarantee for Canadian customers, international growers won’t qualify. This is standard fare throughout the industry, but you can rest assured that high-quality seeds with excellent genetics respond well to newbie mistakes.

Final Thoughts: 4.2/5

Sunwest Genetics has quite a few strains that are sold out on competing platforms, and they’ve done the work to cross-breed exclusive cultivars that can’t be found elsewhere. That said, they stand out from the pack with top-caliber customer support and lightning-fast response times.

>> Check the best prices for Sunwest Genetics

8. Sonoma Seeds – Top-Rated Site to Buy Cheap Marijuana Seeds



  • Get more bang for your buck
  • Free shipping for $200+ orders
  • BOGO 10 and 25-seed packs
  • BOGO 50% off 5-seed packs
  • Sign up via email and get 10% off
  • Support is available 24/7/365


  • No real germination guarantee
  • Must buy 20+ seeds in the US

Brand Reputation: 4.6/5

Sonoma Seeds and Sunwest Genetics are two sides of the same coin. Both platforms opened their doors to international growers 8 years ago, and they’ve partnered up to feature different strains at various times of the year.

Still, Sonoma has their teammate whipped in the discounts department.

Beginner Strains: 4.4/5

Travel back in time and re-visit Woodstock with the original Acapulco Gold. This ancient weed seed originated from Central America in the 1960’s, and sativa-dominant terpenes blend 17% THC with a golden boost of happiness. Each puff delivers a better mood and new perspective!

Veteran Strains: 4.3/5

Don’t worry – Bruce Banner pot seeds won’t turn you into the Hulk on a bad day. Rather, this sativa-dominant hybrid is known for boasting THC levels up to 27%. Veteran stoners will first notice Bruce Banner’s 300-500 gram yields before enjoying a shot of superhero-level energy.

Deals & Discounts: 5/5

Sonoma Seeds was chosen for having epic discounts, and new buyers can get 10% off their first order when signing up for their email newsletter. Additionally, you’ll get 10 or 25 seeds for free when you order the same! Buyers on a budget can get 50% off their second 5-seed pack.

Finally, international growers will enjoy free shipping (and a $200 or 20 seed order minimum).

Customer Support: 4.6/5
Sonoma Seeds can guarantee quick-responding support on a 24/7 basis, which puts them ahead of most industry juggernauts. Reach out via phone, email, live chat and social media!

Germination Guarantee: 4/5 

Growers in Canada will enjoy an 80% germination guarantee, but international buyers aren’t covered. Still, if you ask nicely enough, there’s a chance that you can claim free reshipment for seeds that didn’t germinate. Just make sure you follow the instructions before reaching out. Read this guide on how to germinate weed seeds for more information.

Final Thoughts: 4.1/5 

Sonoma Seeds is plagued by high order minimums and sneaky clauses, but they’re not here to repel US customers. They get on growers’ good sides with discounts that feel like literal theft.

>> Check the best prices for Sanoma Seeds

9. Quebec Seed Bank – Best High-Quality Weed Seeds From Canada



  • Going on 10 years in business
  • Superior Canadian genetics
  • Free seeds with $150+ orders
  • 24-hour worldwide shipping
  • Hundreds of unique strains
  • Phone & email-based support


  • Customer support isn’t 24/7
  • No BOGO deals to mention
  • Their site needs a refresh

Brand Reputation: 4.5/5

QCS (Quebec Cannabis Seeds) prioritizes quality over quantity, and they produce their seeds in-house. Since 2013, they’ve proudly paved the way for domestic seed banks to copy strain formulas and play catch-up. We’ll leave you with this: their prices are worth every single penny.

Beginner Strains: 4.2/5

Grape Skunk blends tangy, tropical flavors with a special 60:40 indica/sativa blend. THC levels hover around 20%, which guarantees beginners a fantastic experience with every smoke. It’s best reserved for nighttime usage – expect pain, stress, anxiety, nausea & insomnia relief.

Veteran Strains: 4.3/5

If you’re not careful, Fat Bastard seeds might turn you into – well, you know. This indica-leaning hybrid boasts THC levels between 30% and 38%, so you might want to lock your refrigerator until further notice. This strain puts veterans into a hungry, sleepy, euphoric, and giggly cocoon.

Deals & Discounts: 4.4/5

QCS throws in free seeds with every $150+ order, but we couldn’t find any BOGO deals here. Instead, they offer unique perks like free shipping for orders above $200 and great discounts for bulk buyers. Get 100 Blueberry Kush x AK-47 feminized seeds for $450 ($4.50 per seed).

Customer Support: 4.1/5

Growers can give QCS’ team a call over the phone or send them an email Monday – Friday. Their phone support hotline is open from 12 PM to 8 PM, but you can order via phone from

10 AM to 6 PM 5 days a week. Unfortunately, other sites have more comprehensive support.

Germination Guarantee: 4.6/5

Unlike many seed banks online; QCS covers international buyers with their 80% germination guarantee. If your pot seeds fail to germinate, reach out and claim more free seeds at no cost.

Final Thoughts: 4.1/5

QCS is an excellent choice for international growers who put quality above everything else.

>> Check the best prices for Quebec Seed Bank

10. MJ Seeds – Best “Fast-Version” Auto-Flowering Seeds for Sale

MJ Seeds


  • Trusted seed bank since 2009
  • Fast-version seeds grow easier
  • Excellent option for beginners
  • 24+ auto-flowering seed strains
  • Phone, chat & email support
  • Sign up w/ email & get 10% off


  • $30 more for guaranteed shipping
  • Must provide a letter from customs
  • No germination guarantee, period

Brand Reputation: 4.6/5

MJ Seeds has been a trusted Canadian brand since 2009. They sell a variety of fast version autoflower seeds that appeal towards beginners (and the impatient). Enjoy record-time harvests and mistake-proof cannabis genetics across tens of high-THC strains. Start smoking in 75 days!

Beginner Strains: 4.2/5

Cola Kush Fast Version seeds were individually produced by Dutch Passion, and beginners can feel the positive effects of 3% CBD alongside 20% THC. While this strain is cross-bred using 3 sativa parents, the influence of CBD mitigates anxiety without ruining your potent mood boost.

Veteran Strains: 4.1/5

Purple Dream Fast Version seeds offer indica-dominant terpenes with THC content that can reach 24%. When you take a puff, you’ll feel the buzz originate behind your eyes and migrate through your bloodstream. Expect full-bodied euphoria, and don’t make any important plans!

Deals & Discounts: 4.3/5

When you sign up for MJ Seeds’ email newsletter, you’ll enjoy 10% off your first purchase. As a special thank-you gift, they’ll also throw in 10 free seeds when you buy $420 worth of products.

Customer Support: 4.5/5

MJ Seeds offers phone, chat, and email support around-the-clock. Expect quick replies from real people whenever you decide to get in touch! Every agent we spoke to appeared helpful.

Germination Guarantee: 4.2/5

There’s no germination guarantee available from MJ Seeds; but they offer “shipping insurance” for an extra $30 on top. If you want promised delivery to any country in the world (and free reshipment if it doesn’t arrive on time), you’d be wise to bite the bullet and pay their premium.

Final Thoughts: 4/5

MJ Seeds has been operating successfully since 2009; and having 15+ years of industry experience gives them a unique advantage in breeding the best “fast-version” pot seeds.

>> Check the best prices for MJ Seeds

Here’s How We Chose the Best Place to Buy Marijuana Seeds

We chose the best places to buy marijuana seeds based on several factors, including:

Online Seed Bank Reputation

We gave a higher ranking to seed banks that have been around the block. There’s no sense in buying from a company that opened their doors last week, especially when our top picks have navigated the cannabis industry for decades. Reputation and reviews mean everything to us.

Popular Strains + Selection

What good is a seed bank that doesn’t go above and beyond to feature fire strains in huge quantities? The best seed banks online give growers the option to buy regular seeds, grow feminized seeds, and create their own unique strains with time-tested cannabis genetics.

Lowest Prices Available

We prioritized seed banks with prices that equate to highway robbery. We gave a higher ranking to seed banks that aren’t afraid of a good discount, and making you feel appreciated is the best way for a company to guarantee your loyalty. It’s easy to say “yes” with rock-bottom prices. 

Customer Service Team

Whether you’re not hitting your desired harvest time or have any concerns as a new grower, you’ll have a competent agent at your disposal for any problems that arise. Our team gave priority to seed banks that offer 24/7 support via phone, live chat, social media, and email.

>> Check the best prices for Seed Supreme

Here’s What You Should Know Before Buying Cannabis Seeds

Before buying the best Cannabis seeds, here’s what you should keep in mind.

Male Seeds vs. Female Seeds

Most cannabis seeds that you’ll find online are feminized seeds. Feminized pot seeds produce buds filled with THC! Of course, you can smoke these high-quality buds or convert them into a live resin oil for discreet usage. Only female cannabis plants are good for average consumers.

Male seeds pollinate female seeds and play an instrumental role in reproduction, but they’re not meant for consumers. As any experienced grower will tell you, they use male plants to cross-breed different cannabis genetics and create new strains while harvesting free seeds.

Regular Cannabis Seeds

Regular marijuana plants have a 50/50 chance of producing male and female seeds. However, you should remember that male cannabis plants can destroy female plants with excess pollen. To avoid the possibility of screwing up your first grow, keep male and female plants separated.

Regular plants are good for novice growers and people who want to save money on high-quality cannabis seeds! As we mentioned, male plants produce more hemp seeds.

Auto-Flower Seeds

Autoflower seeds are great for beginners and people who want to enjoy the fruits of their labor in record time. Autoflower seeds can be male or female, and the same distinctions apply here.

Autoflowering seeds rely on an internal clock, rather than external conditions, to produce buds within 75 days. Autoflower plants can be grown indoors or outdoors, and it’s very hard to mess them up! They’re bred using cannabis genetics from the unforgiving environment of Siberia.

While photoperiod plants require a certain amount of light and specific temperature to thrive, autoflowering seeds will bloom at warp speed regardless of any newbie mistakes you make.

THC Content, Indica/Sativa, and Terpenes

Cannabis cultivation is a complex topic, so we’ll just give you the rundown.

Before you pick any random seed bank or strain, you should consider the effects you want to experience. THC levels between 16-20% are best for novice smokers, but high-THC seeds may contain up to 30% THC. You shouldn’t overwhelm yourself with high potency right away.

Indica terpenes are responsible for making you feel sleepy and hungry while producing wave after wave of full-bodied euphoria. Sativa terpenes are on the opposite side of the spectrum! Sativa strains give their users a sense of heady well-being, energy, cognitive focus, and more.

>> Check the best prices for Seed Supreme

Where to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online: FAQs

Here, we answer a few frequently asked questions about the best Marijuana seeds.

Is It Illegal To Buy Marijuana Seeds in the US?

No, it is not illegal to get marijuana seeds in the US. According to the 2018 Farm Bill [1], weed consumers in all 50 states are protected from legal persecution for simply possessing hemp seeds. However, some states have serious laws against growing high-quality cannabis seeds.

We’d encourage you to check your local laws before diving deeper into cannabis cultivation.

Which Is the Best Marijuana Seed To Get?

The best marijuana seed to get depends entirely on what you’re looking for! Our favorite strain happens to be Gorilla Glue #4 from Seed Supreme, but our top-rated seed bank stocks 1,500+ additional European cultivars. Look at the effect profile of each seed before making a decision.

Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from trying mix packs to pinpoint your favorite strains!

Which Marijuana Seeds Plant?

All the marijuana seeds listed here can be planted indoors or outdoors, depending on the strain you choose. As for beginner-friendliness, our team would suggest buying autoflower plants. Autoflower feminized seeds rapidly sprout THC buds within 6-8 weeks (this is quick).

Traditional feminized seeds can take up to 12 weeks before they’re ready for harvest.

Which Marijuana Seeds Produce the Most Buds?

Feminized cannabis seeds produce the most buds, but they’re a bit more difficult to grow. More specifically, you’ll enjoy much higher yields per harvest when using outdoor seeds. Outdoor seeds have more room to bloom, but they can take much longer to harvest than other options.

Outdoor marijuana seeds (like Mary Jane’s Grapefruit sativa strain) can yield up to 35 ounces of THC-filled buds per plant. You should have techniques dialed in before growing outdoors.

How Should I Store Marijuana Seeds?

You should store marijuana seeds by keeping them away from direct and indirect light. High-quality marijuana seeds can last for up to 5 years in a cool, dark, and dry area.

Aim to store your cannabis seeds in a room with constant temperatures between 42℉ and 46℉ (5℃ – 7℃). Ideally, your storage area should have humidity levels between 8% and 10%. However, these are perfect conditions, and your weed seeds will last a long time regardless.

Just grab a mason jar, add your seeds, put your jar in a drawer, and jack up the air conditioner.

How Long Do Marijuana Seeds Last?

As mentioned above, marijuana seeds can last for up to 5 years when stored using optimal conditions. However, for people who don’t have access to a cryotherapy freezing chamber, cannabis seeds last between 2 and 3 years. Remember that perfect is the enemy of good.

You may want to consider using your refrigerator as a storage unit (yes, the light turns off).  Experienced growers claim that chilled cannabis seeds can last a decade before expiring.

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Final Verdict: Buy Marijuana Seeds

The best seed banks online aren’t here to jerk your chain or sell you bunk products.

Rather, you can expect popular cannabis seeds delivered to your doorstep (complete with discreet shipping!). Many of our top picks offer a money-back guarantee for 30 to 90 days, which leaves you with no excuses. 

If you’re tired of that corner pack, get high-quality seeds and beat the plug at his own game. The best seed banks online like Seed Supreme have partnered with reputable breeders, and they’ve earned a stellar reputation for blessing cannabis cultivators with a rewarding growing experience.

Just be sure to check your local laws before you start growing indoors or outdoors!

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