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9 Best Foot Fetish Sites for Selling and Buying Feet Pics & More

best foot fetish sites

You’ve got a foot fetish, and you don’t know how to go about getting your hands on some pretty feet pics? You may even feel weird about it.

Here’s the thing – foot fetish is actually the most common fetish!

And here’s some more good news – foot fetish sites are all over the internet. But instead of wandering through some obscure places and weird feet, you’ve come here for a list of the best foot fetish sites.

Good move on your part because that’s just what we have in store for you, so go ahead and scroll down.

Best Foot Fetish Sites of 2024

Overview of the 7 footsome sites we’ve looked into:

Best foot fetish site overall

  • Buy per piece or subscribe
  • ID-verified sellers

Giant foot fetish site

  • Feet pics & video-on-demand
  • Webcam models & pornstars

Super kinky feet categories

Newest foot fetish site

  • Some free foot pics
  • Amateur and semi-pro models

All kinds of foot fetish toys

  • Realistic super skin material
  • Affordable prices

Find silicone feet

  • High-quality material
  • Secure and reliable platform

Great for selling feet pics

  • Foot models keep 100% of profit
  • Cash awards for models

Start selling feet pics

  • No-contact transaction
  • High standard of quality

Get up close with foot models

  • Vibrant foot fetish section
  • More personal experience

Celebrity feet pics

  • Stock photo website
  • Huge choice in the gallery

1. FeetFinder – Best Foot Fetish Site Overall


  • Buy per piece or subscribe
  • ID-verified sellers
  • Foot models get 80%


  • Some models charge a lot

FeetFinder is the No1 dedicated foot fetish site and the most reliable platform for both buyers and sellers.

It has an excellent system in place that protects both the buyers and models selling pictures.

The major thing for foot fetishists is that all the foot models’ profiles are ID-verified.

So the buyers can rest assured they’re buying feet pics of a real person and not just a random stock photo.

Another thing is that the buyers get blurred feet pictures commissioned prior to paying, so they can get reassurance they’re getting what they paid for.

And when the buyer gives the green light, the money is in the seller’s account.

Besides the usual buying and selling feet pictures per piece, you can also subscribe to a model’s page, kinda like OnlyFans, and access exclusive foot content.

Models get 80% of the overall price, and they’re paid through Segpay or Paxum, depending on where they’re from.

The prices for foot pictures vary anywhere from $5 to $30, and this foot fetish website tends to be pricier than the others.

However, it does have an impressive collection of sexy feet pics and high-quality content from real people all over the world.

>>Go to FeetFinder, the best foot fetish site overall

2. Feet4Cash – Foot Fetish Niche Giant


  • Feet pics and VODs
  • Webcam models & pornstars
  • Great related sister sites


  • The site’s got a bit of a learning curve

Feet4Cash is a giant conglomerate among the best foot fetish sites, with more than just one online platform dedicated solely to foot fetishists.

There’s literally ANYTHING feet enthusiasts could ever want.

You can get a standard foot pic for a couple of bucks every now and then, or you can get immersed into the world of foot fetish. There are pedicured feet, feet in sexy footwear of all kinds, and even VR feet porn.

You can also order videos on demand.

There are also foot fetish websites of foot models where you can hang out with them, making the whole experience feel more complete.

For sellers, it’s a safe and reliable platform with huge traffic where they can sell feet pics fast and securely.

>>Head to Feet4Cash, one of the best foot fetish sites

3. Funwithfeet – Top Tailored Search Filters

funwithfeet logoPros

  • Wide filters
  • LGBTQ-friendly 
  • Custom feet pictures available
  • Thousands of creators


  • Subscription-based

Funwithfeet might not be the longest-standing foot fetish site, but for the time it has existed, the site has gone on to become one of the largest collections of foot content today.

With thousands of creators…and double the number for feet, you can either check out feet pics or videos. Better yet, you can also request someone for tailored feet videos or photos if it tickles your feet…sorry…tickles your fancy.

Best of all, Funwithfeet has incredible search filters. You can browse through feet by country, ethnicity, gender, and age to find what floats your boat.

There are also categories like mature, oily, socks, heels, dirty, and more to cater for almost every taste and kink.

Lastly, almost every foot model has a free foot photo for you to give you more bang for your buck.

>>Check out thousands of feet videos and photos on Funwithfeet

3. FeetRecords – Newbie Foot Fetish Website


  • Some free foot pics
  • Amateur and semi-pro models
  • Great magazine


  • Not that many pro models

FeetRecords is a newbie in the field of foot fetish websites (it was founded in 2018), but it definitely deserves its spot on this list.

It’s already becoming the foot fetish lovers’ go-to.

That’s primarily because the community-oriented approach makes the whole experience feel more intimate, and there’s a sense of belonging.

Some of the features that facilitate this are the blog feature and the yearly magazine that’s already becoming a feet enthusiasts’ must-have.

When it comes to the content itself, you can buy and sell feet pics and feet videos of all flavors. We especially like bundle deals where you can get a bunch of photos for a ridiculous amount of money.

As far as prices go, they go from $9 to $35, which is pretty good.

>>Jump to FeetRecords, one of the newest feet fetish websites

4. Foot-Fetish Toys – Affordable Silicone Feet


  • All kinds of foot fetish toys
  • Realistic super skin material
  • Affordable prices


  • Questionable packaging

Feet pics and videos are great and all, but you can’t really call yourself a TRUE foot fetishist unless you have a collection of feet toys.

And Foot-Fetish Toys is the best place to start building your foot toy crest.

The site offers all kinds of silicone feet – with nail polish, in pantyhose, and with footwear. You can also buy full legs, hands, too, and a whole silicone sex doll.

The best part about the toys is that they’re made of super realistic silicone material – you know, the soft and squishy one.

The toys are also pretty affordable compared with other sites.

The feet do come in paper materials, which is kinda iffy, but ours weren’t damaged. And, saving the best for last, you can pay with PayPal.

>>Head to Foot-Fetish Toys for affordable foot toys

5. Silicone-Feet.com – Luxury Silicone Feet


  • High-quality material
  • Secure and reliable platform
  • Organized and user-friendly site


  • More expensive

Speaking of super-realistic silicone feet and sex dolls, no one comes close to Silicone-Feet when it comes to quality.

Silicone-Feet is a subsidiary of Oxy-Shop, a world-renowned BDSM sex shop.

On Silicone-Feet, you can, as its name suggests, find feet (among other things) made of the finest silicone that really looks life-like.

We’re talking about soles with fine lines and all other little details that make it hard to realize it’s an actual silicone foot.

The feet come with red nail polish, French pedicure, or natural.

Oh, and there are also feet fleshlights. If you aren’t only looking for feet, you can find half-body dolls, torsos, or just ass and vagina packs. The site’s user-friendly design will help you easily find what you’re looking for.

It will cost slightly more than on other similar sites, but you’re sure you’re getting top quality.

>>Move to Silicone-Feet, the luxury silicone feet shop

6. Feetify – Best for Selling Feet Pictures


  • Foot models keep 100%
  • Cash awards for models
  • Kinda like a dating app


  • Sellers pay a subscription

Feetify is one of the best feet fetish sites for those looking to sell feet pics and earn a buck. Don’t get us wrong – it’s a great place for buying feet pics, too, but it is THE place that has their sellers’ back.

First off, foot models get to keep 100% of their earnings.

That’s already one thing where other foot fetish websites can’t even come close. There’s a catch, though – you have to pay for a subscription.

It’s no big deal, though – $4.99 a month, $14.99 for a year, or $40 for life.

Those buying feet pics are the ones who pay a 20% commission fee. Models can get paid via PayPal, CashApp, or Venmo, which is also dope.

Here’s a cherry on top – there are frequent (and significant) cash awards for the models, too.

>>Jump to Feetify, the best place for selling feet pics

7. Dollar Feet – Best to Start Selling Feet Pics


  • No-contact transaction
  • High standard of quality
  • Guaranteed payment


  • Not everyone’s a fan of fixed prices

If you don’t know where to start selling foot photos, Dollar Feet should be your top pick. New foot models are often confused as to how to go about selling foot photos, and it takes some time before your profile takes up.

But Dollar Feet maintains relative ‘job security’ levels in such an unpredictable market.

That’s because THEY will buy your pics so you can easily make money selling feet pictures right then and there, and they’ll later sell it to foot enthusiasts.

The starting price for a short video clip is $10, but as you grow, you get to become their official foot model and earn much more.

And you don’t have any contact with people buying your foot pics, which is also a welcomed thing for newbie models.

Foot pics buyers, on the other hand, get top-quality exclusive content at reasonable prices.

>>Jump to Dollar Feet, one of the best sites for selling feet pics

8. OnlyFans – Up & Personal With Foot Models


  • Vibrant foot fetish section
  • More personal experience
  • Free stuff, too


  • Not one of the niche feet fetish websites

OnlyFans is not exactly one of the best foot fetish sites, but it’s still a legend in and of itself, making it deserving of a spot on our list.

Not to mention that its foot fetish section thrives.

Foot lovers can also get plenty of beautiful feet pics and videos for free as models use them as a way to tease their fans.

More importantly, OnlyFans is a place where you can buy and sell your feet pics in a more personalized manner.

That means a more intimate and intense experience for the buyers but also a chance for the foot models to build and maintain recurring customers for all kinds of content.

>>Go to OnlyFans to buy or sell your feet pics

9. WikiFeet – Celebrity Feet Pictures


  • Stock photo website
  • Buy & sell feet pictures
  • Huuuge gallery


  • Dated interface

When it comes to foot fetishes, Wikifeet is that good chaotic energy platform feet lovers love to frequent here and there.

First off, there’s a HUGE gallery of all sorts of FREE gorgeous feet pics.

There’s also a page for every single celebrity, no matter how big or small. Besides that, you can also buy or sell feet pictures.

There are pictures of feet that appeal to all kinds of foot fetishes.

The interface is dated, but nonetheless, WikiFeet is the OG legend that’s still worth frequenting due to the sheer volume of content.

>>Head to WikiFeet, one of the best foot fetish websites

Happy Foot Hunting on the Best Foot Fetish Sites

Listen, research is very clear about the fact that foot fetishes are the most common type of fetishes out there. Foot fetish is also the most acceptable one by society, so there’s no reason to feel a certain way about it.

Just look at how King Tarantino owns it!

Don’t limit yourself because there’s so much good foot content on the best foot fetish websites, like FeetFinder, which tops our list.

Feet4Cash and FeetRecords come right after it, and for good reason.

Whichever you choose, you can rest assured that these are legitimate sites with exclusive, high-quality content to enjoy.

All that’s left for us to do is wish you happy foot hunting!


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