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FunWithFeet Review – Buy or Sell Feet Pics With More Freedom!

From Kill Bill, to Pulp Fiction, to Jackie Brown to Once Upon a Time In Hollywood, Hollywood has had a love affair with feet…

OK… maybe it’s just Tarantino!

But it’s hard to deny that there’s something about the naked foot that is beautiful, artistic, and very cinematic. That’s why we’re focusing on a FunWithFeet review – the #1 site for selling feet pics and buying feet pics.

It’s safe to say that FunWithFeet has really “stepped up” in the foot pic industry.

That’s why we’re going to consider how to buy, how to sell, and analyze the overall reputation of the company.

Let’s start with a 10-second FunWithFeet review to get the gist of it.

FunWithFeet Review in 10 Seconds

  • FunWithFeet has feet pics & feet videos
  • Only real people are buying & selling feet pics
  • Create a profile in minutes
  • Buy all the feet pics anonymously & discreetly
  • Or sign up as a seller & make some money
  • Buyers & sellers can remain anonymous
  • Start buying or selling foot pics instantly
  • Explore a variety of foot niches

Who is Fun With Feet For And Not For

FunWithFeet is for people who love feet! Whether you love watching or showing off your own feet, you will find that this niche is such a welcoming community.

FunWithFeet is a site that brings together foot pic buyers and foot pic sellers for direct communication. The FunWithFeet company is the “broker” and also handles the finances.

A professional third party is necessary in this situation for secure transactions, anonymity, and peace of mind in online transactions. FunWithFeet also helps with marketing and presentation.

The site is certainly not for anyone who wants sexually explicit content beyond just feet. FunWithFeet appeals to visitors who have foot fetishes or simply admire the aesthetic of a perfect pair of tootsies.

What We Like and Don’t Like On Fun With Feet 


  • The largest selection of feet pic content
  • Multiple sub-niches & categories
  • Filtered searches
  • Free to sign up as a buyer
  • Custom content by request
  • Anonymous & discreet interaction with other members
  • LGBTQ-friendly with multiple genders


  • Recurring monthly subscription fee
  • Smaller membership

When and Where Did FunWithFeet Start?

FunWithFeet is a relatively new company that launched in 2021. It was co-founded by Ravinder and Raj Dosanjh, the latter of which also started RentRound, a company connecting landlords to agents.

Though the company started in the U.K., FunWithFeet has grown exponentially and is now a worldwide website with thousands of members.

Why is Fun With Feet Unique?

FunWithFeet understands the complexities of the foot pic industry. Therefore, you will notice right away it’s not just feet pics but a whole host of sub-niches.

After you visit the site and scroll down, you will notice categories like:

  • High Heels
  • Socks
  • Lotion
  • Dirty Feet
  • Tattoos
  • Dancers
  • Mature

In addition, the site has a number of tags that indicate further niches and interests within the feet pics, such as Soles, Arched, Toe Nails, Hairy, and Feet Worship. 

The key to selling feet pics is figuring out what the market wants.

If you’re a buyer, the same logic applies. Figuring out what really excites you about feet pics will help you communicate your wants with the sellers you meet.

How Does Fun With Feet Work?

After browsing through the categories, you will notice two sections on the sales page: Buyers and Sellers, and each section brings you to a different part of the site.

This is also the section where you either sign up for the first time or log in if you’re already a member. While you must create two separate accounts for each section, it’s fairly easy to switch back and forth between Buyers and Sellers.

The Seller’s page, however, requires sign-up immediately with no preview.

You can spend some time previewing sexy feet in the Buyer’s section, even without signing in.

Once you sign up, you can fill in information related to age, gender (including LGBTQ genders), display name, About section, and a Safe For Work photo.

FunWithFeet Review of Site Functionality

The design is fairly minimalistic, with a calming beige color and mobile-friendly “blocks” that keep sections organized. On the buyer’s page, you’re quickly introduced to how the site works, popular categories, and new member profiles.

Below, you can also find the site’s FAQ page, the website’s blog, and contact information.

Hitting the View More button takes you to more member profiles and feet pics. If you have specific requests in mind, you can use the filtered search bar at the top of the screen to search by keyword, newly listed feet pics, or filters.

Filters let you narrow down member profiles by country, gender, ethnicity, age, and niche category.

Browsing Through Feet Pics

If you’re a buyer, the next step is to browse foot pics and determine which new sellers pique your interest.

As you can see, there is a variety of foot models to choose from, each with distinct personalities and “themes” associated with their galleries.

It’s fairly common to meet users like SluttyKrystal94 or Milf_Solesxoxo, who cater to a heavy “adults only” clientele. However, you’re just as likely to meet someone like Alex_Is_Sweet, who posts more innocent feet pics. 

The preview page only gives you a quick sneak peek of the foot pic gallery, as well as the first sentence of the seller’s profile. You also get to see if how many foot pics are free and how many remain locked.

Once you click on a foot picture or profile picture, you get to see the seller’s full page. This includes a photo and user ID, and About section, and social media links. 

You can directly message the seller, send a tip, or follow their account.

Below the profile picture, you can see a preview of all the seller’s collections, which you can sort by latest or oldest. A suggested price accompanies the collection, which unlocks the entire album. However, users could have dozens of albums listed, and each one must be unlocked.

Once you open an individual foot picture (one is often provided for free), you can zoom in on it for a closer view.

Custom Foot Content

Be aware that not every seller allows for messaging. Sometimes, the only option is to tip or unlock foot pic galleries. 

However, some of the most successful new sellers do chat with potential customers and know how to make a connection. This feature, along with the tipping option, allows buyers to negotiate with the seller for original custom foot content.

This could mean longer videos or more niche-specific. By browsing through some of the categories and hashtags, you can see some of what clients are looking for.

Some categories for foot content are rather innocuous, while others may be more adult-oriented. After all, sellers can have NSFW photo albums and even some suggestive categories like “footjobs.”

FunWithFeet Review: Start Selling Foot Pics Today!

As a seller, your goal is to develop a loyal customer base that wants new foot content, which only you can exclusively sell.

FunWithFeet has one major advantage over most other sites selling feet pics, too.

Sellers pay no commission for their sales. 

Instead, sellers pay a monthly fee for listing privileges, as well as some basic marketing help. While the site doesn’t do any marketing outreach, you can expect a professional-looking gallery with a popular site in the foot pic industry.

Fun With Feet makes your profile easier to find with select hashtags and brings your customer base to you faster than negotiating with people off-site.

In fact, the site doesn’t allow offsite correspondence. To ensure the safety of both sellers and buyers, all messages and financial transactions must take place on the Fun With Feet website. 

Anyone taking business offsite risks getting their account permanently banned.

Selling Feet Pics Safely and Discreetly

One of the best features of the site is the ability to sell and buy anonymously. The site keeps all conversations on-site, and all transactions are handled through trusted vendors.

Better yet, the company requires that all sellers get verified so that buyers can have full confidence they’re buying original photos and videos of the seller seen in the profile.

The sign-up process for sellers requires submitting government-issued identification. This prevents scammers, catfishers, and other fakes from misusing the site and violating the trust between buyer and seller.

FunWithFeet Review: Understanding Foot Pic Marketplace Pricing

While buyers do not have to pay for membership, they are expected to spend anywhere from $2 to $20 to unlock a seller’s collection.

FunWithFeet sellers can set their own prices, while tip money is left up to the buyer. Keep in mind, however, that custom content and personal messages with other sellers come at a higher price.

Sellers will only talk to buyers who appreciate their time and tip extra for conversation and who exclusively sell content to just one buyer. It’s not uncommon to spend $100 or more for an exclusive foot video.

While Fun With Feet earns big praise for doing away with commissions, sellers are still expected to pay monthly subscription fees. These fees go towards improving the platform and maintaining all associated fees.

  • $9.99 lets you sell on Fun With Feet for 3 months
  • $14.99 lets you sell on Fun With Feet for 6 months

Broken down by month, that means you would pay either $2.50 or $3.33 a month, depending on which package you choose. Indeed, the no-commission policy of the company lets you take home more of your hard-earned money with a 100% payout rate. 

Make Thousands More a Month Selling Feet Pics

The good news is that FunWithFeet does not charge transaction fees or even a small listing fee like other sites. That means you take home a huge chunk of your earnings, minus only the price of a subscription.

When it comes to getting paid, you receive funds from sellers in your FunWithFeet wallet. From the Feet Wallet, you can transfer a secure payment directly to your bank account.

The site works with trusted payment facilitators like PayPal, Segpay, and Paxum when connecting to your bank account. Buyers can also pay for feet pics using a credit card.

FunWithFeet Reviews

The typical FunWithFeet review is positive, and the website maintains a passing grade on independent review sites like Trustpilot.

While there may be negative reviews, you will notice most of them center on FunWithFeet’s subscription fees. Sellers are automatically charged these monthly subscription fees regardless of their sales. 

Therefore, while this is not dishonest, this may be off-putting to sellers compared to other foot pic sites that work by commission. 

Is FunWithFeet legit? Yes, it’s a trusted company with thousands of members worldwide that works with other reputable payment processors.

If you have any questions, you can contact the Fun With Feet Customer Service Team at support@funwithfeet.com or through the site’s online form on the Contact Us page.

FunWithFeet Alternatives

Fun With Feet is not the only site selling feet pics online. Take a look at these other websites offering feet pics, and let’s see who is better.

Feet4Cash vs. FunWithFeet Review

Feet4Cash is part of a foot fetishists network, with sites like VRFootFetish and NylonUp, which involve full nudity of the models. In exchange for posting foot pics and feet lovers videos, the company flies models out to Lucca, Italy.

You can even take a friend with you for the trip. Sounds good, though the 50% revenue-sharing program may not be for all tastes. At least you get 50% on new sales and rebills for life.

  • Feet4Cash offers modeling work beyond just selling foot pictures
  • Feet4Cash requires visiting the Italy-based studio
  • FunWithFeet lets you keep all your royalties
  • FunWithFeet allows you to work from home

Buy feet pics or start a modeling career at Feet4Cash!

FeetFinder vs. FunWithFeet Review

FeetFinder is a bigger site and has a few years of a running start on FunWithFeet. The site has more members and a more traditional commission arrangement instead of a subscription fee. This is ideal for customers who don’t want to pay a fee if they’re not selling any foot pics.

However, FunWithFeet’s lack of commission means people selling feet pictures can earn far more money – keeping 100%, minus the subscription fee. 

  • FeetFinder makes a 10% commission on all sales – no subscription fees
  • FeetFinder has a higher rating from Trustpilot
  • FunWithFeet does not require ID for buyers, only sellers
  • FunWithFeet has spicier categories than FeetFinder

Earn money without much pressure at FeetFinder.com!

FeetRecords vs. FunWithFeet Review

FeetRecords is a magazine that publishes high-quality photography from professional artists as well as exciting amateurs. The goal here is to become a “featured foot model” and benefit from the magazine’s publicity and marketing.

The best part is that if you’re feet-friendly, the company doesn’t charge you for their listing or marketing help. With over one million members uploading content daily, and lots of helpful tips on how to make more money from customers, FeetRecords is a welcoming community.

  • FeetRecords is a magazine that offers select models the professional touch
  • FeetRecords offers free exposure and doesn’t charge fees
  • FunWithFeet is friendlier to amateurs
  • FunWithFeet is

Start a feet account with an already successful magazine at FeetRecords!

FunWithFeet Review FAQs

Selling foot pictures is no easy task. That’s why we’ve made a list of Fun With Feet FAQs about making money with feet pics.

What kind of foot content can you find at Fun With Feet?

Interested buyers can find all sorts of foot content at Fun With Feet, including full-length videos or multiple galleries of sexy feet from amateurs.

It’s not uncommon to find BDSM or other adult kinks, or even something completely unique, such as when a model will literally walk in front of the camera while barefoot.

Sellers have the option to upload photos of their choice or even correspond with an anonymous foot lover who has specific requests.

How do I sell feet pics with Fun With Feet?

For many members at Fun With Feet, the challenge is to sell feet pics in the first place.

If no one comes across your collections, then you won’t make any sales.

That means it’s very important for sellers to attract buyers by posting feet pictures with appropriate tags. It might also help to think outside the box when it comes to thinking of new galleries of foot photos and videos.

Researching your competition, and seeing what foot pic ideas seem to sell, might help you brainstorm some new ideas. Having a social media presence on other sites is also smart, especially since you can list your social links on FunWithFeet.

Check out more tips at our how to sell feet pics tutorial.

How can I find legitimate buyers at Fun With Feet?

Fun With Feet makes it easy to work with only legitimate buyers since new members must sign up before interacting with sellers.

As the seller, you also have the option of turning off messaging and only posting the galleries you want.

Serious buyers understand the process. They tip well and respectfully ask for custom requests according to the seller’s posted rules.

Either the foot pic seller or the buyer can suggest a price for custom content. If mutually accepted, the seller can create a custom collection and include personal details for the buyer.

What are some popular niches for buying Fun With Feet pictures?

When it comes to popular niches at Fun With Feet, foot models are only limited by their own imagination.

Some sellers offer BDSM and bondage photos, high heels, tattooed feet, nylon, boots, sandals, dirty feet, lotioned feet pics, or even “footjobs,” which may simulate a sexual act.

Fun With Feet doesn’t have rules against nudity if it’s privately negotiated. However, no seller is required to post sexy feet pics or do anything that feels uncomfortable.

Find out what to expect from the community in this related article, the best foot fetish sites.

How much do people charge selling feet pics at Fun With Feet?

At Fun With Feet, sellers can charge whatever they want when selling feet pics. However, you will find that most individual feet pic collections sell for less than $10 each. 

There does not appear to be a “subscribe” option for buyers that unlocks the entire model’s collection. For that reason, buyers should expect to unlock albums individually or pay for custom content.

Am I going to sell pics to foot fetishists at Fun With Feet review?

Whether you’re going to sell pics to foot fetishists or just people fond of feet is practically unknowable.

Unless, of course, the buyer admits their intention in a private message.

However, you will find that communicating with foot fetishists is not that difficult and is very much like just flirting with someone at a bar.

Why not take a look at a beginner’s guide to foot fetishes as a way to learn the community better? Perhaps researching this niche will help you, as the sellers making money, attract more buyers.

FunWithFeet Is the Next Phase in the Foot Pic Industry

Fun With Feet is one of the best foot content sites because of its unique pricing structure. 

Whereas most foot pics sites charge a high commission (up to 50%), Fun With Feet makes its profits through subscription services.

This means successful sellers who know how to sell feet pics will quickly outgrow companies that take too much of their revenue. 

At the same time, for foot pic sellers just starting out, those fees can be a nuisance if you’re not selling anything.

Many people in the foot pic business start with a commission-based site but then switch over to a site like Fun With Feet to take home more money.

There’s no question though, that Fun With Feet offers one of the best contracts in the business and some of the most beautiful feet pictures you can find anywhere else.

Why not start browsing feet pictures now and see what the site can do for you?

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