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Homegrown Cannabis Co. Review 2023: Customer Reviews, Pros, and Cons

Homegrown Review

As any grower knows, the success of your cannabis cultivation hinges on quality seeds. Many growers resort to purchasing cannabis seeds online, mainly because the sky seems to be the limit in terms of varieties.

Homegrown Cannabis Co. is easily one of the seed banks that piques the interest of many cannabis enthusiasts because of the different strains they offer.

But is it really as good as people claim? In our Homegrown Cannabis Co. review, we’ll cover the best cannabis seeds they offer, the level of support for cannabis growers, and much more!

Homegrown Cannabis Co Review

Homegrown Cannabis Co

Homegrown Cannabis Co. is a reputable seed bank that specializes in providing high-quality cannabis seeds for home growers. The online seed bank offers a wide range of strains, from classics like Northern Lights and White Widow, to new and exotic varieties like Zkittlez and Gelato.

Homegrown Cannabis Co. also provides helpful resources and guides for cannabis cultivation, such as how to germinate seeds, how to choose the best soil and nutrients, and how to harvest and cure your buds. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, Homegrown Cannabis Co. has something for you.


  • Huge selection of marijuana seeds
  • Discounts and promos
  • Offers free cultivation crash course
  • 90-day guarantee
  • Free shipping on orders over $99
  • Private growth forum


  • Unclear germination guarantee
  • No 24/7 customer service team on chat

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So… Is Homegrown Cannabis Co. Safe?

Homegrown Cannabis Co. keeps safety front and center in everything they do. They cultivate their cannabis with the utmost care, following sustainable practices and meeting all regulatory guidelines. So, you can trust their products to be of top-notch quality and reliability.

The platform offers discreet shipping, and uses high-quality packaging that does not reveal the nature of the goods inside, so customs cannot find the seeds. They also cover their seeds with a guarantee, which means that if your seeds do not germinate, they will send you replacements for free. 

Homegrown Cannabis Co Review: Main Features

Let’s dive deeper and take a look at this seed bank’s features so you know what to expect if you choose to buy marijuana seeds from them.

Homegrown Cannabis Co. Review: Cannabis Seeds Quality

Homegrown Cannabis Co. prides itself on being a premier supplier of high-quality cannabis seeds. They are passionate cultivators, with in-house experts helping them cultivate only the best cannabis seeds.

It’s also worth mentioning that Homegrown has partnered up with esteemed American institutions like the Veterans Cannabis Coalition and prominent names in the industry like Steve D’Angelo, known as the father of legal cannabis.

All of this speaks to the quality of the products this seed bank company offers. So, even if you’re new to growing marijuana, you have a good chance of having a pleasant experience.

Homegrown Cannabis Co. Review: Strain Selection

Homegrown takes strain selection to a whole new level, offering a diverse array of options that cater to every grower’s preferences. The seed strains you’ll find here include feminized, autoflower, fast version, and regular strains.

If you’re unsure which seed strain you should go for, let’s take a closer look at each of them:

  • Feminized Cannabis Seeds: Ideal for growers seeking efficiency and higher yields, feminized cannabis seeds ensure that virtually all plants will be female. This eliminates the need to identify and remove male plants, saving valuable time and effort.
  • Auto-flower Seeds: Autoflower strains are a gift from nature. They’re a game-changer for both beginners and experienced growers. These genetics automatically switch from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage based on age, regardless of light schedules.
  • Fast Version Seeds: This seed strain has a shorter flowering period, so this is for you if you want to speed up your harvest time without losing the potency and flavor of the cannabis plant.
  • Regular Seeds: These are most ideal for experienced cultivators who want to be hands-on in growing their crops. Typically, this strain includes both male and female plants, which isn’t a bad thing if you’re looking to explore new genetic combinations.

Types of Seed Strain

The good thing about Homegrown is that the website has a convenient search tool that you can use to easily find your favorite strains and different seed strains. All their marijuana seeds also have detailed descriptions, so you know what to expect when growing and finally using them.

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Homegrown Cannabis Co. Review: Market Reputation

Homegrown Cannabis Co. has not only cultivated a reputation for providing top-quality seeds but has also solidified its standing in the industry through strategic collaborations with industry titans like Steve D’Angelo, Nikki and Swami, and Kyle Kushman.

With such influential figures on board, Homegrown Cannabis Co. has not only gained credibility but also acquired insights and knowledge from the very best in the industry. They have also received over 300 reviews on Trustpilot, with an impressive average rating of 4.6 out of 5, reaffirming the brand’s commitment to excellence and innovation.

Homegrown Cannabis Co. Review: Grow Kits

Growing your own cannabis plants is no easy feat. So, if you’re new to this or you simply want to go through the process with less effort, you’ll want to consider getting grow kits.

They contain everything you’ll need to nurture a seed into a mature cannabis plant, from nutrients to trimming scissors. Going for this can save you a lot of time sourcing each item you need for your growing journey.

Homegrown Cannabis has two grow kits you can purchase, including:

Quick-Start Marijuana Grow Kit – Best for Beginners

Quick Start Marijuana Grow Kit

What It Includes:

  • Standard nutrients
  • Bottle of Germ Genie
  • 4 White Widow autoflowering seeds

This is the grow kit for you if you’re new to cannabis growing. It includes White Widow seeds, which are generally considered beginner-friendly. It’s a resilient strain with strong genetics, so it could withstand common mistakes that beginners might make.

Since what’s included in this kit is an autoflowering strain, it also won’t require much during its growth cycle.

To help you become more successful in growing these weed seeds, the grow kit includes standard nutrients and Homegrown Germ Genie, which is 100% kelp extract. This can help strengthen the roots of your cannabis plant and produce healthy crops.

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Advanced Marijuana Grow Kit – Best for Expert Growers

Advanced Marijuana Grow Kit

What It Includes:

  • Full-pack organic nutrients
  • Germ Genie
  • Kyle Kushman’s Cherry AK Fems

Even seasoned cannabis growers would go for grow kits every now and then, and the advanced kit is something they could be interested in.

Aside from the organic nutrients and Germ Genie included, the seeds you’ll get are Cherry AK feminized seeds picked by Kyle Kushman. It’s considered a luxury-quality cultivar known for its mouth-watering flavors and high yields.

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Homegrown Cannabis Co. Review: Germination Guarantee

The germination guarantee at Homegrown Cannabis is 90 days, which starts the day after delivery. So, if any of your seeds don’t germinate within this period, you’ll be rightfully compensated.

While having this guarantee is good, feel free to take advantage of this company’s germination guide for beginners.

You can check out the guide for two methods that could work for you, which are the napkin and soaking methods. Aside from those, you can also download Kyle Kushman’s crash course in cultivation for free on the Homegrown Cannabis Co. website.

Homegrown Cannabis Co. Review: Payment Methods

Homegrown offers a diverse array of payment methods, but note that payment processing times can affect delivery turnaround time. Here’s the information you’ll need:

  • E-wallets (Zelle, CashApp, etc): Processed next business day
  • Bitcoin: Processed next business day
  • Credit Cards: 1-2 business days
  • ACH, Bank Transfers: 3-5 business days
  • Cash, Check, Money Order: Up to 2 weeks

Homegrown Cannabis Co. Review: Shipping Range and Stealth Methods

Homegrown Cannabis Co. only ships within the US. Since this is one of the best seed banks based in the US, you should be able to receive your seeds within 5–10 business days.

You can easily track your order once it’s shipped because you’ll get an email with a tracking link via USPS. Discreet shipping applies to all orders, and they also come in crush-proof packaging.

Homegrown Cannabis Co. Latest Deals, Promos, & Discounts

As long as you purchase at least $99 worth of good-quality products at Homegrown Cannabis Company, you’ll get free shipping. Aside from that, you’ll also be treated as a loyal customer.

When you create an account on the site, you automatically have access to the Homegrown Stash loyalty program, where you can earn Homegrown STASH points for every $1 you spend.

You can save these stash points to eventually unlock discounts and other perks for your future purchases. You also have the option to buy 12 packs of marijuana seeds for only $99.

You can also buy seeds in larger packs or bulk for cheaper rates. You’ll need to contact Homegrown Cannabis to get the prices wholesale.

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Homegrown Cannabis Co. Review: User Reviews

We all know that online reviews, like ours on seed banks, are treasure chests of insights. However, we also want to include actual user reviews so you can get a feel for their experience purchasing seeds from this site.

Brian is happy with how great the customer service is and the quick delivery time.

Robert recommends getting the Blue Dream strain which has massive yields and smells amazing.

Overall, we mostly found positive experiences from cultivators. It’s inevitable that there will be negative experiences as well. Brian here expressed that he wasn’t much satisfied with his strain’s yield.

Best Quality Homegrown Cannabis Co. Strains

Homegrown Cannabis Popular Products

With so many strains available at Homegrown Cannabis Co, deciding on which ones to choose can be challenging. Here are a few most popular strains available on the website.

1. Chocolope Kush – Best for Energy

This is a powerful sativa-dominant strain, and users recommend it for people looking for an energy boost. It has 12–17% THC levels, and true to its name, it has a touch of sweet chocolate flavor. It could be the best strain for those with a sweet tooth.

2. Diesel Power – Best for High Yields

If you’re looking to grow seeds with high yields, this one’s for you. It’s a hybrid strain with a lineage of OG Kush and Diesel. Diesel Power could have plants with up to 20% THC, which many would say is great for pain, stress, and anxiety management.

3. Lemon Blast – Best Sativa Strain

This is a dessert-like strain that can produce plants with up to 23% THC. Lemon Blast is mostly Sativa and can grow indoors and outdoors if you’re living somewhere with Mediterranean or sunny weather. Expect it to have a lemony or zesty, uplifting taste with a hint of sweet vanilla.

4. Big Devil – Best Autoflowering Strain

Looking to try something new that’s a bit similar to the AK-47? The Big Devil might be a great choice. It can have THC levels of up to 18% and has the aroma of skunk strains. Many growers prefer this because of its higher yields compared to other auto flower strains.

5. Princess Stinky – Best for Inducing Euphoria

The Princess Stinky is for those looking to harvest in no time, as it only takes around 6–8 weeks for it to flower. It’s a hybrid strain between Skunk and Cinderella 99, with THC levels up to 18%. Other enthusiasts recommend this for people who want to experience euphoria.

Homegrown Cannabis Co. Alternatives

While Homegrown Cannabis Co. has carved a niche for itself in the cannabis world, there are several other seed banks that deserve a closer look.

  1. Seed Supreme – Reputable US seed bank
  2. ILGM – 100% germination guarantee
  3. MSNL – Premium European Genetics
  4. Seedsman – Best variety
  5. Crop King Seeds – Best for free seeds

1. Seed Supreme – Reputable US Seed Bank

Seed Supreme

Seed Supreme is a well-established cannabis seed bank that offers a large selection from multiple other breeders. Their focus on providing diverse and stable genetics makes them a go-to choice for many growers.

2. ILGM – 100% Germination Guarantee


ILGM is a prominent name in the cannabis community and is also known for its extensive strain selection. Many would agree that this is the ideal place for new growers because of their detailed grow tips. This is also where you can find buy 10 get 10 promos and a 100% germination guarantee.

3. MSNL – Premium Seed Bank in Europe

Marijuana-Seeds.NL has a rich history dating back to 1999. Apart from offering a diverse selection of cannabis seeds, they also provide a list showcasing their best-selling products, allowing customers to see what is popular among other buyers.MSNL offers attractive discounts of up to 50% off by using coupon codes.

4. Seedsman – Best Variety


If you’re looking for an online seed bank that delivers internationally, you’ll want to check out Seedsman. This company has been around since 2002, and it’s also known for its regular flash sales on selected seed strains. They also sell seeds from different breeders.

5. Crop King Seeds – Best for Free Seeds

Crop King Seeds

Another well-known website is Crop King Seeds, but it can also be the better choice if you want to purchase them in person since their seeds are widely available in dispensaries and even gas stations, and other local shops. This is also your best bet if you’re looking to score free bonus seeds.

Homegrown Cannabis Co. Review: FAQs

Here, we answer a few frequently asked questions about Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Where Does Homegrown Cannabis Co. Ship From?

Homegrown Cannabis Co. ships from the US and only within the US. So, US consumers can expect to receive their orders in 5–10 business days.

Is Homegrown Cannabis Co. Legit?

Yes, Homegrown Cannabis Co. is a legit seed bank company. It’s a reputable seed bank that’s worked with the Veterans Cannabis Coalition and even the father of the legal cannabis industry, Steve D’Angelo.

How Many Seeds Strain Homegrown Cannabis Co. Has?

Homegrown Cannabis Co. has over 520 strains for medical and recreational growers. You can choose from categories like regular, feminized, autoflowering, and fast growing.

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What Is the Guarantee on Homegrown Cannabis Co.?

Homegrown Cannabis Co. has a 90-day guarantee. They will compensate most customers whose seeds do not germinate within this period. The 90-day guarantee starts the day after delivery, so it’s best to try to germinate the seeds as soon as you get them.

What Is the Homegrown Cannabis Co.’s Shipping Time?

Shipping time at Homegrown Cannabis Co. can take between 5 to 10 business days. Make sure to choose a payment method that’ll immediately clear so they can ship your seeds right away.

Homegrown Cannabis Co. Review: Is It the Right Option for You?

When it comes to cultivating your dream cannabis garden, it’s essential to buy weed strains from a reputable company. Homegrown Cannabis Co. ticks all the right boxes, from quality seeds to stealth and discreet shipping, wide strain variety and excellent customer service.

Not sure which strain to buy?

We recommend checking out Homegrown Cannabis Co different mix packs, which come with three different types of strains each.

Whichever option you decide on, good luck, and remember to carefully follow the germination instructions.

Happy growing, and don’t forget to have a little fun while doing so. May your green kingdom flourish with abundant buds and good vibes.

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