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PeopleFinders Review: The Pros, Cons, and Overall Verdict

Are you seeking a trustworthy and precise background checking service? PeopleFinders is the answer!

With its sizable collection of public records and user-friendly platform, PeopleFinders has become a preferred source for individuals who want to gain more information about the people in their lives.

In this PeopleFinders review, we will thoroughly examine the company’s characteristics, costs, and total functioning to assist you in deciding if it’s the correct selection for you. Therefore, let’s jump in and discover if it’s worth your resources and effort.

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What Is PeopleFinders?


PeopleFinders is a background check service that has been around for more than 20 years, making it clear that it has a wide range of clients. Throughout its existence, it has been honored with multiple awards and carries an A+ BBB rating.

It has a very user-friendly interface, making the search process pretty straightforward. Once the search engine has the necessary information, it will process it by looking through public records and public databases to produce the search reports.

As per PeopleFinders reviews, the service provides a variety of services that allow searching for property records and reverse phone lookups.

These services cover an array of uses, such as discovering information about neighbors, tracking down lost family members, finding friends, and getting good contact info.

According to our PeopleFinders reviews, consumers can choose between one-time report generation or an ongoing subscription.

Despite this, the business is not affiliated with the Fair Credit Reporting Act nor is it a Consumer Reporting Agency, so any data obtained from them cannot be applied in a court of law. Even so, looking for this data can provide assurance.

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Is PeopleFinders Legit?

Before you take the plunge and invest in the solution, you obviously want to ensure your money is being used well.

Who wouldn’t be curious to find out whether this daring and thrilling platform can really stay true to its promise of quickly uncovering unexpected data about anyone?

Put your worries aside, investor, as we’re sure the service can fulfill what it pledges, shown by the many excellent PeopleFinders reviews.

It’s the capacity to find hidden information that may not be readily accessible on your conventional search engine. So keep on reading to find out all there is to know about PeopleFinders.

What Can You Do With It?

As per our PeopleFinders review, the company provides a wide array of details about people, such as their contact info, address data, criminal record, social media accounts, job background, schooling, and more.

This makes it possible to do background checks to find lost relatives or friends or to confirm information.

Furthermore, several PeopleFinders reviews reveal that it also lets you keep an eye on your digital identity and determine what other people can see about you.

Overall, the solution provides a comprehensive selection of resources that can assist you in obtaining knowledge and making well-thought-out choices.

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PeopleFinders Features?

PeopleFinders provides several approaches to discovering an individual. Of course, the majority of the solutions can start with looking for a name or location.

Some also let you carry out a search based on a telephone number, more commonly known as a reverse phone lookup. We were taken aback to see not only the previously mentioned three strategies but also a fourth- based on an email address.

One PeopleFinders review shows that if you use it to search for a name that might have multiple matches, it will provide a list that includes age and relatives to help you decide which one is the right one.

This is very important since most other search tools require paying for a result without knowing if the search will even produce any results.

A PeopleFinders review shows that it offers a comprehensive analysis of a person’s profile, including the name, address history, contact details, and family members.

If a background report is purchased after paying the PeopleFinders Cost, further information can be obtained, such as court and arrest accounts, real estate and bankruptcy details, and a scan of the countrywide sexual offender catalog.

A PeopleFinders review also reveals that it does not provide information such as email addresses, social media handles, or whether an individual owns a weapon or possesses a gun permit in its report.

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Among the primary services provided are

  • Criminal Background
      • Sexual misconduct
      • Lesser offenses
      • Convictions of serious offenses
      • Official documents related to detainment
  • Locating specific addresses
      • Characteristics of the property
      • Estimated worth of the property
      • Neighbors in the vicinity
      • Location of the property
  • Reverse Phone Lookup
  • Searching for individuals
  • Criminal records
  • Public Records
      • Divorce papers
      • Data regarding matrimony
      • Contact details
      • Past criminal offenses
  • Tracing an Email Address’ owner

People Search

PeopleFinders is widely known for its people search, which is one of the best available on the web and provides a large amount of publicly accessible data on any person that you look up.

How does it work?

Enter the full name of an individual, plus any other details you possess like their date of birth or nearby area, to obtain more accurate outcomes.

What info does it return?

As per PeopleFinders reviews, an in-depth account of a person may be generated, which could encompass the following details:

  • Age and month and year of birth
  • Tax records
  • Phone numbers
  • Criminal history information
  • Email addresses
  • Names and known aliases
  • Possible relatives
  • Current address
  • Social media profiles
  • Sex offender information
  • Address history
  • Court records
  • Available photos

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Reverse Phone Lookup

It can be extremely annoying to get calls from unfamiliar numbers, be it from pranksters or scammers. Fortunately, a PeopleFinders review states that the reverse phone lookup feature can help detect the source of such calls.

How does it work?

According to PeopleFinders reviews, the software can look up the identity of an unfamiliar caller by inputting the phone number into their search engine, which has access to billions of data points.

What info does it return?

According to PeopleFinders reviews, it can provide whatever background info is available about an unfamiliar caller, including:

  • Location
  • A name
  • One’s company’s moniker
  • Phone numbers with associated email addresses
  • One’s chronological age
  • The number is linked to a social media profile

Reverse Email Lookup

It’s unavoidable that our email accounts will eventually become cluttered with emails from unfamiliar senders since the spam folder cannot detect everything.

Just like a reverse phone lookup, PeopleFinders’ reverse email lookup can reveal information about an email address that’s not recognized and let you figure out if the sender is genuine or a fraudster.

How does it work?

According to our PeopleFinders review, the tool will search its massive collection of records when a user inputs an email address.

What info does it return?

PeopleFinders offers data about the mystery individual behind an email, which includes:

  • Details about the sender of the email, such as their personal data
  • A number of social media accounts were made using the same email
  • The identity of the person or organization linked to the email address

According to our PeopleFinders review, Reverse email lookup is a useful tool that helps confirm whether a person or business is authentic or a fraud.

It’s more reliable than relying solely on a Google search to determine the identity of a sender of an email as well as the purpose of their communication.

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Address Lookup

One PeopleFinders review shows that subscribers can use a reverse address lookup to uncover comprehensive details about any residential address in the United States.

Why use reverse address lookup?

If you’re keen on getting information about a house you intend to buy without reaching out to a real estate agent, finding out more about your new neighbors, or just getting a better understanding of a certain area, you can use the reverse address lookup as an effective tool.

How does it work?

According to PeopleFinders reviews, when you input a location into the search bar, it will search its records to discover information on the residence or business in question.

What info does it return?

  • Information regarding the people who are currently living at the address or those who resided there in the past.
  • Specifics concerning the residence, including the year it was constructed, the area of the building, and the number of rooms

How to Perform a Background Check With PeopleFinders?

PeopleFinders provides a comprehensive platform that enables individuals to conduct searches in accordance with a person’s:

  • Contact Number
  • Specified Name
  • Physical Location
  • Postal Code/Dialing Code

Before you can take advantage of the platform, you must carry out the following steps:

  • To make things easier, you can create an account through third-party logins like Google or Facebook. All you have to do is sign up and you’re good to go
  • After you have established your account, you can access it by signing in
  • To look for someone, simply type their name and location in the designated box
  • PeopleFinders will provide a list of individuals with similar names residing in the same region. Furthermore, supplementary details such as aliases, age, relatives, or other related information may also be included
  • To get a comprehensive view of the individual’s details, you can download the entire report

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How does PeopleFinders work?

PeopleFinders makes it easier for people to track down details from multiple different public sources without the need to do individual research and make multiple visits to various record offices.

According to PeopleFinders reviews, a single search through the service can provide access to a huge amount of data that was previously spread out in government offices and public records centers.

The background reports include a substantial amount of detail, and all of the details are sourced from multiple public records. The information is gathered from a variety of sources, such as

  • Profiles on various social media sites
  • Records held by banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions
  • Details from consumer-oriented magazines and real estate records
  • Governmental databases at the federal, state, and local levels
  • Judicial records
  • Details from the U.S. census
  • Information collected by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other law enforcement organizations
  • Bureaus that issue credit reports

Pros and Cons


  • They have access to 10 billion entries
  • The platform provides a user-friendly interface
  • They offer a free trial of three days before paying the full PeopleFinders cost
  • The customer service is superb
  • Users can pay the PeopleFinders cost for individual reports
  • PeopleFinders cost varies depending on the price point
  • The data they provide is almost always correct
  • There are applications for both Apple and Android devices


  • Penalties for terminating a contract
  • A cap on the number of searches allowed per month
  • PeopleFinders cost uses shady pricing tactics

PeopleFinders Cost

The software has a regular monthly fee of $24.95, which is considered cost-effective compared to the industry and is seen as fair by customers. To experience the features, people can opt for the trial membership for less than $4.

According to PeopleFinders reviews, the software charges a cancellation fee and offers one-time services.

In comparison to the prices of its competitors, it’s still reasonably priced and falls within the mid-range. Considering its features and the PeopleFinders cost, it’s a good option for those seeking extra protection and search capabilities.

Customer Support

The customer service is amicable and supportive. You can contact them by dialing their toll-free line (800) 718-8997 or emailing them at customercare@peoplefinders.com.

They can answer calls from Monday to Friday, 7 am-6 pm Pacific Standard Time, and on Saturday and Sunday, 7 am 3:30 pm Pacific Standard Time.

PeopleFinders Reviews from Real Users – How Legit is it?

To make it easier for you, we went through lots of PeopleFinders reviews on the internet to determine what actual people thought about the service after using it.

This should provide a reliable response to the inquiry as to whether the service is a legitimate option and if it functions as promised.

Opinions from people who have used the website from Sitejabber.

Consumers have given PeopleFinders an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars, based on 1788 reviews, indicating that most people are content with their purchases.

Customers who express dissatisfaction typically cite issues with credit cards, customer service, and phone numbers.

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Alternatives to PeopleFinders



TruthFinder is a web-based public record lookup utility that allows people to get details about other people.

People can do searches by using a name, phone number, email address, or mailing address to get information like contact information, felony records, and real estate records.

Additionally, Truthfinder presents a reverse phone lookup option, which can be used to recognize the proprietor of an obscure phone number.

TruthFinder is easy to use, and it also has a downloadable app to make retrieving search results more convenient. On the other hand, similar to other services, there is a fee for using it.

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If you need a resourceful background check service, Intelius is a good choice. It grants you access to a broad range of data, such as contact data, criminal records, property records.

Intelius also has a background check feature, which enables users to get a full report on a person. Furthermore, Intelius has a reverse phone lookup service and a mobile app that lets you get to the search results conveniently.

Nevertheless, customers should be aware that Intelius has a fee and some users have reported that the information given by the platform is inaccurate.

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Instant Checkmate


Instant Checkmate is a widely respected platform that provides background checks and allows people to search through the public records of others. It’s widely considered to be one of the most reliable and extensive background check services available at this time.

Individuals use this service for their own purposes, such as obtaining information regarding their neighbors, acquaintances, and potential love interests. However, the service cannot be applied professionally, like examining employees.

It offers access to an array of searchable databases that comprise phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses, social media accounts, and criminal records. Read the Instant Checkmate review here.

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Since 2006, this service has been helping people to find out about someone’s background, criminal past or even to locate an old friend. In the past 14 years, it has become a reliable source that more than 20 million users have trusted.

With its basic features, you can use Spokeo for free by just entering someone’s name or phone number. It gives a limited quantity of information, but most of it is blurred and cannot be read.

Nonetheless, those who can read between the lines can still discover some useful facts while scrutinizing the data.

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US Search

US Search logo

US Search is a well-respected entity in the industry and provides a straightforward background check and people search feature. Even better, the service is designed to preserve your anonymity, so the individuals you’re researching won’t be aware of your search.

US Search uses its vast collection of public documents to produce a comprehensive report. This method of obtaining data is less expensive and much more effective than other means of finding these records.

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Things to Consider Before Using a Background Check Service

Nowadays, having easy access to this information is unquestionably advantageous.

PeopleFinders is a handy resource for gathering information about people you have recently met or individuals you’re close to. It allows you to quickly look up a person online and discover their contact information, as well as the names of their family members.

Because of the availability of people searching for solutions such as background check services, most of these services will offer the option of providing your data to them. Checking to see if you have opted out might be challenging.

PeopleFinders Review Frequently Asked Questions

Does PeopleFinders Offer A Free Trial?

Although there is no way to get a free trial of PeopleFinders, you can still try it out by paying the PeopleFinders cost of $0.95.

Is It Safe To Use PeopleFinders?

We recognize how essential digital security and security is, so we know that you’re looking for assurance and reliability when utilizing any individual’s services. Without them, you may not want to use them.

With PeopleFinders, you don’t have to be anxious about your privacy since they use SSL encryption to ensure that the individual you obtain an account with is not informed. This is great because this means you can make multiple searches and no one will be aware of it.

Does PeopleFinders Have An App?

They indeed offer an app for Android devices. Unfortunately, they do not currently have an app available for iOS, which is something they could consider creating since many people use Apple devices.

Is PeopleFinders Legal?

PeopleFinders affirms that it’s possible to do background investigations through private and secure public record searches.

Nonetheless, according to FCRA regulations, PeopleFinders is not a consumer reporting agency and consequently cannot be utilized for job or rental applications.

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Final Thoughts on PeopleFinders

PeopleFinders is a cost-effective and easy-to-use platform for searching for a lost pal, evaluating a new acquaintance, or determining who is making a phone call.

We were satisfied with the choice for users with fewer searches to pay the PeopleFinders cost for individual reports instead of signing up for an unrestricted subscription.

Paying the PeopleFinders Cost for a monthly subscription comes with the bonus of having access to their mobile applications, which give you the facility of putting a stop to unwanted calls from unidentified numbers, as well as from potential spam.

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DISCLAIMER: You may not use the non-FCRA approved services mentioned in this article or the information they provide to make decisions about consumer credit, employment, insurance, tenant screening, or any other purpose that would require FCRA compliance. These services don’t provide consumer reports and are not consumer reporting agencies. (These terms have special meanings under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 USC 1681 et seq., (“FCRA”), which are incorporated herein by reference.)

The information available on our website may not be 100% accurate, complete, or up to date, so do not use it as a substitute for your own due diligence, especially if you have concerns about a person’s criminal history. The services we mention do not make any representation or warranty about the accuracy of the information available through our website or about the character or integrity of the person about whom you inquire. For more information, please review each service’s Terms of Use.

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