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How to Germinate Weed Seeds: The Complete Guide For Beginners

How Germinate Weed Seeds

Want to grow your own homegrown weed plants? Germinating cannabis seeds is not rocket science, but there is a certain art to it that requires a little finesse. This article will cover everything you need to know about germinating cannabis seeds, using a top-tier marijuana grow kit, and growing healthy marijuana plants with healthy buds.

We will also give you some tips and tricks to increase your germination rate and avoid common mistakes. By following this guide, you will be able to start your cannabis plants from seeds with confidence and ease.

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Buy Weed Seeds & Grow Kits to Ensure Germination: First Look

Before you start germination weed seeds, it’s important to purchase seeds that will offer high yields. Here are the best Cannabis seed banks that stock weed seeds with top-tier genetics, along with grow kits.

  1. Seed Supreme – Best weed seed bank overall
  2. ILGM – Reputable US seed bank with 100% germination guarantee
  3. Homegrown Cannabis Co. – Best grow kits for new growers

What Is Seed Germination?

Seed germination is the awakening of a dormant seed, initiating its growth and leading to the emergence of a seedling. In layman’s terms, it simply means the process by which the seed grows from seed to seedling (small plant).

During germination, you will observe a small tentacle-like bud emerge from the seed. That bud is the plant itself growing from the seed. The whole point of germinating cannabis seeds is creating the root or bud you see growing from the seed itself.

Types Of Weed Seeds

4 Types Weed Seeds

Before learning how to germinate weed seeds, you need to learn that there are four different types of weed seeds.

1. Regular Seeds

Regular cannabis seeds produce both male, female and hermaphrodite cannabis plants and are the most common marijuana seeds.

2. Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds produce purely female plants. The feminized cannabis seeds tend to be a little more costly, but you take away the lucky-packet possibility of having a few male plants in between your crop, so your resources (fertilizer, light, space, time and soil) are going to bud-producing plants only (i.e the feminized seeds).

3. Photoperiod Seeds

Photoperiod seeds produce both male and female plants, and the flowering period is determined by the time of the year. Cannabis is an annual plant that stops growing in size and starts to produce flowers around September.

To mimic this, indoor growers shorten the light hours from 18 light and 6 hours dark to 12 light and 12 dark hours. This ensures that the plant continues to grow and produce flowers.

4. Autoflower Seeds

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are female cannabis seeds that do not need photoperiod conditions (12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness) to evolve from a vegetative state to a flowering stage. As the name suggests, they are designed to flower automatically. 

If you’re a beginner looking for how to germinate pot seeds, look no further than autoflowering seeds. They are perfect for beginners because it takes a lot of the guesswork out of the germinating and growing processes. Additionally, autoflower seeds have a shorter lifespan, so they develop faster than photoperiod seeds.

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What To Look for in Cannabis Seeds

When learning how to germinate weed seeds, there are a few things you need to look out for. This is primarily to determine your cannabis seed quality, and you can usually tell the health of the seed just by looking at it.

How to choose quality cannabis seeds


A rich brown color that varies from light ground coffee brown to dark chocolate brown is ideal and denotes seed health. Most seeds are uniform in color but you also get tiger-striped seeds as well as tortoiseshell seeds, although these are less common.

When learning how to germinate weed seeds, keep in mind that it is generally thought that darker seeds have taken on the deeper shade due to a lack of light exposure, humidity and oxidation, but these factors will not overtly affect the seed’s ability to produce healthy cannabis plants.

Cannabis seeds start to lose their viability when they become green in color. Green seeds are an indication that the grower may have harvested the seeds too early, as green seeds tend to mean the seed is not ripe yet. Although an unripe seed may germinate, the likelihood is very slim.

Size and Shape

When learning how to germinate weed seeds, it is also important to take note of the shape of your marijuana seeds. Healthy cannabis seeds come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but while the size of the seed is less important, the shape of the seed is critical.

Both large and small cannabis seeds can produce healthy marijuana plants, even the small compacted ones and the large bloated-looking ones. The one thing that is non-negotiable is the shape of the seed.

Healthy cannabis seeds must have a tear-drop shape. Round and bulbous on one side and more pointed towards the other side. Any other shape could indicate a lesser-quality seed. Extremely flat and misshapen seeds produce genetically flawed plants, if they germinate at all, that is.

Waxy Sheen

Healthy weed seeds suitable for germinating Cannabis seeds have a waxy sheen as if the grower has taken a polish brush to it.

Unhealthy seeds have a dull matte look about them. When learning how to germinate weed seeds, remember that you have more chance of germinating cannabis seeds of great health if you choose a seed that shines as opposed to one that looks lackluster.


The rule of thumb with germinating Cannabis seeds is the younger the seed, the better the weed. While it is true that younger seeds have a better chance of growing most plants that are healthier, you can also use seeds that are 2 or 3 seasons old as well. Any older, and you are not going to have the same success.

How do you determine the age of the seed? A simple touch test will let you know the age of a seed. Place the seed in between the thumb and forefinger and give it a squeeze. A younger seed will be firm and won’t dent under pressure.

Older seeds may feel softer to the touch. Really old seeds will feel dry and may even crumble as they lack the moisture and nutrient content of younger, healthier seeds. The rule of thumb for germinating cannabis seeds is that the touch of the seed determines the weed.

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How To Store Cannabis Seeds

How Germinate Weed Seeds

When learning how to germinate weed seeds, it’s vital you understand the proper way to store them first. Like all living things, cannabis seeds need to be properly cared for if they are to thrive into seedling-germination organisms.

Seeds are essentially in hibernation until such time they start germinating or see light, as we know that germinating Cannabis seeds need light to kickstart the germination unless you use auto-flowering seeds.

Extreme changes in temperature, too much oxygen, exposure to light and high levels of humidity can easily destroy the integrity of the seeds. As such, it is always best to store your seeds in cool, dry and dark containers without exposure to too much of the above.

When it comes to how to germinate seeds, make sure to always use an air-tight, cool, dry and dark container that is perfect for short-term storage. For long-term storage, you should use a desiccant, such as silica gel, in an air-tight container and store the seeds in the fridge. This gives them an extra seal that preserves the seeds until they are ready for germination.

You can use any type of air-tight container, from well-sealed plastic tubs to even zip-lock bags. In fact, zip-lock bags are perfect as you can force a lot of the air out, making a vacuum-like effect. Once vacuum-sealed, store the zip-lock bag in a dark or opaque container so the seeds do not get exposed to the fridge light.

Be aware of humidity while in the fridge, and don’t forget the silica gel. Humidity, of all the four dangers, does the most damage to weed seeds, so only store your seeds in frost-free fridges or sealed with extra desiccant. 

You can store seeds in the deep freeze, but you run a higher risk of the seeds being affected by humidity, so for best long-term storage results, simply store as stated above in the fridge with silica gel in an opaque air-tight container.

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How To Germinate Weed Seeds Using the Paper Towel Method

How To Germinate Weed Seeds Using the Paper Towel

So, how to germinate marijuana seeds using the wet paper towel method? The paper towel method is one of the most widely used seed germinating methods. While it is not 100% foolproof, if done correctly, you will have beautiful little germinated seeds ready for planting.

How to Germinate Weed Seeds: Supplies Needed

  • Cheap paper towels: Cheap paper towels are better than the more expensive variety as the seed roots grow and tend to lock into the fibers of the more expensive kind.
  • Two dinner plates: You will need to lock in the moisture during the germination process, and the plates work perfectly.
  • Cannabis seeds: Make sure you have a few healthy cannabis seeds.
  • Seedling heating mat: If you do not have a specialized seedling heating mat, any warm surface that stays between 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Rapid Rooter plugs: Rapid Rooter plugs are soilless grow plugs made of composted tree bark and organic materials.

How to Germinate Weed Seeds: Method

  1. Put 3 or 4 layers of paper towel neatly onto a plate. Ensure you cut the paper towel so that it fits properly onto the plate. If there is any paper towel hanging over the side, it may dry out, causing your seeds to dry out too.
  2. Label your strains. If you are growing more than one strain at a time, you may need to label your seeds so you know which strain is which.
  3. Water the paper towels and add the seeds. If you add the seeds first, you run the risk of the seeds moving around as you add the room-temperature water. For best results, liberally water the paper towels and then place the seeds in their desired position.
  4. Cover with 1 sheet of paper towel. You will want to see if the seeds are germinating without disturbing them so one paper towel should be enough. Ensure the top layer of the paper towel is well-watered.
  5. Add a second plate on top. Lock in the moisture by adding a second plate on top of the first plate. Be sure to place the plate upside down over the bottom plate so as not to squash your seeds underneath.
  6. Place on the seedling mat. You can place your plates directly onto the seedling mat, but for best results, place your Rapid Rooter tray underneath your plates to ensure your seedlings do not get too hot.
  7. Check on your seedlings at least once a day. It is important to check the progress of your seed germinations at least once a day. Ensure the watered paper towels do not dry out and that the seedling mat is not getting too hot. You should notice germination in 2 or 3 days, although older seeds can take a couple of days longer.
  8. Get ready to plant your seedlings. Once you notice there is germination, the seedlings will be ready for planting. Pull off the paper towel’s top layer and carefully inspect the seedlings. There should be a noticeable root and leave stems present. Recover and wait a couple more days if root or leaf stems are absent. Cut one side of your Rapid Rooter in half so you can easily slip the seedling in to avoid bending the root.
  9. Place the seed head close to the top. Try to place the seed head as close to the top as possible while still encasing the root in the Rapid Rooter.
  10. Place the rapid Rooter in the seed tray. Place the Rapid Rooter back in the tray and lightly water so that the whole of the Rapid Rooter is moist. Be careful not to go over water nor under water. The rapid Rooter should be damp all the way through but not dripping with water.
  11. You should have seedlings appearing within 1 or 2 days. The seedlings are now ready to be placed under gentle light. While a sunny window works well, the best light you can use is a vegetative light, although remember to keep it twice the distance away than you would normally.
  12. Ready to be planted. Your seedlings are ready to be planted once they have spread out their first set of serrated leaves. At this point, you can plant the whole Rapid Rooter, and there is no need to pull the plant out and risk damaging the roots or severing the fragile stem.

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How To Germinate Weed Seeds Directly in Soil

So, how to germinate weed seeds using the direct soil method? Of all the ways to germinate marijuana seeds, the soil method is probably the most simple, although it can be a little trickier than the paper towel method as conditions need to be exact in order for the seeds to germinate.

How to Germinate Weed Seeds: Supplies Needed

  • Good quality potting soil: Never use soil straight from your backyard as it can contain pests and mold. Head to your local nursery and buy good-quality potting soil.
  • Planting pots: These pots should be smaller pots that are easy to maintain, with small holes at the bottom to provide drainage. You can always transfer your seedlings to bigger pots later, so make sure your pots are small enough to control the environment but big enough to handle a thumb-sized seedling.
  • Plastic kitchen wrap: You will need to cover the pots with see-through plastic kitchen wrap to keep them incubated.
  • Toothpick: You will need a toothpick to poke fine holes into the plastic kitchen wrap so the seedlings will have air circling through.

How to Germinate Weed Seeds: Method

  1. Prepare your pots. Place your clean potter’s soil into the small pots, and be mindful not to compact the soil. There should be good aeration throughout the pots, which should be 8-tenths of the way full.
  2. Water your soil. It is important to ensure the soil is quite damp, but be careful not to soak it in too much water, as that will cause the seed to rot. The soil should be moist to the touch but nothing more than that. Do not add any additives to the water or soil. It does it naturally.
  3. Place the seed inside the soil. Make a small crater between 3 and 5 mm deep into the soil. Be careful not to place your seed too deep, or it will struggle to reach out of the soil line and suffocate. Once you have your crater, place the seed gently into the soil.
  4. Cover the seed. Cover the seed and gently press down. It is important not to create a crust over the seed that would make it difficult for the shoots to come out of the soil. Therefore, press extremely gently over the covered seed.
  5. Cover the pots with plastic kitchen wrap. Cut sheets of plastic kitchen wrap and completely cover the pots, ensuring the sides of the plastic are snuggly pressed around the sides.
  6. Poke Holes in the plastic kitchen wrap. Using a toothpick, poke small holes in the plastic kitchen wrap so that air can enter into the pot and give the seedlings some oxygen. Be careful not to make these holes too big or too small.
  7. Move to a light room. Place your pots in a light room with a stable temperature of between 68-77 degrees F, but not where they will be exposed to too much light.
  8. Wait for germination. It usually takes between 4 and 5 days for your seeds to germinate, but it can take anywhere up to 10 days, depending on the surrounding conditions.
  9. Take care of your seedlings. Now that your seedlings have germinated, it is best to move them in front of a grow light and be careful of the distance. You don’t want to put them too close in case you land up burning the newly fledged leaves. Do not place your pots outside where the day and night temperatures vary too much, nor in direct sunlight, as the seedlings will wither away and die.

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How To Germinate Weed Seeds In a Glass of Water

How To Germinate Weed Seeds In a Glass of Water

So, how can you germinate weed seeds using the water method? Arguably the least effective method, water weed seed germination shouldn’t be the first method of choice for beginners. However, if you are up for a challenge, then by all means, go for it. The trick to the water method is to monitor your seeds as closely as possible.

How to Germinate Weed Seeds: Supplies Needed

  • One small glass half full of water: Preferably use a shallow glass half full of clean, fresh water. Do not add any additives to the water.
  • Good quality potting soil: Ensure your soil is clean and fresh with no pests or mold in it.
  • Planting pots: Always use smaller pots to start off with. Once your plants are bigger, you can transfer them to bigger pots, but to start with, use small pots. Ensure the pots have holes at the bottom to assist with drainage.

How to Germinate Weed Seeds: Method

  1. Place your seeds into a small glass of fresh water that is approximately 71° F.
  2. Ensure the glass receives some light but do not put it directly into the sun.
  3. After 3-5 days, you will see white tips appear on the side of the seed. This is the root that is starting to show.
  4. Once these roots have grown to 2-3 cm, carefully take them out of the water and dab dry with a paper towel. Be very careful not to damage the tiny root system.
  5. Create small craters in your potting soil about 1.3-1.5cm deep.
  6. Place the seedling root down into the holes and cover it with soil. Be careful not to fully cover the top of the seed so that the leaves can grow out of the soil. Gently pat the surrounding soil but be careful not to press too hard.
  7. Use a mister to wet the soil, and be careful not to over water. The soil should be damp to the touch but not soaked through.
  8. Place your pots about 5-6 inches from a vegetative light. Natural sunlight will work just as well but be mindful not to place the pots in direct sunlight or where the temperature will fluctuate noticeably.

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How to Germinate Weed Seeds: Tips for Germinating Cannabis Seeds

Now that you have learned all about how to germinate weed seeds, it’s important to learn a few simple tricks that can help increase your yield. The following are a few tips you can follow for germinating cannabis seeds:

  • Keep your seeds in a dark, airtight container and make sure that they are kept dry. A vacuum-sealed ziplock bag inside a dark, airtight container is best.
  • Temperature is vitally important. Germinate your seeds at 77 degrees Fahrenheit for the best results.
  • Ensure your humidity level is between 70-90%.
  • While you do not need a grow light for germinating cannabis seeds, you will need one as soon as they become seedlings, so it is best to have a grow light on standby.
  • When learning how to germinate weed seeds, you should know that the best time of year to germinate and grow your seeds and seedlings is early spring if you are considering growing them outdoors. To grow cannabis indoors, you need to create the right environment.
  • Always use clean, fresh potter’s soil that is free from all pests and molds.
  • Never overwater your plants. Soil should be moist to the touch but never soaked through.
  • Always wash your hands before handling the seeds and seedlings to mitigate the risk of transferring diseases to them.
  • Never compact your soil in the pots. Make sure there is enough air in your soil, as the seeds will require oxygen in order to germinate.
  • If you are using the paper towel method, make sure not to let the paper towels dry out. It is critical to maintain moisture levels.
  • If you are using the water glass method, ensure that you do not leave the germinating seeds in the water for too long, as they may drown.
  • Besides buying high quality seeds from reputable seed banks, it’s also important to invest in proper lighting for indoor plants. Light plays a vital role in the overall health of your seedlings and plants, so ensure you have a good quality grow light.

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How to Germinate Weed Seeds: Skip the Germination Process Using Clones

How to Germinate Weed Seeds Using Clones

Did you know you can skip the germination process by using cannabis clones?  While seeds are easy to find, reliable and efficient, clones are fast and carry the exact genetic traits of their mother plants. 

Some growers prefer the “pure” way of cultivating weed plants from seeds through cannabis germination, while others prefer the speed and efficiency of growing marijuana plants from clones. Both have pros and cons, and which you prefer boils down to a question of personal choice.

Let’s take a look at a few pros and cons of each method.

Seed Pros:

  • Seeds are easily accessible. You can find seed sellers just about anywhere, even on the internet.
  • Fresh genetic code. With a seed, the DNA has likely not been compromised, and you are working with a fresh batch of genetics.
  • Breed your own strains. Once you have your prized male and female plants, you can begin to breed them with ease and have hundreds, if not thousands, of new seed possibilities.

Seed Cons:

  • Seeds do not always germinate.
  • Seeds take longer to reach harvest time.

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Clone Pros:

  • You can ensure only female plants. By taking a cutting from a female flower, you are ensuring that your clone is also female.
  • Clones are time savers. The harvesting time happens sooner.
  • You know what you are getting with a clone. Clones are the exact copy of the mother plant.

Clone Cons:

  • Clones are not as easy to find.
  • Clones are delicate.
  • Genetic faults can carry from the mother plant to the clone.

Where To Buy Weed Seeds & Grow Kits Online

1. Seed Supreme – Best Online Seed Bank Overall

Seed Supreme

  • Wide variety of quality strains
  • Free shipping for orders above $90
  • Fast 2-5 days delivery
  • Germination guarantee
  • Frequent deals and discounts

Seed Supreme should be your go-to seed bank if you want quality seeds delivered discreetly to the US. They source their seeds from trusted breeders who offer a germination guarantee of at least 80%.

You can choose from various payment methods, including bank transfers, cards, cash, or Bitcoin. And you can expect your seeds to arrive in 2-6 business days.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you can find helpful advice on Seed Supreme’s blog. Plus, enjoy free shipping on orders over $90. No hidden fees, no hassle, just great seeds and customer service!

2. ILGM – Reputable US Seed Bank With 100% Germination Guarantee


ILGM is a trusted online seed store with over 29,000 positive reviews from the cannabis community. It offers high-quality and affordable weed seeds with a 100% germination guarantee and delivery assurance.

You can also enjoy frequent deals and discounts, such as getting 10 free seeds for every 10 purchased on selected strains, coupons, and sales.

Perhaps the best part about ILGM is that it offers grow kits that are designed to make growing seeds easy and fun, even for beginners. They contain everything you need to start and maintain your cannabis garden, such as seeds, nutrients, plant protectors, and guides.

Here are some of the grow kits they offer:

  • Beginner Mixpack: This grow kit contains three easy-to-grow strains: White Widow, AK-47 and Bubble Gum. These strains are suitable for beginners because they are resilient and fast-flowering. The kit also includes plant protectors to prevent pests and diseases, and flower power fertilizers to boost the growth and potency of your plants.
  • Gold Leaf Grow Kit: This grow kit contains the exclusive Gold Leaf strain, known for its smooth smoke, sweet flavor and relaxing effects. The kit also includes plant protectors, flower power fertilizers and a grow bible that contains tips and tricks on how to grow cannabis successfully.
  • High Yield Grow Kit: This grow kit contains five high-yielding strains: Chocolope, Big Bud, Amnesia Haze, Super Skunk and Gold Leaf. These strains are selected for their ability to produce large amounts of potent buds in various climates and conditions. The kit also includes plant protectors to prevent pests and diseases, flower power fertilizers to enhance the growth and quality of your plants, and a grow bible that contains useful information on how to grow cannabis successfully.

3. Homegrown Cannabis Co. – Best Grow Kits for New Growers


If you are looking for the best seeds of top quality, look no further than Homegrown Cannabis Co. Whether you want regular, autoflowering, fast-flowering, high CBD, high THC seeds, or feminized cannabis seeds, Homegrown Cannabis Co. has it all.

The seed bank also offers a Homegrown Stash program. Every time you shop with them, you earn points that you can redeem for discounts on your future orders.

Homegrown Cannabis Co. also offers you the opportunity to join their club and enjoy exclusive deals and benefits based on how much you spend in a year. You get special discounts and offers if you spend between $200 and $399.

If you spend $400 or more, you get to join the private growers’ forum, where you can network with other growers, share tips, and learn more. Just like ILGM, Homegrown Cannabis Co. offers grow kits that contain everything you need to start your cannabis cultivation journey, from high-quality seeds to organic nutrients and germination formula.

  • Quick-Start Marijuana Grow Kit: This is ideal for beginners, and includes four seeds of White Widow Auto, a frosty and resilient strain that can produce up to 25% THC in just 12 weeks from seed to harvest. The nutrients in this kit are standard, meaning they are synthetic and water-soluble, and they come in powder form. You just need to mix them with water according to the schedule provided.
  • Advanced Marijuana Grow Kit: This is designed for more experienced growers, and includes four seeds of Kyle Kushman’s Cherry AK, a connoisseur-grade strain that has mouth-watering cherry flavors and crystal-covered colas. The nutrients in this kit are organic, meaning they are derived from natural sources and they enhance the flavor, aroma, and quality of the buds.

How to Germinate Weed Seeds: FAQs

Here, we answer a few frequently asked questions about how to germinate weed seeds.

What Are the Steps Involved in Germinating Cannabis Seeds?

How to germinate weed seeds? There are six steps involved in germinating cannabis seeds and the marijuana plant growing process. They are the following:

  1. Imbibition: Water enters the seed and fills the cavity.
  2. The plant’s enzymes are activated by the water filling up the seed.
  3. The seed sprouts a root to access the water underground.
  4. The seed grows shoots that grow towards the sun.
  5. The shoots grow leaves that begin photomorphogenesis.
  6. The plant begins to flower.

How To Germinate a Weed Seed?

How to germinate weed seeds? You can germinate Cannabis seeds using three different methods. The most common method is the paper towel method, whereby seeds are germinated in moist paper towels in a cool, dark environment.

The second most common method of how to germinate weed seeds is the soil method, where cannabis seeds are placed directly into clean, fresh soil. While this method is popular, it is not always successful, as the seeds sometimes struggle to survive.

Lastly, the least popular method but still able to produce viable seedlings is the water glass method, where seeds are germinated inside a small glass or bowl of water.

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How Long Does Germinating Cannabis Seeds Take?

It usually takes between 4 to 10 days for a seed to start germinating, but this depends on outside influences. Humidity, light, oxygen and temperature all play different roles in how long your seeds will take to germinate.

When Is the Best Time To Germinate Cannabis Seeds?

Early spring is the best time to germinate your cannabis seeds outdoors when it is not too cold and not too warm. That being said, marijuana plants are all year-round plants. With the right indoor environment, you can germinate cannabis seeds and grow plants at any time of the year.

How To Germinate a Weed Seed Quickly?

How to germinate weed seeds quickly? You can germinate weed seeds quickly by ensuring optimal temperature and humidity, light and oxygen levels.

Temperatures need to be around 70 degrees Fahrenheit for the best results. The humidity levels need to be between 70 and 90%. This is extremely important as the germination process will stall if the right humidity levels are not in place. There needs to be high levels of oxygen available for the seeds to germinate into seedlings.

For weed seeds to germinate quickly, you also need to have optimal light conditions. It’s also important that you buy your seeds from the best seed banks that offer great genetics. Some claim that genetically engineered seeds are more time-efficient at germination, but that is not for the beginner grower.

Do You Germinate Weed Seeds In the Dark or Light?

Ideally, weed seeds should see no light during the germination process. Once they have sprouted, it is a different story, and the seedling stage needs a considerable amount of light to flourish.

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Do I Need Growing Lights for Germinating Cannabis Seeds?

Yes, growing cannabis seeds require sufficient light for successful germination. While natural sunlight can be used, it may not always provide consistent or optimal conditions, especially if you live in a region with limited sunlight or unpredictable weather. In such cases, using growing lights can be beneficial for germinating cannabis seeds.

Do All Weed Strains Germinate at the Same Time?

No, different strains germinate at different times, depending on the genetics of the strain, environmental conditions, and the quality of the seeds. Sativa and hybrids all take between 1 and 7 days to germinate, depending on the different germination methods used.

It is best to germinate the same kind of seeds together so as not to disrupt the slower-germinating seeds when they need to be planted.

Do Different Germinated Seedling Strains Grow at the Same Rate?

No, different strains all grow at different rates. For example, the flowering period for sativa strains is around 10 to 12 weeks, whereas the flowering period for indica strains is 8 to 10 weeks. Other strains vary even more, depending on what strains you have planted.

It is always a good idea to plant the same strains together as it is easier to keep a uniform crop under the proper care than it is to keep a mix-and-matched crop.

What Is the Strongest Weed Strain To Germinate?

Godfather OG is the strongest weed strain to germinate. Germinating Godfather OG seeds is relatively easy, and the germination process takes between 4 and 7 days, depending on your environmental conditions, such as temperature and light, oxygen and humidity levels.

Godfather OG can have THC levels of up to 35%. Gorilla Glue is another strong THC strain which can go up to 26% and the seeds take between 3 and 5 days to germinate.

How Long Does a Cannabis Plant Take from Seed Germination To Harvesting?

From seed to harvest, your own cannabis plants can take between 10 to 32 weeks, depending on the methodology used. Clones, for example, will take a lot less time to harvest than a water glass method seed, and it also depends on the conditions of the environment.

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Is Germinating Cannabis Seeds Difficult?

While learning how to germinate a viable seed may seem like a complicated process, it is actually quite simple. Using one of the methods above, you can easily become an expert at germinating cannabis seeds and learn to grow a healthy plant for either reproduction or for bud harvesting.

How To Germinate Weed Seeds That Are Stubborn?

So, how to germinate weed seeds that are stubborn? You can use scarification to germinate your cannabis seeds that are stubborn. Place the seeds into a matchbox that is lined with sandpaper and shake vigorously. Although it will be difficult to see with the naked eye, the micro-abrasions from the sandpaper will make it easier for water to permeate into the seed, “waking” the seed up so it can start germinating.

Alternatively, you can pre-soak the seeds in carbonated water or water additives such as fulvic acid, germination booster, hydrogen peroxide or gibberellic acid.

How To Germinate Weed Seeds: Final Thoughts

Germinating weed seeds is not the rocket science that people think it is. As you can see, a little bit of patience and know-how will have you germinating your very own little seedlings in no time.

If you are in the market for some seeds to germinate, we recommend you try Seed Supreme, our top pick for the best weed seeds. It offers over 4000 high-quality weed strains with stealth shipping and secure payment methods. You also cannot go wrong with either ILGM or Homegrown Cannabis Co.

We wish you the very best on your cannabis seed germinating journey!

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