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US Search Review: Is it Legit?

There are those who feel as though the last several years have been spent in relative isolation. Even when life returns to normal, reconnecting with people we’ve lost touch with might be challenging.

We start to wonder who we can trust as we spend more time online because so many people mask who they really are behind a screen.

At times of confusion, US Search is there to aid by compiling information from millions of discrete online sources.

In a matter of seconds, you may learn a frightening truth about a potential online suitor or acquire the contact information for a long-lost cousin. Keep reading to learn more about US Search and the many useful features it provides.

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Is US Search Legit?

In 1993, this site began providing this service, and since then, they have gone to incredible lengths to get reliable data. Simple to use with a helpful “quick start” wizard and inexpensive for both one-time scans and ongoing memberships, the process couldn’t be easier.

And the best part is that you may expect your results in just a few short minutes.


  • Membership fees that are affordable
  • Been in operation for almost 30 years
  • Easy-to-follow setup guide
  • Justification for the refunding process


  • Not being able to see prices clearly
  • Only in the United States

While there are plenty of businesses that say they’re honest, they can’t compare to US people Search’s access to millions of records.

There are a number of benefits to using this platform, including a quick start wizard that makes scanning easier and a money-back guarantee if you find that it doesn’t meet your needs.

US people Search has been around for about 30 years, which has given them plenty of time to perfect their methods and start giving their customers the results they want.

This examination of US people Search removes any uncertainty about whether or not to do a background check.

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US Search Review – Key Features

This site stands out from the crowd as a leading background check service thanks to its many useful features. Below, I’ll break out each of these for you.

Stop an Annoying Caller

Once cell phone numbers became widely available a few years ago, everyone was vulnerable to being harassed by everyone else. If you get a call or text from someone you don’t recognize, you can check their identity using this search.

The information you’ve gathered will allow you to take the appropriate steps to get them blocked and the harassment stopped.

Build Business Contacts

Any company, whether it’s operating online or off, needs to find ways to attract new customers. A US Search review can help you expand your network while also learning more about the people you’re in contact with.

Potential customers’ ages and income levels might be used to narrow your search results and find the best ones for your business. Information gleaned from a search can be used to tailor pitches for targeted products and services to prospective clients.

Track Down a Long-Lost Family Member

Over time, we lose touch with loved ones even in the digital world.

Maybe you’re looking for a long-lost cousin you used to play with as a youngster, maybe you want to find a parent or child you had a disagreement with when you were 20 years old, or maybe you’re trying to reunite with relatives who were uprooted because of a natural disaster.

Discovering their current whereabouts and having the tools to get in touch with them again are both things this search platform can facilitate.

With this search platform, you can do such searches incognito, so you don’t scare off relatives with whom you’d like to reconnect. They won’t know you’re looking for them until you’re ready, unlike on social media.

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Reconnect With Old Friends

It’s inevitable that you’ll lose touch with some buddies from your high school or university days at some point. You can use US People Search’s massive collection of public records to try to track down a lost contact using as little as a name and an email address.

There is a better chance of finding a long-lost acquaintance if you have their phone number or know their full name and where they currently live.

Now that you have your classmate’s contact information, you may decide whether or not to make contact, or perhaps you’ll find out information that will make you change your mind.

Learn Red Flags About Your Date

People may disguise their true identities behind a computer screen almost too easily these days. When online dating becomes the norm, users may wish to do a US Search review to verify the authenticity of their online chat partner before agreeing to meet in person.

With the help of this search platform’s date check, you may run a thorough search on a potential spouse based on just a name or a phone number. You’ll get the information you need in a matter of minutes to make a sound decision on whether or not to arrange a meeting.

Uncover a Person’s Criminal History

US People Search offers a variety of background checks, so you can learn everything you need to know about your prospective roommate or new next-door neighbor. If you only know the person’s first and last name, or if you have their phone number, you can still do a search.

Similarly, by entering an address, you can discover more about the local community.

Mugshots, arrest dates, criminal details, and penalties associated with a case may all be revealed by a thorough search.

Information on the event and driving offenses, such as DUIs, are also available. If you’re looking for a new roommate and want to know if they have any liens, bankruptcies, or civil judgments against them, this search platform is your best bet.

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Private Searching

This search platform will keep your search history private regardless of who you’re trying to research. All inquiries are encrypted and protected by the program, so no one will know you’re trying to pry into their personal lives.

Also, this search platform provides a safe harbor for your data, so you may browse with peace of mind.

Hide What You Don’t Want Known

If you would like to have your information removed from US people Search’s massive database, you can do it in a specific way. Simply conduct a search of your own name, and uncheck the boxes next to the reports you no longer wish to see.

After receiving your confirmation email, US Search will no longer include that record in its searches.

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US Search Background Check Reviews From Real Users

The background check service US Search is conspicuously absent from both Trustpilot and the BBB site, most likely due to the fact that it has not yet earned BBB certification. Customer reviews on Consumer Affairs aren’t exactly glowing, with an average score of 1.9 out of 5.

The vast majority of recent reviews have been quite positive, including

After 2019, there are no more unfavorable reviews, although they all seem to read similarly:

The most recent review of US Search was left in October 2021, although the vast majority of reviews are all one star.

Alternatives to US Search Background Check

The company recognizes that US people Search isn’t a good fit for everyone and provides a money-back guarantee. Try one of the alternatives given below if you want to shake things up a bit.



TruthFinder’s capacity to search the deep web is unique, allowing it to find data that other background check services simply don’t have access to.

TruthFinder may be able to offer additional insight into mysterious numbers or possible frauds because shady persons frequently utilize the dark web to deliberately disguise their identities.

TruthFinder’s pricing is comparable to this search platform’s, but the site has a number of surprise costs that don’t appear until after you’ve done a significant amount of research. After waiting for a lengthy scan’s results, being met with a paywall is frustrating. Read our TruthFinder review to find more information on this people search site.

  • You’ll get better results from US people Search in less time.
  • TruthFinder searches over the entire internet, including the hidden ones.

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BeenVerified’s primary goal is to provide data in the form you like to use. Finding what you need on a desktop or through native apps on your preferred mobile device is a breeze with the help of the background search site.

As soon as the results are in, you can save them to your computer and return them at any time.

Most users won’t need more than the maximum of 100 searches per month that even BeenVerified’s premium subscription provides. BeenVerified can also be used to research a property’s history or track down any missing heirs to a large sum of money.

Read the BeenVerified review here.

  • You can access BeenVerified on any mobile device.
  • BeenVerified restricts users to 100 searches per month, but US people Search doesn’t have such a cap.

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Spokeo gives its users the option of conducting free, basic searches on any person of interest. It’s not surprising that these probes don’t compare to a full report in terms of depth.

The program uses a database of over 12 billion records to deliver the most comprehensive background check available.

Spokeo searches are surprisingly fast given the volume of data involved. If you want to save time in the future, you can avoid repeating the same searches by downloading the results to your device.

The fact that it relies so much on social media and not on official channels is probably its biggest drawback.

  • Both services are efficient in their delivery of findings.
  • Compared to US Search’s 43 million sources, Spokeo has billions.

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US Search Background Check Review – Important Considerations

Only a few people had access to background check services until recently. With the use of services such as US people Search, it’s now feasible for anybody to access information stored in millions of databases.

Even while they claim to provide free searches of public data, many of these sites merely provide the most basic information available. A good background check will cost you money, but it will go much beyond what any free service can offer.

By conducting a US Search review, a person can uncover a wealth of information about another person’s income, and criminal past. Just entering a name, address, or phone number into US Search can yield the desired results.

Keep in mind that when screening applicants for jobs, loans, or apartments, you must use a firm that complies with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). US Search and other comparable services are restricted to internal use or the pursuit of business.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About US Search

Some of the most frequently asked questions about US Search and the services it provides are addressed below.

Is US Search Free?

US Search review shows that it’s not a free service that checks people’s histories. For a set monthly subscription, users have access to all of the service’s features. The free background check sites only use public domain information, despite what they may claim.

Is US Search Legal?

Using this search platform for private purposes is entirely lawful. It’s against the law to use the service to check up on prospective hires, tenants, or borrowers.

How Do I Find Someone’s Address in the US?

By simply entering a name or phone number, this search platform will perform a comprehensive background check for you.

The service does more than just look up a person’s present address; it also investigates their work and criminal backgrounds, among other things, in private databases.

Can I Find Out Who a Phone Number Belongs to In the USA?

To identify who is calling you, try US Search’s reverse phone lookup service. This search platform website will help you find the owner of the number you have entered.

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Final Thoughts on US Search Review

US Search review provides a low-cost means of gaining background information about current and former associates and business partners. With its thirty years of operation, the service has perfected a system for rapidly and simply locating relevant information.

No one will ever find out that you ran a background check, no matter what kind of report you get. At the moment, you can try out US people Search for only $1.99 for a whole five days. If you sign up for this search platform but then decide it’s not for you, you can get a refund.

There are several compelling arguments in favor of giving this search platform a shot right now, especially in light of the fact that you can do so without any financial risk.

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DISCLAIMER: You may not use the non-FCRA approved services mentioned in this article or the information they provide to make decisions about consumer credit, employment, insurance, tenant screening, or any other purpose that would require FCRA compliance. These services don’t provide consumer reports and are not consumer reporting agencies. (These terms have special meanings under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 USC 1681 et seq., (“FCRA”), which are incorporated herein by reference.) 

The information available on our website may not be 100% accurate, complete, or up to date, so do not use it as a substitute for your own due diligence, especially if you have concerns about a person’s criminal history. The services we mention do not make any representation or warranty about the accuracy of the information available through our website or about the character or integrity of the person about whom you inquire. For more information, please review each service’s Terms of Use.

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