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SilverSingles Review: All You Need To Know about SilverSingles Dating

silver singles review

Yeah, I know…

You want to give love another chance, eh? And potentially find a suitable date for a meaningful relationship… that’s right, yes?

Amazing, You’re looking at the right place!

But don’t jump the gun, my friend.

There’s a lot to discover about Silver Singles, so you can dive in more informed about what to expect.

With this SilverSingles review, I’ll walk you through the unique features this platform offers, the kinds of people you might meet, and even some tips to help you get what you want.

Sweet? Let’s get rolling!

SilverSingles Review: Rundown


  • 50+ singles
  • Balanced user pool
  • Highly secure
  • For serious dating only
  • Great for online dating newbies
  • Time-saving
  • See profile visitors
  • Incredibly user-friendly
  • Amazing for professionals
  • Wide dating guide resources
  • Has fraud detection systems
  • Accurate matchmaking process


  • Kind of long initial registration
  • Not many options with a free profile

Silver Singles was launched in 2002. However, the platform didn’t have much success until it was rebranded in 2009 as a dating app for people aged 50+.

At the heart, Silver Singles is all about giving people a second shot at love and relationships. After all, don’t we all deserve second chances at the things we really yearn for?

Moreover, the SilverSingles app is only for people seeking genuine and serious dating relationships, therefore everyone here is authentic to what they want.

silversingles personality test

Silver Singles is available both on the web and as an app, so you can go with whatever feels comfortable.

Better still, the app is available on both iOS (Apple) and Android, thus you can get a seamless on-the-go online dating experience wherever you are.

Looking at the platform’s overview, Silver Singles does have way more pros than cons. Its downsides aren’t even much of a big deal, and you can always find a way to maneuver them.

But let’s not give the verdict prematurely.

Here’s a point-by-point look at the dating app.

Diving Deeper into the SilverSingles Online Dating Site

Who Is on the Platform?

SilverSingles is said to have millions of users every month and records more than 1.2M active users in a month as well.

What does this say? The app is super active, giving you a good boost in finding a date.

Looking at the users, you’ll mostly find middle-aged people (40-60) and a good number of seniors as well (60+).

While many online dating apps usually have a massive difference in number between men and women, Silver Singles is more equal.

Boasting an estimated 55% men and 45% women, this is one of the most balanced popular dating apps right now to give both women and men reasonable success rates.

Sign Up Process on Silver Singles Dating App

To create a Silver Singles account, you’ll need to set a username and password. Your username can be whatever you want it to be, which is good if you want to maintain some privacy.

You’ll also select your sexual preference. The good thing is that Silver Singles is pretty progressive, so it doesn’t matter if you’re straight or gay, there’s an option for you.

silver singles review

The dating app will also ask for your email for verification. SilverSingles app uses email verification as one of the ways to protect you and other users from fake profiles and people who are not genuine about finding love on the dating site.

Here is where it gets real though…

The app will require you to take a personality test to figure out your traits, behavior, dating preferences, likes, interests, and dating goals, just to mention some.

Silver Singles’ personality quiz is said to be based on the ‘Five Factor Model Theory’. A theory that measures your personality based on five items, namely:

  • Extraversion
  • Agreeableness
  • Conscientiousness
  • Neuroticism
  • Openness to Experience

Don’t sweat the science though, you should only be assured that the personality quiz is super accurate for giving you compatible matches, and you can see that by the high user ratings, the app has online.

The only downside is that the personality quiz has over 100 questions and can take you up to 30 minutes to complete, therefore you need to be quite patient with it.

You’re however advised that you take the SilverSingles personality test carefully to give the matchmaker the best information to give you the most personable and likable date matches for you.

Members with the most compatible responses to the personality test will then be suggested to each other.

After this, the app will ask you to add some photos of yourself. A good rule of thumb is to add a couple of photos of yourself showing you enjoying your hobbies and the things you like.

Furthermore, profiles with more photos tend to appear more credible, which could eventually lead to more potential matches.

Winning Features and Tools

Talking to someone on SilverSingles

There are a few ways you can talk to someone that floats your boat on Silver Singles.

The basic communication method is the instant chat. With this, you can send someone a live message, and they can reply instantly from wherever they are.

It’s even nice that with a paid account you can get access to read receipts when you send messages. This way, you can tell if someone has read your message or not. It can also help you gauge how much someone is interested in you by how much they take to reply to your text after they read it.

Another way to chat is through normal messages which mimic an email-like style. If you want a more old-school way to chat, this is a good option.

The only party-pooper is that Silver Singles doesn’t have video chat like many other dating sites, so you might have to take conversations out of the app to have video calls on other chat and social network platforms.

However, we get it. Perhaps, the app wanted to keep everything as simple as possible. Let’s see if they introduce video chatting soon, eh?

There are other little ways to start conversations as well.

One, you can send a user a smiley emoji to show them that you want to talk to them. Smiles are a good way to show friendliness without going all out on someone.

Also, the app lets you comment on people’s profiles. Amazing, right?

If you’re struggling to break the ice, you can browse someone’s profile and see what you have in common and comment on it to ease your way into a conversation.

Lastly, you can add profiles to a favorite list. This way, you won’t have to lose contact with other users that you liked but didn’t have the time to message immediately.

Daily Match Suggestions

Once the SilverSingles algorithm peruses your preferences, goals, and interests, it will give suggestions of the most compatible users for you to check out.

And no, it’s not a one-time thing.

The app gives about 3-7 daily match suggestions for you to check out. However, some might feel like 7 recommended matches might be few, but they aren’t.

These matches are incredibly curated, and would mean that the conversations would be more quality and even lead to a serious relationship.

If you don’t fancy the matches you receive, you can always play around with the search filters to adjust your preferences and the app will give you even better matches the next day.

Wildcard users matches

Have you ever met someone you believed wasn’t your type and ended up liking them anyway?

Silver Singles plays with the idea of out-of-the-box matches with its wildcard suggestions.

Basically, wildcard users are people who didn’t exactly fit your matching criteria but are worth looking at.

Wildcard users can be as many as 20 daily, which increases your access to profiles to consider talking to. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to talk to more people simultaneously and see who you gel with the most.

Search tools

Tastes and preferences change, and Silver Singles lets you refine your potential matches with a raft of detailed search filters.

With the basic searches, you can sieve SilverSingles members based on their age and distance.

Filtering SilverSingles members by distance can be cool if you want to date someone in a different town or even country.

If you’re moving to a new place, you can adjust your distance preference to the area you’re going to so that you can start viewing Silver Singles in those areas and get ahead of the game a little bit. Cool, no?

What you should know is that the dating app by default suggests local singles; these are people nearest to where you are to make it easier for you to meet them up for dates.

Other filter options include:

  • Nationality
  • Language
  • Income
  • Gender
  • Education
  • Hobbies
  • Smoking habits
  • Habits
  • Height
  • Build

Have You Met

Other than the match suggestions and the wildcard matches, there is also the ‘Have You Met’ tool that shows you people who are close to your preferences.

If you don’t want to spend much time thinking about whom to connect with, ‘Have You Met’ gives you the opportunity to go with your gut.

Basically, you will be shown a photo of a user and a brief profile, and you decide whether to send them a message or add them to your favorites.

Personality profile

From your personality quiz and responses, SilverSingles dating platform will create a personality profile for you.

The personality profile will help you discover more about yourself by providing insights such as attachment style, habits, and possible traits, to name a few.

Site blogs and articles

One of the reasons why Silver Singles is super user-friendly and good for online dating beginners is because of its educative blogs.

The dating service has blogs that can help you get more informed on how to date online with topics such as planning a date, having pleasurable video calls, breaking the ice, how to say what you want, and others.

silversingles membership

To add, there are also other topics to help you with offline dating as well. You might find advice that can help you navigate relationships, love and finances, dating, and more.

The cherry on top is that SilverSingles’ articles are written by experts like relationship experts, dating coaches, marriage counselors, and more, therefore you can trust their advice.

See profile views

How many times have you seen someone you like and failed to let them know? A couple of times, yeah?

With the profile views on Silver Singles, you can see the people who might be into you but aren’t ready to take the initiative yet.

With this, you can approach them and maybe help them break the ice.

Fast-growing user base

Silver Singles is also one of the fastest-growing dating sites today.

With an approximated 381,000+ new members each month, the platform phenomenally increases your odds of landing a date.

Customer Support on the Dating Site

Customer support is one of the most praised things in the reviews about Silver Singles.

Since the platform covers a ton of countries, it doesn’t have a direct phone number. Nonetheless, the support team is split fast in responding to email inquiries.

You can basically ask about anything and the customer care team will be happy to help. These can include creating your SilverSingles dating profile, matching questions, personality test queries, and more.

silversingles cs

If there’s someone bothering you in your private chats, you can report them to customer care, and the support team will act and update you on the progress of your report.

The customer service hours are Monday to Friday from 9am – 6pm.

SilverSingles Cost and Benefits: Free Account Vs Paid Account

Starting on Silver Singles is free. With a free membership, you will be able to create a profile and even check out partial profiles of users.

This said, you will need to bump up to a premium membership to access all communication methods, matches, and search filters.Premium members also get to have more visibility in the site’s dating pool.

  • 3 months – $44.95/month
  • 6 months – $34.95/month
  • 12 months – $24.95/month

Although Silver Singles might appear a little pricier than other best dating sites, it does all the matching for you making it time-saving and to give you optimal bang for your buck.

Also, unlike many other dating platforms that are more of trial and error with their matchmaking, Silver Singles ensures that all the matches you receive are carefully selected to meet your needs.

What you can do with a free membership

  • Register
  • Send smileys
  • Read the first few messages
  • Take the personality test
  • Adding users to your favorites

What you can do with a paid account

How Can You Keep Yourself Safe on SilverSingles?

The good thing is that Silver Singles is highly secure. With email and photo verification, the platform doesn’t have much of a problem with fake profiles.

Additionally, the dating app does profile reviews to remove inactive ones and those that have been reported a couple of times to create a safer environment for you and other members.

silversingles safety

Still, you never know. So you should always take active personal measures to keep yourself safe as well.

You can start doing things like:

Don’t give out any personal information

Avoid giving any information about your finances and other personal details as scammers or identity thieves might use this information to fleece you.

Have video calls before you meet someone

I mean, you want to prove that the person you’re talking to is real, right?

With video calls, you can tell if someone is who they claim they are. Live video calls are also good for gauging someone’s reactions and tempers before meeting them.

Watch out for love bombing

I don’t know if love at first sight exists or not, but when dating online, you need to be careful when someone online says they love you too soon and too frequently.

Many times, dodgy people might bomb you with affection in order to gain your trust so that you can eventually give them your financial information to take advantage of.

Set up 2-factor authentication on your app

If you’re using the Silver Singles app on your phone, you can activate 2-FA. This will help you provide an additional layer of security to prevent any unauthorized person from accessing your SilverSingles account.

Measuring SilverSingles Review Against its Competitors

There are some similar sites like Silver Singles out there. We’ll review a few of them here, namely:

SilverSingles vs. Dating.com

dating dot com

Silver Singles and Dating.com are quite the opposites in the online dating scene.

While Silver Singles is focused on giving you a committed relationship, Dating.com leaves the options open for you to choose what you want.

Again, Dating.com has a more flexible age range with a lot of younger people on the app as well.

Dating.com however seems to have video chatting, giving it a slight communication edge over Silver Singles.

When it comes to matching, SilverSingles’ detailed matchmaking algorithm just makes it better to have more meaningful relationships.

Read our full Dating.com review

SilverSingles and Elite Singles

elite singles logo

Like Silver Singles, Elite Singles is a good dating site for serious relationships.

The apps have similarities in the sense that they cater to a very distinct audience. Silver Singles is more inclined to seniors while Elite Singles to a more upscale audience.

In terms of high-quality singles, Elite Singles has some of the most educated user bases on dating websites. However, both Elite Singles and Silver Singles members are largely people who’ve good careers.

Both apps also focus on personality to suggest the most compatible users for you. They also give a similar number of daily matches.

Nevertheless, Silver Singles offers more suggestions with its Have You Met and wildcard match options.

SilverSingles and Zoosk

zoosk logo

Zoosk comes in as an app for the young. It’s in many ways similar to Tinder.

With this, the app has a number of features that can be too much for older people to handle.

While it is open for people of all age ranges, it might not be the best option for those over 50+ since its tools have a somewhat steep learning curve.

Again, Zoosk is quite general with its matchmaking, which is good for casual dating but not that great if you want to date for the long term.

Read our full Zoosk review

SilverSingles and Hinge

hinge dating

Like Silver Singles, Hinge can be a good spot to look for a serious relationship. You just need to be very direct with it since there are people looking for more flexible arrangements.

Hinge however takes the props when it comes to conversations, more so with the messaging prompts that can help you maintain a chat for a while.

When it comes to security, Hinge appears to have a weaker verification system, making it more prone to scammers than Silver Singles.

Silver Singles also appears to have much more detailed profiles than Hinge, making it better for serious dating.

Read our full Hinge review

SilverSingles Review – FAQs

These FAQs are for you to discover more on SilverSingles.

How does Silver Singles work?

Silver Singles works by helping like-minded people find each other.

SilverSingles matchmaking process involves a personality quiz and personal preferences to help connect people that have chemistry that may help lead to a serious relationship.

In a day, Silver Singles will recommend about 7 matches that you can consider. You also get additional wildcard matches that might not entirely fit all your preferences but worth looking at as well.

Is SilverSingles for 50+ only?

No, Silver Singles is not for 50+ only.

The app has a number of individuals in their 40s too, so it’s not entirely locked to a certain age group. There’s no minimum age requirement for signing up either.

Does Silver Singles have an app?

Yeah, Silver Singles has an app.

The dating platform has an app on both iOS and Android to help you date and communicate with like-minded people wherever and whenever.

You should know that only premium members can access the mobile app.

silversingles app

Can I retake the personality test on Silver Singles?

Yes, you can retake the personality test on Silver Singles.

To retake the personality test, you’ll however need to reach out to customer support so they can help set up another personality test for you.

If it’s a matter of your preferences changing, you can use the search filters to add more details of your preferred partner.

It’s A Wrap – Should I Join SilverSingles?

silversingles logo

Concluding our SilverSingles review, not many apps help older people find love. And, the few senior dating apps available just don’t seem to do it as well as SilverSingles does.

The app works magnificently to help you find love. All this while assisting you with almost every bit during the process of finding a date.

Silver Singles also supports you with the most helpful dating advice with well-crafted blogs to guide you through online dating and relationships in general.

The full truth is, SilverSingles is a great place to find love.

Nonetheless, people have varied yet good experiences overall, so it’s on you to go check out the app yourself and tell us how you find it.

Get it!

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