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BongaCams Review 2024 – An In-Depth Look at World’s Raunchiest Cam Site

Look, I’m not tech-savvy. I don’t get most internet memes, I don’t know how to fix a malfunctioning smartphone, and I don’t know even what the hell NFTs are.

So when I say that I had no idea how to write a BongaCams review, it’s the truth!

But one day, my best friend gave me a gift card, and he told me that I had to try BongaCams at least once.

“Isn’t there already enough porn on the internet?”

He said, “You don’t understand. This isn’t porn. This is the best cam site in the world to meet girls.”

What followed was the most intense 24 hours of my life! Well, not 24 hours straight through. Subtract a few for sleeping, eating, and crying over my ex-wife. But still, my friend wasn’t lying.

BongaCams.com is the most fun I’ve had in years, and I’m here to tell you about my first time.

BongaCams Review in 10 Seconds

  • BongaCams is an adults-only website
  • That means live interactive “porn” that’s more personal and intimate
  • The BongaCams model you’re talking to gets paid in tips
  • You can get a free account when you sign up
  • Watch all the free shows you want
  • Add models to your favorites and see them again
  • Meet new models every day
  • Gay, trans, and couples stream too

Who is BongaCams for and Not For?

BongaCams is for anyone who has enjoyed strip clubs in the past but just doesn’t go party as hard as they used to.

I haven’t been to an in-person strip club in years. Prices are going up, gas is expensive, and most of my friends are married, so going to clubs in person is not a priority like it used to be.

That’s why the best cam sites like BongaCams are the most cost-efficient and sexy way to have fun. 

You want to stay in, but you still have an appetite for mischief. Why not talk to some hot cam girls?

Obviously, this is adults-only entertainment and not for minors or for anyone offended by virtual explicit sex. This is PornHub-level hardcore porn and not R-rated Netflix sex if you get my drift.

Full Nudity (And Much More) is Allowed

I don’t know about you reading this, but living in Oklahoma all my life, you never saw strip clubs with full nudity. It’s literally against the law for dancers to be fully nude – even nipples have to be covered with something like tassels.

Weird, huh?

Read more about weird strip club laws most people don’t know.

But BongaCams represents something new.

Interactive internet porn that shows everything is at the full discretion of the performer and lets two consenting adults go all the way if they want to.

As soon as I started chatting with a hot model in real-time, we both flirted back and forth…

Well, I knew this was going to be my new favorite pastime! But more on that in a moment.

What We Like and Don’t Like About BongaCams

BongaCams Review Pros

  • Beautiful amateurs from all over the world
  • Find models according to your custom fantasy
  • Private room fun – just like the VIP room
  • Free teaser public chat shows
  • Low-cost group sex shows
  • Spy/voyeur shows for cheap
  • Buy more tokens for less money

BongaCams Review Cons

  • Not as many American models here
  • Not as many sex toys as on other sites
  • Some models don’t speak English

Who Are the Good People at BongaCams?

BongaCams BongaCams launched in 2012. Though it started in France, its newest headquarters is listed in the Netherlands.

Ever since the 2020 COVID fiasco, a lot of people prefer to stay home. BongaCams took advantage of that and brought the “full nudity” strip club experience home to them.

In 2020, BongaCams became the top cam site in the world, according to Alexa. Today, BongaCams is still among the top 200 websites in the world.

As to who owns BongaCams, it’s hard to say. Some data analyzers have said it’s based in Cyprus and owned by Proweb Progressive Development. Other sites list it as owned by the Russian Federation.

You might think it’s not the type of company that has customer support…but you’d be wrong.

The contact page provides two customer support phone numbers – (+1)8886764409 and (+1)8556268732 – as well as direct access to Segpay and Epoch for billing issues.

The customer support team is available 24/7 by email, phone, and support chat. I didn’t need it, but it’s nice to have that assurance.

BongaCams Website First Impressions

Upon logging into BongaCams for the first time, you’re amazed at the variety the site offers.

bongacams site

If you can pull your eyes away from the gorgeous models on screen, you will also notice categories for females, couples, trans, and males on the main page.

You will also notice just below the main categories is a place for popular hashtags. While the usual shocking phrases are there, I was even more intrigued by hashtags like “recordable,” “HD cams,” and “Mobile Live.”

Apparently, many models are known for letting you record sessions, and others for doing shows intended for a mobile device. After doing your niche search, you get a full list of models back, along with live preview snapshots.

It’s really convenient to search for exactly what you want without having to worry about offending the model!

For example, if you type in “anal play”, flashing, or Lovense, you’ll get a full list of all the performers who love doing that.

Not all models will do extreme stuff. You have to be aware of that so that there are no misunderstandings.

You can also use a search bar for more specific kinks than what’s already in the hashtags.

An International Flavor

One thing I noticed about BongaCams is that the cam girls’ site has a strong international presence. Here, you will see cam models from all over the world, including Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Asia, and South America, among others.

bongacams international

The first “note” I’d give about this site is it’s great if you love international models, and good if you mostly love American models.

I am definitely the former. Because I’m a Hungary type of guy, I want to Czech you out. Are you from Ecuador? Because you have the Quito my heart.

But I digress…let’s talk about what to expect when you log in for the first time.

BongaCams Review – A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a “Bonga”

You can download the BongaCams app directly from the site.

Let’s be honest, though – there’s no reason to do that. The site works just fine by visiting the BongaCams.com domain link in any internet browser. It displays on most devices, including an Android or Apple phone, as well as Windows laptops, desktops, and tablets.

I personally wouldn’t want my hypothetical girlfriend to see a BongaCams App next to My Google Calendar!

Signing Up at the BongaCams Platform

You can create a free account at BongaCams.com by simply providing an email address.

bongacams signup

In order to start interacting with the models, you do need to sign up since guests can’t really do anything besides watch free video shows.

Once you sign up, your free account is good to go, and you can log in next time and even stay logged in if you so choose.

Narrowing Your BongaCams Model Search

Here’s where my journey started to get very interesting and not so technical. There are literally thousands of models standing by. My weakness is international women of different ethnicities.

Where do I start? I noticed that some cam models were emphasized on the BongaCams website. But who decides which model gets placed in the #1 position, anyway?

bongacams search

Turns out there is a rhyme and reason. By default, the most popular BongaCams models are listed first, by total number of visitors as well as how much money they’ve made.

At the very bottom of the cam website main page, you can even see the top 100 cam models if you want to go by “word of mouth” alone.

However, I was more interested in the different ways to sort and narrow down my search. You can sort models according to CamScore (user ratings), models who just logged in, brand new models, and your “Lovers” or personal favorites.

Running a Filtered Search for a BongaCams Model

The best option was to run a filtered search, and all the features are viewable on the top left part of the screen. On a tablet or phone, it’s just a regular menu drop-down. On a larger screen, like a laptop, it looks like a little abacas icon.

Filtered search lets you customize your perfect experience and not just settle for whoever is online. For my search, I started by selecting the preferred gender, age, region, and languages spoken.

Where things really got complicated was when they asked me what I wanted for “Appearance” (body type) and “categories” (what she was willing to do).

bongacams models Having this much freedom makes it kind of difficult to choose. Do I like a few extra pounds, average or BBW? I don’t know, I like them all!

Fortunately, you can checkmark as many boxes as you like, along with very specific criteria like breasts, butt, ethnicity, and hair color. 

The categories section lets you choose “specialties” that the model herself has chosen to display. We have fetish tags, like bondage and housewives, as well as more specific kinks, like college girls, ebony, lesbian or porn star.

When you’re done running a very personal filtered search, your ideal date should come back to you in the results.

The website said I have 122 “live results” based on my criteria (I won’t horrify you with the details there), and then rows of cam models came back. The search wasn’t narrowed enough. I would have to go back and get a little more picky about “my type.”

Interacting With Your Favorite BongaCams Models

If dancers know anything about pleasing their clients, they must know the “personal connection” is the most important thing. Most models on BongaCams also understand this, and so they go all out with their model biography pages.

After finding one model that I really liked physically, I decided to research her bio page. At first, all I saw was a bunch of dudes chatting together. Then below that, there were suggested prices for some items on her “menu.”

bongacams chica

You can actually see in live time which user is buying what among all the model’s fans, so it might be a good idea to keep abreast of your competition. (Pun intended, probably)

I had to search for the model profile page for a few minutes. It was the middle tab, with an icon that looked like a head and shoulders.

The bio page explained what to expect from the model one on one. It showed her age, gender, online status, and personal message. Below, I could find out what languages she spoke, her physical stats, and some sexy photos one tab over.

From there, I could actually “follow” my favorite model regardless of whether I bought anything. I suggest following your favorite models and turning on your notifications for when they actually do appear online.

bongacams tips

How to Tip BongaCams Models

You’ve got to tip models to experience the real joy of the site. You can do this “arcade style” by just buying specific acts and flirts from the model and choosing how much you want to pay.

bongacams tippingThe downside to this is, of course, you have to “share her” with all the other people watching the same show.

Yet, it is a familiar experience for people who love the strip club scene. The cam model is the star of the show. Everyone flirts with her, and she soaks it all in. The better the audience is, the more excited the performer is.

Group Chats

It’s also advantageous if you pay for group chats. Most models will not give away an entire sex show for free. Instead, they will offer just group chat to a few fans at a time and let them “pool their resources” and enjoy a non-public show.

bongacams group chat

This is the most affordable way to get more action than just the free show – which can be anything from X-rated to R-rated.

Let’s face it, models aren’t going to try very hard for free!

Private Chat

Now if you’re like me and you love the VIP room and “private dance” option offered by strip clubs, you will want the virtual equivalent – the Private Chat or Private Show.

This is the room where the model will give you everything. That could mean anything from mutual masturbation to sex toys interactivity to erotic conversations. You can go cam to cam and turn your camera on to make it a more authentic experience.

bongacams private chatOr, you can hide in the shadows and let her fantasize about how hot you are while she shows you everything.

Personally speaking, I have always found the erotic conversations with a dancer to be the best part. I have to say, the same holds true for a private chat show. The model really enjoys it much better if you are a naturally charming, funny, and likable person.

They like to flirt before they do anything kinky.

If you just go in there and order her around and have “no game”, it’s going to be awkward for both of you. In simple words, enjoy yourself – don’t rush it. Show respect for your model. And talk naturally about what turns the both of you on.

Private Chat Option: Spy Shows & Full Private Chat

If you’re like me and like to hand out ones instead of tens, then don’t worry. There are affordable options at BongaCams.

You can select a Spy Mode private show and actually peep at another user who is paying full price.

bonga private chat

Hey, the model doesn’t care if you peep on someone else’s dollar. And the guy paying for private sessions doesn’t care either, as long as he’s the one directing the action.

The only one who might care is you, and that’s if you want a model’s undivided attention. That exclusivity is called Full Private Chat.

Full private chat means it’s just you and the model – and no one else is privileged to hear what you talk about.

Understanding BongaCams Tokens

The cam site’s pricing structure is fairly straightforward – even though you actually get far more tokens for the dollars you spend.

BongaCams tokens are as follows:

bongacams tokens

Of course, it’s more practical to understand how much you will be spending per session.

The Price of Interacting with BongaCams Models

In public chat rooms, you can tip as little as 20 tokens just to be nice. However, more sexually explicit fun can run anywhere from 70 to 555 tokens or more.

Group chats usually start at 30 tokens per minute for all the attendees. But the model can set the group chat price to whatever she wants. The more people watching, the higher the rate goes.

Private chats cost about 60 tokens per minute, while full private chats cost 90 per minute.

Spy shows start at 15 tokens per minute, so that’s a considerable discount.

Payment Methods

BongaCams also lets you pay in a variety of ways. Accepted billing services include Paypal, Cryptocurrencies, Skrill, and Gift Cards. 

In case you’re wondering, my friend bought me a $200 Walmart gift card and then explained I could apply it all to BongaCams. Of course, I bought him $300 worth of drinks the weekend before, but who’s keeping track?

You should also know making ANY purchase of tokens, you also get lifetime Gold Membership for free, which activates special privileges like sending messages to new models directly and getting some exclusive content in your inbox.

BongaCams Reviews of the Alternatives

I’m not an expert on these alternatives to BongaCams. But after giving these other sites a good look, I noticed a few differences.


jerkmate logoJerkmate is a fetish-friendly site. It has much more “ammunition” for someone who’s into mommy porn, BDSM, or other extreme kink.

BongaCams seemed more mainstream to me. Just beautiful Russian, European, South American, and Asian women. That’s the approach, and it worked for me.


flirt4free cam siteFlirt4Free isn’t as well known as other sites, but they’ve been around a while and are doing some innovative stuff.

They offer two-way sex toy interactivity, meaning she can control your pleasure too. It also offered some fun features, like phone sex and adding models to your messaging list.

  • Flirt4Free has a forum for fetish talk
  • Flirt4Free has two-way sex toy interactivity
  • BongaCams is much easier to use, especially for pricing
  • BongaCams has more couples shows


chaturbate logoChaturbate is the most famous site in the adult entertainment industry, and has the most girls overall. It’s also a stepping stone to OnlyFans, so popular models start here and at BongaCams, and eventually go to OnlyFans to make more money from their bigger fan base.

  • Chaturbate offers more shows for the free user
  • Chaturbate has more LGBTQ content
  • BongaCams offers better searches & categories
  • BongaCams is cheaper overall


livejasminLiveJasmin really makes you feel like you know the models here beyond just a strip and dance.

The bios look better; the “stories” mode is similar to Facebook and keeps things fun. You can even choose a “Soulmate” category and literally fall in love with these models, talking about life.

Not what I was looking for, but hey! Good for them.

  • Both sites offer pricey and affordable models
  • LiveJasmin has much better profiles & cool features
  • LiveJasmin has tons more special promotions
  • BongaCams offers more ways to pay
  • BongaCams offers way more free shows 

BongaCams Model FAQs

Have more questions about interacting with adult cam models? We have answers.

Are free chat rooms at BongaCams moderated?

Yes, most free chat rooms at BongaCams are moderated. 

Private rooms may also be moderated, depending on the choice of the model.

However, not every chat room has a moderator. In some cases, the models themselves take control over which premium members to ban or silence.

Believe it or not, individual users are selected and promoted to Moderator status by some of the BongaCams models themselves.

Can you talk to BongaCams models in free chat?

While some BongaCams models may occasionally interact with you in free chat, most will not.

A cam girl would rather pay attention to paying customers instead of free lurkers.

What can I expect to see in BongaCams free video chat rooms?

A Bonga Cams’ free video chat room will occasionally feature nudity, toy interaction, and stripping.

This usually happens when a cam girl is having a great night and has already made lots of money in tips. However, most free chat sessions will only feature partial nudity and flirting.

It’s really more of a preview than a free sex show.

How can I get free tokens at the Bongacams website?

You can get free tokens at the BongaCams website by visiting the Promotions tab.

Promotions include free tokens for accomplishing firsts. These events include logging in with a mobile device, buying your first tokens, referring friends, and activating 2-step verification.

How much do webcam models make at Bonga Cams?

Webcam models working on the BongaCams platform can make a lot of money.

However, it depends on how active they are, how well they perform with their fans, and how aggressively they can market themselves.

Webcam models split the profits from patrons with the BongaCams company at a commission rate of about 50%. 

Is there anything models are not allowed to do in private cam shows?

BongaCams models are not strictly moderated as to what they can or cannot do in private cam shows.

Private cam censorship is decided upon by the model herself and her team of appointed moderators, if any.

That said, it’s highly unlikely that any BongaCams models are going to do anything illegal or self-harming.

After all, cam girls have final creative control over anything they choose to do – not BongaCams.

Are there any scammers in a BongaCams chat room?

It’s not impossible to find a scammer in a BongaCams chat room. It’s simply rare.

However, there have been a few cases of cam models who played recorded video, trying to pass it off as a live show. Other users reported the scam, and they were banned from the site.

But in large, it never happens.

BongaCams Review – Final Thoughts

In closing, I can definitely recommend the BongaCams website as one of thebest adult cam sites today. 

I never knew how much I missed going to strip clubs… until I found BongaCams private shows.

The public chats really don’t do the private shows justice.

I can’t give you a gift card, but I can tell you that for the price of a good pizza dinner, you can sample some of the hottest cam girls on planet Earth.

And no bouncers, either. You can “virtually” touch, say what you’re really thinking, and feel your cam model’s pleasure in real-time.

It’s not porn, and it’s not like going to a strip club. It’s actually twice as good as “the real thing” if you think about it!

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