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Jerkmate Review: I Tested Out the Infamous Jerkmate.com Website to See if It’s Legit

With over one million visitors monthly, Jerkmate is making a name for itself among online cam sites.

jerkmate screeshot

Look, I’m not one to buy into advertisements that come across big-name pages like Pornhub.

But when I saw a call to check out Jerkmate, I couldn’t help myself. 

Jerkmate is a bit different from other cam sites occupying the dark corners of the web.

Unlike its competitors, Jerkmate doesn’t just let you watch live cams. This glorified matchmaking site connects horny viewers with incredibly sexy and ever-willing mutual masturbatory partners, and Jerkmate’s features make it all the easier.

Visit the official Jerkmate website here

Needless to say, after reviewing Jerkmate, I enjoyed some post-nut clarity with a huge grin on my face. Find out why as we dig to the bottom of the barrel in this in-depth Jerkmate review.

Jerkmate at a Glance

Where Jerkmate Excels

  • Sign up & watch live videos for free
  • Convenient, discreet billing methods
  • Halfway decent customer support
  • Free features in private rooms
  • Easy to find exactly what gets you off
  • Find your favorite pornstars

What We’d Improve 

  • Must link a payment method before watching free cams
  • Jerkmate Gold can get expensive (and addictive)
  • Not all cam models host private show rooms
  • Time flies if you’re not careful 

Useful Features

  • Hyper-efficient search filters accommodate personal preferences
  • Categories for trans models, women, men, couples, and pornstars
  • Purchase pre-recorded cam shows
  • Bookmark your favorite cam girls
  • One-on-one cams are plentiful

Jerkmate’s Best Promos & Giveaways 

  • Get a free pack of modernized Viagra (Bluechew) with promo code “Jerkmate”
  • Get 3 Jerkmate Gold upon signing up for free 

Here’s What Our Experts Say

Overall, we’d give Jerkmate 4.5 out of 5 stars because they get virtually everything right. Taking into account their variety of models, one-on-one opportunities, and free-to-use features, Jerkmate goes above and beyond other cam sites. 

Aside from a few improvements that could be made, Jerkmate serves as a personalized replacement for Pornhub and XNXX. 

Deep Dive Into My Personal Jerkmate Experience

Creating My Free Account 

Alright, so I clicked that hot pink banner on my screen. Not too difficult, even for the computer illiterate among us.

jerkmate screenshot

Next, I typed in a bullshit email address, because who needs prying wives and nosy kids butting into their next private cam session? 

Then, I came up with a password that even the NSA couldn’t crack. Finally, I went with the nickname “hornylurker123” to make my intentions clear.

After I clicked “Next”, I thought I was good to go. 

Boy, was I wrong!

Using My Preferred Payment Method

jerkmate screenshot 

Hold up – corporate paywall detected! 

I audibly groaned before realizing that Jerkmate isn’t much unlike Apple, Cashapp, or PayPal. You’ll have to link a credit card or PayPal account before proceeding with their live cams.

Even though you haven’t bought any private cam sessions yet, Jerkmate wants to make sure they can charge your account once you finally cave under the duress of your favorite pornstar. 

Don’t worry. 

Not knowing what to expect, I sacrificed my financial integrity for the sake of this Jerkmate review. I haven’t been charged a penny for anything I haven’t bought. But they bill your account under a random company, so you won’t have to explain your cc statement to anyone.

After I verified my email address with Jerkmate, I unlocked their library of sexy live cam models. It was time to see if I could catch a semi from any of their free cam sessions.

Finding My Favorite Cam Girls

I’ll cut to the chase. I got wayyy more than I bargained for. Oh, happy daze!

Although you can spin the roulette wheel to find a random cam model, I prefer to hunt down my prey before devouring them whole (just kidding). So, I combed through their search filters to see if I could find the particular brand of nasty stuff I enjoy.

Their short questionnaire made the process ten times easier than I thought it’d be, so my hat’s off to them. 

Additionally, if you’d rather speak to live cam models in Spanish or Deutsch, you can do that too. Jerkmate supports voice chat and private shows in 9 languages, which speaks to the sheer volume of cam girls they employ.

Their search filters separate the guys from the gals, and further exploration lets you choose trans or non-binary models that tickle your fancy. You can find free and paid live shows to leer over, go by your most recently viewed cam girls, or find the ideal model based on their location.

It took me about 30 seconds to find girls I’d be willing to get comfortable with, and I eagerly watched their live streams without paying a dime out-of-pocket.

Exploring Unique Filters That Categorize Hot Models

jerkmate screenshot

If you’re not satisfied just scrolling through cam girl after cam girl, don’t fret.

There are thousands of cam girl “tags” that can help you find the exact chat rooms you’re after. 

Categories like “big ass”, “femdom”, “girl next door”, “pierced nipples”, “sexy feet”, and “transgirl” help users narrow down their quest for the perfect cam model. I quickly organized my roster in accordance with my embarrassing kinks, erotic intricacies, and preferred body type. 

That said, this feature doesn’t necessarily differentiate Jerkmate from the pack. I could go to any random cam site and employ search tags, right? Jerkmate is a step up because it gives you complete control over your options. I found myself filtering by age, maturity, and location.

You can try out your first dominatrix, seduce the barely-legal teens that cam to pay for wild nights out, or watch wrinkle-free MILFs unleash the waterworks all over their stained bedsheets. 

Interactive sex toys and phone chat options made it even easier to find my niche. 

If you’re not sure about a particular chat room, you can hover your cursor over the picture to get a video sneak peek. This handy trick works with cam shows intended for premium members, which is good for those wondering what differences lie between free and paid-for cam sessions.

Because I occasionally drive with both feet, I decided to check out Jerkmate’s collection of male models. Whether you’re into skinny fems or hunky, would-be firefighters, it retains enough variety to appeal to an LGBTQ+ audience on the hunt for a good time. 

I only have one complaint with their search categories, which happen to be geared exclusively towards the girls. 

I haven’t seen a cis guy with “girl next door” or “mistress” tagged in their model profiles, and I think Jerkmate would do well to implement tags like “master” or “DILF” for their bi-curious members. 

All in all, Jerkmate remains easy-to-use from an amateur’s POV. 

At the same time, their streamlined layout includes the most detailed search filters I’ve seen.

They don’t overwhelm you with the same, massively annoying pop-ups that got them internet famous, either. Each cam model takes up enough screen space to give you a good look without needing to zoom in. 

So – What’s Free & What’s Paid? Let’s Talk.

jerkmate screenshot

By now, you’re probably wondering when I’m gonna shut up and get to the point. This is what you’ve been waiting for. If you’re like most horny folks reading this review, you’re probably here to flash yourself and blast your load into a hot model’s virtual caverns.

While many of Jerkmate’s features won’t cost you a penny to enjoy, there’s a reason they make you link your credit card before letting you create a free account. 

All of Jerkmate’s public live cams are free to watch – no strings attached. Their public streams boast HD video quality and detailed model profiles that give you a good look at their attributes, preferences, kinks, and specialties.

That said, to interact with your chosen model or beat your stick one-on-one, you’ll have to purchase Jerkmate Gold. Private shows and private chat will cost you, but quick finishers get the better end of this deal. Each “gold piece” is equivalent to $1, which can get pricey.

For those who’d rather pull the strings with a public model, you can click on their “Gold Menu”. It outlines all the specific, erotic acts these models perform for the right price! 

(If you’re anything like me, you’ll wait for someone else to tip and enjoy the show for free.)

Some of their advanced search features are reserved for premium members, which can get annoying if you were hoping to find a kinky girl with big tits, a fat ass, glasses, and a commanding aura.

For what it’s worth, a premium membership will cost you an additional $14.99/month.

That said, their basic search filters are fairly self-explanatory. It’s not hard to find what you’re looking for, provided you’re willing to do a bit of research before getting lotion on your keyboard.

Is Jerkmate Gold Too Much Money?

So, how much gold does it take to pull your dick out and achieve online nirvana? 

I wish I had a definite answer for this age-old riddle, but I don’t. Each cam model prices their own time differently, but it may be worth checking out Colombian hotties or Thai ladyboys if you’re on a tight budget. 

Either way, if money’s no object to you, you might not care about paying $10 to watch a cam girl flash her tits for the crowd. Each Jerkmate Gold is priced at $1, so you can get an accurate pricing picture without doing the mental math.

Here’s the kicker – is Jerkmate good for those one-on-one, private cams I mentioned? 

The Details Behind Jerkmate’s “Private” Shows

jerkmate screenshot

Jerkmate’s private cam sessions are expensive. But, if you’re choosing between a virtual liaison or an IRL paid friend, I’d recommend booking the former.

You can pay for “private” or “exclusive” shows, and you’ll need to know the difference.

“Private” shows cost $4.99 (or 5 Jerkmate Gold) per minute, but I had to try at least one for myself before swearing them off as an unnecessary expense. 

I enjoyed one-on-one cam time, and I made sure I got straight to business. There’s no time for small talk when I’m paying a premium to bust my nut. Jerkmate’s two-way-audio feature allowed us to hear each other groan, moan, and finish with a sexy, vocal twist. 

Jennifer had this vibrating dildo that rearranged her innards a bit, and I was hooked. My experience didn’t feel artificial, forced, or unwanted – we locked eyes before I asked her to ride my gravy train all the way to the bank. 

However, I did notice three or four other viewers blowing up her message box during my private stream. This is an annoying bug that Jerkmate’s “exclusive” shows do away with, but you’ll have to pay $10/minute for personalized, one-on-one attention.

Quite frankly, with that price tag, their “exclusive” shows push the envelope a bit. If you’re Jordan Belfort, go ahead, but don’t expect anything mind-blowing in comparison to a tried-and-true private show. 

How Does Jerkmate Compare to Other Live Cam Websites?

jerkmate screenshot

Most cam sites aren’t so different, and many of them steal inspiration from each other in their attempts to outdo the pack. As of right now, Jerkmate is running laps around cam sites like Chaturbate, BongaCams, and CamSoda. 

WIth Jerkmate, there are thousands of models online at any given time, and there’s sure to be a few girls (or guys) that meet your stringent requirements. They’ve got women, men, trans models, BDSM extraordinaires, and couples ready to play.

Jerkmate can be a more expensive live cam site for those with a premium membership, but I think their slew of best-in-class features justify the price of admission.

Ranking Features

First up, I enjoyed a butter-smooth experience from start to finish (pun intended). I guess all their girls have fantastic internet connections, because most live cam sites freeze and stutter at least twice during any stream. 

In summary, there’s no audio or video lag to dampen the mood. 

Additionally, Jerkmate guarantees 720p stream quality, and most paid streams reveal your chosen model’s private bits in 1080p HD. They also offer the highest degree of teledildonic compatibility I’ve come across.

Premium members and those willing to pay for the privilege can manipulate interactive sex toys that span the distance between you and your virtual goddess.

I attached that overpriced fleshlight to my private show and allowed Jennifer to take me home, which is a feature that was only recently added by Chaturbate. Either way, I loved taking my experience to a much more intimate plane.

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Chaturbate’s tokens are priced at $0.08 each, whereas Jerkmate Gold tokens are $1 a piece. However, if you can believe this, Jerkmate works out to be marginally less expensive for private shows.

Most of Chaturbate’s models charge 60 tokens per minute, which works out to $5.40 in real money. Comparatively, Jerkmate’s private streams will cost you $4.99/minute at their cheapest.

Play Away

Chaturbate and Camsoda don’t offer free porn games, but Jerkmate has a role-playing option that might pique your interest. If you get off on telling people what to do, you can choose from hundreds of girls, guys, trans people, BBWs, and couples.

Using a series of pre-recorded video clips that give a real-time appearance, you can “order” people to spank, punish, reward, finger, expose, or feel themselves up at your command. 

If you’re bored and horny, it’s worth checking out. 

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FAQs About The Typical Jerkmate Experience

jerkmate screenshot

Does Jerkmate Cost Money? 

Yes, Jerkmate does cost money to use.

Although you can create a free account and watch free public cams, you’ll have to pay for access to their best features.

To put it lightly, you won’t enjoy a very personalized experience without coughing up at least a few dollars. One-on-one shows, sexy interactions, and some pornstar cams are for paying members only. 

On the bright side, with 50,000+ models to choose from, even the cheapest viewers will remain spoiled for choice. 

Can You Watch Attractive Models for Free? 

Yes, you can watch attractive models for free!

Although you can’t send free messages, you can sit back and enjoy the show for as long as you’d like. If you’re okay with voyeuring online, you can get off with thousands of attractive girls for $0.00.

Most other sites limit your viewing time until you fund your account with extra cheddar, but Jerkmate is one of the best live cam sites on the internet. Their free services don’t have any strings attached, and you can enjoy a very full experience without paying a dime out-of-pocket.

Is Jerkmate Legit & Safe to Use? 

Yes, Jerkmate is legit and safe to use. 

If you don’t feel comfortable entrusting your credit card info to Jerkmate, they accept PayPal. They also don’t charge any hidden fees or force you to pay for anything you don’t want. 

Real people are letting their freak flag fly right now, and you’re invited to join the action for free. Millions of horny subscribers log onto Jerkmate every day, and they have excellent customer service if you run into any problems. 

We’ve thoroughly vetted and researched Jerkmate, and I have no problem vouching for their above-ground reputation. I applaud their security features, and there’s no way for them to access your primary financial information (or spam your email) if you don’t want them to. 

Should You Book Private Sessions With Live Girls?

Yes, you should definitely book private sessions with live girls. 

In my humble opinion, you’ve gotta buy at least one show before you swear them off your list of must-have, masturbatory essentials. The models at Jerkmate are nothing if not professional, and their $5/minute pricing tier is comparable to other cam sites of lesser quality.

However, you should be very careful to only load your account with how much you’re willing to spend. Private shows can get addicting, and time adds up very quickly.

After you run out of “Jerkmate Gold”, you’ll be automatically disconnected from their live show. From there, you can choose to reload your account or go to bed. This is a very convenient stopgap for most users, including myself.

Concluding Our Review: Is Jerkmate Worth It? 

Jerkmate is chock-full of free-to-use features, paid exclusives, and models that won’t bat an eyelash at your dirtiest fantasies. They’ve got tens of thousands of amateurs, professionals, and regulars to choose from, while their unique search filters make it easy to find the ideal model. 

Visit the official Jerkmate website here

However, once you try your first private cam-to-cam, you’ll probably want to come back for more. Penny-pinchers and generous tippers alike can get real value for their money. 

In all honesty, that’s not a bad thing!

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