• Jerkmate Review 2024 – All You Truly Need To Know about Jerkmate Live Cams

    jerkmate review

    Jerkmate is to the world of cam sites what PornHub is to the world of internet porn. 

    It is the undisputed reigning king of camming platforms, with its seemingly endless parade of beautiful cam models and interactive features to help satisfy your thirst.

    But is it really worth it? We’ll discuss that in our Jerkmate review. 

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    With so many cam sites on offer, we were keen to check out why Jerkmate remains the adult cam site of choice for so many cam voyeurs. 

    Keep scrolling for an all-access pass to the most honest Jerkmate review you will find on the internet in 2023. 

    Jerkmate Review: Jerkmate at a Glance

    jerkmate all girls cams

    The Good

    • Thousands of amateur and pro cam performers
    • Comprehensive search function
    • Many cam models have interactive sex toys
    • LGBTQ-friendly
    • Play fun, interactive games
    • Decent rewards program for loyal viewers
    • Great cam-2-cam functionality
    • Set your account to a daily maximum spend limit

    The Bad

    • Despite advertising a free account, signup isn’t totally free.
    • Jerkmate gold is a little pricey 
    • No timer showing how long your Jerkmate chat session has been
    • Limited free shows compared to most other cam sites

    Jerkmate Review: Rewards Program

    There are four levels to the rewards program – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. 

    You earn points every time you purchase gold Jerkmate coins and use them to chat with the cam models. Redeem these points for cam girl videos, or to join a performer’s fan club and to favorite a specific model. 

    It is relatively easy to earn points, and it can cost as little as 200 points for 3 videos. 

    You earn more points the higher your rewards level, with a platinum level earning you 5x the points you would earn on an ordinary membership level.


    So, How Much Does Jerkmate Cost?

    Jerkmate Price Point: 1 Jerkmate Gold coin equals $1

    While Jerkmate offers an almost-free account, there is a limit on what your free account allows you to do. You can chat with models in a group setting, but they will usually ask you for a private chat if you want to see any x-rated action. 

    Want to enjoy some one-on-one time? You need to purchase gold coins or credits. 

    Credits can be used to video chat with models privately who predetermine their per-minute rates. $1 will get you 1 gold coin, and a private cam session ranges between $4.99 and $9.99 per minute. 

    Watching what you are spending? 

    No problem, as Jerkmate allows you to set a daily limit on your account, so you do not go over what your stipulated spend is. This is particularly handy if you, like most of us, can go down a rabbit hole for hours on end. 

    daily limit

    The Nitty-Gritty of The Jerkmate Cam Site

    Now that we have the most important details out of the way, it is time to get into the thick of it in this Jerkmate review. Straight off the bat, the first impression of Jerkmate is that it is a well-designed site with an attractive layout that is easy to navigate. 

    Jerkmate doesn’t have the cheesy sleaze factor that some other cam sites have.

    Sure, a live cam site is always going to be a little sleazy, but Jerkmate blankets the smut in cutesy pink and blue colors and has a functional, upmarket look and feel. 

    Each cam girl or boy or trans model has their own “shop window”, which, when clicked, opens up into a full-screen window of their wares. The models are notified of who has entered their chat, so if you want to lurk anonymously…you are out of luck, as most cam girls will say hi. 

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    How Easy Is It To Sign Up for Jerkmate?

    sign up

    Take advantage of the easy signup process. You just need to pick a username and password and fill in your email address to get started… or so you’d think. Immediately you are directed to a payment methods menu.

    We get that adding a payment method is a way of verifying customers, but it is a little misleading to say your site is completely free to join when you need to add a payment method to sign up.

    Especially since adding a payment method is not free. In fact, I was charged €2 exactly.

    All-in-all, the signup process is quick, and relatively problem-free. 

    Spare no time and head straight to Jerkmate here

    Jerkmate Review of Payment Methods

    Jerkmate has a few convenient payment methods. They offer credit and debit cards, Discover as well as PayPal. It would be nice to see some e-wallet options on offer such as Neteller or Skrill, and perhaps even a cryptocurrency option or two. 

    That may be reaching a little too far, but one or more options would open up the playing field a little. Billing is discrete, and you will find a non-descript ECHST.NET listed on your credit card. 

    Perfect if you like your privacy, as most of us sex cam site crawlers do. 

    Searching for Your Perfect Cam Model

    cam models

    The comprehensive search function allows you to narrow down exactly what you are looking for. Looking for a redhead teen gamer girl or an ebony MILF with a BBW vibe? 

    Jerkmate’s search function has you covered. 

    It’s not the place to be shy. 

    You can locate every fetish and fantasy catered for as well. Like grannies? They’re there in their droves. Into bondage, big tits and pregnant lesbians? You can find them all on Jerkmate. 

    While the majority of the performers are mostly attractive girls, you will find many male and trans performers on the cam site too. Although slightly more limited, they also cater to a number of fetishes and kinks, especially when it comes to the trans models. 

    The couples section is particularly hot, although the number of options is not always as vast as some other sites. What they lack in quantity, they definitely make up for in quality, however. From time to time, you will even catch a group show, but they are rare. 

    Live Cam Options

    While it may seem a redundant question to ask in this Jerkmate review, we’ll still do it for those not in the know: what is on offer at a live cam site?

    Not every live cam site is created equal.

    Jerkmate operates like most of the best cam sites in that you can view most of the live cam models without paying any gold coins, but they are usually group chats, and there is not too much x-rated action happening. 

    You can participate in the chat, though, which is cool. 

    The models will always be more inclined to start removing clothing or getting up to dirty tricks the more you tip them. More often than not, however, they will ask to move to a private show where you can watch live cams one-on-one.

    Jerkmate offers three private chat options: exclusive, premium or Gold.

    In a premium chat or Gold session, others who have paid to enter the chat can also join, and you can collectively tip for an x-rated show. 

    An exclusive chat is exclusively you one-on-one with the cam model. This is where you can directly request what you would like the girl to do and customize your show for a truly personalized experience.

    Jerkmate’s private shows and voice chat are why we absolutely love the site. 

    Maybe it is because models are well-paid on the site, but they are not rushed, really seem to put effort into their private chats and almost always have a collection of live videos for you to enjoy. 

    Jerkmate Review: Other Fun Bits

    There is a lot of competition among the live cam models on Jerkmate, so many are forced to be super creative when it comes to how they entice their customers.

    Some offer public sex cam shows where they perform out in public, in car parks or inside clothing store dressing rooms for extra tips. Some have interactive sex toys (a big hit with viewers), and others let you tip them so that their sex toy wakes them up from their sleep. 

    One model even runs a competition to see who can make her “tip vibe” cum most often. 

    We admit, it’s pretty imaginative.

    You will find many cam models teaming up with other cam models to offer a two-in-one experience, and some enjoy cosplay to vamp up their offering. Then there are the more extreme fetish and kink models who are wildly popular on the site. 

    One of the coolest perks of Jerkmate is its interactive sex games section. 

    For gold coins, you can command a real live (but prerecorded) model to do certain things such as show your breasts, play with yourself or, if you’re a guy, do the helicopter… among other things. 


    You also have the option of buying, viewing and collecting model videos and there is an extensive collection of prerecorded sex sessions on offer. Videos start at a couple of dollars and can go up to as much as $15 per piece.

    Jerkmate acts as a sexy social media site where each performer has a profile that lists details about them, their likes, what turns them on and what personal videos are available for purchase. 

    You can add them to your favorites, as you would on any other site. 


    Jerkmate also caters to different languages. There are 9 languages in total represented on the site but obviously, English is the most popular language to communicate in. That being said, the site has many Latinx models so Spanish and Portuguese are also popular. 


    How Does Jerkmate Compare to Other Cam Sites? 

    There are many live cam websites offering private cams out there. 

    Chaturbate, BongaCams, MyFreeCams and Cams.com are just some examples. While the other sites all have one or two things about them that make them worthwhile, Jerkmate still reigns supreme. 

    It is the overall quality of the whole experience that sets Jerkmate apart. Additional perks such as the exceptional search options, interactive sex games and awesome rewards program make Jerkmate even more of an attractive value proposition. 

    Sure, some other sites may have a little more in the male, couples and trans department but with Jerkmate Gay, gay men have a complete site of their own to enjoy. 

    We especially like that signup at Jerkmate is easy and you do not need to provide any further personal information other than an email address. Oh, and your payment information, of course. Other sites can be a little exhausting in their personal information requirements. 

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    JerkMate Review FAQs

    Can I Use Jerkmate for Free?

    Yes, you can use Jerkmate for free, well, kind of. You need to add a payment method when you sign up for a Jerkmate account and that will cost you €2. Once you have done that though, there is quite a lot you can do for free. 

    You can open any performer’s window and you can chat to them via text in a group setting. If you want to request a private show, it is as simple as clicking the “go private” button. Live cam sites generally keep all the good stuff behind paywalls. 

    However, Jerkmate models will, on a rare occasion, give you more than an eye full even in a group free mode environment as long as the tips keep on coming. 

    Is Jerkmate Safe to Use?

    Yes, Jerkmate is perfectly safe to use. 

    They have excellent data security protocols and everything from your personal information to your banking details are in safe hands.

    It is always a good idea to make sure you are safe online at all times, however. 

    This includes not giving out your personal information and ensuring you remain unidentifiable. You never know, the world is full of interesting characters and who knows who is a villain dressed in cam models non-clothing. so be extra safe out there. 

    Go to Jerkmate by clicking here

    What Is Good Sex Cam Manners as a Viewer? 

    Good sex cam manners as a viewer are pretty straightforward.

    The performer will get a notification to let them know you have joined the chat room. It is always polite to say hi or offer some kind of acknowledgement of some kind before you start rattling off any sexual requests. 

    These performers are people after all. Courtesy and respect go a long way, especially in a group forum as things can get a little steamy and out of control. 

    It is never ok to use language that the performer may find distressing nor make any out there requests when a performer is showing discomfort. Additionally, the site is all about your wildest fantasies but they must strictly lie in the realm of what is considered legal. 

    Normally, unruly viewers are quickly kicked out of a chat room by the cam girl and reported but for the minor stuff, be gracious about a caution if you receive one. One the whole, read the room. If it seems like your kind of saucy talk is flying, then by all means – fly away. 

    What are the Best Sex Cams to Enjoy? 

    The best sex cams to enjoy will entirely depend on what gets your juices flowing. There are girls who will tease you with self pleasure and dirty talk and men who will play with dildos the size of baseball bats. 

    Some people have a thing for seductive curvy mamas with massive assets while others like little pocket rocket teens who are petite, small breasted and precocious. There is a perfect webcam girl for you no matter what your poison is and half the fun is finding her. Discover more in our Jerkmate review.

    Are There Trans Cam Models on Offer? 

    Yes, there are many enticing trans cams on offer at Jerkmate. You have your pick from statuesque Amazonian goddesses to gamer nerd goth punks with pixie cuts and cutesy outfits. 

    Some of the internet’s most popular trans sex cam models are on Jerkmate and they are everything worth writing home about. Read more about it in this Jerkmate review.

    Jerkmate Review: Conclusion

    Wrapping up our Jerkmate review; live cam sites offering chat rooms, private shows, voice chat and every kind of cam model under the sun are a dime a dozen in the internet of things. That being said, Jerkmate stands out among the crowd because it has a cool street edge without being low class. 

    It is all about fun and games on Jerkmate and the upbeat vivaciousness shines through with their amazing selection of models. Sure, you will find one cam model here and there who has the personality of a wax model but they are lost in a sea of saucy sirens. 

    Visit Jerkmate today!

    On a scale of one to 10 we are big fans, we give Jerkmate a solid gold-plated Noddy badge. It is a great live sex cam website and the interactive games are sensational. If you are thinking about checking it out, we say you cannot go wrong. Let us know what you think of our Jerkmate review.

    Overall score: 9/10

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