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Is Instant Checkmate Legit? Find Out The Answer!

Is Instant Checkmate legit? Are you contemplating the safety of using Instant Checkmate? This thorough guide delves into all aspects of the service to resolve your queries.

Upon completing this piece, it’s up to you to decide whether or not Instant Checkmate is legit or safe for use. Continue reading until the conclusion for some undisclosed facts about Instant Checkmate that remain unspoken by others.

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What Is Instant Checkmate?

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Instant Checkmate is a paid service that allows for comprehensive person-based searches, providing detailed reports encompassing contact details, location specifics, criminal history, and professional background.

The entirety of the data used by this service is procured from publicly accessible resources such as public records databases, social media platforms, and information disseminated by private entities.

Unlike Google and other search engines, Instant Checkmate is superior in tracking down old acquaintances or gaining insights about unfamiliar neighbors or potential online love interests.

While similar services are offered by various background-check companies, including its sibling firm TruthFinder, Instant Checkmate charges a premium subscription fee, which surpasses most others. Plus, there’s the fact that numerous additional features it provides do attract extra costs.

This service functions via a search engine interface where you type in your search criteria followed by clicking on the ‘search’ button. It then requires some time to collate all available online information pertaining to the individual.

Personal records about any person can be discovered through this process.

  • Location history (present address and past address)
  • Employment history
  • Criminal background
  • Traffic records
  • Vital records (birth and death certificate, marriage and divorce certificate)
  • Alternative phone numbers
  • Relatives and acquaintances

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What Does Instant Checkmate Do?

You can use various search terms to background check anyone using Instant Checkmate.

Here are a few of these options:

Name-based Search: Utilizing a name-based search, you can conduct a background examination by inputting an individual’s first name, last name, city, and state. Even if you lack some of this information, you can still initiate a search for the person.

People Search: The people search tool provides a directory of individuals arranged alphabetically based on their names. You can manually navigate through this directory by specifying the initial and concluding letters of their complete name.

Criminal Record: A dedicated section is available for accessing an individual’s criminal records. You can conduct searches using their first name, last name, and the state where they are located. The results will present an overview of traffic violations, criminal activities, and arrest records. Accessing the complete report necessitates a subscription.

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Is Instant Checkmate Legit? – Does it Really Work?

Is Instant Checkmate a legit background check tool? It helps in finding people and conducting public record inspections. The data it relies on is sourced from a multitude of federal, state, and county public records, which it then aggregates into one accessible report.

Instant Checkmate has been functioning as a bona fide entity since 2010. Nonetheless, like all businesses that handle delicate personal data, it’s crucial to meticulously examine the terms of service and privacy policy prior to utilizing their facilities.

It would also be beneficial to scrutinize the company’s standing and customer feedback in order to make a judicious decision regarding its use.

The Better Business Bureau recognizes Instant Checkmate with an A+ score. Despite this commendation, one should remain vigilant against individuals exploiting this reputable platform for nefarious purposes.

Encounters with fraudsters or cybercriminals attempting scams under the guise of Instant Checkmate using counterfeit logins or third-party ads promising free trials are clear red flags indicating scammer activity.

The sole legitimate source for procuring Instant Checkmate reports is through their official website, instantcheckmate.com.

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Is Instant Checkmate a Scam?

Is Instant Checkmate legit or a scam? It operates much like other background verification sites, amassing public information from a myriad of governmental and commercial entities and consolidating it in one location.

While the data available on Instant Checkmate can indeed be obtained from alternative sources, this typically entails a laborious process involving repeated visits to public records offices, court buildings, and police departments, among other record-holding institutions.

Instant Checkmate offers ease. They undertake the grunt work to make your research and background scrutinization swift and effortless.

Is Instant Checkmate Background Check Legal?

Indeed, utilizing Instant Checkmate for conducting a background investigation is entirely permissible by law. This platform procures its data from diverse public records accessible online. The data provided by Instant Checkmate originates from publicly available sources.

Nonetheless, the usage of this information can span both the legal and illegal spectrum. Fortunately, Instant Checkmate offers clear-cut guidelines outlining which actions pertaining to using background check details are deemed unlawful.

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Instant Checkmate Customer Reviews

In this segment, we are going to discuss whether Instant Checkmate is legit or a scam and some of the feedback and critiques that Instant Checkmate’s clientele have provided about their services.

It’s crucial to remember that individual customer experiences and opinions may differ, making evaluating Instant Checkmate’s holistic client satisfaction challenging.

Nonetheless, scrutinizing customer critiques can be advantageous for understanding the prevailing feelings and recurring encounters of individuals who have availed themselves of Instant Checkmate’s offerings.

By studying a variety of client feedback, we can acquire knowledge about the robustness and frailties of the firm’s services, gaining insight into how well they have delivered for diverse people under varying circumstances. Therefore, let’s explore whether Instant Checkmate is legit or a scam.

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Instant Checkmate Reviews on Sitejabber

With a customer score of 2.26 stars based on 306 reviews, Instant Checkmate does not enjoy a favorable reputation among its user base.

The most common grievances raised by consumers revolve around issues with credit cards, disappointing customer service, and troubles related to phone numbers. When categorized under Government Records websites, Instant Checkmate holds the 31st position.

Instant Checkmate Reviews on Better Business Bureau

Instant Checkmate reviews on BBB are mostly negative, with most customers complaining about having to pay for Instant Checkmate’s services.

Instant Checkmate Reviews on Trustpilot

Instant Checkmate’s rating on Trustpilot is much better. It has received a total of 303 reviews, with more than 60% of users giving it a 5-star rating.

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Is Instant Checkmate Safe?

Absolutely, Instant Checkmate is a legitimate platform. The company’s commitment to safeguarding its users sits at the heart of all its operations.

Established in 2010, Instant Checkmate initiated its background check services with an aim to ensure the safety of single individuals participating in online dating websites.

While the internet has indeed facilitated worldwide connections and interactions like never before, it’s also fraught with con artists, outlaws, and predators, making it challenging for anyone to trust others’ online identities fully.

Hence, if you’re verifying an online acquaintance or conducting a preliminary background scan on another parent prior to your children’s playdate, rest assured that Instant Checkmate stands by your side, offering peace of mind.

Having security as their cardinal principle drives them further, this ethos extends even to how they manage their web-based services.

The site instantcheckmate.com boasts a validated SSL certificate evident in its URL while being fortified with 256-bit encryption, ensuring robust protection against unwarranted breaches.

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What Does Instant Checkmate Cost?

The amenities offered by Instant Checkmate are not free. A glimpse at the site’s primary page reveals a criminal record search tool insinuating a provision of free background reports.

However, these results invariably lurk behind the shield of a paid membership. Interestingly, this platform’s usage comes with an elevated price tag compared to similar websites.

Although pricier than its counterparts, Instant Checkmate offers value for money in terms of unlimited access to background check reports for the cost equivalent to one report.

Differentiating itself from other service providers in this field, Instant Checkmate structures only two package deals encompassing an individual and their family or associates’ background checks instead of itemized bills per search. For those requiring multi-person searches, this platform is an ideal choice.

Their standalone reverse phone lookup deal also displays intelligent design, it’s economical for users who require just that feature and can be conveniently paired with your existing subscription package if needed.

Instant Checkmate Price:

Be aware that a complimentary trial is not an option. However, they extend unique offers, such as their 5-day evaluation period for merely a $1 investment. Feel free to test it out today, and your single dollar will be returned if you choose to terminate your subscription prior to its conclusion.

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Is Instant Checkmate Legit – Bottom Line

Despite the lack of reverse address lookup functionality, Instant Checkmate remains a credible platform offering essential features for an individual search engine.

It’s particularly renowned for its exhaustive public arrest records and registered sexual offender lists, making it an indispensable resource when assessing personal safety risks associated with certain individuals.

However, it carries a price tag that surpasses many other companies within the background-check sector.

Furthermore, there have been instances where customers expressed dissatisfaction with perceived opacity around membership renewals and fee structures within several Instant Checkmate reviews.

Therefore, it’s prudent to remain vigilant regarding your subscription status and promptly reach out to customer support in case of any billing discrepancies or uncertainties.

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DISCLAIMER: You may not use the non-FCRA approved services mentioned in this article or the information they provide to decide about consumer credit, employment, insurance, tenant screening, or any other purpose that would require FCRA compliance. These services don’t provide consumer reports and are not consumer reporting agencies. (These terms have special meanings under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 USC 1681 et seq., (“FCRA”), which are incorporated herein by reference.)

The information available on our website may not be 100% accurate, complete, or up to date, so do not use it as a substitute for your own due diligence, especially if you have concerns about a person’s criminal history. The services we mention do not make any representation or warranty about the accuracy of the information available through our website or about the character or integrity of the person about whom you inquire. For more information, please review each service’s Terms of Use.

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