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Best Weed Dispensaries in Connecticut Near Me for Recreational & Medical Marijuana [2024]

In July 2021, Connecticut legalized medicinal marijuana, and shortly after, the very first dispensaries in Connecticut opened their doors.

Since June 2022, marijuana possession for recreational purposes is also legal, and the number of recreational dispensaries in Connecticut has been on the rise ever since.

With the marijuana industry growing at a rapid rate in the Nutmeg State, we took it upon ourselves to locate the best marijuana dispensaries in Connecticut.

Seed Supreme came out on top as our favorite online dispensary, but we’ll discuss nine other online dispensaries in CT, so make sure you stick around.

Best Dispensaries in Connecticut – First Look

The best medicinal and recreational dispensaries in Connecticut have much to offer, let’s take a closer look at our top picks. We examine each brand’s reputation, highlight features, and customer feedback.

1. Seed Supreme – Best Dispensary in Connecticut Overall


  • Seeds from 1,500+cultivars
  • The biggest assortment of strains
  • Benefit from BOGO deals
  • Range of high THC seeds
  • Discreet shipping in the USA


  • Offers free shipping on orders above $90

Popular Strains

Brand Overview: 4.95/5

Looking for the best dispensaries in Connecticut, we have to start with Seed Supreme, one of the biggest brands on the market, introduced in 2013.

In over ten years, the company has done everything right to ensure the superior quality of its products by partnering with over 1,500 cultivars worldwide.

Highlights: 4.95/5

One of the main highlights of shopping here is the impressive lineup of products available. More specifically, at Seed Supreme, you get to choose from 4,000 marijuana strains, which is more than enough for recreational and professional cultivators.

Besides offering an unmatched selection of marijuana strains, Seed Supreme offers a Germination Guarantee on each seed, so in case your seeds fail to bloom, you get replacement seeds.

What also makes Seed Supreme stand out from other dispensaries in Connecticut is its staggering selection of BOGO deals.

Even if you are shopping on a budget, with Seed Supreme BOGO deals, you can afford the best-sellers cheap weed seeds.

Customer Satisfaction: 4.9/5

Seed Supreme has a loyal customer base of satisfied customers who praise the company’s assortment of seeds, the quality of products, and the company’s discreet and fast shipping.

One customer even said that after shopping at Seed Supreme once, they have no plan to explore other dispensaries in CT.

Looking at customer feedback on the best-selling strains, we could not find any negative reviews attesting to the company’s dedication to quality.

>>Check the best prices for weed seeds at Seed Supreme

2. ILGM – Buy Weed Seeds With 100% Germination Guarantee


  • Germination Guarantee on each seed
  • Sells top-quality grow kits
  • Save on grow kits and mix packs
  • Selection of guides for new growers
  • Free weed seeds for free


  • Does not offer phone support

Popular Strains

Brand Overview: 4.95/5

ILGM, one of the best online dispensaries in Connecticut, has been around for quite a while, since 2012, to be precise. It was founded in the Netherlands but serves customers in the Nutmeg State.

Compared to other recreational dispensaries in Connecticut, ILGM has the best Germination Guarantee and some of the best selections of high-THC and high-yield weed seeds.

Highlights: 4.9/5

The company guarantees each of its seeds will germinate, if they do fail to do so, you have nothing to worry about since ILGM will instantly send you replacement seeds.

The company’s discreet shipping policy comes with a delivery guarantee. In addition, ILGM reviews note that the company ships all seeds in unmarked sealed boxes to ensure discreetness.

Besides discreet shipping, the company is also known for lightning-fast shipping. It aims to ship all orders within two business days.

You get a confirmation email with your tracking number when your order is shipped.

Customer Satisfaction:4.9/5

As one of the best online dispensaries in Connecticut, ILGM promises the highest quality of all seed options, and the company’s dedication to excellence has been recognized by most of its customers.

Customers report growing beautiful and bushy plants from ILGM seeds and are happy to share their progress with other ILGM fans.

They also note how yields on the best-selling strains are huge, greater than they had expected at the start of their cultivation adventure.

>>Check the best prices for weed seeds at ILGM

3. Homegrown Cannabis Co. – Buy Beginner Marijuana Seeds


  • Very high overall germination rate
  • Top-quality beginner seeds
  • New marijuana strains added regularly
  • Save with Homegrown discount codes
  • Get 12-packs for $99


  • Does not offer 24/7 customer support

Popular Strains

Brand Overview: 4.9/5

While most dispensaries in Connecticut we discuss here have been on the market for quite a while, Homegrown Cannabis emerged relatively recently in 2020.

Still, judging by overwhelmingly positive customer feedback and its impressive assortment of products, the company has what it takes to compete with dispensaries that have been on the market for significantly longer.

Highlights: 4.9/5

One of the things we love about Homegrown Cannabis Co. is that it has a great selection of beginner seeds that are easy to grow, perfect for those who have recently started their cultivation journey.

Discussing the biggest highlights of Homegrown Cannabis, we also have to mention the company’s huge range of discounts.

With some discount offers, you can get a 12-pack mix for just $99.

As stated on the official website, the company is also known for its very high (99.9%) germination rate, which is quite impressive, especially for such a young company.

Customer Satisfaction:4.85/5

One of the best online dispensaries in Connecticut has earned a spot here mainly for the overwhelmingly positive customer feedback.

The company’s overall rating on Yotpo is 8.8 based on over 50 customer reviews. Still, most of its customers share their experiences with others on the official website, which lists over 5,000 verified customer reviews.

Buyers have expressed satisfaction with the company’s Loyalty Program and huge discounts.

Others love how the company’s beginner seeds produce high yields in almost every environmental condition.

>>Check the best prices for weed seeds at Homegrown Cannabis Co.

4. Crop King Seeds – Best Discounts on Weed Seeds


  • Complementary seed packs
  • Customer support available 24/7
  • Offers 80% germination guarantee
  • Frequent sales and discounts
  • Fast and discreet shipping


  • Free shipping only on orders above $200

Popular Strains

Brand Overview: 4.85/5

The next brand we discuss on our list of the best dispensaries in Connecticut is Crop King Seeds, one of the best places to shop if you are looking for the biggest BOGO discounts.

The company has been selling top-grade autoflower and feminized seeds to customers since 2005. Its impressive assortment includes over 500 different marijuana strains.

Highlights: 4.9/5

When looking for marijuana dispensaries in Connecticut, you probably focus on shops with great deals and discounts.

Crop King Seeds most certainly impresses with its selection of BOGO deals.

More specifically, almost every day of the week, you save on featured best-selling seeds, whether looking for high-THC or high-yield beginner marijuana seeds.

The company is also known for throwing in complementary seed packs with bigger orders, and it cannot get any better than getting weed seeds for free.

We also love that the company’s customer care agents are available 24/7, every day of the week, including the weekends. The selection of contact options includes Live Chat, email, and phone.

Customer Satisfaction:4.85/5

Crop King Seeds’ customers are most enthusiastic about the company’s impressive discounts and promo deals, but they also have very nice things to say about the quality of seeds.

They report huge yields on the best-selling strains.

Crop king Seed reviews note that after buying from here, they believe there is no reason for them to look for other dispensaries in Connecticut since Crop King Seeds has it all.

>>Check the best prices for weed seeds at Crop King Seeds

5. Rocket Seeds – Best Fast Version Marijuana Seeds


  • 600+ premium strains from twenty breeders
  • Complementary seeds on orders above $420
  • Huge range of fast version seeds
  • Sales during special events
  • Shop for exotic weed strains


  • 80% germination guarantee

Popular Strains

Brand Overview: 4.85/5

We cannot discuss the best dispensaries in Connecticut without mentioning Rocket Seeds.

The company has been around for over a decade, and in this time, it has amassed impressively positive customer feedback.

While most praise its selection of BOGO deals, many are also sharing nice things about its selection of fast-version weed seeds that, as suggested, produce beautifully-looking buds sooner than most other strains.

Highlights: 4.85/5

If you want to start your marijuana cultivation adventure with strains that are known for delivering huge yields fast, Rocket Seeds has got you covered.

In its fast-version catalog, you come across various great options for new and beginner cultivars, and each strain is known for its premium genetics.

Discussing the company’s highlights, we also have to mention its longest-running BOGO deal. At Rocket Seeds, you can benefit from a Buy 1 Get 1 deal on all seed packs, which is great if you plan to grow more plants.

One of the company’s highlights is also its impressive assortment of high CBD seeds, which are particularly beneficial to people struggling with chronic pains, insomnia, and stress.

Customer Satisfaction:4.8/5

While the company only offers an 80% germination guarantee, this does not bother its loyal customers, who appreciate the company for its impressive variety of fast-version seeds and huge discounts.

They are also impressed with its CBD seeds, reporting very good effects that last long after consumption.

>>Check the best prices for weed seeds at Rocket Seeds

6. Mary Jane’s Garden – Shop for Medical Weed Seeds


  • Get complementary seeds on bigger orders
  • Offers fast shipping in the USA
  • Customer care service available 24/7
  • Biggest selection of medical seeds
  • Germination guide for beginners


  • Does not offer a germination guarantee

Popular Strains

Brand Overview: 4.8/5

Compared to other dispensaries in Connecticut, Mary Jane’s Garden is the best place to shop if you are looking forward to buying medical weed seeds with a higher CBD content.

Mary Jane’s Garden is also a wonderful place to shop at if you are looking forward to receiving complementary seeds. With bigger orders, free seeds are guaranteed.

Highlights: 4.85/5

Among the company’s best-sellers, which include autoflower and feminized seeds, you will come across medical seeds that, by default, are packed with a higher dose of CBD.

The best-selling strain from this category is Auto CBD Harlequin, known for its uplifting, relaxing, and calming effects.

Speaking of the company’s highlights, we also have to note that one of the best online dispensaries in Connecticut offers fast shipping to US customers, including those residing in Connecticut.

In addition, the company’s professional and friendly customer care service operates around the clock via toll-free phone, email, and Live Chat.

Customer Satisfaction:4.75/5

Generally, customers are satisfied with the selection of strains and the company’s shipping policy. They also often praise the company’s policy that grants free seeds on bigger orders.

Those who looked into different CT dispensaries and decided on Mary Jane’s Garden feel like there is no need to return to other online shops when Mary Jane’s Garden has such a huge variety of top-grade seeds.

>>Check the best prices for weed seeds at Mary Jane’s Garden

7. SunWest Genetics – Best Regular Marijuana Seeds in One Place


  • Offers over 500 different strains
  • Premium genetics guarantees
  • Professional customer support team
  • Learn more about seed germination
  • Best variety of regular seeds


  • $200 is a minimum order

Popular Strains

Brand Overview: 4.75/5

Our search for the best online dispensaries in Connecticut led us straight to the virtual doors of SunWest Genetics, another renowned brand famous for its impressive variety of regular marijuana seeds.

Even if you are looking for a rare and exotic strain, SunWest Genetics has got you covered since its impressive catalog has over 500 strains.

Highlights: 4.8/5

If you want a healthy pile of regular seeds with top-grade genetics, SunWest Genetics is the place to shop.

While most online dispensaries focus on feminized and autoflower seeds, many marijuana cultivators still prefer regular options, and the company recognized this.

One of the best dispensaries in CT also houses quite a few different guides for beginner cultivators, and these guides mostly cover different germination tricks and tips.

What is also special about SunWest Genetics is that it accepts orders over the phone, and this option is rarely available in this industry.

Customer Satisfaction:4.75/5

Customers who are pleased with the company’s assortment of regular marijuana seeds also praise the professionalism of its customer care team and hard-working agents behind the scene.

One customer even reported that all three seeds they received from SunWest Genetics took less than 72 hours to germinate.

The same customer noted that the only thing they did was follow the company’s guide on germination, and the tricks and tips worked like a charm.

>>Check the best prices for weed seeds at SunWest Genetics

8. Sonoma Seeds – Buy Top-Grade Marijuana Seeds Discreetly



  • Get 10 and more free seeds on big orders
  • Discreet shipping guaranteed
  • Selection of 500+ weed strains
  • Special promo events for holidays
  • Sign up to benefit from bigger discounts


  • Orders with a tracking number cannot be returned

Popular Strains

Brand Overview: 4.7/5

During our search for the best dispensaries in Connecticut, we came across Sonoma Seeds, and we were impressed by the lengths the company takes with every single order to ensure discretion.

We were also impressed by the company’s catalog, which boasts over 500 weed strains, including the best from feminized, autoflower, and high-CBD seeds.

Highlights: 4.8/5

To ensure discretion on each order, the company is very careful about which details are displayed on each package. Besides the information required for you to get your package, nothing else is written.

One of the best marijuana dispensaries in Connecticut is equally devoted to offering great discounts and BOGO promos. At the time of writing this, you get 10 or more complementary seeds on big orders.

If you decide to start your shopping adventure at Sonoma Seeds, make sure you subscribe to its email newsletter to benefit from even bigger discounts.

Customer Satisfaction:4.7/5

While the company’s Refund Policy does not apply to orders with a tracking number, Sonoma Seeds’ loyal customers praise the company’s methods to ensure discreet shipping.

Many also report big yields on the best-selling strains, while others have nothing but nice things to say about the company’s promos, which usually run during special holidays and events.

>>Check the best prices for weed seeds at Sonoma Seeds

9. Quebec Cannabis Seeds – Best Autoflower Weed Seeds


  • Great selection of autoflower seeds
  • Orders usually shipped within 24 hours
  • Save on the best-sellers
  • Save on five-seed packs
  • Sign up to get access to special discounts


  • Customer care service closed on the weekends

Popular Strains

Brand Overview: 4.7/5

Our search for the best dispensaries in Connecticut led us to yet another impressive brand, Quebec Cannabis Seeds.

As suggested, this online dispensary is based in Canada but serves CT and other US customers.

Its impressive seed catalog houses exotic strains alongside one of the biggest selections of autoflower options.

Highlights: 4.75/5

New marijuana growers generally prefer autoflowers, because they require less maintenance, and they are usually less susceptible to environmental changes.

If you will be shopping for autoflower seeds at Quebec Cannabis Seeds, the variety of its autoflowers does not leave anyone disappointed.

What also does not disappoint is the company’s selection of special discounts and promos. More specifically, you can save on the featured best-sellers, and you can also save on five-seed packs.

Discussing the company’s highlights, we also have to mention that Quebec Cannabis Seeds aims to process and ship all orders within 24 hours, so CT customers can get their package within a few days of placing their order.

Customer Satisfaction:4.65/5

While checking the assortment of autoflower seeds at Quebec Cannabis Seeds, we uncovered an overwhelming number of positive customer reviews posted for the company’s best-sellers.

While customers are mostly impressed by how autoflower seeds germinate and blossom into stunning plants, they praise the company’s weekly discounts and sales.

>>Check the best prices for weed seeds at Quebec Cannabis Seeds

10. MJ Seeds – Shop for Weed Seeds With Premium Genetics


  • Impressively high customer rating
  • Feminized seeds at affordable prices
  • Customer care team reachable via phone
  • Mix and match your seed pack
  • Shop based on growing type


  • Somewhat limited selection of strains

Popular Strains

Brand Overview: 4.65/5

The last brand we discuss in our guide on the best dispensaries in Connecticut is MJ Seeds.

Just like the online dispensary we mentioned earlier, MJ Seeds is a company based in Canada serving customers in the USA, including those residing in the Nutmeg State.

While its assortment of autoflower and high-CBD strains is impressive, we and most MJ Seeds customers are more impressed by the variety of top-grade feminized options.

Highlights: 4.7/5

You can choose from autoflower and feminized seeds from the main menu. While you can shop for different seeds based on one of these two categories, MJ Seeds also offers other filtering options to help you out.

You can filter different options based on indoor and outdoor growing conditions and make your own seed packs by mixing and matching different seed varieties.

We also appreciate how the company’s hard-working customer care agents approach everyone with respect, remaining ultimately polite in all situations. Speaking of its customer care service, it is reachable via phone.

Customer Satisfaction:4.6/5

As one of the best online dispensaries in Connecticut, MJ Seeds has an overwhelmingly positive overall customer rating, which naturally adds to the company’s impeccable reputation.

Once again, if you plan to start your shopping adventure at MJ Seeds, check the selection of feminized options first before you explore other more exotic options.

If you give MJ Seeds a shot, we believe your search for reputable CT dispensaries will end here.

>>Check the best prices for weed seeds at MJ Seeds

What Are Marijuana Dispensaries?

Only state-licensed marijuana dispensaries in the United States are permitted to sell cannabis. A marijuana dispensary looks like any typical retail shop, but it offers access to marijuana products.

As estimated in 2020, there were over 7,000 dispensaries across the United States, and this number is significantly higher today.

Dispensaries in Connecticut started opening their doors in 2021 following the state-wide legalization of medicinal marijuana.

Dispensaries selling marijuana for recreational purposes have also grown in popularity in the state since 2022.

Benefits of Visiting Dispensaries in Connecticut

Now, we get to the main benefits of visiting dispensaries in CT, and there are many, from a greater variety of products to supporting local businesses.

Access to Medical Marijuana

When shopping at CT dispensaries, you have access to medical and recreational marijuana.

In many cases, products available at dispensaries are of better quality than those available elsewhere.

Professional Guidance

Besides having access to top-grade recreational and medical marijuana, dispensaries employ professional staff, including individuals who are well familiar with THC products.

This being said, visiting dispensaries in your local area offers professional guidance, which is especially important if you are new to marijuana.

Quality Assurance

Medicinal dispensaries in Connecticut work with acclaimed and certified third-party laboratories to ensure the best quality of their products.

This means quality assurance is guaranteed, so you can enjoy your products freely, knowing the quality has been thoroughly examined.

Product Variety

The best dispensaries in Connecticut are also known for their impressive product variety.

Besides selling flowers and edibles, some of the best dispensaries also sell high-quality THC concentrates, topicals, tinctures, and accessories.

Legal Compliance

Shopping for premium marijuana products at acclaimed local dispensaries in your area means abiding by local laws and regulations.

Needless to say, legal compliance should always be on your mind since you do not want to get into any legal trouble for buying some weed strains.

Education and Resources

We cannot stress enough the importance of acquiring new knowledge and looking for new resources to learn more about the thriving world of marijuana.

Legitimate Connecticut dispensaries have the necessary tools and resources to aid your learning journey.

Supporting Local Businesses

Shopping for high-quality marijuana products at local dispensaries also means showing your support for local businesses.

You want your local community to thrive, and there are many things you can do for the entire community, including shopping at local dispensaries.

>>Check the best prices for weed seeds at Seed Supreme

Factors To Consider When Choosing a Dispensary in Connecticut

Looking for the most reputable dispensaries in Connecticut takes time and effort, but if you consider the following factors, you will find the right shop.

Location and Accessibility

First, you want to consider the location of the shop you are interested in. Needless to say, the best option is to find a dispensary that is a walking distance from your home.

If there are no dispensaries near your home, consider other factors, such as transportation options you can use to get to the nearest shop.

Product Selection

Naturally, you also want to consider the selection of products. Many dispensaries sell different marijuana products at reasonable prices, but this is not always the case.

Either way, if a local dispensary in your area has a limited product selection, you probably should start looking at other places.

Staff Knowledge and Expertise

If you are new to marijuana, and even if you are not, you do not want to end up buying in a dispensary that lacks staff knowledge and expertise.

Instead, you want to focus your search on shops with friendly and professional staff who can help you learn more.

Pricing and Discounts

During your search for the most reputable dispensaries in Connecticut, pricing and discounts is yet another important factor.

While you want the best quality products, you probably have a limited budget, so reasonable pricing and occasional discounts play a huge role.

Safety and Security

While most retail dispensaries in the Nutmeg State employ the usual safety and security measures, shopping online is different.

This being said, only online dispensaries with advanced safety measures, such as powerful firewalls and SSL data encryption technology, deserve your attention.

Customer Reviews

It is common for almost everyone to look at customer reviews before visiting a new place or shopping at a new place.

Shopping at local CT dispensaries should be no different, so always look into customer feedback before you spend your hard-earned money.

Loyalty Programs

Many dispensaries have Loyalty Programs to reward your loyalty, and members usually benefit from special discounts and promo sales.

If a local dispensary in your area has a similar program and checks all the other boxes, make sure you keep it on your radar.

>>Check the best prices for weed seeds at Seed Supreme

Different Types of Products Available at Connecticut Dispensaries

Now, we examine different types of products you can expect to find at the best dispensaries in Connecticut.

Flower and Pre-rolls

Marijuana flowers and pre-rolls remain the best-selling items at CT dispensaries. They are favored among new and experienced THC consumers.


THC edibles are also gaining in popularity, especially flavorful gummies with a potent dose of THC many seasoned THC consumers turn to on a regular basis.


THC tinctures are not as popular as flowers, pre-rolls, and edibles, but dispensaries still have these products for consumers who are not afraid of highly potent concentrates.


Topicals infused with THC are available at top-ranked dispensaries in Connecticut, usually in the form of body creams and lotions. They include different moisturizing agents to be softer on the skin.


Marijuana concentrates have very high doses of THC, so they are generally used only by seasoned consumers. Concentrates of top-grade quality are common at well-equipped dispensaries.


Whether you are shopping online or at retail dispensaries, you will also come across a variety of handy accessories to make your journey even more special, such as rolling papers and grinders, pot smoking pieces, and more.

Tips for a Successful Visit to a Dispensary in Connecticut

Now that you are familiar with the best online dispensaries in Connecticut, you are probably planning a trip to a local retail dispensary soon.

If this is the case, check the tips we discussed briefly below.

Bring Required Documentation

If you are a medical marijuana user, make sure you take with you all the required documentation, as any respectable dispensary will ask for it.

Ask Questions

Do not be afraid to ask as many questions as necessary. People working at dispensaries are there to help you, and you are not bothering them with your many questions.

Start Slow

Once you get the product you have been looking for, starting slow is the best advice anyone could give you. Even if you are not new to marijuana, with new products, you want to be extra careful.

Keep Track of Your Preferences

You also want to keep track of your preferences for future shopping sprees. It is also a good idea to keep track of the effects and how long they lasted.

Understand Dosage

No matter which THC product you get, staying within the recommended dosage Is crucial, as you want to reduce the risk of potential side effects.

Be Respectful

Lastly, remain respectful towards the person or people working at your local dispensary shop because they deserve it and because you may become a regular here.

>>Check the best prices for weed seeds at Seed Supreme

Frequently Asked Questions About Dispensaries in Connecticut

If you want to learn more about dispensaries in Connecticut, the following section provides a wealth of information.

Does Connecticut Have Recreational Dispensaries?

Yes, recreational dispensaries are very popular in the state and have been since June 2022, when the state legalized marijuana for recreational purposes.

Can I Go to a Dispensary Without a Medical Card in CT?

Yes, you can go to a dispensary in CT without a medical card, but make sure you have your ID.

How to Buy in a Dispensary in CT?

You can shop at your local dispensary any time with your ID to prove you are at least twenty-one years old.

Who Manages the Connecticut Medical Marijuana Program?

The Medical Marijuana Program in Connecticut operates under the DCP (Department of Consumer Protection).

Is It Legal to Grow Your Own Cannabis in Connecticut?

Yes, you can grow your own marijuana in Connecticut if you are at least 21 years old. Each household can have up to twelve plants, including three mature plants.

Can Owning a Medical Marijuana Registry ID Card Get You Fired in Connecticut?

No, owning a medical marijuana ID card cannot get you fired in Connecticut, as stated by the Palliative Use of Marijuana Act.

How Long Does It Usually Take to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Connecticut?

It usually takes around 30 working days to get a medical marijuana card in Connecticut if everything goes as expected.

Are Connecticut Cannabis Products Tested for Safety and Quality?

Yes, the products available at the best dispensaries in Connecticut and other legal places undergo rigorous third-party testing to ensure their safety and quality.

Where Can I Use Medical Marijuana in Connecticut?

Yes, you can use medical marijuana in the state of Connecticut in the privacy of your home and some public places. The government plans to prohibit marijuana use on state beaches and parks.

What Strains Do Connecticut Cannabis Dispensaries Offer?

The top-ranked dispensaries in Connecticut offer hundreds of different marijuana strains, including Northern Lights, Bruce Banner, Jack Herer, Amnesia Haze, and many others.

>>Check the best prices for weed seeds at Seed Supreme

How Much Does a Medical Marijuana Card Cost in Connecticut?

The cost of obtaining a medical marijuana card for a resident of Connecticut is usually around $200, and the money goes to the Connecticut Medical Marijuana Program.

How Much Recreational Marijuana Can I Buy and Possess in Connecticut?

According to the current law, you can buy and possess up to 1.5oz of medical marijuana flower in public places. Within your home, you can possess up to 5oz at a time.

Recreational marijuana users residing in the state can possess up to 5oz per month.

Is There a Limit to How Much Medical Marijuana I Can Receive from a Dispensary at One Time in Connecticut?

According to the information on the Medical Marijuana Program’s official website, medical marijuana patients can receive up to 2.5oz or more up to 5oz if listed on their medical marijuana card.

During a Federal Background Check, Will My Medical Marijuana Registry ID Card Show Up?

No, your medical marijuana card will not appear during any federal background check.

While this may worry you, we highly doubt you will run into any legal issues if you show your medical marijuana card.

What Are the Qualifying Conditions for a Medical Marijuana Card in Connecticut?

To be eligible for a medical marijuana card in Connecticut, a state-licensed physician needs to diagnose you with one of the conditions.

These include HIV, multiple sclerosis, AIDS, glaucoma, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, or damage to the nervous system.

Is It Legal to Use Medical Marijuana Recreationally in Connecticut?

Yes, it is legal to use medical marijuana for recreational purposes in Connecticut.

If I Currently Have a Medical Marijuana Registry ID Card in Connecticut, Will I Ever Need to Create a New Portal Account?

Since you can use your medical marijuana registry card issued in Connecticut or other states in which medicinal marijuana is legal, you most likely will not have to create a new portal account.

Can I Be Charged with a DUI After Consuming Medical Marijuana in CT?

Yes, you will be charged with Driving Under the Influence if you are driving high, even if you use marijuana for medical purposes.

How Do I Find a Medical Marijuana Doctor in Connecticut?

There are many licensed physicians and medical marijuana doctors in Connecticut, many of them featured in the Medical Marijuana Program.

Has Marijuana Been Fully Legalized in Connecticut?

Yes, as of June 2022, both medicinal and recreational marijuana use has been legalized in Connecticut.

>>Check the best prices at Seed Supreme

Dispensaries in Connecticut: Final Verdict

This concludes our guide on the best dispensaries in Connecticut. With the biggest selection of strains, impressive germination guarantee, and equally impressive customer service, Seed Supreme is our #1 pick.

The nine other dispensaries we discussed also deserve to appear on your radar if you are looking for high-quality products, the best marijuana accessories, and more available at reasonable prices.

The marijuana industry is expected to grow massively in CT in the years to come, and we are happy to see you being a part of this journey!

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