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Crop King Seeds Review 2023: Is It a Legit Seed Bank With US Shipping?

Crop king seeds review

You’ve seen Crop King Seeds (CKS) after searching for the top seed banks online. Now, you want to know if it’s worth the hype. Well, you’ve come to the right place.

In this unbiased Crop King Seeds review, we’ll share everything you need to know about this

Canadian seed bank to help you decide whether it’s worth trying or not.

We’ll give you a rundown of the good and the bad and the types of cannabis seeds you can purchase from CKS.

We’ll also talk about their delivery and germination guarantees and whether the company honors them or not.

Read our Crop King Seeds review to learn if it’s the right seed bank for you.

Crop King Seeds Review: First Look

Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds is a Canadian seed bank company in business since 2005. Since then, it’s been breeding its own cannabis plant genetics for both commercial and medical purposes.

Through the years, the company found ways to maximize THC levels in different cannabis strains. Today, Crop King Seeds sells almost all types of strains, such as auto-flowering, feminized, regular, high-THC, high-CBD, and fast-flowering seeds.

Do you need to buy marijuana seeds for sale discreetly? If so, CKS is a good choice because it hides your seeds in CDs or T-shirts and ships them in unmarked packaging. The company also ensures each package is appropriately sealed so you will only receive fresh seeds.


  • Wide variety of high-quality seeds
  • Over 500 cannabis strains
  • Seeds for advanced and beginner growers
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Discreet packaging
  • 80% germination guarantee
  • Free shipping on orders worth $200 and above


  • Only accepts USD payments for orders outside Canada
  • Not many deals

Crop King Seeds Canada: Does It Sell High-Quality Seeds?

With Crop Kings Seeds’ years of experience as a seed bank, it has figured out how to make the highest quality seeds for its customers.

The company offers an 80% guarantee for seed germination. Plus, most buyers report success rates of 80% to 90%.

All the cannabis seeds CKS sells are inspected, tested, and handpicked so that you only get mature and viable seeds.

>>Buy cannabis seeds from Crop King Seeds here

Crop King Seeds Review: Overall Score (4.6/5)

The brand gained an impressive total score of 4.6. In this Crop King Seeds review, we based the overall rating on its cannabis seed selection, company reputation, safety, germination guarantee, payment options, shipping, deals, and customer reviews.

Crop King Seeds Bank: Cannabis Seed Selection (4.75/5)

Crop King Seeds features a wide variety of seeds, selling more than 500 cannabis strains. These include handpicked classic seed strains and new-age hybrid strains.

As one of the best seed banks that ship to the US, Canada, and other countries, both advanced and beginner cannabis growers worldwide should find what they need on the CKS website.

>>Check out the seed selection at Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds Autoflower Strains

Auto-flowering seeds are great for beginners and typically blossom on their own within two to four weeks. So, you should consider auto-flowering strains if you don’t want to worry about monitoring your cannabis plants all the time to switch the light cycle.

Crop King Seeds Feminized Strains

Feminized seeds only produce female plants. In other words, you don’t waste 50% of your indoor space on useless males that don’t produce buds. You also avoid accidental pollination, which would lower your yields by 80% to 90%.

In other words, feminized cannabis seeds are best for persons serious about growing cannabis seeds, except breeders.

Crop King Seeds Canada Regular Seeds

Regular seeds are untampered, and they can produce female and male plants. As a result, they’re the only seeds that can be bred to create new strains. We don’t recommend getting regular seeds unless you plan to breed your own strains.

Crop King Seeds CBD Medical Strains

Besides these three types of cannabis strains, Crop King Seeds also sells CBD Medical Seeds with high CBD content. These seeds are best for people medicating with cannabis who don’t want to get high.

>>Buy cannabis seeds from Crop King Seeds here

Crop King Seeds Review: Company Reputation (4.75/5)

This seed bank has had delivery problems in the past, with customers receiving the wrong seeds. However, this happened a few years ago, and the seed bank has managed to resolve this issue.

Crop King Seeds now has a reasonably good reputation for sending marijuana seed replacements when anything goes wrong.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about this brand being a cash grab. The company has been in the industry for 17 years, and there’s a reason why experienced growers keep coming back.

Is Crop King Seeds Safe? (4.75/5)

Yes, Crop King Seeds is safe, although it discloses that around 5% of its shipped products have been seized. In reality, this is a pretty standard rate, especially since the company ships worldwide. After all, some countries’ customs are much stricter than others.

Crop King Seeds Germination Guarantee (4.75/5)

Unlike many other seed banks, we like that this seller is honest about its germination rates. In contrast, some seed banks promise a 100% germination rate, even if there’s a chance that they ship sub-par seeds.

Crop King Seeds guarantees an 80% germination rate, which is fair and realistic. It sets proper expectations so any beginner grower will be careful about the germination process.

By the way, if you’re a beginner, you might want to check out the company’s guides on how to make cannabis seeds germinate successfully. These detailed guides will help you avoid typical rookie mistakes.

Crop King Seeds Review: Payment Options (5/5)

Crop King Seeds accepts USD and CAD payments via Visa and MasterCard. You can also purchase cannabis seeds on the site with Bitcoin to get a 10% discount. If you’re from Canada, you may pay via Interac E-Transfers.

Any international buyers? If so, you should know that CKS receives USD payments in all other countries.

>>Buy cannabis seeds from Crop King Seeds here

Crop King Seeds Review: Stealth Shipping (5/5)

CKS ships marijuana seeds to all countries. You will get the seeds in their original packaging if you’re in Canada.

Meanwhile, customers outside Canada may receive their seeds inside random objects like pens, flashlights, and birthday cards.

Shipping costs aren’t cheap, but they’re still on par with other seed banks. You can also opt for tracked Express shipping, which takes five to seven business days in North America.

Finally, you will get free shipping on orders over $200.

Crop King Seeds Review: Deals and Discounts (3/5)

This Canadian seed bank’s main offer is the free shipping promo for orders above $200. Unlike other seed banks, Crop King Seeds doesn’t offer regular discounts on bulk orders.

Still, certain strains go on sale for lower prices occasionally. We recommend subscribing to the CKS newsletter to stay updated on these special sales.

You can also chat with one of the company’s agents to discover if there are ongoing deals or active promo codes you can use.

Lastly, the seed bank gives ten free seeds for orders worth $420 and above, which may be interesting for bulk buyers.

Crop King Reviews From Real Customers (4.75/5)

Reading seed bank reviews like ours can be very handy, but nothing beats what real customers have to say. Here are some good and bad reviews we found online that could help:

Jay Hazan gave Crop King Seeds a 5.5-star rating on overall ratings, speed of delivery, communication, seed freshness, and price. Jay also says Crop King Seeds provides great service since the seeds arrived without fuss.

Chris grants a 5.5-star rating on the speed of delivery, overall rating, communication, packaging, and price. This customer pointed out that Crop King Seeds will be his go-to seed bank. He hasn’t had any problems with any of his orders.

Some of the negative reviews we found were mostly about the communication being a tad lax.

We agree that communication is a “tad lax” with the Crop King Seeds customer service team. We’ve experienced chatting with one of their live reps about Crop King Seeds offers, but he didn’t have much to say and disconnected the chat soon afterward.

Overall, we recommend calling the Crop King Seeds team directly at their toll-free number 1-844-276-7546 if you have pressing questions.

>>Buy cannabis seeds from Crop King Seeds now

Crop King Seeds Review: 5 Best Strains To Buy

Are you curious to learn what cannabis seed you can purchase from this seed bank? Here are five popular strains that Crop King Seeds offers:

1. White Widow − Strong Cannabis Strain for Experienced Users

White Widow

  • 5 Seeds Pack – $65
  • 10 Seeds Pack – $120
  • 25 Seeds Pack – $240

White Widow is one of the most iconic weed seeds available on the site. It has a high THC level of up to 25%, meaning it’s great for a relaxing couch lock.

Many people also use White Widow for pain and stress relief or to get a good night’s sleep.

2. Bubba Kush − Good Strain for Sensitive People

Bubba Kush

  • 5 Seeds Pack – $65
  • 10 Seeds Pack – $120
  • 25 Seeds Pack – $240

You may consider getting Bubba Kush if you’re looking for a beginner strain that can thrive both indoors and outdoors.

This strain usually flowers in just nine weeks and has dense and sticky buds. Its THC content is around 18%, with 1% CBD, which means it’s well-suited to sensitive people who want to relax without going too far.

3. Green Crack − Snoop Dogg’s Famous Strain

Green Crack

  • 5 Seeds Pack – $65
  • 10 Seeds Pack – $120
  • 25 Seeds Pack – $240

Cannabis connoisseur, rapper, and celebrity Snoop Dogg gave the nickname “Green Crack” to this strain. It was originally called Cush and is an offspring of Afghani and Skunk.

Go for this strain if you have the space to grow massive plants. It has a THC content of over 21% and yields up to 600 g outdoors.

>>Buy cannabis seeds from Crop King Seeds here

4. Durban Poison − Good Strain for Productivity

Durban Poison

  • 5 Seeds Pack – $65
  • 10 Seeds Pack – $120
  • 25 Seeds Pack – $240

Are you looking for a quick pick-me-up? Durban Poison is an 80% Sativa-strain with 20% THC, which can help you feel focused and productive.

Unlike other strains, Durban Poison won’t make you feel lethargic. As a result, many people smoke it before doing household chores or creative work like painting and composing music.

5. CB Diesel CBD − Good Medicinal Strain

CB Diesel CBD

  • 5 Seeds Pack – $35
  • 10 Seeds Pack – $65
  • 25 Seeds Pack – $135

Don’t want any high at all? If so, CB Diesel is worth looking into.

This strain has 20% CBD and almost 0% THC. It might help relieve muscle pain and stress without getting you stoned.

>>Buy cannabis seeds from Crop King Seeds now

Popular Alternatives To Crop King Seeds

Do you feel like Crop King Seeds isn’t for you? No problem. Other online seed banks might be worth checking out.

Here are some of our recommendations:

  1. Seed Supreme – Best overall
  2. ILGM – 100% germination guarantee
  3. Homegrown Cannabis Co. – Best deals and discounts
  4. Herbies Seeds – 3,000+ marijuana seeds
  5. Seedsman – High-THC seeds for experienced smokers

1. Seed Supreme – Best Overall

Seed Supreme

Seed Supreme is an excellent alternative to Crop King Seeds if you prefer a seed bank based in the US instead of Canada. This company is located in San Diego, California.

Like CKS, it offers customers an 80% germination guarantee and stealth shipping. It also features multiple payment options, like CashApp, Mesh, Crypto, and Zelle.

However, Seed Supreme is more generous than CKS because it gives one free seed per order, while CKS only provides ten complimentary seeds if you spend at least $420 on purchases.

>>Buy cannabis seeds from Seed Supreme now

2. ILGM – 100% Germination Guarantee


I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) is one of the most popular seed companies today, with over 27,000 customer reviews.

As expected from such a reputable seed bank, ILGM also has some of the highest-quality cannabis seed varieties you can find online.

It’s a better option than CKS if you plan to buy marijuana seeds in bulk because the site offers “Buy 10, Get 10 Free” deals on some strains. However, ILGM only ships to the US.

You can also get a 10% discount if you buy seeds with Bitcoin. Promos are an area we wish Crop King Seeds would do better on.

>>Buy cannabis seeds from ILGM now

3. Homegrown Cannabis Co. – Best Deals and Discounts


If you are looking for a reliable online store to buy high-quality cannabis seeds, you should check out Homegrown Cannabis Co. They have a huge selection of exotic strains, including the Ice Cream Cake, which they have expertly bred to achieve the perfect balance of effects and flavors.

Homegrown Cannabis Co is known for being one of the best growers of marijuana seeds in the industry, and they also have great customer service that ensures your satisfaction.

They also offer free and discreet shipping across the US for orders over $115, or a flat rate of $10.99 for smaller orders. They also have a shipping guarantee that covers any seeds that fail to germinate, so you can order with confidence.

4. Herbies Seeds – 3,000+ Marijuana Seeds


Herbies may be a good option if you’re looking for an extensive seed bank with over 3,000 quality seeds to choose from. Just be aware that the company ships from Europe, so delivery to the US or Canada might be slightly slower.

Like Crop King Seeds, Herbies has been in the industry for over ten years, so its seed quality and genetics are pretty good overall.

Herbies Seeds also sells marijuana seeds from different seed banks. Thus, if you already have favorites from places like Barney’s Farm, DNA Genetics, and Dutch Passion, you’ll most likely find them on the Herbies website.

>>Buy cannabis seeds from Herbies Seeds now

5. Seedsman – High-THC Seeds for Experienced Smokers


Looking for a strong kick? This seed bank sells many strains with ultra-high THC content, including Chunkadelic, Mars Mellow, and Medical Runtz, with over 20% THC.

It’s also worth noting that Seedsman’s website is more modern than Crop King Seeds, so the shopping experience might be slightly easier.

However, while Seedsman claims to have high germination rates, the company doesn’t back it up with a proper guarantee, unlike CKS. That’s why we think CKS is a safer option.

Nevertheless, Seedsman also delivers worldwide, with average shipping times of ten to 35 business days, depending on your country.

>>Buy cannabis seeds from Seedsman now

Crop King Seeds Review FAQs

Here are the answers to the most common questions about Crop King Seeds.

Where Is Crop King Located?

Crop King Seeds is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. If you’re buying from the US, this means you can get your seeds faster via CKS than most European companies. Of course, if you’re in Canada, you can receive your package even faster.

How Many Strains Does Crop King Seeds Sell?

Crop King Seeds offer more than 500 strains online. The website will also show you how many new seeds the company recently released on the top portion of your screen.

Does Crop King Seeds Ship to the US?

Yes, CKS ships to the US (and even worldwide). Canadian customers can get their seeds sealed in the original Crop King Seeds packaging.

>>Buy cannabis seeds from Crop King Seeds here

How Long Does It Take for Crop Kings Seeds To Ship Orders?

Delivery can take two to seven business days if you’re from North America. However, Express shipments only take two to five days, so the extra $40 for express shipment can be worth it if you’re in a hurry.

Is Crop King Seeds a Good Seed Bank?

Yes, Crop King Seeds is a good seed bank, especially if you want different types of strains with solid genetics. The site sells 500+ marijuana seeds, so variety is definitely king here (pun intended).

Additionally, the company offers an 80% germination guarantee and guaranteed delivery.

Crop King Seeds Review: Our Verdict

Growing cannabis is a fun process, but it could also get complicated if you get duds or poor-quality seeds.

We hope our Crop King Seeds review helps you realize this seed bank is a safe bet, thanks to its 80% germination guarantee, high-quality strains, and discreet shipping. You could also get replacements if you’re one of the unlucky few that receive duds.

Before you grow cannabis seeds, ensure you have the suitable space and conditions for the specific strain you choose, including the proper lights, temperature, and humidity levels.

You can look forward to abundant yields by being properly prepared and buying high-quality seeds from trustworthy seed banks like Crop King Seeds. Enjoy!

>>Buy cannabis seeds from Crop King Seeds here

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