DateMyAge Review: A Dating Site that’s All about Romantic Alignment

datemyage review

DateMyAge makes it clear right away that it’s for serious dating, and that finding a partner “aligned with you” is what makes the best relationships.

But how does the site work its matchmaking magic?

In this DateMyAge review, we’re going to consider who will most appreciate the site, the pros and cons, as well as the signup process and matchmaking stage.

DateMyAge Review in 10 Seconds

  • DateMyAge is a global online dating site
  • Demographics is mainly over +40
  • For serious & romantic relationships
  • Also for younger & older matchmaking
  • Send messages for free
  • You can video chat with matches
  • Everyone pays “per action” – no membership fee
  • Over 1 million members so far
  • Date locally or internationally

Who is DateMyAge For and Not For?

DateMyAge’s philosophy is romantic alignment, as in two people being united in purpose, life goals, and perspectives. If this makes for the best relationships, then it’s obviously not just a local hookup site.

The search for true love could take you across the world, into a different culture, and into someone’s arms who appreciates you and where you’ve come from.

This is a site for people interested in a committed and serious relationship, possibly even a long-term living situation or marriage. 

Therefore, it’s safe to say DateMyAge is not a site for people looking for local matches based on empty profiles and photos.

Of all the sites out there, DateMyAge is the most serious about finding love AND alignment in your relationship.

What We Like and Don’t Like About DateMyAge


  • Free video streaming of broadcasters
  • Limited free texting with singles
  • Create a detailed profile with photos
  • Chat to people across the world
  • Chat about your favorite shared interests
  • Buy virtual or real-life gifts to get more attention
  • About one million members worldwide
  • Pay per action, not just a membership fee
  • Users can receive chat requests & chat messages


  • Not much of an advanced search
  • Free members can’t do video calling
  • Not much known about matchmaking algorithm
  • Some fake profiles here & there

Overall Rating

  • 9/10

The Where and When of

DateMyAge’s website claims the company was first launched in 1993. However, DateMyAge’s parent company, Sol Networks Limited, was founded in 2015 and is currently based in Malta.

The dating site’s mission is to help people find their soul mate and, even more importantly, find someone aligned with their own relationship goals. Finding a good match should not be limited to local regions only but extend to countries all over the world.

International video calling is where DateMyAge excels compared to most other dating sites.

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Why Sign Up with DateMyAge?

DateMyAge has a clever introduction. It lists millions of compatible matches when you first visit the site and then narrows your search down the more details you add to your profile.

Even before you start browsing, you will be tagging your interests and giving information that might be a “deal breaker” to your potential partners.

This saves time and helps you find someone who will truly appreciate you for your unique qualities.

datemyage signup

How Does a Mature Dating Site Work? A DateMyAge Review

DateMyAge is a new age site that combines two distinct dating site features into one: video broadcasting and private chat. You will notice live video is a big part of the site.

The site encourages face-to-face communication, so you know you’re talking to a real person within seconds of being introduced.

Joining DateMyAge

You can join DateMyAge directly via the .com dating site, or you can download the DateMyAge app from both IOS and Google Play for Android.

After entering basic demographic information (first name, DOB, email, and interests), simply follow the email link to the DateMyAge site.

Getting to Know the DateMyAge Dating App

Once you’re online, you will see a wall of potential dates under two different abs: Profile and Broadcasts. 

As soon as you log in, you will notice a number of introductory messages from members under “Chat Requests.” Clicking on a profile opens up text messaging in addition to a viewable profile.

Opening your inbox lets you send and receive email messages in addition to text chat.

The search feature is somewhat limited since you can only filter by sex, age, location, and video chat availability.

DateMyAge Review of Profile Features

The first step of joining DateMyAge will be to create a detailed profile.

review datemyage

The mature singles site is social-media friendly so that you can upload photos at any time, including one main profile picture as well as a longer cover page image.

The first two sections to fill out are self-explanatory: A Few Words About Myself and “My Wishlist.”

As with any dating site, adding high-quality and professional-looking photos is a significant part of dating. Based on your attractive photos, you may get a higher (or lower) number of chat requests.

Next, it’s time to fill out your tagged interests, basic demographical information (like lifestyle, location, body type), and the specifics of what you’re looking for.

DateMyAge Review of Singles & Broadcasters

Of course, a legitimate dating site is only as good as its users.

You will notice right away that DateMyAge has two distinct “classes” of users – Singles (or standard profiles) as well as Broadcasters.

Singles are probably your best bet because Broadcasters are mainly using the site for fun, popularity, and hopefully making money in the form of gifts. Broadcasters are more interested in sections like “Leaderboards,” where they can see who’s ranking the highest in popularity.

Simply put, while Broadcasters are a lot of fun to talk to, they’re probably not as serious about online dating as they are about getting more views and talking to lots of people.

The Single/Profiles section is where to find potential partners. In the front page browsing section, you can quickly get a glimpse of how many photos and videos each person has, as well as their age and “tagline.”

Clicking on a person’s profile takes you to their bio, interests, About Me page, and what they’re looking for in a partner. There’s also a section for photos and videos to see if the attraction is mutual.

If you like what you see, you can choose one of four options:

  • Send a chat request
  • Send a longer email message
  • Send a virtual gift
  • Choose a present

Sending a chat request and an email message is a great way to break the ice. While you don’t get an icebreaker quote, you can send virtual gifts, photo, video, or audio files, as well as emojis once you start the conversation.

You can sort by overall popularity, new members, or according to the system’s matchmaking suggestions. Verified members (simply using a selfie) and popular members usually get sent to the top of each page.

Let’s Mingle

The Let’s Mingle feature is the best way to introduce yourself to the community. While it’s similar to posting an “icebreaker” sentence (one that you think up yourself), the DateMyAge system shares your icebreaker with other members who are most likely to reply to you.

It’s a clever way of starting conversations AND letting new members feel welcome.

But before you start typing out all those deep thoughts, just know “Let’s Mingle” will cost you some credits.

datemyage reviews

Virtual Gifts and Amazing Presents

Amazing gifts” are not alwaus amazing but are sweet little gestures that spill over into real life. Show your affection by sending flowers, chocolates, gift baskets, headphones, breadmakers, and many others.

Virtual gifts are silly little animations you can buy to catch your love interest’s attention. These gifts might be anything from teddy bears to unicorns, pumpkins, and hearts.

Both real and virtual gifts can be purchased with “credits,” which are the pseudo-currency of the site. We’ll discuss the price a little bit later.

The good news is that users who receive virtual gifts can convert them into actual revenue. However, the revenue share exchange rate depends on the site. None of these credits are attached to any real currency.

The Demographics of DateMyAge

DateMyAge is actually not a mature dating site, even though it does have a healthy number of over 40+ demographics. According to SimilarWeb, the largest group of visitors are between the ages of 55-64 years old.

You will notice that many of the users are in their 40s and sometimes in their 60s or 70s. On the other hand, there are many singles and broadcasters in their 20s and 30s. It’s up to you to filter your search and get rid of a demographic you don’t find attractive.

But unlike sites such as Silver Singles or OurTime, DateMyAge is not limited to “like minded individuals” or “date your own age” dogmas.

You can virtual-date anyone you want if the attraction is mutual.

A global dating site might actually be more open to May – December or Older/Younger relationships. Some members might even be looking for millionaire or luxury dating and want a young or older partner as a traveling companion.

Understanding Video Chats and Getting Along with Broadcasters

Just because the “Singles” are more into serious relationships than “Broadcasters”, doesn’t  mean Broadcasters aren’t worth visiting.

Clicking on the “Broadcasters” is a lot of fun because you get to chat in real time with attractive people from all over the world.

It’s not impossible that you’ll fall in love with a broadcaster, but it’s less likely. This feature is more for flirting, getting to know friends, and finding out more about other countries you might soon visit. 

You can select a “Popular” user (Broadcaster) by searching for live video broadcasts, or you can wait until a broadcaster invites you to a chat request.

While it’s likely these “chat requests” are automated by the website, it’s still a nice feature that you can view Popular users in real time for free. Even better, you might get invited to video chat by multiple people!

The downside, of course, is that you have to share. This is not a one-on-one video call but a live stream of a Popular broadcaster who answers questions.

Video calls are for the “Single Profiles” only, the opposite tab from Broadcasters. You can make a more private one-on-one video call with a good match you meet or send/receive private chat requests by video at any time.

But the downside (and you know there’s at least one) is that chatting on a one-on-one video call does cost credits and is not free, unlike live streams. Live streams do offer free group chat but not free private video calls.

Lastly, YOU can also broadcast yourself, start talking, and get a few (or maybe a lot of) fans interested in you!

datemyage reviewed

How to Get More Responses On DateMyAge Like Popular Members

One legitimate complaint from users seems to be the difficulty in finding a compatible partner looking for a serious relationship.

Indeed, when you stick to a local dating site, matches are always based on physical attraction and basic common interests.

Sites like DateMyAge, however, do something different. They expand the region and sometimes go overseas to find someone who actually matches your personality, lifestyle, and life goals.

If you want to have a better experience using this mature online dating site, then concentrate on creating a detailed profile with high-quality profile pictures.

Try to make meaningful connections by sharing something fun and positive about your life – something that makes you more attractive to other people.

You can ask a personal question as an icebreaker, tell a story, or share something interesting that you’ve done and want to talk about.

Finally, don’t forget to use the filters. Even though the filtered search is not as sophisticated as it is on other sites, you can still adjust factors like age range, habits, and interests.

What Do People Talk About On DateMyAge Video Streams?

When you enter the video stream show on the DateMyAge site, you will see the broadcaster’s face in real time, along with their voice. Many of the broadcasters are overseas and speak more than one language in hopes of making more friends.

Not only can you chat with the broadcaster, but you can also send messages, contact other members, and start conversations with gifts.

The broadcaster usually leads the conversation, either by talking about something going on in their life or answering questions directly from viewers. Sometimes 300+ viewers may be watching one broadcaster’s video feed!

Typical messages you might see in a live stream include:

  • Diamond/credit goals the broadcaster hopes to receive
  • Public questions from fans the broadcaster can answer
  • Conversations about other countries
  • Users asking the broadcaster to do something – such as a smile
  • Talking about dating in general

Just remember that although the site feels like a “model chat” site, it’s not. Any obscene requests beyond innocent flirting will be deleted, and the user banned from the site.

DateMyAge Reviews – Positive and Negative

DateMyAge has received both positive review ratings and negative review ratings from users.

Positive reviews tend to mention the site’s emphasis on video, not to mention free perks to new members, like free live-streaming shows.

Negative reviews are more focused on user experiences, bad dates found on the site, and other quibbles about using the site, such as how the site will automatically renew credits and other minor issues. However, no one is actually accusing DateMyAge of being a scam site.

The site is legally established and has a solid rating from other sites that provide independent reviews.

Keep in mind you can always contact DateMyAge and submit a complaint form. The customer support team will review the complaint process either through email or live chat support.

You can also find commonly asked Q&As at the customer support knowledge base.

datemyage profile

DateMyAge Review of Pricing

DateMyAge has a unique system of pricing because you’re not paying for membership. Rather, you are paying for a number of “credits” which you can store and then use for individual tasks and actions.

However, you are automatically charged the equivalent of a monthly subscription or monthly fee. This buys you a number of credits necessary to maintain communication on the site. The pricing structure is as follows:

  • 150 credits a month for $19.99
  • 600 credits a month for $150
  • 1500 credits a month for $300

While there are no extra membership fees, you can buy more credits (or more money) when you spend all of your monthly credits.

DateMyAge free membership allows you limited use of the site, including chatting to broadcasters and texting singles introduction messages. 

However, one-on-one video calls and Let’s Mingle require the credit system.

You get 20 bonus credits upon signing up for premium DateMyAge, which covers you sending one free message to other members and enjoying 10 free live chats.

Charges Per Action

At this site, you’re charged per action, as the following pricing structure suggests:

  • Text Chat – 1 credit per minute
  • Video Chats – 6 credits per minute
  • Mobile Chat – 1 credit per message
  • Email – 10 credits per minute
  • Sending/receiving photos or videos – 15 credits per minute
  • Sending stickers – 1 credits per minute
  • Let’s Mingle shoutout – 5 credits per minute

Virtual gifts can cost anywhere from 100 to 1000 credits.

Broadcasters can also receive virtual gifts, which are worth site credits, and then convert to “diamonds,” which can be used to purchase real life gifts, sometimes costing upwards of 5000 credits.

For payment, you can use a credit card or cryptocurrency.

DateMyAge Alternatives

Wondering about what other senior dating sites offer compared to DateMyAge?

We took a look at other senior dating websites known for having mostly over 55 users. Here’s what we found.

Match vs. DateMyAge Review is one of the first and still most successful matching sites in the industry. It just so happens that appeals to older demographics, probably because of the simplicity of the site’s design, as well as the many filters that make searching for dates easy. is more relationship-focused, but also doesn’t have more luxurious options like pricey virtual gifts or international dates for wealthy parties looking for beautiful companions.

  • organizes in-person events
  • has far more search filters
  • DateMyAge has more worldwide outreach
  • DateMyAge is more popular among luxury dating enthusiasts
  • Both and DateMyAge offer limited free texting

Visit for broader online dating options. 

eHarmony vs. DateMyAge Review

eharmony logoeHarmony does go for the same emotional pitch as DateMyAge, suggesting that lasting relationships come from shared goals and personality traits.

However, whereas DateMyAge doesn’t thoroughly explain its algorithm strategy, eHarmony explains its matchmaking system comes from a proprietary algorithm of matching “shared values.”

eHarmony offers more scientific matchmaking but doesn’t seem to have the same interactive community.

  • eHarmony is more serious about matchmaking
  • eHarmony has helped form 2 million marriages worldwide
  • DateMyAge has streaming video
  • DateMyAge has virtual gifts
  • Both eHarmony and DateMyAge have 1-on-1 video call

Visit eHarmony for a more intellectual matchmaking process.

OurTime vs. DateMyAge Review

ourtime logoOurTime puts much more emphasis on “senior dating” than DateMyAge, although both sides are aiming for older demographics.

However, it’s safe to say OurTime takes things slow, giving users much more to do in the way of taking personality tests. These tests are designed to learn what the user wants and match partners based on life goals and lifestyle.

OurTime gets you thinking well before any cameras come into play.

  • OurTime offers more personality tests & lifestyle matchmaking
  • OurTime has more members
  • DateMyAge has more of a community feel
  • Both OurTime and DateMyAge offer video chat

Visit OurTime for mature dating based on personality and compatibility.

SilverSingles vs. DateMyAge Review

silversingles logoSilverSingles is more direct about being a mature dating community and appeals to demographics over 55 with appropriate stock photos and outright “senior dating” tag lines.

Silver Singles has a more educated demographic in general, as it’s owned by the same network that operates Elite Singles. Both sites are known for having an 85% college degree audience.

DateMyAge gives away freebies and also offers a more fun atmosphere than SilverSingles, without the heavy targeting of senior demographics.

  • SilverSingles is marketed to over 55 users
  • 85% of SilverSingles members have college degrees
  • DateMyAge has a more fun and youthful atmosphere
  • DateMyAge has virtual gifts and broadcasting fun
  • Both DateMyAge and SilverSingles have mostly over 55 demographics

Find out more about senior dating at our SilverSingles review.

FAQs About Date My Age

Thinking of signing up to Date My Age but have a few lingering questions? Ask away!

Is DateMyAge a scam site?

Yes, DateMyAge is a legitimate dating site, legally established, and with hundreds of testimonials to show for it.

Even better, DateMyAge has a video-sharing community that lets you find out quickly who is a real person, and who might have some fake profiles, or be a catfish.

What better way to date in “real life” than to start conversations face-to-face with a real person?

Are there fake profiles on DateMyAge?

DateMyAge moderates their profiles and looks for obvious fake profiles.

However, it’s not impossible that a fake profile might find its way onto the site. The best way to protect yourself against scammers, catfishers, and flakes is to chat with someone via video call as soon as you can manage it.

This removes all doubt as to who you’re chatting with on the other side of the screen.

How many members does DateMyAge have?

There are conflicting reports on how many members DateMyAge actually has.

However, the most accurate estimate is about one million members, with over 600,000 in the United States. The site also has a global outreach to over 32 countries.

Can free members read messages at DateMyAge?

Free members can read SOME of the messages they receive from singles with profiles.

However, after both people send one text message, any subsequent online or offline messages must be unlocked with credits. Free members get limited texting on DateMyAge, in hopes they will buy more video interactions.

Are there fake reviews or fake members at DateMyAge?

There may be fake reviews or fake members at DateMyAge, but such spam content is not endorsed or produced by the website.

In fact, broadcasters only receive partial revenue sharing of the virtual gifts they receive. They are not paid by the DateMyAge company. 

What benefits do paying members get at DateMyAge?

Paying members at DateMyAge get benefits like:

  • Free two-way communication with all singles
  • Credits to chat with Popular broadcasters
  • Ability to send gifts
  • Let’s Mingle messaging

The pay-per-action model of DateMyAge eliminates unnecessary monthly fees and keeps the price lower. You only pay for the features you need.

Is DateMyAge a senior dating site?

DateMyAge is not technically a senior or mature dating site, because it’s open to all ages.

However, it is often listed as a senior dating app because of its majority over-55 audience. The site is also open to Older-Younger relationships, such as cougar dating, or “silver fox” dating.

Is DateMyAge a sugar dating website?

No, DateMyAge is not a sugar dating website.

In fact, any users making crude and unwarranted sexual requests to the broadcasters will get banned from the site.

Does DateMyAge allow flirting?

Yes, DateMyAge allows flirting, teasing, and naturally charming conversation between consenting adults.

However, the company doesn’t allow any sexual requests on public streaming videos. Whatever happens in a one-on-one video call is the individual choice of both participants.

For more casual relationships, or fooling around online, visit our picks for the best dating sites.

Is DateMyAge a cam model site?

While the setup of DateMyAge may seem familiar to a cam model site, the website is not designed for virtual sex. Rather, it’s to promote romance, friendship, and traditional dating – even if your dates are across the world from you.

Is DateMyAge a luxury dating site?

DateMyAge is not a luxury dating site specifically. You don’t have to be rich to use it.

However, if you’re serious about meeting someone who lives in another country, you will have to invest some money in travel. 

Obviously, if you’re only dating within the United States, or locally in your own state, the costs would be minimal.

Here is a brief overview of how to get married abroad.

Are broadcasters at DateMyAge wasting my time?

Broadcasters at DateMyAge are primarily interested in getting views, chatting, and getting virtual gifts. 

They may be considered a “waste of time” because they’re not as marriage-minded as some of the other singles.

However, you never really know someone until you take the time to chat with them. Why not find out for yourself by talking to both broadcasters and singles at DateMyAge?

Is DateMyAge a mail-order bride dating site?

DateMyAge is not a mail-order bride site by intention.

However, if you want to marry someone overseas, you will have to visit their country and get married by a local civil or religious official.

That will require taking a trip overseas and paying for all travel accommodations, as well as legal fees. It will also involve following complex immigration laws and submitting documents at the appropriate time.

According to recent surveys, at least one in five households in the United States, or 21%, have a foreign-born spouse.

Are there overseas scammers at DateMyAge?

There could be overseas scammers on any dating website, including DateMyAge. However, it’s no different from using other sites like Tinder or Bumble.

Since no site is capable of running a background check on every single profile, you have to be cautious about meeting people online. Here are some security tips:

  • Never send any money
  • Do not provide any financial information
  • Don’t give out identifying information about yourself to other people (SSN, DOB, etc.)
  • Always chat with someone on video to make sure they are a real person
  • Ask challenging questions to see if a person’s story seems believable
  • Always tell someone when you’re going on a date
  • It’s OK to run a background check on a potential date
  • If the person flakes a few times – don’t give them another chance!

Most scammers try to appeal to emotion and tell long and tragic stories justifying their need for money.

Just remember, you don’t want to date anyone who is already financially dependent on you. More times than not, the person is a scammer… or at least not mature enough to handle an adult relationship!

How can I make a good introduction message at DateMyAge?

The best way to make a good introduction message DateMyAge is to do the following:

  • Upload photos of high quality – no bathroom selfies!
  • Add video or audio icebreakers
  • Add your interests and as much specific input as you can
  • In the bio section, write what you’re looking for in a relationship
  • Focus on your positive qualities
  • As much as possible, SHOW your positive qualities – tell stories, be funny, etc.
  • Invite potential dates to message you and give them an icebreaker to make it easy

These tips can help you make more friends in the DateMyAge community and will lead to more exciting video calls.

What can I talk to DateMyAge members about?

If you’re broadcasting or asking questions of a fellow broadcaster, try to talk about your lives.

Ask questions about the local culture and explain what it’s like living in your home country. Talk about places you’ve visited, and interesting experiences you’ve had.

Avoid trivial conversations, and don’t immediately start flirting with someone to the point of embarrassment. It’s best to test the chemistry naturally and show the other person you’re a good conversationalist, as well as a charming Romeo or Juliet.

Can I make money on DateMyAge?

Yes, broadcasters can earn shared revenue at DateMyAge.

Based on your intake of virtual gifts and the “diamonds” these gifts convert to, you can buy real life gifts.

However, understand that most of the top performers on the “leaderboards” section of the site are attractive females. There’s definitely a popular demographic here and it’s not going to work for everybody.

What are the best dating sites similar to DateMyAge?

Some of the best dating sites similar to DateMyAge include SilverSingles,, eHarmony, and OurTime.

You can also check out our list of the best dating apps of this year.

DateMyAge Review: A World-Class Online Dating Site

date my age dates

DateMyAge is so much fun you forget about the fact that it’s a mature singles dating site and has a mostly over 55 demographic.

But you wouldn’t know it, considering the many college-aged singles and broadcasters, international live streams, and very detailed profiles.

DateMyAge is not necessarily about matching seniors but about making people happy regardless of their age.

The online platform matches people with their soul mates and eliminates the obstacle of being “worlds apart.”

With help from DateMyAge, you can search the world for your perfect date and get a world of dating experience, all without leaving your home.

This is one site that lives the philosophy that age is just a number but that meaningful connections are what make the world go round.

    • Meet the unrivaled master of all things dating. With a charisma that could rival Iggy Pop himself, this Iggy rocks so hard he will knock your socks off — unless, of course, you have a peculiar penchant for sockless adventures. But fear not, for Iggy has standards that even the boldest adventurers must adhere to. […]

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