Asian Mail Order Brides Sites: Find an Asian Wife in 2024

asian mail order brides

Online dating has done wonders for men and women and helped forge countless relationships. To take that a step further, we’ve gathered some of the best Asian mail order brides sites out there.

While local dating is fine, many men have an attraction to meet Asian women for marriage online, including those from other countries.

These mail order bride plartforms have become increasingly popular and have helped many men find the beautiful Asian women of their dreams.

Unfortunately, finding a safe and reliable mail order bride site can be intimidating. Luckily for you, I’ve highlighted five of the top Asian mail order bride sites for you to review!

Although ZenDate is my favorite, all these sites offer safe, affordable interactions with women across Asia and can help you find the Asian wife of your dreams. Let’s get to it!

Asian Mail Order Brides Sites – First Look

  • Zendate: Best Asian mail order brides overall
  • LoveMe: Find an Asian bride easily
  • AsianDate: Simplest of Asian mail order bride sites
  • AnastasiaDate: Best mail order bride site for Asian women

Searching for a bride online doesn’t have to be difficult. Modern online dating and mail order bride sites have a wide range of features that keep you safe and secure. Many of these websites take added steps to stop fraud and scams. 

They also provide excellent usability and can help you find beautiful Asian girls of your dreams in no time.

More details on our top Asian mail order bride picks are below!

Best Asian Mail Order Bride Sites of 2024

1. ZenDate – Top Asian Mail Order Bride Site



  • Verified members
  • Diverse communication features
  • Brides from around the world


  • Occasional catfish profiles

ZenDate stands as a unique platform facilitating diverse romance across continents.

Aimed at broadening the dating pool for foreign men, ZenDate caters not only to Asian countries, but also includes profiles from Western countries and Latin America. Just in case you’re into those as well.

The platform prioritizes verification, minimizing risks associated with catfish profiles. As a user, you can can enjoy a range of communication features, and registration is free and straightforward.

However, to engage in conversations with potential matches, the purchase of credits is required, ensuring an enriched online dating experience. Credit packages at Zendate start at a mere $15.99 for 20 credits. And they do go quickly if you opt to send emails at 10 credits each, so the more credits you buy, the cheaper you’ll end up.

Offering a seamless blend of ease, affordability, and an extensive selection of profiles, ZenDate ensures an enjoyable experience for its members.

So it’s up to you now to find yourself an Asian lady. Are you ready?

Discover romance on Zendate with Asian mail order brides!

2. LoveMe – Connect with Asian Ladies and Find A Bride

love me


  • Quick sign-up process
  • View member videos
  • Abundance of women to choose from


  • Mobile app exclusive to Android
  • Pricing on the higher side

LoveMe offers a simple signup process, enabling you to swiftly immerse yourself in a variety of communication options.

With a quick registration using Google credentials or basic information, members can fill out their profiles, explore others, and engage in various activities. The platform boasts detailed member profiles, often accompanied by extensive photo collections and informative content on Asian darlings from anywhere in the world.

LoveMe utilizes a credit-based system, with options like replying to messages, live chat, cam sharing, virtual gifts, and three-way calls with interpreters, if there’s a need for that. You never know where your new Asian love may come from, and how good her English is.

While the pricing is slightly higher for Platinum Members on LoveMe, the abundance of communication features enhances the quest for an ideal Asian partner. I recommend to start with Non-Platinum membership and see where it takes you.

Curious to know more?

Navigate the array of options to connect with Asian ladies on LoveMe

3. AsianDate – Quick and Easy Asian Dating



  • Free registration
  • In-depth member profiles
  • Over 100,000 Asian women profiles
  • Plenty of success stories
  • Very easy to use


  • Layout a little outdated

AsianDate is our top choice for the best overall website for finding Asian brides.

This site combines ease of use, affordability, and an excellent selection of profiles to give its members an enjoyable experience. If you are serious about finding an Asian woman for a relationship, AsianDate has the features you’ll need to find your mate.

Signing up is incredibly easy, too.

All you need to do is enter your name, email, birthdate, and password. Once you verify your email, you’ll come across a profile search page. Here you’ll find verified profiles from Asian girls from almost any country.

You can send messages to ladies and chat for free. This was a surprise since many of the other mail-order bride sites charge for chat services. If you want to extend conversations, you will eventually have to pay for a premium chat.

There is no membership option on AsianDate. Instead, you purchase credit packages that you can use for emails, live chat, voice chat, videos, virtual gifts, and more.

Once you have credits, communication with women on AsianDate is extremely easy. The website is well designed and intuitive as well. Searching on the site features plenty of filters and you can choose Asian ladies by country, age, and interests. 

>>Go to AsianDate, the best Asian mail order site

4. AnastasiaDate – Mail Order Bride Site for Russian & Asian Women

anastasia date


  • Excellent translation services
  • Millions of active members
  • Members from all over the world


  • Out of date website
  • No personality test to view & search profiles

With millions of active members, AnastasiaDate may have the largest user base of any mail order bride website.

The women on this site come mainly from Russia, Ukraine, and the Czech Republic but you may find other Northern Asian women on the site as well.

AnastasiaDate specializes in attracting Slavic women seeking love and relationships. The women on this site are serious and ready to start a relationship with a man. If that sounds like something you’re looking for – don’t hesitate to check out this mail order bride site!

Sign-up is free and allows you to send messages, search for members, and read any first interaction you receive.

Filling out your profile only requires a few simple questions like your birthday and dating preferences. This makes signing up to Anastasia Date easier than many other mail-order bride websites.

Of course, premium membership on this site offers excellent communication features and can quickly result in a live meetup between partners. Other premium features include live chats, cam sharing, virtual gifts, emails, and calls.

While all mail order bride websites are susceptible to scams and fake profiles, AnastasiaDate employs a team of moderators that block and ban these accounts. Even with these added measures, many members still report fake profiles on the site.

>>Head to AnastasiaDate to meet all kinds of Asian ladies

Best Asian Mail Order Bride Websites – FAQ

asian date

Do you still have questions about Asian mail-order brides? Here are some of the most common questions we encounter from men seeking a new bride.

Are Mail Order Asian Brides Legal?

Mail-order bride services are legal as long as the women don’t identify as mail order brides.

An Asian girl will have to obtain a K-1 visa to legally marry a US citizen. These visas normally take 6-12 months to obtain.

There are also two pieces of legislation every prospective couple should be aware of:

How To Choose a Mail Order Brides Site?

Not all mail-order bride websites are equal. Here are some of the key features you should look for in a mail-order bride website.


Rumor has it, in the past scams and fake profiles filled mail order bride websites. Modern sites employ moderators and algorithms designed to search for fake accounts and ban them from their websites.

Verified Identities

Many websites require ID verification for members. While this is an added signup step, it offers members added protection against scam artists and fake profiles.


A website should be simple to use and intuitive. Old or outdated websites may not have the tools needed to quickly find matches. Look for websites that offer extensive search utilities, profile filters, photo libraries, and more.


Unfortunately, mail-order bride sites are not cheap.

Most of the sites we’ve listed use a credit system for premium services on their sites. Purchasing a large number of credits at once can save you hundreds of dollars while using any mail order wife website.


The smaller the website the fewer members it will have. You’ll have an easier time finding a match with larger websites. Of course, you’ll want to find a website that has an active user base as well.

Sites that have only a few hundred active members are less likely to help you find a match.

Smart Device App

Do you prefer to use your phone for online dating? You’ll need to use an Asian brides site that offers an app for your iOS or Android device.

Member Location

Many mail order brides sites specialize in particular countries. For example, if you are looking for women in China, you want to ensure that the website has members from China.

How Much Does Looking for an Asian Bride Cost?

During your search, you’ll see that dating site expenses and travel expenses will be your two biggest costs associated while searching for an Asian wife

On average, men spend between $4000 and $10,000 to find their bride online.

    • Premium membership to the above sites costs money. Depending on the site you choose, most men average between $200 and $400 for a monthly membership.
    • Of course, you’ll want to meet your bride-to-be before marrying her. Trips to Asia can range from $3,000 and up depending on where you are traveling to and your lifestyle.
    • Other costs may include translation services and gifts to your new wife.

How To Get an Asian Bride? Tips To Make Her Love You

asian dating swipe

While women on most mail order brides sites are actively looking for a mate, you’ll still need to impress them and charm them. Here are some tips that will help you get an Asian bride and how to make her love you.

  • Asian women prefer honest and confident men. You don’t need to lie to impress them. Be honest and upfront at all times about your intentions.
  • You should always respect and honor her traditions and culture even if you don’t understand them.
  • Prove that you are serious about marrying her by meeting her parents.
  • Asian women prefer attentive men that will take time out of their day to attend and care for their wives.
  • Asian girls prefer men who are healthy, fit, and have a neat appearance.
  • Dress up and smile in your photos to make yourself more appealing.
  • Don’t fetishize her. Treating Asian women with respect will show them what type of person they are.

Tips To Avoid Scams on a Mail Order Bride Website

Unfortunately, the online mail-order bride and foreign dating business are filled with scam artists that will try to take advantage of you.

There are countless horror stories of how men sent their life fortunes to someone on the internet. Understanding how to keep yourself safe online is extremely important.

Here are 5 tips you should follow that will help you avoid scam artists and fake mail order bride websites:

  1. Never send anyone money online. Scammers tend to flirt and talk with customers to gain their trust before asking for money. They may often say they need money for a sick relative or rent. You should immediately block and ignore anyone who asks for money on an Asian mail order bride website.
  2. Use Google to see if the photos they send are real. You can reverse image search on Google to see if the photo is actually of the person they claim to be.
  3. Never share any passwords or financial information with anyone on a mail-order bride website.
  4. While small gifts like flowers are fine, avoid sending expensive gifts like jewelry. Also, you should avoid paying for travel tickets for any women on these sites.
  5. Keep your private life private. Scammers can use your private information to blackmail you.

What Benefits Do Top Mail Order Bride Sites Give You?

Whether this is your first time using a mail order bride site or you are a seasoned veteran, it’s always a good idea to use a top-rated Asian mail order bride site.

These sites provide superior service and security. Here is what you should look for in top mail order bride websites.

  • Verified profiles ensure real members
  • Translation services break the language barrier
  • Live chat, video cam chat, & calls
  • Security moderation teams ban fake & scam profiles
  • Easy-to-use website that keeps your data secure

5 Best Asian Countries To Look For Asian Mail Order Wives

Asia is a vast continent with many (almost 50!) Asian countries and different Asian cultures, so there are many differences between Asian brides.

If you don’t have a particular Asian country or culture in mind already, we are here to help you with this rundown of 5 best Asian countries to look for Asian mail order brides.

Here are the 5 best Asian countries you want your future wife to be from:

  • Philippines
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • China
  • Korea

1. Philippines

There’s a reason why there are so many Filipino women on all the best Asian mail order brides sites and why most of the Asian brides coming to the West are from the Philippines.

Filipino mail order brides are strikingly beautiful and focused on family above all else.

Single Asian women from the Philippines are taught to take care of themselves but to put family first. Above all else, Filipino mail order brides know how to appreciate family-oriented Western men who provide for them.

They know the value of having a good partner, and once they’re snatched off of some of the best Asian mail order brides sites, they’ll know how to keep him and make a home for the family.

2. Thailand

Thailand is another one of the popular Asian countries among foreign men looking for a future wife, and it’s no wonder why.

Thai mail order brides are the epitome of Asian beauty.

And these oriental mail order brides are more than ‘just’ beautiful. There’s a reason why Thailand is often referred to as the ‘Land of Smiles.’

Other Asian ladies can’t even come close to Thai ladies when it comes to how cheerful, gentle, and caring they are. Even online dating Asian women from Thailand will turn you into a new man.

But true happiness will start when you take your beautiful Asian wife from Thailand back home and get married.

3. Vietnam

Many Western men go to the best Asian mail order brides sites with a particular Asian country in mind – Vietnam.

Asian mail order wives from Vietnam uphold the traditional values better than any other Asian women on this list.

And western men know to appreciate an Asian mail order wife that appreciates family values and takes care of them and their children.

Asian girls from Vietnam are also very humble and able to see value even in the smallest things and stay positive through adversity. That’s a good quality to have in a partner, even if life is smooth sailing, as life is unpredictable.

Much like other Asian women, Vietnamese ladies are also extremely beautiful and charming.

4. China

Chinese girls make up a big portion of Asian ladies on international dating sites for two major reasons – China has a huge population, and Chinese women are eager to leave the country and move west.

Chinese mail order brides possess striking Asian beauty and traditional values.

But there’s one thing where an Asian woman from China has the upper hand over other Asian ladies, and that’s food.

Chances are you’re a fan of Asian cuisines, and most Asian foods in the West are Chinese or Chinese-inspired. So if you get yourself an Asian woman from China, you’ll get a chance to enjoy the tasty dishes every day!

5. Japan

Japanese mail order brides are also highly sought after by Western men looking for an Asian mail order wife on Asian dating sites.

It’s important to note, though, that Asian brides from Japan are a little different from Asian girls from the aforementioned countries.

That’s because Japan differs from other Asian societies and has a lifestyle more similar to the Western world.

That means that an Asian woman from Japan is accustomed to most things associated with Western culture and lifestyle. But women of Japan still uphold the same traditional values as other Asian brides and are docile and family-oriented.

That mix makes them the perfect Asian brides that will get used to life in the West pretty easily and still play the traditional role of an Asian wife.

After the Wedding: Helping Your Asian Bride Fit In

find an asian brideWhen you and your Asian bride click and organize everything regarding the wedding, you’ll obviously feel over the moon. Not so fast, though – there’s still work to be done to help your Asian wife fit in Western society so you can lead a happy life.

Here are 5 tips to help your Asian bride fit in the Western world:

  • Organize everything beforehand
  • Anticipate the challenges ahead
  • Show your Asian bride around
  • Help her join the Asian community
  • Listen to your Asian bride

Organize Everything Beforehand

Your Asian bride will take care of you and your children and fulfill her traditional female role impeccably, which will help you have a happy life.

But you also need to fulfill your role of a provider and caretaker and have everything ready for your Asian woman before she comes to the West.

Think about the boring stuff first – documents and bureaucracy like health care, taxes, and things like that. Sort it out or figure out how you’re going to so she’s taken care of and doesn’t need to worry.

Get the Home Ready for Your Asian Wife

The bureaucracy isn’t the only part you want sorted in advance before your Asian bride arrives. If you’re a single man living alone (as you should be if you’re looking for an Asian woman on a dating site), you’ll need to get your home ready for her.

We’re not talking about major renovations or anything like it – even if you’re planning to do it, it’s best to wait until your Asian lady arrives. You know how women like that sort of thing.

But you WILL need new sheets.

Buy new sheets and towels even if you think you have enough. She will expect to have clean sheets and towels.

Get some meat and veggies in the fridge so your Asian lady can cook tasty dishes for you, as they prefer home-cooked meals over takeout.

And don’t forget the traditional Asian condiments!

Show Your Asian Bride Around

Your Asian girl won’t know much about how things work in the West, and that goes for more than just getting around.

Things are very different in most Asian countries.

You’ll need to teach your Asian girl everything. Think emergency numbers, home security systems, strange neighbor encounters, and much more.

Even the store checkout practices may be a novelty to Asian ladies from some of the poorer Asian countries.

Help Her Connect With the Asian Community

asian mail order bride sitesMen who are about to welcome Asian brides shouldn’t just show them the basic survival stuff, as life is more than that.

You want your Asian bride to join your social circles and the community.

Introduce her to everyone and make her feel welcome. Asian brides may feel lonely at the beginning, and everything may feel foreign to them, including the people.

So make it a point to find out if there are other Asian brides close by so they could hang out.

If not, you can look up the Asian community in your area and help her connect. If there isn’t any, figure out the internet spaces where Asian brides or the community meet – that will go a long way, too.

Listen to Your Asian Bride

No two Asian brides are the same, just as no two Western women are the same. We just told you the general things that help Asian brides fit in the Western world.

You’ll need to listen to your Asian bride and understand her needs so you can help her assimilate and flourish.

Asian brides won’t be as direct as many Western women when it comes to stating their needs, so you’ll need to anticipate the needs of your Asian girl.

It may feel complicated at first, but it will be well worth it as a happy Asian bride is a happy life for you, too.

What’s The Best Asian Mail Order Bride Site?

Hopefully, this article has provided all the information you need to start your search for the best Asian mail order brides. From signing up to your first in-person meetup, our top 5 choices will help you start a relationship. 

All our choices to find Asian women online feature a wide range of women actively searching for relationships. Our top choices are ZenDate for its reputable platform and LoveMe for excellent communication tools.

The platforms also provide excellent safety and security measures that will keep you and your data safe and secure during your search for an Asian wife.

Good luck!


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