Wait – Do Vibrators Cause Infertility? Is this True or False?

vibrators cause infertility

Do vibrators cause infertility? Apparently, some people seem to think so…

But are they right?

Can masturbation affect ovulation if you use a vibrator? Can vibrators cause a lower sperm count in men?

We are going to answer these questions and dig deeper into the topic of reproductive health and sex toys. 

Sex toys are incredibly popular in this day and age, but can you use them safely without worrying about health risks? What even are these risks that are associated with vibrators and fertility?

Are these just myths? What does science have to say about this?

Let’s find out.

Vibrators Cause Infertility: True or False?

It’s not a secret that a lot of people achieve orgasms with the help of popular sex toys such as vibrators. Recently though, some studies have raised questions about the safety of using this sex toy and the possible effects on the reproductive health of both men and women.

While most of these studies were inconclusive, some indicated a possibility of a lower sperm count in men who use vibrators frequently, as well as possible tissue damage that affects female fertility.

Both of these findings applied only to prolonged and repetitive use of vibrators, but it’s hard to prove that either of them is true.

This is because a lower sperm count can be caused by a lot of things such as smoking, drinking, age, and weight, so it’s hard to identify whether vibrator use alone has any correlation with it.

As for female fertility, tissue damage can possibly happen after long and frequent use of this sex toy. However, most of the time, using a vibrator could only cause a woman pain and discomfort, which can indicate an unrelated problem that can affect fertility.

In fact, using a vibrator can help detect and even prevent some fertility issues, according to some studies. When the blood flow increases during the stimulation of the genitals, it positively affects reproductive health and can help with conception.

So, which studies should you listen to? For now, they are all inconclusive and even contradict each other.

What we know for sure is that the best vibrators increase blood flow and help improve a person’s sex life, so there are definitely health benefits. We also know that the possible risks happen only with frequent and long use.

So, can you safely use your vibrators? Let’s find out more, but we do recommend that you consult with a medical professional, especially if you’re trying to conceive or are worried about your sexual health.

What Are The Effects Of Vibrators On Fertility?

can vibrators cause infertility

Scientists don’t yet have concrete information about how intense and rapid vibrations of vibratos influence fertility, or whether they have any effect on it whatsoever.

While there is a study that connects tissue damage with female masturbation with vibrators, there’s not much evidence to confirm this claim.

In fact, the evidence seems to point to the positive effect of increased blood flow caused by these vibrations.

Vibratos are also known to increase sexual pleasure and often have a positive effect on the intimacy between sexual partners.

If you’re worried about your sexual health, have problems conceiving, or just want to confirm that it’s safe for you to use a sex toy, talk to a medical professional.

However, know that, unless using a vibrator causes you pain or discomfort, it’s probably safe to use it on occasion for short periods of time. All the studies that connect vibrators with possible health risks assume a long, frequent use of this toy.

The effect of a vibrator on your sexual health also depends on other factors such as your overall health and age.

If you’re experiencing pain or discomfort while using a vibrator it could indicate a problem with overall sexual health unrelated to the sex toy.

Can Vibrators Cause A Decreased Sperm Count?

Some studies are suggesting that using a vibrator frequently can cause a decreased sperm count in men. However, other studies found no correlation between these two things.

The problem is that many things can cause a decreased sperm count, including smoking, alcohol consumption, age, and weight.

So, it’s difficult to tell whether using a sex toy on its own has any effect on sperm count.

However, we still recommend that you avoid using a vibrator if you’re trying to conceive. Consult with a medical professional to get tailored advice, but know that if you do use a vibrator, it’s also important to use it in a safe and hygienic way to prevent sexually transmitted infections.

Vibrators And Female Fertility: Possible Risks

Potential risks of using vibrators highly depend on the frequency and duration, but also on the type of vibrator.

Long and frequent use of vibrators is connected to the risk of tissue damage. However, the occasional use of vibrators for a short duration isn’t likely to affect fertility in any way.

Vibrators that produce heat and those with high intensity can potentially put you at risk.

It’s also important to make sure that the vibrator is safe to use, follow the instructions of the manufacturer, and regularly clean it.

Myths About Female Masturbation And Fertility

There is a myth about female orgasm and its effect on sexual function and fertility. Human beings are spontaneous ovulators, which means that their ovulation is not influenced by seasons or their partners. Many female mammals are, however, induced ovulators, which means that intercourse causes an ovary-stimulating hormone surge, including certain hormones that also happen when female humans reach sexual pleasure.

However, female humans can have sexual satisfaction throughout the menstrual cycle without it shifting the timeline of the cycle.

So orgasms can’t make you ovulate or not ovulate. Female masturbation has no effect on ovulation. 

A female orgasm produces hormones such as prolactin and oxytocin. Rises in these hormone levels have no effect on fertility.

So, female masturbation and hormone levels raised by orgasms can’t damage your reproductive health.

How To Limit The Possible Risks

If you are worried about the possible effects of male or female masturbation on fertility, there are some steps you can take.

Limit the duration and frequency of using a vibrator, and explore alternative sex toys as well.

When it comes to vibrators, use low-power ones and avoid the ones that create heat.

If you experience discomfort or pain while using a vibrator, seek medical attention.

Don’t forget to buy only safe-to-use vibrators from reputable manufacturers, clean them properly, and stick to the instructions of the manufacturer.

Some studies have connected phthalates with health risks, but many manufacturers now point out that their vibrators are phthalates-free and made of body-safe materials.

Alternative Sex Toys

Despite no specific evidence about the correlation between male or female masturbation with vibrators and fertility, if you want to stay safe, just in case, there are other toys that you can try.

Some of the best sex toys for women include clitoral massagers, vaginal plugs and toys specifically made for both clitoral and G-spot stimulation.

Best sex toys for men include non-vibrating prostate massagers, penis sleeves, and flashlights.

Don’t forget that sex toys for both genders can also be as simple as edible underwear and fuzzy handcuffs. 

So, don’t be afraid to use your vibrator, but think beyond vibrators, and you might even find something you like even better.

Vibrators And Infertility: FAQs

Here are some of the questions people most commonly ask about vibrators and infertility and their answers.

Can vibrators cause infertility for women?

No, there is no evidence that vibrators cause infertility for women. In fact, female masturbation and sexual activity can have a positive effect on gynecological health, whether you use vibrators or not.

Do vibrators affect men’s fertility?

No, there is no evidence that vibrators affect men’s fertility. There is a study that suggests that frequently using a vibrator for long periods affects the sperm count, but the study is inconclusive, and other studies suggest that there’s no effect of vibrators on sexual activity or health.

Can sex toys affect a man’s semen?

There is no concrete evidence about how and whether sex toys affect a man’s semen. While some studies suggest a lower sperm count, there are contradictive studies that even suggest a higher sperm count due to the use of sex toys.

All the studies are inconclusive, and there is no evidence that sex toys affect a man’s semen.

What else causes infertility?

The three main causes of infertility are ovulatory disorders, low sperm count, and endometrioses. There is no evidence that vibrators put you at risk of any of these health issues.

In Conclusion: Do vibrators cause infertility?

So, can vibrators cause infertility? When it comes to health, it’s best to advise with a medical professional, and they can give you tailored advice.

However, you are probably safe to use a vibrator without worrying about it affecting your fertility. This is especially true if you don’t use it frequently and for long periods.

No studies have yet confirmed that vibrators cause infertility.

However, suppose you are experiencing pain or discomfort while using a vibrator. In that case, it might indicate a health issue unrelated to the use of the vibrator, and you should seek medical attention.

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