• 25 Best Vibrators in 2023 – Clit Suckers, G-Spot Vibrators & More

    From alien-like vibrators to clitoral suckers, the best vibrators bring a plethora of sensations, both inside and out. Give your fingers some well-deserved r & r.

    So the question is, have you been getting the orgasms you deserve?

    Whether you want to go at it alone or stir things up a bit with your lover, we have tons of options for you.

    We’ll dish out the best sex toys for internal and external stimulation, including some of the most discreet bullet vibrators that’ll keep your affairs out of Karen’s nose.

    Are you ready?

    5 Key Facts For Each Vibrator On This List

    New to vibrators? No worry – here are the 5 things to keep in mind:

    1. Type – What magic buttons is it pressing exactly? G-spot? Clitoris? etc.
    2. Vibration Modes – How many vibration patterns/speeds are there?
    3. Material – What’s it made of? The top-rated vibrators are made from non-porous body-safe materials like silicone, ABS plastic, borosilicate glass & stainless steel
    4. Battery Life – Will it die after 20 minutes?
    5. Price – Budget-friendly or worth the splurge?

    We’ve given you these 5 key facts for all 25 vibrator reviews below. We hope this will make choosing the best vibrator for you as easy as possible.

    Best Vibrators and Suction Toys in 2023

    1. Unbound Puff – Best Vibrator Overall

    • Type – Suction
    • Vibration Modes – 3 intensities
    • Material – Silicone
    • Battery Life – 2-3 hours, charging 1.5 hours
    • Price – $48

    Need a powerful sucker in your life? Then the highly-rated Unbound Puff™ clitoral stimulator will become a go-to in your sex toy arsenal.

    This waterproof suction vibrator is the perfect plus-one for a dip in the tub, pool, or shower.

    It’s powerful and quiet enough and allows you to get as wild as possible without drawing anyone else’s attention. With 3 speeds, it packs lots of rhythmic power.

    Even better, its cute and compact design allows you to grip the Puff firmly without cramping your wrists. The automated sucker also fits perfectly into your overnight bag, taking up as little space as possible.

    2. Lovense Lush 3 – Best Bluetooth Vibrator

    • Type – G-spot vibrator
    • Vibration Modes – 3 steady speeds, preset and custom patterns
    • Material – Silicone
    • Battery Life – 5 hours
    • Price – $119 (normal price $199)

    This wearable Bluetooth vibrator from Lovense is a must-have for adventurous couples and singles.

    Its waterproof tailed-design design allows you to nestle the egg vibrator comfortably on your g-spot.

    What I like about this 3rd generation’s design is the fixed antenna and slightly more bulbous head, that directly targets the G-spot for optimum stimulation.

    Its top app-controlled feature is the ability to pass control of your vibe’s rhythm to your partner, who can access it wherever they are on the planet.

    The best part? You can customize the vibration patterns for tailor-made orgasms. Being 4 times more powerful than other egg vibrators, it is the best for foreplay, solo, and even public mischief.

    3. LoveHoney Tease Finger Vibrator – Best Vibrator For External Stimulation

    • Type – Clitoral vibrator
    • Vibration Modes – Single speed
    • Material – Silicone
    • Battery Life – Up to 1 hour
    • Price – $16.99

    This Lovehoney clitoral stimulator puts your next orgasm right at your fingertips. Like, literally.

    You can easily slip this rumbling beauty onto your finger via a stretchy loop and run it up and down your sensual spots to give you the sweets.

    This finger vibrator works well for solo sessions, or as a helping hand for your partner during sex.

    The Tease is great for beginners, too. It will give you that needed boost to kick your clitoral orgasms up a notch.

    It is only designed for external pleasure and works best with water-based lube since it’s made from silicone.

    4. Womanizer Duo – Best Vibrator For Dual Stimulation

    • Type – Dual vibrator – suction and G-spot stimulation
    • Vibration Modes – 12 intensity levels, 10 vibration modes
    • Material – Silicone
    • Battery Life – 2 hours
    • Price – $175.20 (normal price $219)

    Designed to mimic nimble fingers and a twisting tongue, The Womanizer Duo is a combination vibrator for dual stimulation, inside and out.

    Perfect if you need both sweet spots stimulated at the same time.

    This discreet vibrator combines contactless clitoral suction and intense g-spot stimulations to cause a hurricane of sensations inside your vagina.

    To save on energy, it only starts when its bulbous head meets your skin and goes into standby mode when you lift it from your body.

    And since all of us are built differently, you get two sizes of stimulator heads, so your Womanizer fits you just right.

    5. Lamia Dual – Best Vibrator For Anal Use

    • Type – G-spot/Anal vibrator
    • Vibration Modes – 9 vibration patterns
    • Material – Silicone
    • Battery Life – 1 hour
    • Price – $59.99

    To experience tushy sensations and clitoral stimuli at the same time, set your eyes on the Lamia Dual vibrator.

    Thanks to a fiery ergonomic design, you can insert the smooth bump into your rear end with the vibrating part directly over your clitoris.

    The delicate bulb has an unintimidating size, which works great if you’re new to rear entry.

    Plus it’s made from body-safe silicone and is completely waterproof so it can tag along in the shower.

    It’s worth mentioning that this top-rated vibrator is also quite hush-hush, so you don’t need to worry about getting any unwanted exposure.

    6. Rave by We-Vibe – Best Wireless Vibrator

    • Type – Handheld vibrator
    • Vibration Modes – 10 vibration patterns
    • Material – Silicone
    • Battery Life – 2 hours, charge 1.5 hours
    • Price – $119

    The Rave is your season ticket to endless toe-curling sessions in your boudoir.

    This dual-purpose vibrator has powerful vibrations. You can use it to pinpoint your G-spot or grind on the shaft to slowly build tension.

    With longer play time, you can explore and enjoy each of the 10 pre-programmed patterns.

    Although a bit glitchy, the We-Connect App lets you share control of your Rave with your partner for close-range or long-distance fun.

    Better yet, this sex toy is waterproof, rechargeable, and silent enough to give you unlimited climaxes uninterrupted.

    7. Lovense Nora – Most Powerful Vibrator

    • Type – Rabbit vibrator
    • Vibration Modes – 7 vibration patterns, 3 rotation speeds
    • Material – Silicone, ABS plastic
    • Battery Life – 4 hours
    • Price – $99 (normal price $199)

    What makes The Nora stand out is the rotating head design. It rubs against all the internal hotspots while providing 3 rotations speeds at the bulbous head.

    This optimized shaft sits under a flexible vibrating arm meant to stimulate your clit with high-intensity vibrations. It’s great if you’re on the lookout for an all-in-one vibrator.

    Using the Lovense App, you can get unlimited vibration patterns that even sync to your music and lets your long-distance partner in on the action.

    Schwifty, eh?!

    8. Lelo Mia 2 Lipstick Vibrator – Best Travel-size Vibrator

    • Type – Bullet vibrator
    • Vibration Modes – Unlimited vibration patterns
    • Material – ABS plastic
    • Battery Life- 1.5 hours
    • Price – $89

    The Lelo Mia 2 bullet vibrator fits right into your handbag thanks to its sleek lipstick design.

    This sex toy has a Travel Lock feature that makes Mia the best travel companion as she won’t accidentally turn on during a bumpy ride.

    And thanks to its notably longer shaft, you get more surface area to hold on to so that you can focus your efforts on getting that fulfilling orgasm.

    It’s versatile and powerful, and you can use the tip for pinpoint clitoral stimulation or broad external massage.

    9. Unbound Bender – Most Flexible Vibrator

    • Type – G-spot vibrator
    • Vibration Modes – 10 vibration patterns
    • Material – Silicone
    • Battery Life– 2 hours
    • Price – $71

    The flexible Bender is a great sex toy for beginners due to its versatile and friendly design.

    It can be bent to accommodate your body, hitting the G-spot each time. The bendy body is home to an improved motor, which dishes out a steaming buffet of 10 vibration settings.

    The Bender only has one control button that lets you switch between gentle purrs and groundbreaking rumbly vibrations, and also doubles as the on/off switch.

    It may not be the best vibrator if you have nosy flatmates, since it’s a bit loud. Still, it’s a great option for couples, since the flat design will easily slip into your love nook.

    10. Lovehoney Rose Toy Clitoral Suction Stimulator – Top Suction Toy

    • Type – Suction vibrator
    • Vibration Modes – 10 suction settings
    • Material – Silicone
    • Battery Life– 65 minutes
    • Price – $49.99

    Lovehoney’s aesthetically pleasing Rose suction toy can nurture your ‘flower pot’ into a blissful orgasmic garden.

    But don’t mistake the intricate details for weak performance. The powerful motor delivers Pleasure Air Technology, mimicking the human tongue to a T.

    Thanks to TikTok, it has a strong reputation for giving girls “the best oral sex experience from a machine.”

    This popular vibrator is water-resistant, while the simple 2-button interface minimizes fumbling during prolonged sessions.

    Lovehoney’s Rose is made from medical-grade silicone, so it’s best used with water-based lube for an easy slip.

    Rose Toy Clitoral Suction Stimulator runs for slightly over an hour on a full charge.

    11. We-Vibe Touch X – Most Powerful Mini Massage Vibrator

    • Type – Couples vibrator
    • Vibration Modes – 8 vibration modes
    • Material – Silicone
    • Battery Life– 2 hours
    • Price – $99

    The We-Vibe Touch X has a versatile design that allows both singles and couples to enjoy impactful vibrations.

    The scoop-like body makes this vibrator easy to maneuver in multiple positions. Plus you can use it to soothe your sore muscles after longer sessions.

    You can pretty much use it in any position to add that extra flutter of pleasure that tips you over the line.

    The main selling point of this vibrator is that it can be placed between partners during sex. This way both parties can reap the benefits.

    Its motor is discreet, despite serving lots of power, and the travel lock puts it out of commission until you decide to turn it on.

    12. Lovehoney Love Egg – Best Remote Egg Vibrator

    • Type – Egg vibrator
    • Vibration Modes – 11 vibration modes
    • Material – Silicone
    • Battery Life– 50 minutes
    • Price – $59.99

    You get eggs-actly what you ordered with Lovehoney’s top-rated egg vibrator, and I’m not looking around.

    This plush silicone mini vibrator is perfect if you’re looking for a high-quality bedroom staple. It’s best used with a water-based lube and it even works as a couple’s toy, too.

    The best thing about this tiny vibrator is the remote control. You can use the remote to shift between the 11 vibration modes for excellent hands-free orgasms.

    The sleek egg vibrator is submersible, and not fully waterproof. So, be extra cautious when playing in the shower.

    13. Unbound Clutch – Best Handheld Vibrator

    • Type – Thrusting rabbit vibrator
    • Vibration Modes – up to 120 vibration combinations
    • Material – Silicone
    • Battery Life– 2 hours
    • Price – $98

    The highly sought-after Unbound Clutch lets you experience both clitoral vibration and internal thrusting.

    What makes the Clutch popular is the internal thrusting motors, which make the longer shaft move up and down inside the vagina.

    Combine that with arms’ delicious vibrations, and you have a standout female sex toy.

    Two separate motors power the shaft and the rabbit head. The internal shaft has 10 thrusting modes, and the external part offers 12 vibration patterns.

    What’s more, you get up to 2 hours of playtime to mix and match the sensations for a custom-made orgasm.

    The Clutch is 100% waterproof and can be submerged in 3 feet of water, for up to 30 minutes.

    14. Lelo Smart Wand 2 – Best Wand Vibrator

    • Type – Wand vibrator
    • Vibration Modes – 10 vibration settings
    • Material – Silicone
    • Battery Life – 4 hours
    • Price – $169

    This chic vibrating wand will cast its best spells on your pelvic floor muscles while helping you release the tension from your body.

    Its sleek design features a soft, round head supported by a sturdy grip. A slight bend on the grip makes playtime a breeze, regardless of your position.

    This popular Lelo vibrator might seem bulky, but that’s not the case. The Smart Wand 2 weighs 0.8 pounds, ensuring your hands won’t tire midway through the session.

    She’s also waterproof, so you can elevate your bubble baths, relaxing one sore muscle at a time. You can use this wand on vulvas, penises, back muscles… you name it.

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    15. Lelo Soraya 2 – Most Luxurious Rabbit Vibrator

    • Type – Rabbit vibrator
    • Vibration Modes – 12 vibration settings
    • Material – Silicone
    • Battery Life – 4 hours
    • Price – $171.25 ($229 full price)

    Lelo’s Soraya 2 is the best rabbit vibrator in terms of class and luxury. It has a modern look to it, thanks to its elegant shape that doesn’t scream sex toy all over the place.

    This toy is made from a sleek blend of quality ABS plastic and silicone. It looks nothing like your regular rabbit and has a looped handle that helps find the best angle for entry.

    Brownie points to Lelo for making the clitoral tip broader and more flexible, which will provide your nether regions that consistent oomph throughout your session.

    16. Womanizer X Lovehoney Pro40 – Best Clit Vibrator

    • Type – Suction vibrator
    • Vibration Modes – 6 intensity levels
    • Material – Silicone, ABS plastic
    • Battery Life – 4 hours
    • Price – $99

    Unlock orgasm levels you didn’t know existed with this Womanizer and Lovehoney vibrator collab.

    Bringing the same Pleasure Air Technology used in other top picks, this clitoral stimulator provides true-to-life oral sex sensations.

    Imagine all the fun you can have with this baby. It runs for 4 hours on a full charge and also happens to be waterproof.

    Its 3-button control is straight-to-the-point, letting you add or reduce the intensity as you please.

    It’s worth the splurge if you’re on the prowl for a unique companion!

    17. Unbound Shimmy – Best Vibrating Butt Plug

    • Type – Vibrating butt plug
    • Vibration Modes – 5 speeds, 5 patterns
    • Material – Silicone
    • Battery Life – 2 hours
    • Price – $61

    Shimmy is a compact, hands-free vibrating butt plug that saves you the trouble of stroking.

    The plug is fully covered with smooth silicone, making it waterproof, so it can stay submerged 3 feet deep for up to 30 minutes.

    And in case you’re worried about the size, the Shimmy is a medium build. Great for eager newbies or intermediate rear-end players.

    Better still, the Shimmy is rechargeable, so you won’t have to worry about swapping batteries each time you want to use it.

    Long-lasting and high-quality, you’ll never go back to those boring ol’ metal butt plugs.

    18. LoveHoney Jessica Rabbit – Most Affordable Rabbit Vibrator

    • Type – Rabbit vibrator
    • Vibration Modes – 3 speeds, 7 patterns
    • Material – Plastic
    • Battery Life – 1 hour
    • Price – $39.99

    Although the design seems dated, don’t mistake the Jessica Rabbit vibrator for a dud.

    It packs a dual punch, offering external vibration and internal rotation to satisfy any sexual appetite.

    The smooth shaft has reversible rotation, assuring novelty sensations during use.

    Better yet, its poised bunny ears have 3 speeds and 7 patterns, which you can use to build a gradual climax to your liking.

    Although it’s made from porous soft plastic, with proper care and hygiene, this budget-friendly toy will last you a long time.

    19. Lelo Enigma – Best Vibrator for G-spot Stimulation

    • Type – G-spot vibrator
    • Vibration Modes – 8 vibration settings
    • Material – Silicone
    • Battery Life– 2 hours
    • Price – $149 ($199 full price)

    Did you know that the clitoris has nerve endings that run deep into the pelvic region?

    To stimulate both the surface of the clitoris and reach its deeper parts, The Enigma dual vibrator uses sonic waves for clitoral stimulation.

    Combine that with a vibrating G-spot head, and you have yourself a luxury dual experience. Trust us, the orgasms are worth each penny.

    This C-shaped dual stimulator is fully flexible, to ensure it fits you like a surgeon’s glove.

    The Enigma will rest comfortably above your clit while caressing your internal pleasure points to an unforgettable orgasm.

    20. We-Vibe Moxie – Top Wearable Vibrator

    • Type – Magnetic panty vibrator
    • Vibration Modes – 10 vibration modes
    • Material – Silicone
    • Battery Life – 2 hours
    • Price – $129

    The Moxie is a perfectly contoured panty vibrator designed for adventurous souls.

    The compact body is a snug fit inside your pants and has a magnetic clip that keeps the Moxie in place as you move about your daily duties.

    Moxie is remote-controlled and silent, so you can switch it on discreetly in public, and no one will be the wiser about your solo sexcapades.

    The charges magnetically via USB and give up to 2 hours of service on a full tank.

    Although not heavily advertised, the compact body can slip in between you and your partner during sex, for added vibrations.

    21. LoveHoney Deluxe Mini Wand Massager – Top Rechargeable Wand Vibrator

    • Type – Wand vibrator
    • Vibration Modes – 7 patterns, 10 intensities
    • Material – Silicone
    • Battery Life – 2 hours
    • Price – $49.99

    This dynamic wand is conveniently sized, and perfect if you don’t want bulky female sex toys.

    Its broad silicone head can massage cramped necks, aching backs, or your pleasure spots in one clean sweep.

    The compact size and fairly quiet motor, make it an ideal travel companion. Plus it’s USB rechargeable, so you aren’t confined to a single outlet next to your bed.

    This sex toy will work wonders on your clit with its 7 patterns and 10 intensity levels, all at the touch of a button.

    And even better, it has a flexible head that allows you to apply external pressure on your clit without the motor slowing down. A luxurious detail that makes all the difference.

    22. Unbound Divvy – Best Hands-Free Panty Vibrator

    • Type – Wearable Massager
    • Vibration Modes – 3 intensity settings, 2 patterns
    • Material – Silicone
    • Battery Life– 1.5 hours
    • Price – $69.50

    Hands-free vibrators like the Divvy are the ultimate tool for solo action when you just want to lay down and relax.

    It’s held in place by your panties, to induce a mind-blowing orgasm without unnecessary fumbling.

    And get this, the Divvy uses haptic feedback to deliver vibrations to your sweet spot.

    The harder you press on the remote, the more powerful vibrations you’ll get through the toy’s medical-grade silicone surface.

    The remote has a 30-foot range, making it perfect for outdoor fun with your significant other.

    23. Fifty Shades Darker Desire Explodes G-Spot Vibrator – Top Vibrating Dildo

    • Type – G-spot massager
    • Vibration Modes – 12 speeds, 8 patterns
    • Material – Silicone
    • Battery Life – 1 hour
    • Price – $109.99

    Channel your inner kinky goddess and drench yourself with this luxury vibrating dildo from the 50 Shades Darker collection.

    Powerful and girthy, this G-spot stimulating dildo provides intense internal vibrations. You can go from zero to climax in minutes, and you won’t even break a sweat doing it.

    Under the smooth silicone surface, dual motors guarantee vivid arousal with 12 speeds and 8 patterns that you can mix and match for a perfect fit.

    This beast is also USB rechargeable and runs for a whole hour, so you don’t have to cut your party short to swap the empty batteries.

    How’s that for dark desires?

    24. Lovehoney Mini Rocket Vibrator Set – Best Bullet Vibrator with Interchangeable Heads

    • Type – Bullet vibrator
    • Vibration Modes – 7 functions
    • Material – Silicone
    • Battery Life– 1.5 hours
    • Price – $30.09 ($42.99 full price)

    A first-class ride to a climactic dimension, the Mini Rocket Vibrator is both powerful and versatile.

    At 5.25 inches, it feels more substantial in the hand, making it easier to maneuver during use.

    This fun bullet vibe includes 4 interchangeable bullet heads, which are as beautiful as they are convenient.

    Although it’s for external use only, you’re not limited to the clitoris only. Use it for the nipples, your temples, or on your partner’s shaft. Just remember to avoid anal use.

    The vibrator is 100% waterproof and runs up to 150 minutes on a full battery, depending on the settings you crank in.


    25. We-Vibe Chorus – Best Couples Vibrator

    • Type – Couples vibrator
    • Vibration Modes – 10 vibration settings
    • Material – Silicone
    • Battery Life – 1.5 hours
    • Price – $199

    This intuitive vibrator is the perfect toy for couples who love to play hard.

    Its curved shape makes it comfortable to slip inside the vagina, while also stimulating the penis during sex.

    The unique touch sense receptors sync your movements to the vibrations.

    Change the intensity by squeezing the remote harder to intensify the vibrations as you near your climax. Alternatively, press a button to shift to another setting.

    The We-Connect app offers customizable vibration patterns, including playlist synchronization. The remote control acts as an anchor to the signal, so you best keep it close.

    Best Vibrators FAQs

    What Is the Most Powerful Vibrator?

    The most powerful vibrators are usually wand vibrators like the Lelo Smart Wand 2, which offer sheer rumbly power. These wand vibrators are usually designed for external stimulation of the clitoris, though the rumbly vibrations often penetrate deep into the clitoral complex.

    Yes, the clitoris goes deeper than you think!

    Alternatively, rabbit vibrators like the Lovense Nora, are deemed powerful due to the double effect created by the shaft head and fluttering arm. This external clitoral stimulation and internal G-spot stimulation often lead to a “blended orgasm” that can be extremely powerful if you’re lucky.

    What’s The Best Vibrator To Use During Sex?

    The best vibrator to use during sex is the We-Vibe Chorus. This top vibrator is designed to be used during sex with your partner, giving you an edge over traditional lovemaking.

    This sex toy has a curved design that slides inside the vagina on one side and rests on your clit on the other.

    It also leaves enough room for your dildo/partner’s member to slide in without disrupting the sensations. It may even give them some vibrating pleasure too!

    What Is The Best Vibrator for A Woman Who Has Never Had An Orgasm?

    The best vibrator for women who’ve never had an orgasm would be an internal G-spot massager like the Lovense Lush.

    It has customizable intensities, making it perfect if you want to start slow with clitoral stimulation before you proceed to internal vibrations.

    Rabbit vibrators such as the Unbound Clutch offer blended orgasm sensations, which can help first-time users achieve an orgasm for the first time.

    If you’re looking for raw power, then the Lelo Smart Wand 2 is one of the strongest wand-style vibrators available on the market.

    Ultimately, the best vibrators for you depend on your body, your needs, and what turns you on. These 3 top vibrators would be our recommendations, but you need to find what works for you.

    Hopefully it goes well!

    Which Is The Best Vibrator on Amazon?

    The best vibrator on Amazon might seem like a cheaper alternative, but we strongly advise against buying sex toys there.

    Amazon or eBay have many phony dealers that sell fake/sub-standard products online.

    We suggest finding a reliable licensed dealer (LoveHoney, SheVibe, etc.) or buying directly from the manufacturer (Lovense, Fleshlight, Lelo, etc.) to get original vibrators at the best prices. Plus they give you the benefit of warranties and return policies on faulty units.

    Are Vibrators Loud?

    Yes, some vibrators are loud, but generally, companies tend to make them as discreet as possible.

    The best vibrators, like Rave by We-Vibe or the Unbound Puff, are made with whisper-quiet vibration motors that ensure you have the privacy you need.

    Best Vibrating Sex Toys – Takeaway

    Going through the best vibrators for women and people with vulvas, we found designs as unique as the orgasms they bring.

    After all of this pillow talking, you know where to start if you need to get a new ‘bedroom buddy’.

    For a night of rhythmic clitoral suction at an affordable price, we recommend checking out the Unbound Puff vibrator. It’s compact and a breeze to orgasm with.

    Alternatively, the travel-sized Lelo Mia 2 will provide intense external-only vibrations, while the Unbound Clutch Rabbit Vibrator is a powerhouse that provides combined sensations, inside and out.

    On an end note, regardless of which one of the best vibrators you choose, make sure to combine it with a water-based lubricant for a better glide.

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