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    7 Best Sex Machines in 2023: Price, Pros, Cons & Speed Reviewed

    sex machine

    Do you want up to 5 strokes-per-second of pure, unending pleasure?

    Yeah you do.

    With a touch of a button, you can control a sex machine’s speed, angle, and intensity to get your juices oozing while enjoying some toe-curling sensations. 

    But sex machines are not all made equal.

    Some are affordable (and simple), while others are larger and come packed with tons of advanced features that add to their overall cost. 

    To help you out, we take a closer look at some of the best sex machines, examining their pros, cons, top features, functions, and overall performance. 

    Let’s dive in.

    **NOTE: Many of these images have been blurred due to their graphic nature**

    The Best Sex Machines For Auto Fucking Pleasure

    Quick Glance

    1. Lovense Sex Machine – Best fuck machine overall
    2. LoveHoney Love Motion – Powerful portable fucking machine
    3. Venus 5.4 Inch – Cheap thrusting dildo
    4. FetishFantasy Inflatable Ride On Cushion – Ultra comfortable
    5. CowGirl Premium – Best riding sexual machine
    6. HiSmith Sex Machine – High-speed thrusts
    7. Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Hot Seat – Long, hard rides 
    8. Doc Johnson X Motorbunny Buck Machine – Hybrid vibrator & thrusting machine

    1. Lovense Sex Machine – Best Fuck Machine Overall 

    Price: $699.00


    • Sturdy and easy to assemble 
    • Adjustable (height and angle)
    • Multiple controls 
    • Double-sided (comes with 2 silicone dildos)
    • Up to 300 strokes per minute (5 stokes p/s)


    • Not light or portable 
    • Pricey

    Undoubtedly one of the best sex machines on the market, the Lovense Sex Machine is arguably the best sex machine for couples. It features a double-ended design and comes with 2 Vac-U-Lock dildos – perfect for couple play. 

    And it gets better as the device is adjustable. Yep, you can modify this bad boy toy’s angle and height to ensure it hits the right spot. 

    Speaking of hitting, the Lovense Sex Machine is a mean beast that manages 5 strokes a second

    Imagine THAT.

    Not big on noise? No worries, as the Lovense Sex Machine is designed to get the job done quietly. While we can guarantee the sex machine’s noise level is low, we can’t say much about your response to its immaculate thrusts. 

    Just like most Lovense sex toys, this sex machine comes with multiple speed and intensity settings and can be controlled remotely via the Lovense app.  

    The power is literally in your hands (or your lover’s). 

    You’ll get a user manual that’ll guide you on setup and usage. But if you’re like most of us, you’ll enjoy laying flat for an intense missionary pounding or kneeling in front for some powerful doggy thrusts.

    Don’t mind if I do!

    2. LoveHoney Love Motion – Most Portable Fucking Machine

    Price: $149.99


    • Warming function (40 degrees)
    • 10 vibrating functions and 10 thrusting functions
    • Features a travel lock
    • Remote control operation 
    • Easy to use and carry around


    • Not waterproof
    • 60-minute run time only 

    LoveHoney never disappoints when it comes to user satisfaction, which can be seen in its many offers, proper packaging (discreet), and money-back guarantees. 

    With the LoveHoney Love Motion, you get performance and portability in one –something that’s hard to find in most fucking machines. 

    The fuck machine comes with two different dildo attachments, a G-spot targeting one and a well-textured one for normal insertion. 

    And to get your juices flowing, the LoveHoney Love Motion comes with a temperature control feature that warms your dildo attachment to 40 degrees for sensual, realistic sensations. 

    Plus, you get to play around with 10 vibration and thrust settings. 


    The best part? You can tag your cum buddy along with you on your business trips or vacations. This highly portable sex machine comes with a travel lock and is fully USB rechargeable, which makes it the perfect travel cumpanion

    3. Venus 5.4-Inch 7 Vibrating Telescoping Dildo – Thrusting Dildo

    Price: $63.99


    • Small & discreet
    • Easy to hide
    • Affordable compared to full-size machines
    • 7 vibration modes
    • 7 thrusting modes


    • Requires some practice
    • Not the chic-est looking product

    If you’re looking for all the thrills of the best sex machines without the expensive price tag or the need to fill up half a room, let me introduce you to the Venus Telescoping Dildo from BestVibe.

    This automatic thusting and vibrating dildo is the perfect pint-sized solution to your desire for fuck machine glory!

    With 7 vibration modes and 7 thrusting modes, it’s easy to tailor-make your experience and hit that perfect spot over and over and over again.

    There’s even a suction cup option in addition to the thrusting mount, so this is basically the Swiss Army Knife of sex toys!

    A nice option if full-sized sex machines aren’t doable for you!

    4. FetishFantasy Inflatable Ride-On Cushion – Best Sex Machine for Comfort

    Price: $84.99


    • Great for solo or couple play
    • Comes with a 6-inch mountable dildo 
    • Super soft plush pillow 
    • Comes with a wired remote control 
    • Features a 6-inch dildo (mountable) and handles on both sides 


    • Battery powered 
    • Dildo is a bit too plastic-ey

    The FetishFantasy Inflatable Ride On Cushion is a wonderful treat if you’re looking to spice up your bedroom affairs. 

    The inflatable luv log is soft to the touch and comes with a remote control (wired) that allows you to switch between vibrations. 

    You’ll also appreciate the handles, as they give you the perfect grip when playing solo. 

    To use this device, you’ll place the pillow between your legs and sit on top of the dildo. A generous amount of lube is needed, though, as the 6-inch dildo can prove uncomfortable at first. 

    Once you get used to the inflatable ride-on cushion, foreplay will never be the same as you’ll be sucking on your partner while enjoying some nice deep thrusts. 

    5. The CowGirl Premium – Best Sex Machine For Riding

    Price: $1,799.99


    • Handcrafted to a unique saddle shape
    • Slip-resistant base 
    • Wide range of attachments (non-penetration and penetration)
    • 360-degree rotation and 6 vibration settings
    • Corded remote & detailed user manual


    • Costly
    • Remote could be cordless 

    The Cowgirl Premium is not your typical sex toy. With this device, you get flexibility, comfort, and intensity, which makes it the best sexual machine for those long love-making sessions. 

    It features a saddle design, meaning you’ll be riding your way to ecstasy. And boy, oh boy, the 6 vibration patterns coupled with the 360-degree rotation allow the sex machine to hit all the right spots.


    You can choose to use the corded remote control or take things up a notch by downloading the Cowgirl App. While the remote control will help you regulate the intensity, the app (available for iOS and Android) gives you access to tons of sensual features. 

    It’s pretty nice that in addition to the sex machine, the package comes with a user manual, a detailed guide to ride, 2 silicone attachments (Wild West and Rawhide), an LED remote (corded), and a 1-year warranty. 

    So if your budget allows, why not hop on this saddle-design sex machine and enjoy the ride of a lifetime? It’s one of the best sex machines for a reason!

    6. HiSmith Sex Machine – Best Sexual Machine For High-Speed Thrusts 

    Price: $400 – $500+ (various models)


    • Very quiet 
    • Versatile speed range (1-4 thrusts per second)
    • Adjustable penetration (1 inch – 6 inches)
    • Full refund guarantee
    • Superb buyer support


    • Exposed movable parts 
    • Attachments not Vac-U-Lock 

    The HiSmith Sex Machine is one powerful beast that’s guaranteed to deliver multiple orgasms. Its consistency in terms of speed and power is second to none in its price level, a feature that continues to make it one of the most popular fucking machines around. 

    Worried about those annoying thrusting noises? Well, consider yourself in safe hands as this bad boy is as quiet as night. 

    Switching up between different speeds and thrusts is straightforward, which puts you firmly in the driving seat (or bed) when enjoying some ‘me’ time or passionate play with your partner. 

    The set comes with 1 silicone dildo, but you can spice things up with a toy of choice should you choose to purchase the optional suction cup adapter or Vac-U-Lock. 

    It’s also nice that the package comes with an Allen wrench that’ll help you set up in less than 10 minutes. Plus, you also get a detailed user manual to guide you through the process.  

    7. Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Hot Seat – Best Sexual Machine for Long Hard Rides 

    Price: $54.99


    • Comes with a vibrating dildo (multi-speed)
    • Comfortable handles (EZ-grip)
    • Package comes with a satin love mask
    • Easy to use and clean


    • Fixed dildo 
    • Wired remote control

    Being in the hot seat can be uncomfortable, especially in real-life situations. But with the Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Hot Seat, you’ll get to embark on a passionate adventure. 

    All you’ll need to do is inflate the hot seat, lube up, and gently sit on the attached (permanent) multi-speed vibrator. 

    The remote control will allow you to amp up the vibrations to your liking, a feature that draws most people to the fuck machine.  Once done with your little party, you’ll need to squeeze the valve to let the air out before putting the hotseat away. 

    One thing to keep in mind, though, is that the seat works well when placed on even surfaces and can hold up to 300 lbs. 

    8. Doc Johnson X Motorbunny Buck Machine –  Best Hybrid Vibrator & Thrusting Sex Machine

    Price: $1,699.99


    • 7-inch realistic dildo (with balls) 
    • Vac-U-Lock adapter 
    • Right angle wedge (for switching between positions)
    • Comes with 3 Motorbunny attachments 
    • Suitable for wireless, long-distance control 


    • Costly 
    • Needs some getting used to

    You won’t find a more complete sex machine like the Doc Johnson X Motorbunny Buck Machine. 

    Not only can the sex machine make powerful vibrations, but it also gives you intense thrusting motions that deliver targeted, profound stimulation. 

    And since the Doc Johnson X Motorbunny machine comes with Vac-U-Lock compatibility, you can place any Vac-U-Lock attachments you have and fulfill your wildest fantasies. 

    Sure, the setup can be a bit overwhelming, especially considering the sex machine comes with 6 silicone attachments and 2 thrust motion toggles. The good news, however, is there’s a very detailed setup (and usage) guide that’ll offer a helping hand.  

    You can also take advantage of the wireless setting for some hands-free fun with your partner. What’s more, the device can connect to the Motorbunny App, allowing you to experience the numerous thrust and buzz routines. 

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    What Is A Fuck Machine Anyway?

    A fucking machine is a mechanical device that functions by simulating penetrative sex. They’re usually motorized and come with extended arms that allow users to attach vibrators, dildos, or even butt plugs. 

    Fun times!

    Usually, the motor powers the extended arm in a programmed motion (usually repetitive). Depending on the sex machine you’re using, the device can offer variations in speed, intensity, and vibrating patterns. 

    While motorized machines with extended arms often count as sex machines, thrusting vibrators could also be viewed as fucking machines, as they come with motors that create the repetitive thrusting effect.

    The best sex machines come in all shapes and sizes!

    And yes, sex machines can be used by any gender, either vaginally or anally, so long as you’re safe and use the correct precautions!

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    Can You Make A Fucking Machine At Home?

    You can make a fucking machine at home as long as you use the right tools and materials. 

    man with diy sex machine

    Some DIY sex machines include a seat sex machine (requires a dildo, wooden chair, fasteners, and drilling saw) and a drill sex machine (requires a drill, well-cut timber, flywheel, and dildo). 

    While you can make numerous improvisations to come up with a decent enough homemade sex machine, the risk of error is usually high, which increases the chances of injury. 

    And you do NOT want that!

    As such, it is best to settle for well-built and designed products like Lovense Sex Machine (if your budget allows). A low-budget option like the LoveHoney Love Motion can also get the job done if you’re horny but also broke.

    The best sex machines can cost a pretty penny, but it’s better to be safe than sorry!

    Are Sex Machines Dangerous? 

    Sex machines can be dangerous if not used correctly. Naturally, these fuck machines are strategically designed to offer maximum comfort and intense thrusts and vibrations. But if used incorrectly, you can easily get injured. 

    It’s tempting to push your limits, but be CAREFUL.

    As a good rule, you should always follow the user guidelines when setting up a sexual machine. The trick is to set it up gently and turn it on to observe the motions before putting it to use.

    Once confident you’ve set up well enough, next is to take precautions by lubing well enough. You should always apply a generous amount of lube to ensure penetration is smooth. 

    Finally, to avoid infections, it’s always best to clean the device properly before storage. Keep sensitive attachments like dildos and plugs safely stored to avoid any dirt or bacteria build-up. 

    That also applies to most sex toys!

    Wrapping Up – What Are The Best Sex Machines?

    Now that we’ve taken a look at some of the best sex machines out there, you should be well placed to pick one (or some) that best suit your preferences and, of course, budget. 

    If you’ve got some spare cash to splash, we’d recommend the Lovense Sex Machine, as it’s double-sided, adjustable, and comes with multiple controls

    The LoveHoney Love Motion is also a great option budget-wise, as it’s portable,packs some decent power and comes with a warming function.

    No matter the sex machine you choose to invest in, remember to follow the user manual to ensure you set it up properly. 

    Finally, remember to apply a generous amount of lube before jumping in on the action and clean up (and store) the device in preparation for the next session. 

    Now it’s time for some slippery fundo have a ball, won’t you?

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