How to be a Sugar Baby: Tips on Becoming a Real Sugar Baby

It’s no secret that becoming a sugar baby comes with numerous perks. Aside from enjoying an emotional bond with mature, wealthy individuals, it’s also a lucrative, steady source of income and an opportunity to experience a high-end lifestyle.

Alright, we all know that. Now, the question is: How to be a sugar baby?

Despite the unconventional nature of sugar dating, it’s actually easier to become a sugar baby nowadays, thanks to technology.

Sugar dating sites such as Ashley Madison can help you meet sugar daddies and sugar mommies ready to meet and financially support young adults in exchange for companionship or romantic connections.

A win-win, mutually beneficial relationship!

How to Be a Sugar Baby

What Exactly Does a Sugar Baby Do?

A sugar baby dates an older individual (called sugar daddy or sugar mommy) in exchange for financial support, lucrative gifts, or other favors.

Note that a sugar baby engages only in a mutually beneficial relationship where both parties consent to play their role in this type of relationship status.

When you become a sugar baby, it does not mean that you’re working as a prostitute. Sex is not necessarily part of your sugar baby services. Remember that your main service is to provide companionship to an older guy.

If you have to get intimate with your sugar daddy, clearly state your personal boundaries to him.

What are the Best Websites to Become a Sugar Baby?

The best websites to become a sugar baby are Ashley Madison and Secret Benefits. Current sugar babies attest to how helpful these sites are in finding sugar daddies that economically support them. These websites offer first-rate security and discreteness that you can’t find on other sugar baby platforms.

On the other hand, Sugar Daddy Meet is the best website to become a sugar baby if your goal is to date guys who really have loads of bucks to give. This website only accepts sign ups from sugar daddies that come from the top 20 richest countries around the globe.

Are there Free Sugar Baby Websites?

Yes, there are free sugar baby websites like Ashley Madison. It’s free to join this platform, but you need to spend some money if you want to have full access to their features.

How to Be a Good Sugar Baby?

A good sugar baby is a good communicator. She explicitly tells her sugar daddy about her boundaries, dating preferences, and other non-negotiables beforehand. She’s also not afraid to state her demands and needs and what her sponsor should provide.

Aside from that, a good sugar baby is charming and outgoing. She can carry out an engaging conversation and has a positive aura. She must have an uplifting attitude to comfort and give excellent companionship to her sugar daddy.

What are Sugar Baby Arrangement Examples?

There are several types of sugar baby arrangements according to the preferences of the sugar baby and sugar parent:

  • Type 1: Sugar daddies pay sugar babies whenever they meet or get intimate. Sugar dating tends to follow this arrangement, which is quite convenient for sugar daddies as they don’t have to commit to a periodic payment.
  • Type 2: Sugar babies receive a monthly allowance or other forms of periodic payment from their sugar daddy. This is preferable for long-term relationships.
  • Type 3: This is just like regular dating. Sugar daddy and sugar baby form an exclusive relationship.

How to be a Sugar Baby Online without Meeting?

To be a sugar baby online without meeting, you can join dating sites that feature a “No Meeting Sugar Dating” experience. This might sound ridiculous, but there’s actually a real setup where all intimacy between the sugar baby and her sponsor happens through a virtual platform.

These types of setup maintain safety for those afraid to delve into the sugar dating scene.

For instance, Secret Benefits provides different messaging features for those who prefer remote intimacy. This website puts a high premium on the discreteness of sugar dating, so users can enjoy their virtual dates even without meeting.

Is it Legal to be a Sugar Baby?

Yes, it is totally legal to be a sugar baby and date an older, wealthy guy, even if it’s for the sake of money only (with no romance involved). People are free to date anyone they want without the law hindering them from doing so.

What is illegal is to use a false identity to win potential sugar daddies. It’s also punishable to engage in prostitution disguising under the mask of sugar dating. Remember that being a sugar baby means giving companionship and an emotional bond, not for purely carnal pleasures.

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What are some Sugar Baby Tips for Beginners?

Here are some sugar baby tips for beginners:

  • Use a reputable sugar dating website: All the dating apps we reviewed in this article have a good reputation for bridging genuine sugar babies to sugar parents. These websites ensure that scammers and other opportunistic individuals will not take advantage of another user.

Moreover, the right sugar daddy sites for you is the one that’s affordable yet has tons of features that can help you meet the perfect sugar daddy to support you.

  • Develop a distinct personality: It’s not an easy feat to impress a sugar daddy given that tons of other sugar babies compete for a limited number of wealthy men. Hence, it’s important to have a unique personality to stand out from other sugar babies. It’s not enough that you’re pretty and sexy. Be humorous, witty, caring, and kind.
  • Watch out for red flags: Don’t date sugar daddies who have no regard for personal boundaries. Although sex can be part of the sugar dating deal, any intimate activity should be sealed with the consent of both parties as well.
  • Always meet sugar daddies (or mommies) in a public place: Once you decide to meet your potential sugar parent, make sure to meet only in a public place to prevent any untoward incidents.
  • Think about whether sugar dating is really for you: Sugar dating is not for everyone, so before you delve into this unconventional dating setup, consider if this lifestyle fits your life values and morals.

Find a sugar daddy online

Get ready to dip your toes into the sugar dating scene as we review these sugar dating sites. These websites are your new friends as you become one of the most successful sugar babies.

  1. Top sugar baby website overall – Ashley Madison
  2. For long term sugar dating intimacy – Secret Benefits
  3. Find the richest sugar daddies – Sugar Daddy Meet
  4. High-security sugar dating –
  5. For young professional babies – Luxury Date

1. Ashley Madison – Overall Best Sugar Dating Site


  • High-end security features
  • Stealth mobile app version
  • Panic Button
  • 100% free for women
  • Search filters for perfect match


  • Most users are into extramarital affairs
  • High-priced dating site


  • $49–100 credits
  • $149–500 credits
  • $249–1000 credits

First on our list is Ashley Madison, a notorious dating site for married people seeking affairs,

While AM is a safe haven for adulterers, it’s also a reliable place for sugar babies to find rich people ready to spoil and pamper them.

Since its launch in 2001, this platform has grown into one of the most massive dating sites, with over 70 million users worldwide. 

And don’t assume that all these guys and gals are just looking for affairs. In fact, a handful of AM users are willing to support potential sugar babies in exchange for carnal or emotional intimacy.

In other words, you can always find a sugar daddy (or sugar mommy) in Ashley Madison’s dating pool!

Ladies will surely love Ashley Madison because they can register and use its features completely free. So if you’re thinking about finding a sugar daddy but your wallet is screaming “No, way!”, Ashley Madison is the best spot for a new sugar baby like you.

Read our full Ashley Madison review here.

But in case you’re a salt daddy, there are also tons of rich women here ready to financially support young lads.

This dating site highly prioritizes privacy, giving users a secure and worry-free sugar dating experience.

For instance, Ashley Madison comes with a Panic Button that swiftly switches Ashley Madison to a wholesome website. If you’re using its app version, you can discreetly hide it by transforming AM’s app icon into an innocent-looking app like Gallery, Inbox, or Notepad.

So if you’re looking for a great mix between sugar dating and goosebump-inducing affair hunting, Ashley Madison is the right sugar dating site for you.

Try Ashley Madison now and sugar date with married people

2. Secret Benefits – Massive Online Dating Platform for Sugar Dating


  • Strict account verification feature
  • View users who see your profile
  • Free registration
  • Search filter feature available


  • No dedicated mobile app available
  • There are more women than men


  • $59–100 credits
  • $89–200 credits
  • $169–500 credits
  • $289–1000 credits

Among the sugar baby sites we reviewed, Secret Benefits is one of the most prominent dating platforms for young ladies to meet older men.

With its simple and intuitive interface, it’s easy peasy to start a mind-blowing sugar dating experience on this platform.

But aside from its massive dating community, sugar daddies and sugar babies start loving this platform because of its outstanding verification features.

Creating an account is free in Secret Benefits, and there’s no lengthy profile questionnaire to start dating. But you need to pass its strict verification process so sugar daddies (or sugar mommies) feel secure when they decide to give you a  monthly allowance. 

You can use photos or videos to get certified as a legit sugar baby. They don’t have to be your sexiest and prettiest shots. As long as the system identifies you as a real person, you will surely pass this authentication assessment.

We highly recommend verifying your sugar baby profile first before joining the dating pool. Wealthy men are more confident to start long term relationships with genuine sugar daters.

Seriously, who wants to date a suspicious lady?

Unfortunately, it’s not an easy feat to have your first date at Secret Benefits. With women outnumbering men on this platform, it’s a tight competition to win wealthy sugar daddies here. Unless you’re a five-star stunner, it takes a lot of legwork to stand out from the crowd.

Fortunately, there’s a “trick” solution to having those potential sugar daddies on your side.

Secret Benefits lets you see which of their users view your sugar baby profile. These sugar daddies are likely admiring you in the first place, which is why they take a peek at your profile. We advise you to start impressing these viewers because chances are, you’ll win their hearts easily!

We also love that Secret Benefits has search filters to help you find your preferred sugar daddy in a heartbeat. Avoid your pet peeves and walking red flags by narrowing down your search according to location, age, ethnicity, and more.

Lots of sugar daddies (and mommies) await you on Secret Benefits

3. Sugar Daddy Meet – Spend Time with Generous Guys From Rich Countries

sugar daddy meet logoPros

  • Users are from the 20 richest countries
  • Excellent filter options
  • Strict profile verification process
  • Massive dating pool for sugar baby


  • It’s not free for sugar babies
  • Intense competition among sugar babies


  • $65–one month
  • $100–three months
  • $157–six months

Attention, young women! Get ready to date a cash-rich, well-to-do sugar daddy with Sugar Daddy Meet. 

Founded in 2007, Sugar Daddy Meet only accepts registrations from sugar daddies from the top 20 richest countries worldwide. It’s guaranteed that their sugar daddies will never go broke, even if they give you the fanciest things in life.

Another reason to date these well-off guys is their connection. Who knows if their extensive network can help your personal growth?

A guy from Sugar Daddy Meet is also reeking of life and corporate experiences, a perfect “sugar baby guide” for young ladies planning to start their professional careers in the future.

Sugar Daddy Meet is one of the most well-known sugar baby websites. Around 6.8 million users worldwide use this platform to start mutually beneficial relationships between old guys and young women.

It’s a piece of cake for sugar daddies (and sugar babies) to find someone that suits their dating preferences, thanks to its powerful search filters. You can narrow down your search according to age, nationality, income, skin color, body type, and more!

Like other sugar dating websites, Sugar Daddy Meet has a strict authentication feature to eliminate potential scammers and fraudsters on this platform. In fact, the platform has no free version. Sugar babies must pay a premium to enjoy this platform.

Well, it’s a bummer to spend just to be part of Sugar Daddy Meet’s dating pool. But this is an efficient safeguard to ensure that only serious, younger women will join this Sugar dating website.

It’s just a little price to pay for a great sugar dating experience.

Date and get intimate with the richest sugar daddies in Sugar Daddy Meet

4. – Sugar Baby Site with Top-Notch Security

sugardaddy dot comPros

  • Astounding verification process for sugar daddies
  • Search filters available
  • Customizable profile privacy
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Limited geographic scope
  • No mobile app available


  • $59–100 credits
  • $169–500 credits
  • $289–1000 credits

Given the intriguing nature of sugar dating, it’s not surprising that many sugar babies prefer a discreet platform to meet sugar daddies.

At, you’re guaranteed that all your sugar dating information and transactions are kept discreet and private.

First-rate security – this is the core of This website uses high-end encryption technology to safeguard users’ sensitive information.

No need to worry about your flirty messages getting leaked, as protects them at all costs.

Moreover, this online dating site comes with a stringent authorization feature to ensure that only genuine sugar daddies join the dating pool. Sugar babies must also create video verification, so sugar parents are guaranteed to meet only legit daters.

If you’re afraid of meeting red-flag older men, worry not because has handy search filters so you can sort out sugar daddies based on your dating preferences only.

Are you seeking wealthy men who can contribute to your personal growth? Just apply the filters, and you’re good to go. 

New sugar baby can also customize their profile privacy in this sugar dating platform. So, in case a naughty, horny old guy cannot stop bothering you, just set your profile to private so only allowed users can send you a message or view your profile.

Currently, operates in a few countries only, including the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. We hope this sugar daddy site will expand to other areas soon because it’s easy to use and effective.

Start discreet sugar dating with here

5. Luxury Date – Best Sugar Dating Platform for Young Professional Women


  • Quick sign-up process
  • Balanced men-to-women ratio
  • Secret album feature
  • Send private photos to sugar daddy


  • Quite expensive
  • Not available in some locations


  • $0.34–$0.59/credit

If you think Luxury Date is just another “typical sugar dating website,” you’re completely wrong.

Luxury Date is a rare gem among sugar dating sites.

This platform brands itself as the place where “successful and aspirational people meet,” and they’re not flinching – sugar babies here are usually young professional women aged 20–30 years old, while their sugar daddies are well-established, rich guys over 40 years old.

Compared to other sugar baby dating sites out there, Luxury Date has an almost 50-50 men-to-women population ratio. So if you’re a sugar baby aspiring to dip her toes into this site, expect less competition against other babies.

It’s free to sign up on Luxury Date. As long as you have a working email address, you’re good to go. Moreover, the registration process is relatively short and easy, taking only at least 10 minutes of your time.

What sets Luxury Date apart from other sugar daddy websites is its secret photo album feature. If you have some really juicy pics that are worth the bucks, you can create an exclusive private gallery that’s only accessible to sugar daddies willing to pay you.

Once you spot that perfect match with a sugar daddy, it’s time to impress him with your sweet words and alluring phrases. But if you want to turn him on and make a compelling impression, you can try sending him your most flattering private photos. 

So if you feel that you’re still an average sugar baby, you need lots of heavy work to earn the hearts of well-off older men here and find your way to the top.

It seems that Luxury Date is a perfect sugar and luxury dating site, but it also comes with various limitations. For instance, some Asian countries cannot access this website since Luxury Date operates in limited English countries like the US, UK, and Canada.

But if you’re in any of the areas mentioned, you can roam on Luxury Date and find a potential sugar daddy.

Experience high-end luxury dating in Luxury Date

Wrapping up: How to Be a Sugar Baby

There’s no royal road to becoming a sugar baby. It takes experience, dedication, and loads of confidence to date well-established old men. 

It can be a daunting and bumpy road ahead, but by joining Sugar baby websites, you might get a couple of sugar baby tips and use features to get a headstart in a sugar dating setup.

In this article, we reviewed the five best spots to become a sugar baby. These dating sites have a colossal dating pool open to sugar dating and handy features for a convenient sugar dating experience.

Our top pick, Ashley Madison, has a population of 70 million users, a large chunk of whom are seeking sugar relationships. It also comes with features that maximizes security, discreet dating, and impressive matchmaking.

By the way, have a look at our article on best sugar baby sites – it’s now in your hands to strive for a luxurious life ahead.

Good luck!

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