• Foot Worship Explained – A Beginner’s Guide to Foot Fetishes & Popular Platforms to Get Started!

    foot worship

    Human sexuality goes far beyond shoving a square peg into a round hole, and having a sexual interest in feet is more common than you might imagine.

    Around one in seven people have admitted to fantasizing about their partner’s feet, and you can likely guess how many survey participants were too bashful to embrace their truth.

    From a basic foot massage to more intense and power-driven types of foot play, foot fetishism exists on a spectrum. Basic intimacy and “footing” (more on this later) fall under this category!

    It’s a diverse and wild world out there – if you’ve thought about sucking toes and caressing someone’s cute little feet lately, trust us when we say that you’re not alone. Our team pinched their collective nose and dove deep into different kinds of foot fetishes for your convenience.

    We’ve explained exactly what foot worship is, discussed ten of the most common foot fetishes, and reviewed a handful of the best foot sites to find content that caters to your interests. From ankle socks and dirty shoes to foot jobs & penetration, allow our team to spice up your sex life!

    Why Are So Many People Attracted to Bare Feet?

    Jay Leno, Justin Lehmiller, Quentin Tarantino, Britney Spears, Ludacris, and even Elvis Presley are a few famous examples of unapologetic foot fetishists. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, but you might be wondering – why do millions of people have a pronounced sexual interest in feet?

    Depending on who you ask, you’ll receive a different answer. The closest thing you’ll find to a scientific explanation is that some people’s brains have cross-wiring. Feet & genitals occupy adjacent areas of the brain’s “somatosensory” cortex – in other words, they’re neighbors when it comes to pleasure-seeking. That could explain why sexual fetishism of the feet (podophilia) is one of the most common fantasies out there. Even Sigmund Freud once said that feet were sexualized because they resemble penises. In the world of power play, foot partialism is tame.

    Other explanations include global culture – after all, why do you think high heels were invented?

    For comfortability? Pah.

    High arches, long toes, toe rings, socks, and even sandals have been viewed as sexual objects longer than we’ve been willing to discuss them in a public setting. For some people, foot play is an extension of BDSM dynamics or even the thrill of going against social norms.

    While their primary fetish might not be feet, someone could get their rocks off in a position of service (or as the person being catered to). Feet also have thousands of nerve endings. That’s why they’re so ticklish! Some people find the overwhelming sensation to be quite arousing.

    Foot fetishists come in all shapes and sizes, but there’s plenty of room for newbies to figure out what makes them tick.

    What is Foot Worshiping? What’s An Online Foot Fetish?

    You might not have learned this in your Sex Ed. class, but feet are the second-most eroticized part of the body – they clock in right behind penises, breasts, vaginas, and butts. If feet are the major turn-on you’ve been afraid to discuss with your partner, who knows? They might like it.

    In more risqué terms, foot worship can be anything from licking your partner’s wrinkled soles & sucking their toes to stepping on your partner’s genitals (lightly, of course). Foot worship can manifest in power play (BDSM), general intimacy, or something as simple as a foot massage.

    The most common form of foot worship is getting your toes sucked (or sucking someone else’s toes). Don’t be afraid to experiment with new techniques! Sexual pleasure awaits the bold.

    You could get started with a massage, work your way down to your partner’s toes, and give or receive a footjob before getting down to business.

    Or, you could have your partner act in a submissive role: this is where more extreme fetishes like “footing” & trampling come into play.

    Remember, the best foot worship is the one you enjoy the most. If you’re not lucky enough to have a foot-loving partner, you might wonder how to quench your raging hard-on and/or lady boner in the meantime. That’s where the best online foot fetish sites may come in handy.

    An online foot fetish caters to someone’s sexual interest in feet with boatloads of content. From basic feet pictures to more intense scenarios, there’s something for every foot lover’s palate.

    If you know your way around the abductor hallucis and a meaty pair of calves, feel free to skip to the end of this article for a collection of short, mini-reviews. We’ve taken a look at Feet4Cash, FeetFinder, and FunwithFeet.

    Otherwise, stay tuned for our comprehensive list of feet fetishes that make the world go round!

    A Beginner’s Guide to the Most Common Foot Fetishes

    As any dedicated foot fetishist will tell you, there’s a lot more to this popular fetish than foot massages & toe-licking. We’ve gone in-depth to discuss how feet play can spice up your sex life. Without getting raunchy, we’ll explain all the tantalizing sexual stimulation that’s in store.

    Feet Crushing Things

    You might find pleasure in crushing food, putty, or clay with your feet – this puts you in a position of power. Alternatively, watching your partner crush things with their feet can get you in an erotic mood. Who knows? You might want to crush…other, more delicate things. That’s all we’ll say!


    Plenty of submissives melt at the chance to worship a woman’s feet, and it’s not always feet that get the job done. Someone with a foot fetish might have one because it puts them in a sexual position beneath their Master or Domme.

    Similarly, those who like to be in charge of their bedroom experience might get off on the thrill of watching/feeling somebody lick, suck, and worship their feet. High heels, leather boots, dirty sneakers, sandals, and flip-flops have deep roots within the BDSM community.

    Shape & Size of Feet

    Some people like big feet, plain and simple. Plus…you know what they say about guys with big feet! Other people might enjoy caressing petite feet with manicured toes and shapely calves. It all comes down to foot size, foot shape, and whether the stench of sweat is better than Viagra.

    Toe Sucking + Licking

    Feet have thousands of nerve endings, and the sensory interaction you receive with toe sucking may prove to be arousing. It’s even better when you find a way to incorporate foot worship with your regularly scheduled bedroom activities (perhaps in doggy-style).

    But, a word of warning – the sensation can be very overwhelming, so it’s best to start slow. If you like getting tickled, you’ll be just fine.

    Foot Job

    As far as direct genital stimulation is concerned, it doesn’t get much better than a foot job. We don’t have to explain the rest – just like a handy or blowie, foot jobs are a fantastic way to get your partner’s rocks off. Plus, it’s a great leg workout if your partner lasts longer than 2 minutes.

    Trampling Someone

    This foot fetish requires a great deal of caution, but it falls in line with ballbusting and extreme acts of that sort. You don’t have to stomp on your partner’s genitals, but lightly pressing on their nether-regions before an orgasm can intensify the sensation they feel. Use your best judgment.

    Tickle Play + Massages

    Massaging, tickling, licking, and rubbing the soles of your partner’s feet will result in a whole lot of giggles. If you have a foot-loving partner on your hands, a saucy foot massage can result in a great deal of arousal. Combined with rope, you have the magic recipe for hellish tickle torture.

    Shoe/Sneaker Sniffing

    Sometimes, traditionally non-sexual objects can play a huge role in revitalizing your bedroom experience. Many men (and women) are into sniffing dirty sneakers, freshly cleaned leathers, and gym socks. Amazingly enough, the putrid smell of body odor can be a natural aphrodisiac.

    Stockings & Pantyhose

    Foot fetishism takes on many forms, and stockings/pantyhose incorporate other parts of the body. If you happen to love women dressed in business casual, this foot fetish should be right up your alley. Otherwise known as nylons, stockings, and pantyhose are easy to rip to shreds.

    Toe-Based Penetration (Footing)

    As you can tell, we’ve saved the best for last. If you’ve ever wanted to know how many toes can fit inside another human being, we have something special for you! “Footing” refers to the art of shoving your toes into another person’s mouth or genital area. Maybe they can fit an entire foot!

    The Best Platforms for Foot Fetishists to Find New Content

    Alright, it’s time for the good stuff. We’ve reviewed three of the best platforms with foot-fetish content beyond your wildest dreams! Buyers and sellers can find their niche at FeetFinder, Feet4Cash, and FunwithFeet. Let’s go!

    FeetFinder – Best Site to Indulge Your Foot Fetishes

    feet finder

    FeetFinder promises their users the ability to buy (and sell) feet pics whenever, wherever. The foot fetish industry is growing rapidly, and FeetFinder boasts $5 million in annual sales. A photo usually sells for $18, and models get to keep 85% of their earnings with a $4.99 subscription.

    Buyers can take advantage of their advanced algorithm to find micro-fetishes that go beyond a basic picture. With affordable prices and built-in protection from scammers, it’s no wonder they got so popular. Finally, they have a 4.8 TrustScore based on 6,162 beaming customer reviews.

    If you’re looking for the safest and most secure way to buy and sell feet pics online, FeetFinder is where it’s at.

    Read our in-depth FeetFinder review.

    Feet4Cash – Buy (or Sell) Real Feet Pics for Cash


    Feet4Cash is building the first VR foot fetish site that’s designed to bring your wildest fantasies to life. They also host a number of pay-per-view sites, which is good if you’re looking for video coverage of Amouranth crushing bananas with her toes. They cover all foot fetish microniches!

    From softcore cosplay photos to more extreme “nylon” (BDSM) focused content, Feet4Cash has been at the top of their game since 2008. If realism is what you’re after, Feet4Cash sponsors 16 sites that give you room to explore what you want. Models get to keep 50% of every transaction.

    >> Buy or sell real feet pics for cash with no strings <<

    FunwithFeet – Where Buyers & Sellers Stay Anonymous


    FunwithFeet gives buyers and sellers the opportunity to stay anonymous, which is great if you have a wife who might not approve of your online activities. All jokes aside, FunwithFeet puts a renewed focus on privacy and affordability. You’ll even have a chance to view free feet photos!

    Unlike many foot-fetish content sites, FunwithFeet gives models the opportunity to sell singular videos and chat with their buyers. Customers looking for a realistic and sexy experience that goes beyond making a transaction are sure to get along with a model or three in the bedroom.

    Check out our comprehensive FunwithFeet review

    Our Final Thoughts: Where Should You Indulge Your Foot Fetish?

    If you’re looking for the chance to cash in (or purchase) feet pictures online, FeetFinder should be your go-to platform. With over $5 million in feet pics sold annually, they promise thousands of dollars in monthly earnings for models. They also require ID verification before getting started.

    As for buyers, you’ll take advantage of Feetfinder’s niche algorithm. After their website figures out what you like, all the work is done for you – enjoy stream after stream of foot-related content that’s made to get your rocks off. Last but not least, sellers get to keep 85-90% of their earnings.

    >> Sign up with FeetFinder today! <<

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