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How to Find a Veteran by Name – Complete Guide

Many courageous people who’ve already worked for the armed forces continue to contribute significantly to the community even after their careers in the military are over. Using a people search tool is one choice to think about while hunting for a long-lost military veteran friend or family member.

The ability to find a veteran by name on websites like these may be quite useful when attempting to locate them or members of the armed forces.

Locating a long-lost buddy, loved member, or friend may be challenging, but this article will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing people search websites to find a veteran by name and provide tips on how to utilize these tools. Use this helpful information and people-search websites to find a veteran by name.

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5 Best People Search Sites To Help You Find A Veteran By Name

We did a lot of research and analysis to find the top people-search websites. We evaluated each service according to an assortment of criteria, including the depth and correctness of their findings, the simplicity of their design, the timeliness of their response to our inquiries, as well as the overall benefit they provide.

The opinions and comments of users were also taken into account. We determined the most available people search sites to find a veteran by name based on these criteria.

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BeenVerified – Best People Search Site to Find Veterans Overall


Pricing: Starts at $17.48 per mo
Star rating: 4.9/5

Locate veterans in your neighborhood by using the find a veteran by name search option on BeenVerified, a well-known people search website.

The site’s comprehensive database, which also contains public papers, contains information on individuals, such as their service in the military histories.

By providing the username and any further details, such as their branch of service, location, or age, you may utilize BeenVerified to find a veteran by name. After a database search, the website will provide a list of prospective matches.

You may obtain more details about a match by clicking on it, including, if available, the person’s military service records. This might be helpful for anyone trying to locate their service documents or reconnect with old friends.


  • The business’ mobile app is simple to use
  • It’s easy to cancel
  • Provides details about social media


  • There are no free trials available
  • It might take some time to search.
  • Reduces the number of available reports


Based on the membership program, they choose and do not allow to find a veteran by name for free. Different BeenVerified customers may benefit from the background check services offered by the firm.

There are two membership rates available. However, there isn’t a “pay per search” option. Memberships are available for monthly or yearly payment, with the first month costing $26.89 and the third month costing $17.48.

Step-by-Step Guide To Find A Veteran By Name On BeenVerified

Here’s how to find a veteran by name using BeenVerified:

  • You should go to the BeenVerified website.
  • Fill up the search bar with the person’s full name to locate them.
  • Please include any other information you may have to help us focus our searches, such as the person’s age or current residence.
  • Just click the “Search” button.
  • If you utilize BeenVerified, the business will search a variety of public records and other data sources for possible matches and provide you with the results.
  • Go through the results and choose the lead that appears the most promising.
  • If you choose the link, you will be sent to a website where you may look into the person’s contact details, social media profiles, criminal record, and other details if they have made them available.

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PeopleLooker – Best for Fast Results

people looker

Pricing: Starts at $14.62 per mo
Star rating: 4.5/5

Use the online tool PeopleLooker to find a veteran by name. It’s an effective tool for discovering veterans of the military and understanding more about them.

Veterans may get contact information such as current and prior addresses, contact numbers, or even email addresses by typing their usernames into PeopleLooker’s search field.

PeopleLooker may also provide information about the veteran’s military service, including their branch of service, their rank, and the length of their service. These details might prove to be quite useful for anybody trying to trace a long-lost veteran friend or family.

One of PeopleLooker’s numerous advantages is the speedy and reliable search results. Nevertheless, the accuracy will depend on the data that can be retrieved online. You may trust the result given how often they update their data.


  • Attractive interface
  • Searches are private
  • Simple to use
  • Android and iOS mobile applications


  • No live chat assistance
  • It requires considerable time to complete a request
  • For some of the information, there are additional fees


There are two customizable ways to share the cost of utilizing PeopleLooker. It has restrictions to find a veteran by name for free by charging some of the services.

The first package, which costs $18.28 per month, includes phone and email searches, property lookups, sex offender searches, criminal records, limitless reports, and more. The second choice is a membership that costs $14.62 each month for three months.

Moreover, PeopleLooker offers a $1/5-day access plan if you wish to test it out before purchasing a subscription. This makes it easier for visitors to access and use the website’s background check services.

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TruthFinder –  Best for Searching the Deep Web


Pricing: Starts at $4.99 per mo
Star rating: 4.0/5

One of the best-known background check services accessible, TruthFinder is a tremendous assistance. TruthFinder, a people-finding website, allows users to do name-based searches.

You may use this site to search for long-lost loved ones, discover more information about a new significant other, or confirm someone’s identity. TruthFinder’s location history tool is very helpful for tracing crimes that could have happened in another state.

Visitors to TruthFinder may type in the name of a veteran to get a thorough report that may include the veteran’s contact information, including email addresses, phone numbers, social media accounts, and current and previous addresses.

Accessibility to the individual’s academic and professional history, as well as their criminal history and any other relevant public information, is also available on the website.

This information might be very helpful for background check outcomes or any other situation where a person’s history may be important. In summary, TruthFinder is a fantastic tool for anyone who needs to find a veteran by name in a fast and simple way.



  • The price is not sufficiently clear
  • Additional fees for additional reverse search services
  • Only US outcomes


The only way to receive a thorough background check is to use this more expensive service. Most individuals think the pricing is reasonable since they provide so much information. It has restrictions to find a veteran by name for free by charging its services.

Unlimited search costs $28.05 per month on average. However, you can pay $46.56 every two months in lieu of that. The reports may be downloaded for an additional $3.99.

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Intelius – Best for Flexible Background Check Reports


Pricing: Starts at $0.95 per search
Star rating: 3.9/5

Intelius is a sophisticated people-finder that can assist you in finding anybody, even active-duty military personnel.

On Intelius, find a veteran by name searches provide detailed information about the people searched, including contact details (including email addresses, phone numbers, current and prior residences, and social media profiles).

The service member’s employment history, educational background, and public papers (such as those pertaining to the military veterans’ criminal or judicial past) are also accessible via Intelius.

This data may be helpful to those individuals who need to run background checks or locate people for other purposes.

These in-depth assessments may be utilized for a number of things, such as finding long-lost military friends, figuring out who a new acquaintance really is, and doing professional or academic research.

Intelius, like every other web-based search engine, ought to be utilized with care and with consideration for the personal data of individuals.


  • Obtaining data from a report is simple
  • It’s affordable
  • It’s possible to thoroughly look through records


  • The site doesn’t offer precise price details
  • Customers complain about certain issues with customer service


Intelius is the only option if you’re seeking a program that doesn’t cost a fortune but remains available to assist you. Services are priced and offer a membership program hence do not allow you to find a veteran by name for free.

At $22.86, you get a month of unlimited searching. A disadvantage of the company’s website is that it could be challenging to locate the shipments there.

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PeopleFinders: Best for Comprehensive Results

people finders

Pricing: Starts at $1 to $1.95 per search
Star rating: 3.5/5

With the use of PeopleFinders, records ranging from criminal histories to listings of surviving servicemen may all be easily searched in one spot.

They comb through billions of documents to find the information you want, and they use the exact same techniques that the government uses to collect data, so you can be sure that the information is reliable.

Using PeopleLooker’s contact information to get in touch with the veteran once again can allow you to reconcile with them.

A veteran’s military service documents may not always be accessible via PeopleLooker or other public record search services, particularly if those records are private or not yet digitized.


  • Simple to use
  • 20 years or more of experience
  • Superb client service


  • Only the US has access to it
  • Does not conduct social media searches


PeopleFinders is a reasonably priced background check service that offers a selection of membership levels for both infrequent and devoted users.

It doesn’t offer to find a veteran by name for free hence charges for this service. A single phone search analysis may be purchased for as low as $1.95.

For those who plan to use the service regularly, PeopleFinders offers two membership plans: the ordinary PeopleFinders Membership ($24.95/month) and the premium PeopleFinders Premium Membership ($29.95/month).

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Ranking Methodology For The Best People Search Site To Find A Veteran By Name

The finest websites for services like find a veteran by name search were ranked according to a number of factors. Continue reading to find out more about the methodology used to rate these websites.

  • Data coverage: The main factor is the data’s accessibility on the website. A good people search site should make all relevant information, including property records, court records, and other data, easily available.

It’s important to give websites with a lot of information priority since, in most circumstances, more data equates to a better experience.

  • Customer support: The customer support team of a site that allows you to find a veteran by name should be helpful and fast to answer.

Because of this, it’s a service choice that needs to be considered. Websites that provide their clients access at all times do better compared to those that offer poor customer support.

  • Search tools and filters: A trustworthy people-finding service should provide easy-to-use search tools that enable you to filter your results by age range, location, and other pertinent factors.

In general, sites with more complex search choices are preferred over those that just offer the most basic alternatives.

  • Accuracy of information: The validity of the informational materials on the website is another important consideration.

A trustworthy people search website should only provide up-to-date, accurate information. Avoid selecting sources that make a lot of untrue claims.

  • Price and value: After that, consider your budget and the value of the website since many search engines do not offer to find a veteran by name for free.

A good person’s search engine should offer affordable prices in addition to accurate results. Most of the search engines charge for the services and hence do not offer to find a veteran by name for free.

Instead of charging a lot but offering few of these resources, sites that are both fairly priced and provide consumers access to a range of tools, such as search engines and databases, are better.

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Best People Search Site To Find A Veteran By Name – Buyer’s Guide

Why Use People Search Sites To Find A Veteran By Name?

Discovering long-lost military friends may be challenging, but the process is ultimately gratifying. The great news is they’re able to be swiftly and simply located by typing their name into a search engine.

With just a few clicks, you can instantly see the results of your searches, saving you the hours you would otherwise need to spend looking through the public record.

These websites may include a lot of information that helps people locate long-lost acquaintances or relatives.

Some of the most useful features of online people-finders are the ones listed below:

  • Provide contact information: You may be able to find a person’s contact details on a people search website, such as their home address, email, and phone number.
  • Offer background information: On certain people-finding websites, details, including a person’s criminal record and prior employment, may be made public. When you need to check someone’s history or qualifications, it might be useful.
  • Advanced search options: You can limit your search using a variety of people-finding services, including age range and location.

You could improve your chances of finding the correct individual more quickly by narrowing your search with more precise criteria.

  • Give location information: Several people-finding websites contain geographic details in user profiles, such as the person’s city of residence. This method could be utilized to locate someone whose present whereabouts are unknown.
  • Provide links to social media profiles: A person’s search engine may often be used to find their social media accounts if any exist. This may be used to determine a person’s interests, social circles, and even how to get in touch with them.

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How To Find A Veteran By Name

Here are some pointers on how to find a veteran by name using people search tools:

  • Get the veteran’s full name, and date of birth, along with any additional identifying information you can, such as their position or service telephone number.
  • In the search field, type the veteran’s name and any other information you know. You can also enter a particular place, such as a ZIP code, state, or city, to focus your search results.
  • Check the search results to see whether the veteran you’re looking for is listed. One may learn about the location, a person’s age, and contact information through their profile on a people search website.
  • If a particular search site hasn’t helped you locate the veteran you’re looking for, think about utilizing a new search engine or expanding your web search.
  • You could choose to contact the military organizations if you’ve tried everything else and still can’t find the veteran you’re looking for.

Remember that not every veteran will appear in a search if they’ve not made their contact information available to the public or if they’ve not provided it themselves.

But, people search websites could be a good place to start since they might provide crucial information that will help you find a serviceman by identity name, and they are usually priced to limit the ability to find a veteran by name for free.

How To Find A Vietnamese Veteran By Name

It’s conceivable that you want to connect with another veteran or express your gratitude for their service. If you don’t know where to start, it could be challenging to find a Vietnamese veteran by name.

Finding a Vietnamese veteran by name might be challenging. However, there are fortunately many resources available to you to make the process easier, including people search websites.

This is how to find a Vietnamese veteran by name using a people search engine like BeenVerified:

  • Go ahead and create a BeenVerified account. You will be required to provide your name, email address, and payment information since it does not offer to find a veteran by name for free. Hence it’s crucial to make payment in order to utilize the site’s search functions.
  • Just search the database for the veterans’ names after registering. By adding other parameters, such as the individual’s state or town of residence, you may focus your search to find a Vietnamese veteran by name.
  • Go through the returning results to determine if the serviceman you’re looking for is included. BeenVerified offers information about people’s age, place of residence, and other details.
  • Try limiting your search by a range of dates or areas to see if you can find a Vietnamese veteran by name, depending on whom you’re seeking for.

When trying to find a Vietnamese veteran by name, you can try searching for the veteran using their mother’s maiden name, their nickname, or just a few letters that have been modified in their name.

  • If you’re having trouble when trying to find a Vietnamese veteran by name, try alternative people search websites or get in contact with organizations such as the Vietnam Veterans of USA, who are experts in assisting individuals to find a Vietnamese veteran by name.

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Best Methods To Find A Veteran By Name

  • Look someone up using a search engine such as Google
  • Use LinkedIn
  • Examine a phone book
  • Search the public records
  • With websites like BeenVerified, PeopleLooker, and TruthFinder, you may try and find a veteran by name
  • In social media, a person’s name may be used to search for them

How To Find A Veteran By Name – Frequently Asked Questions

The questions listed below are the ones we get asked most often, and they can assist us with any others you may have.

How To Find A Veteran By Name For Free?

To find a veteran by name for free, there’s a free collection of National Archives documents available to veterans to help with the process.

With a check of unrestricted military records, you may confirm your service and other information, and this will basically help you find a veteran by name for free.

This is, however, limited by the people search sites through pricing the services hence limiting to find a veteran by name for free.

How Do I Find An Old Veteran?

A small list of organizations that may be able to assist with things like reunion listings or service dog searching is provided in the category of veterans service-based organizations.

Another option is to find a veteran by name using a trustworthy people-search service like  BeenVerified, PeopleLooker, or Truthfinder.

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Are All Military Records Public?

Veterans’ military service records will be regarded as archival if their release dates seem to be more than 62 years past. Veterans who were released more recently than 62 years ago are not allowed to view their military service documents since they are considered non-archival.

Bottom Line On How To Find A Veteran By Name

Trying to find a veteran by name may first seem difficult, but with the correct tools and a solid plan, it may really be fairly simple, taking into consideration that many search sites do not offer to find a veteran by name for free.

We have looked into a lot of people’s search sites as well as other resources, such as social media and search engines, in order to help you find your former military colleagues.

It’s advisable to exercise care while looking for private data online and to respect other people’s privacy due to the possibility that the information offered by these techniques might not be current or correct.

Most of the people search sites charge for their services and hence do not provide to find a veteran by name for free. Others may decide to keep their profiles secret, while other individuals might choose not to use social media platforms at all.

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