Dating for Gamers: 7 Best Sites To Check Out in 2024

dating for gamers

What’s good, fellow gamer!

As a gamer, you wouldn’t want to use a digital platform for less thrilling video games you’re playing, right?

When trying to date online, you would want a fun, modern, and classy dating for gamers platform to find like-minded people.

So, whether you want fellow gamers like you or just a pure hottie, these dating gamer dens will bring the adventure to you.

Ready? Let’s play!

Online Dating for Gamers – First Look

  1. Kippo – Best dating for gamers overall
  2. EliteSingles – Professionals into gaming
  3. eHarmony – Best overall dating site
  4. OkCupid – Leading inclusive dating site for gamers
  5. Coffee Meets Bagel – Great for long-term relationships
  6. NUiT – Unique astrological compatibility
  7. Match – Best for a balanced user-base

Top Gamers Dating Sites

1. Kippo – Best Dating App for Gamers Overall


  • Non-binary gender option
  • Created by gamers
  • Use in-name games to connect
  • Has game-based profile cards
  • Video and Voice chat is available


  • The less you play, the fewer the matches


  • 1 month – $10/m
  • 6 months – $6/m
  • 12 months – $4.66/m

For a while, Kippo had remained under the radar and incredibly blew up during the stay-at-home COVID era.

The app is the child of an incredible collaboration with famous gamers, including big Twitch stars, explaining its excellent design.

How cool, aye?

The platform’s profiles burst with color and vibrant graphics. It also features a dedicated space to showcase your beloved video games, which can be a great place to connect with people of the same gaming taste.

You also create exciting avatars and interact through characters. Nice, right?

Star signs and favorite animal crossing characters also take center stage on highlighted cards, adding a little angle to getting compatible dates.

Perhaps inspired by Fortnite, you can even unlock badges and other achievements while using the gamers dating site. This way, you don’t get bored so easily.

Again, Kippo has in-app games, which is amazing for connecting on a virtual date. However, you need to play the app’s games to see more user profiles.

Kippo is also it’s a place for platonic bonds. Because the dating app for gamers doesn’t aggressively push you to romantic dates, you can take your time, connect with fellow gamers, and forge a blissful friendship.

Lastly, the gamers’ dating site is available everywhere; web, iOS, and Android; therefore, anyone is sorted.

>>Play and date other gamers

2. EliteSingles – Best for Professionals into Gaming

elite singles logoPros

  • Good for career dating
  • Specific high-quality pool
  • Comprehensive verification
  • User-friendly interface


  • Not all suggested dates fully meet your preferences
  • No income verification

Gamers have professional careers too. Isn’t that how they buy their consoles, gaming PCs, and more?

If you’re a gamer with a separate professional life, Elite Singles might be the most natural option for you.

The gamers dating site is filled with career and well-educated people looking to settle into a serious relationship.

EliteSingles boasts that more than 85% of its users are college graduates. The majority of its user base also falls within the 33-50 age range, a prime age if you want to date a top-tier single.

Although the site’s premium subscription plans are on the higher side, it helps discourage people who aren’t serious from registering on the site. Because of this, EliteSingles is one of the safest dating for gamers apps since it has minimal to no dodgy profiles.

To get started, you’ll provide basic information and then answer the site’s personality questionnaire to find similar-thinking individuals.

EliteSingles utilizes a blend of tests and matchmakers to send you pinpoint matches, increasing your odds of getting a lasting relationship.

You can also show different sides of yourself on your profile. You can talk about your gaming hobby for one to find someone who won’t mind you relaxing with some video game when you have some downtime.

>>Date career women and men near you

3. eHarmony – Great Gamers Dating App with Little Pressure

eharmony logoPros

  • Informative dating advice
  • Equal user base (51% men, 49% women)
  • 24/7 support
  • Tailored dating categories
  • Gives compatibility scores


  • Only man/woman identities
  • Registration takes a while


  • 6 months – $69.90/m
  • 12 months – $49.90/m
  • 24 months – $39.90/m

Gaming can get frantic, but your dating life on online dating sites doesn’t have to be.

eHarmony provides you with the chance to date seamlessly without putting in too much effort.


You’ll answer a personality questionnaire and some preference questions which will be used to select the best future matches for you.

Also, eHarmony doesn’t leave you in the lurch. It goes ahead to show you the compatibility score with someone else, so you can make choices with a clear mind.

All potential matches are given to you based on how your personalities, interests, and habits click. Suffice it to say, if you like gaming, finding another gamer head shouldn’t be a pain.

The only thing is that eHarmony limits signups to men and women, therefore it doesn’t have the widest inclusivity.

On the superb, the gamer dating platform has specialized categories like Christian, Black, Asian, Latina, senior, and other dating options to help you get more niche with your online dating.

If you find a love interest who stays far from you, the site’s video dating makes it easier to close the gap and have more intimate conversations.

eHarmony also gives some well-thought dating advice to help you make the most out of your relationships and even lead to marriage.

>>Date from tailored categories with eHarmony

4. OkCupid – Best for Inclusive Dating for Gamers

okcupid logoPros

  • Phenomenal bog
  • Use your preferred pronouns
  • Navigation is enjoyable.
  • Has match scores
  • Affordable


  • Not really free


  • 1 month – $24.99/m
  • 3 months – $16.66/m
  • 6 months – $12.49/m

OkCupid has one of the youngest user pools on dating apps, therefore you’re sure there’s a significant number of fervent gamers.

To attract other gamers, you can add gaming to your interest to pull similar people. Additionally, you can state on your profile bio that you want to date a fellow gaming head.

But it’s not just a haven for gamers, OkCupid is inclusive to everyone. With 20+ sexual and gender identity options, anyone can join the platform. Along with this, you can even pick your preferred pronouns.

OkCupid empowers you to shed light on the issues you hold dear. You can ensure you’re on the same wavelength as a potential partner by answering deal-breaker questions and blocking non-harmonious profiles.

Building your profile on this gamers dating site is exciting and easy-peasy. The questions are intelligently designed to measure your dating style and give you proper matches.

The cherry on top is that you can see your compatibility points with other singles based on the questions you both answered.

OkCupid also has an enlightening blog section. You can find illuminating advice on dating, tech, social issues, and more, so you stay updated.

Unlike other dating for gamers apps, OkCupid lets you send and receive messages with their basic plan.

Even when you choose to go premium, it’s good to know that the rates are pretty cost-friendly.

>>Find young gamers to date

5. Coffee Meets Bagel – Best Dating for Gamers for Long-term Relationships

coffee meets bagelPros

  • Prefers quality over quantity
  • No swiping
  • Simple profile creation
  • Detailed profiles


  • Smaller user base


  • 1 month – $15/m
  • 3 months – $10/m
  • 6 months – $8.33/m

Want to continue playing your games and spark a love journey without going all out?

Coffee Meets Bagel gives you the opportunity to find dates while spending the least amount of time on the site.

For one, this gamers dating site only gives 5-7 user match suggestions daily, making it perfect for those who don’t want to scroll through endless profiles all the time.

What’s more, the user profiles are super extensive. Profiles can have information on children, family, interests, education, and more to help you make informative dating choices.

The daily match suggestions, known as “bagels,” are carefully chosen based on your interaction with prompts, swipes, and other singles.

However, you should know that the number of bagels you receive can’t be increased even with a premium account.

To add, Coffee Meets Bagel nudges users to be proactive with a 7-day limit for every match. The limit does a great job of filtering out matches who aren’t interested enough to respond or plan a meetup.

You can go slow and enjoy meaningful connections on this dating app for gamers. You can also enjoy the build-up of exploring potential matches without feeling overwhelmed.

>>Save time meeting people of similar interests

6. NUiT – Best Dating for Gamers with Astrological Compatibility


  • Access all your matches’ birth charts
  • Has specific queer dating option
  • Expansive range of pronoun and sexuality choices
  • Match based on scores


  • A few login issues


  • Free

If you’re big on astrology, you definitely cherish the power of the universe.

With an astrology theme, NUiT aims to write your romantic destiny at the start with astrological chemistry.

And, the platform doesn’t just leave you to make your choices without help. The dating app for gamers shows you a compatibility match meter to help you decide who to engage with based on how fitting they are for you.

When it comes to the platform’s design, it’s like a top-selling game’s interface, thus you won’t be bored out.

NUiT gives you the ability to filter matches by zodiac signs and gives birth charts to navigate the dating scene better.

You can also check out astrological insights and forecast guidance that may help you make good love-life moves.

Only, NUiT also offers friendship options, which some people feel kills the energy of the gamers dating site a little bit. This said, friendships can also blossom into beautiful relationships, so you never know.

Again, this dating for-gamers app is safe for queer people. In fact, it is said to have been voted among the best dating apps by queer women.

>>Get your compatible astrology date right now

7. Match – Most Balanced Dating for Gamers App logoPros

  • 35M+ active members
  • Equal number of males and women
  • Send messages on free mode
  • Open for everyone of all ages


  • Many notifications
  • Regular plan price tweaks

Ready for your next quest?

Match gives you an avenue to pursue romantic relationships by linking you to people who want the same things.

First, Match will ask about your interests, habits, lifestyle, and more. If you make it clear that you love gaming, it can also connect you to a fellow gamer or gaming enthusiast.

Being a good dating app for gamers, Match tries to make the questions a bit thoughtful to make you think just like video games do.

And oh, there are multitudes of people on the gamers dating site. With over 35M+ members, there’s plenty of fish in the sea to explore.

Not to mention, Match has an almost perfectly balanced male and female user base to make sure everyone has a good chance at finding a date.

Additionally, anyone can join Match, whether gay or straight. A plus on inclusivity, yes?

The dating app for gamers, however, has one nagging downside, the alerts. With notifications for a lot of things, it can get irritating. Still, that’s not too big of a deal since you can tone down the notification volumes.

To give you a leg-up on landing a long-term relationship, Match connects users lifestyles are close. You can also easily add deal-breakers, so the site doesn’t suggest any ill-fitting profiles.

Overall, Match’s intelligent mix of easiness and personalization make it a top dating for gamers choice.

>>Join the biggest dating site for gamers

How to Identify the Best Dating Sites for Gamers

Huh, don’t be weighed down by the many dating site options out there today. Here’s how you can pick out the best dating sites for gamers.

Think About Your Preferences and Goals

Before diving into online dating, it’s crucial to determine your preferences and objectives. Ask yourself what you are seeking in a potential partner and what platform qualities are important to you.

Additionally, consider the type of user pool the gamers dating site has, e.g. older or younger. Are you interested in casual gaming enthusiasts or gamers who are heavily involved in competitive gaming?

If you want to explicitly date a gamer, you might choose a niche gaming dating site. You can also match on interest to get someone who enjoys the same games as you.

Research and Read Reviews

Don’t just pick any site.

Do some homework. Start by searching for exclusive dating for gamers sites or have a large gamer user base. Seek platforms that understand the gaming culture and offer features tailored to gamers’ interests.

Reading reviews and testimonials from other users can help you gauge the reputation and effectiveness of a gamers dating site. Be keen on responses around user experience, success stories, and the overall quality of matches. This helps you understand the dating app’s strengths and weaknesses.

Check for Gaming-Focused Features

The best dating sites for gamers go beyond the basic matchmaking algorithms. They provide gaming-focused features that enhance the overall user experience. Look for sites that allow you to showcase your gaming preferences and interests on your profile.

This can include displaying your favorite games, genres, or gaming platforms, ad the like. It enables potential matches to identify and initiate conversations based on shared gaming interests.

Some platforms may also have gaming-themed icebreakers or questions to make the conversations more immersive.

Consider Community and Social Interaction

One of the main advantages of online dating sites is to connect with a community that shares your interest.

When weighing dating sites for gamers, consider the level of community engagement and social interaction they offer.

Look for platforms that provide forums, chat rooms, or gaming events where members can interact and bond over their love for gaming. This boosts the chance of finding like-minded individuals.

Security and Privacy

Safety and privacy are non-negotiable when it comes to online dating for gamers.

Ensure that the gamers dating site you choose has effective security measures to safeguard your personal information.

Look for sites that have secure messaging systems, verification processes, and direct privacy policies.

You must also understand how the site handles your data and whether they share it with third parties. Take time to review their terms and conditions before making a decision.

Best Practices of Gamers Dating Sites

Research and Choose a Dating Site

Choose a gamers dating site with a strong gaming community. You don’t want to date someone who won’t understand your hobby.

Whether you are looking to meet men or women, clearly state in your profile and preferences that you’re a gaming buff to avoid any future disconnect.

Create a Detailed Profile

Sign up on your preferred dating for gamers site and create a profile. Make sure that it highlights your interests, life goals, gaming preferences, and personality.

Be honest and authentic, as it will attract like-minded individuals.

Showcase Your Gaming Interests

Include information about your favorite games, gaming platforms, and any gaming-related activities you enjoy.

Feel free to mention the type of games you like to play, whether it’s console gaming, PC gaming, mobile gaming, or all.

Upload Enough Pictures

You want to build credibility on your profile, so showcase yourself.

Pick at least 3 of your best photos and upload them on your profile. You can go with a photo showing your love for video games.

You might want to avoid group photos to avoid confusing other users if you can.

Engage Site Communities

Take advantage of the site’s features to interact with other members. Participate in forums, chat rooms, or discussions related to gaming topics. Engaging with others will help you connect with like-minded individuals and find someone compatible.

Go For It

Don’t hesitate to contact other users who pique your interest.

Start conversations by discussing common gaming interests, asking questions, or sharing your experiences. Ensure that you’re polite during your interactions.

Attend Online Gaming Events or Meetups

Some dating sites for gamers may organize virtual events for members. Participating in these activities can provide an opportunity to meet potential partners more intimately.

Be Patient and Keep an Open Mind

Online dating, including dating for gamers platforms, needs patience.

Not every interaction will grow into a meaningful connection.

Usually, it takes time to find someone compatible. Stay open-minded and enjoy the process of meeting new people who share your passion.

How to Stay Safe on Gamer Dating Apps

While many gamer dating apps aim to provide a safe and enjoyable experience, you can never be too careful.

Here are some factors to consider:

Privacy and Data Security

Look for apps that prioritize user privacy. They must employ robust security measures to protect personal information. Read their privacy policy and terms of service and make sure you understand how your data is handled.

User Verification

Verify whether the dating app for gamers has a comprehensive user verification process in place. This can ensure that the profiles you encounter are genuine and reduce the risk of encountering spammers and scammers.

Reporting and Moderation

Check if the app has efficient reporting systems to address any inappropriate behavior, harassment, or abuse. Look for apps that take user safety seriously and give you tools to deal with such issues promptly.

User Reviews and Ratings

Research the app’s reputation by reading user reviews and ratings on reputable platforms. Pay attention to the experiences of other users to get a sense of the app’s safety and functionality.

Personal Information Sharing

Be cautious about sharing personal information too quickly. Avoid sharing sensitive details like your address, financial information, or workplace until you’re familiar with the person you’re talking to.

Meeting in Person

If you meet someone in person, prioritize your safety. Meet in a public place, inform a friend about your plans, and consider using your own transportation.

Remember, no online platform can guarantee complete safety. It is important to trust your instincts and be mindful of your personal boundaries.

Dating for Gamers – FAQs

Is There a Free Dating App for Gamers?

Yes, there are free dating apps for gamers. 

In the world of online dating, where people with similar interests often connect, gaming enthusiasts have platforms that meet their interests like the ones reviewed above.

With a focus on bringing gamers together, these free dating apps provide a unique and exciting opportunity for gamers to find love and companionship within their own community.

How Do I Meet Gamers?

If you’re looking to meet fellow gamers, there are several avenues you can explore. 

Consider online gaming communities, dating sites for gamers, and forums dedicated to your favorite games or gaming platforms. These channels allow gamers to connect, discuss games, share experiences, and organize multiplayer sessions. 

How Do I Find a Gamer Girl To Play With?

If you’re looking to find a gamer girl to play with, you can join online gaming communities and forums that cater to female gamers.

The above platforms often provide spaces for gamers to chat and form play tribes.

Many games have built-in matchmaking systems or online lobbies where you can connect with other players.

Conclusion – Best Dating Sites for Gamers

Gamer dating apps are powerful tools for gaming fans to find a way to spark fulfilling love lives without heavy investment.

Kippo, OkCupid, and eHarmony are top options to start dating for gamers. Kippo for once, is specifically made to help gamers connect based on their life goals and gaming interests.

All said, any dating app for gamers you select from the options above will give you a good time. Just make sure that you’re honest with the type of relationship you want to avoid wasting any time.

This is the point where you say, let’s get it.

Have a blast!

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