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10 Best Delta 8 Gummy Brands To Buy THC Edibles for Pain Relief & Relaxation

Delta-8 THC comes in many forms, but the easiest and most convenient consumption method is arguably Delta-8 gummies. Just bite into a delicious medley of fruit-assorted flavors whenever you want to experience the health benefits and stress relief that are associated with cannabis!

FAB CBD has the best CBD + Delta THC gummies available today  – they’re priced affordably, dosed at beginner-friendly levels, and come in a delicious Guava-flavored package. They promise secure checkout, free shipping for orders above $99, and a 30-day hassle-free money back guarantee.

Where to Buy Delta-8 Gummies: First Look

  1. FAB CBD – Best overall
  2. Delta Extrax – Best experimental blends
  3. BudPop – Top brand for free US shipping
  4. Exhale Wellness – Best for beginners
  5. EightySix – Most affordable Delta-8 gummies
  6. TREhouse – Best money-back guarantee
  7. Mystic Labs – Strongest Delta-8 THC gummies
  8. Binoid – Vegan & gluten-free Delta-8 gummies
  9. Diamond CBD – Best discounts & promotions
  10. Moonwlkr – Highest customer satisfaction ratings

We’ve selected ten additional Delta-8 brands you’re sure to love. Whether you’re after high potency products, frequent discounts or zero-risk refunds, we have something for everyone! 

1. FAB CBD – Overall Best Delta 8 Gummies Brand



  • Mix of CBD + Delta-9 THC
  • Subscribe and get 20% off
  • Free shipping for $99+ orders
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Made with all-natural ingredients


  • Uses artificial flavorings & dyes

Who is Guava Delta 9 Gummies Best For? 

FAB CBD’s Delta-9 gummies are best for low-to-medium tolerance cannabis enthusiasts.

Who Should Avoid Guava Delta 9 Gummies? 

Users who can’t tolerate artificial flavors and dyes should avoid this product, as it contains Red FD&C 40.

Guava Delta 9 Gummies Ranking: 4.9/5

Customer Reviews: 4.8/5

FAB CBD’s Delta 9 gummies launched very recently, but they’ve already obtained 29 verified reviews from happy customers. Buyers love their flavors, effects, & customer support team!

Effectiveness: 4.7/5

There’s no listed strain information for these gummies, but a heaping dose of CBD mixed with 5 mg. of hemp-derived THC can deliver relaxing and euphoric effects without becoming too much.

Price: 4.6/5

You can get a 60-count serving of Delta 9 gummies for $69.00, which approximates to $1.15 per serving! Subscribers will save 20% on their order, bringing the price down to $0.92 per gummy.

Flavor: 5/5

FAB CBD’s gummies come in delicious Melon and Guava flavors. Each bite is surprisingly sweet, but not overpowering – in all honesty, they have some of the most accurate flavors.

Summary: 4.9/5 

If you’re looking for medium-potency effects that never border on feeling too overwhelming, FAB CBD’s gummies promise an entry-level solution for beginners & experienced users alike.

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2. Delta Extrax – Best Experimental Blends With Delta-8 THC



  • Multi-cannabinoid blend
  • Five delicious fruit flavors
  • Hybrid strain terpenes
  • Highly potent Delta 8 effects
  • Earn points with every order


  • Not the best for beginners

Who is THCa 7000mg Gummies Best For? 

High-tolerance users looking for a chance to enjoy experimental blends should try these out!

Who Should Avoid THCa 7000mg Gummies? 

If you’re not accustomed to multiple cannabinoids (eg: beginners), save these for another day.

THCa 7000mg Gummies Ranking: 4.8/5 

Customer Reviews: 4.9/5 

Delta Extrax THCa 7000 mg. Gummies have earned 4.75 out of 5 stars based on 74+ verified customer reviews. Many buyers report adequate pain-relieving effects and a strong euphoria.

Effectiveness: 5/5

These gummies blend Delta-9p THC, Delta-8 THC, THCa, and live resin terpenes to create a product with noticeable hybrid effects. Expect to feel relaxed, uplifted, & energetic all at once!

Price: 4.8/5 

The price is right at Delta Extrax, and you can earn loyalty points with every purchase. Get a 20-count bottle of these hybrid gummies for $39.99. Buy in bulk & save even more money!

Flavor: 4.6/5

Delta Extrax’ delicious flavors include Blue Razz Lemonade (hybrid), Passion Punch (hybrid), Purple Berry Splash (hybrid), Strawberry Colada (hybrid), & Watermelon Bubblegum (hybrid).

Summary: 4.8/5 

Delta Extrax’ Adios Blend gummies are no joke. Take a bite of Mike Tyson’s uppercut today!

>> Check the best price for THCa 7000mg Gummies

3. BudPop – Best for Free US Shipping



  • Free US shipping for all orders
  • 513+ positive customer reviews
  • Non-GMO & hemp-derived D8
  • Subscribe and enjoy 25% off
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • They don’t ship to some states

Who is Strawberry Gelato Delta-8 THC Gummies Best For? 

Beginners & casual users who want to experience Delta-8 THC in its purest form will fall in love with BudPop’s Strawberry Gelato Delta-8 Gummies.

Who Should Avoid Strawberry Gelato Delta-8 THC Gummies? 

BudPop won’t ship to Arkansas, California, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Utah, Rhode Island, or Montana. If you live there, you may wish to shop with a different Delta-8 brand.

Strawberry Gelato Delta-8 THC Gummies Ranking: 4.7/5

Customer Reviews: 5/5

Budpop’s traditional Delta-8 gummies have earned 513+ positive reviews from verified buyers. If you’re here for awesomely relaxing vibes, many customers praise their stress-relieving effects.

Effectiveness: 4.7/5

Each gummy contains 25 mg. of non-GMO, third-party lab tested, and USA-grown Delta-8 THC. Needless to say, getting started with one half or even one quarter of a gummy can do the trick.

Price: 4.5/5

You’ll get 25 gummies for $59.95, but users who subscribe for recurring orders can save up to 25% on their purchase! This drops the price of one serving down to $2.39 or $1.79 respectively.

Flavor: 4.8/5

Budpop’s Strawberry Gelato gummies taste like freshly pressed ice cream with earthy hemp undertones. If you appreciate the original cannabis strain, you’re sure to enjoy this product!

Summary: 4.7/5

Budpop’s Delta-8 THC gummies are a fantastic entry point for casual stoners.

>> Check the best price for Strawberry Gelato Delta-8 THC Gummies

4. Exhale Wellness – Best for Beginners



  • Cruelty-free with no animal gelatin
  • Fruit-flavored gummy assortment
  • 750 mg & 1500 mg containers
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Made with all-natural ingredients


  • They don’t ship to some states
  • Third-party lab tests not visible

Who is Delta-8 THC Vegan Gummies Best For? 

Beginners looking for a vegan & all-natural alternative will enjoy Exhale Wellness’ D8 gummies.

Who Should Avoid Delta-8 THC Vegan Gummies? 

If you live in a restricted state or don’t want to take a chance with fruit medley flavors, you may wish to give another brand your hard-earned money & loyalty.

Delta-8 THC Vegan Gummies Ranking: 4.6/5 

Customer Reviews: 4.8/5

Exhale Wellness’ Vegan Delta-8 THC gummies have earned a 5 out of 5 star rating based on 87+ verified customer reviews. Buyers praise their potency, effects, and delicious fruit flavors!

Effectiveness: 4.7/5 

These gummies are infused with 25 mg or 50 mg of hemp-derived Delta-8 THC per serving. If you’re looking for seriously potent effects & a strong sense of relaxation, they won’t disappoint!

Price: 4.6/5

Exhale Wellness prices their 750 mg. container at $59.95, and their 1500 mg. bottle is priced at $99.95. Either option gives you 30 potent servings of D8, but it’s suggested to start with half. 

Flavor: 4.7/5 

Exhale Wellness gives you a full taste of the rainbow with fruit-assorted flavors. From lemon to grapefruit and strawberry, each bite delivers a wildly different experience.

Summary: 4.6/5

Exhale Wellness checks all the boxes with a 30-day money back guarantee, no artificial flavors, and 100% vegan-friendly gummies.

>> Check the best price for Delta-8 THC Vegan Gummies

5. EightySix – Most Affordable Delta 8 THC Gummies



  • 839+ verified customer reviews
  • 100 mg. Delta-8 in each serving
  • Get loyalty points with each order
  • $14.99 for 1000 mg. Delta-8 THC
  • Third-party lab tests are visible


  • Doesn’t ship to 18 restricted states
  • So good they’re always out of stock

Who is Bubba Melon Delta-8 THC Gummies Best For? 

Bubba Melon Delta-8 THC gummies may appeal to price-conscious cannabis enthusiasts with a sky-high tolerance.

Who Should Avoid Bubba Melon Delta-8 THC Gummies? 

Eighty Six manufactures their Delta-8 gummies in a facility that processes milk, nuts, gluten and soy. Additionally, these gummies contain artificial flavors, coconut oil, and caranuba leaf wax.

Bubba Melon Delta-8 THC Gummies Ranking: 4.7/5

Customer Reviews: 4.6/5

839+ satisfied customers have left a beaming product review on Eighty Six’s website! Most of their testimonials center around the affordability, potency, and in-your-face flavors they offer.

Effectiveness: 4.7/5

Each gummy contains a staggering 100 mg of Delta-8 THC, which means you can split a single gummy four different ways. If you’re eating an entire gummy at once, be prepared for liftoff! 

Price: 4.9/5

You can purchase 1000 mg. of highly potent Delta-8 THC for just $14.99, and they promise free shipping for orders above $75. Furthermore, you’ll get free loyalty points with every purchase.

Flavor: 4.6/5

Each bite delivers a powerful punch with delicious bubblegum flavors, and experienced users will notice a hint of watermelon as they chew & swallow. This could be a legit candy gummy.

Summary: 4.7/5

If you’re focused on affordability and potency, these Delta 8 gummies could blow your mind.

>> Check the best price for Berry Burst Delta-8 THC Gummies

6. TREhouse – Best Money-Back Guarantee



  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • 35% discount w/ code BAKED
  • 674 positive customer reviews
  • Delta-8 + HHC + THC-P blend
  • Chillaxed, energetic, euphoric


  • Contains multiple cannabinoids
  • Includes unspecified ingredients

Who is Delta 8 Gummies with HHC & THC-P Best For?

Like Delta Extrax, TreHouse is revolutionizing the hemp industry with experimental cannabinoid blends. If you’re on the hunt for huge discounts & hassle-free refunds, TreHouse is a good call!

Who Should Avoid Delta 8 Gummies with HHC & THC-P? 

If you’re not accustomed to the effects of THC-P or HHC, you may wish to shelve this product until you’ve established a tolerance. Additionally, they’re not certified to be gluten-free & vegan.

Delta 8 Gummies with HHC & THC-P Ranking: 4.5/5

Customer Reviews: 4.8/5 

TreHouse has earned a 4.9 out of 5 star rating based on 674+ positive customer reviews. Many buyers discuss their money-back guarantee, highly potent gummies, and discounts!

Effectiveness: 4.9/5

TreHouse blends Delta-8 THC with HHC & THC-P at a 2:1 ratio to deliver chillaxed, energetic & euphoric effects. Each gummy also contains 3 mg. of full-spectrum CBD to keep a lid on anxiety.

Price: 4.7/5

Each bottle contains 20 gummies, and it’s suggested to start with half so you can establish a tolerance. You’ll pay $34.99 per container, but promo code BAKED slashes the price to $22.75.

Flavor: 4.5/5

When you bite into a Delta-8 gummy from TreHouse, the overwhelming taste of juicy mango floods your senses and saturates your palate. If you’re a sucker for tropical candy, try these.

Summary: 4.5/5

TreHouse’s 60-day refund guarantee is the clincher, but their potent gummies aren’t half-bad!

>> Check the best price for Delta 8 Gummies with HHC & THC-P

7. Mystic Labs – Strongest Delta-8 THC Gummies

Mystic labs


  • 15% off your first order
  • 50 gummies for $99.99
  • Five fantastic flavors
  • 2500 mg. D8 per bottle
  • 34+ positive reviews


  • Derived from industrial hemp
  • They won’t ship to Oregon

Who is 50ct High Potency Delta-8 Gummies Best For? 

Mystic Labs creates high-potency products for high-tolerance individuals who prioritize effects, flavor, and affordability above all else.

Who Should Avoid 50ct High Potency Delta-8 Gummies? 

If you’re not comfortable with artificial flavors or industrial hemp, these gummies aren’t the best.

50ct High Potency Delta-8 Gummies Ranking: 4.4/5

Customer Reviews: 4.6/5

Mystic Labs is a fairly new company, but they’ve accumulated hundreds of positive reviews! This product has earned 34+ reviews that center around potency, affordability & top-caliber effects.

Effectiveness: 4.8/5

Expect a deep sense of relaxation, peace, & drowsiness with your first bite of this high-potency product. Each gummy contains 50 mg. of hemp-derived Delta-8 THC packaged in five flavors!

Price: 4.7/5

Each container gives you 2,500 mg. (50 gummies) of Delta-8 THC for just $99.99. According to Mystic Labs, this works out to just $0.04 per milligram. We challenge you to find a better deal!

Flavor: 4.3/5

You can try Mystic Labs’ high-potency gummies in Atomic Apple, Blue Raspberry Breeze, Mango Madness, Mixed Berry Magic, and Hypnotic Pink Lemonade flavors. If you enjoy overwhelmingly sweet candies & gummies, these have your name written all over them.

Summary: 4.4/5

Mystic Labs keeps the focus where it needs to be – strength, effects, and affordability. 

>> Check the best price for 50ct High Potency Delta-8 Gummies 

8. Binoid – Vegan & GF Delta 8 Gummies


  • 100% vegan & gluten-free
  • 25 mg. Delta-8 per gummy
  • Fast, free & discreet shipping
  • 4.9 star rating & 1,530 reviews
  • Code LABOR30 for 30% off


  • No money-back guarantee
  • Uses artificial sweeteners

Who is Premium Delta 8 THC Gummies Best For? 

Binoid’s Premium Delta-8 THC gummies are made for gluten-intolerant & vegan individuals.

Who Should Avoid Premium Delta 8 THC Gummies? 

If you’re sensitive to artificial flavors & sweeteners, we’d suggest shopping with another brand.

Premium Delta 8 THC Gummies Ranking: 4.3/5

Customer Reviews: 4.8/5 

Binoid’s been around the block, and their Delta-8 THC gummies have received rave reviews from 1,530+ satisfied customers. Users enjoy the feeling, buzz, price, and vibes they offer!

Effectiveness: 4.7/5 

Each gummy contains 25 mg. of Delta-8 THC from hemp that’s grown in the USA. Unlike other products, Binoid infuses their gummies with D8 THC for an experience that’s out of this world.

Price: 4.5/5

Each jar contains 20 premium gummies, and they’re discounted by 25% as-is. You can get a container for just $33.99, and using the code “LABOR30” gets you another 30% off sitewide!

Flavor: 4.2/5

Binoid offers these gummies in tangy Peach Dream, juicy Strawberry Bliss, sour Green Apple Candy, and mixed flavors that give users a chance to enjoy all three with a single purchase!

Summary: 4.3/5

Binoid’s premium D8 gummies are 100% vegan, gluten-free, and ready to knock your socks off!

>> Check the best price for Premium Delta 8 THC Gummies 

9. Diamond CBD – Best Discounts & Promotions


  • Get 55% off your order
  • Win $100 in store credit
  • Subscribe and save 30%
  • Tropical & fruity flavors
  • 134+ customer reviews


  • Uses artificial flavorings
  • Not GF or vegan-friendly

Who is 10x Delta-8 THC Ultra Strong Gummies Best For? 

Diamond CBD’s 10x gummies are designed for budget-conscious cannabis enthusiasts who refuse to sacrifice a single ounce of quality in their first edible experience.

Who Should Avoid 10x Delta-8 THC Ultra Strong Gummies? 

If you’re allergic to gluten or don’t tolerate artificial flavors well, it’s best to avoid these gummies.

10x Delta-8 THC Ultra Strong Gummies Ranking: 4.2/5

Customer Reviews: 4.5/5

These 10x Delta-8 THC Ultra-Strong Gummies have received 134+ positive reviews from happy customers! Buyers expressed surprise and shock at their potency, taste, affordability & effects.

Effectiveness: 4.6/5

As Diamond CBD says, their newest Delta-8 edibles are buzzier than ever before! Each gummy has Delta-8 THC baked into the recipe, so you can expect full-body effects & relaxing euphoria.

Price: 4.9/5 

Diamond CBD shines in the discounts department: they’ll give you up to 55% off your first order, and users who subscribe for recurring orders can save 30% on top. Finally, if you sign up with your email, you’ll enter a monthly raffle to win $100 in store credit. It doesn’t get better than that!

Flavor: 4.1/5

Diamond CBD’s tropical mix contains an assortment of watermelon, blueberry and pineapple gummies. Their fruity mix follows tradition with Apple, Mango, and Fruit Punch flavors. Every bite sets your mouth on fire with sugary-sweet notes and surprisingly accurate undertones.

Summary: 4.2/5

Diamond CBD is practically giving their D8 THC gummies away – so, what are you waiting for?

>> Check the best price for 10x Delta-8 THC Ultra Strong Gummies

10. Moonwlkr – Highest Customer Satisfaction Ratings



  • 98% customer service rating
  • Third-party tested products
  • Free shipping above $90
  • Get a free 4-pack sample
  • 361+ positive buyer reviews


  • Refunds must be unopened
  • No subscription discounts

Who is Delta 8 Gummies – Blue Dream Best For? 

Moonwlkr’s Delta-8 gummies appeal to cosmonauts who value full-time customer service and understand the power of social proof. With so many reviews, it’s impossible to go wrong here!

Who Should Avoid Delta 8 Gummies – Blue Dream?
Unfortunately, these Blue Dream Gummies contain natural and artificial flavorings. They’re also not explicitly gluten-free or vegan, which means those with Celiac Disease should stay away.

Delta 8 Gummies – Blue Dream Ranking: 4.1/5

Customer Reviews: 4.6/5

Moonwlkr is no slouch, and they proudly showcase 361+ positive reviews from verified buyers. If social proof means anything to you, Moonwlkr’s earned their spot on this list several times over.

Effectiveness: 4.5/5

Each gummy contains 25 mg. of lab-tested Delta 8 THC, making for a unique experience that blasts users into the stratosphere for 6-8 hours. Don’t take a gummy right before you work!

Price: 4.4/5

For a limited time only, these gummies are on sale for $39.99. That’s a 21% discount based on their original price of $49.99! They don’t offer any subscription discounts for recurring orders.

Flavor: 4/5

You’ll get 25 blueberry-flavored gummies with your initial purchase. Moonwlkr has eradicated the earthy aftertaste you’ll notice with most edibles, and natural flavorings promise accuracy.

Summary: 4.1/5

Moonwlkr boasts a 98% customer service rating, which you may find helpful in the event of a major issue! You can even get a free 4-pack of their D8 gummies when you sign up via email.

>> Check the best price for Delta 8 Gummies – Blue Dream 

What Are Delta-8 Gummies and How Do They Work?

Delta-8 THC gummies are hemp-derived products that may offer mild psychoactive effects, and they promise many of the same potential health benefits as traditional cannabis. Our top brands create gummies using natural and organic ingredients for a final product that tastes delicious.

They’re commonly used as a legal and less overwhelming alternative to regular cannabis. Since Delta-8 THC is extracted purely from CBD, it falls under the protection of the 2018 Farm Bill [1]. As many users report, the psychoactive and intoxicating effects of Delta-8 are easier to control.

After CBD goes through the chemical synthesis process to form Delta-8 THC, it undergoes third party testing. This ensures the absence of other potentially harmful substances, chemicals, and pesticides. From here, Delta-8 THC is infused with each gummy to create an edible product.

Delta-8 gummies work by triggering the cannabinoid receptors in the brain, and they’re said to last longer than other methods of consumption (eg: smoking & vaping). Because Delta-8 THC is easily absorbable via the digestive tract, you can reasonably expect 4-6 hours of mild effects.

>> Check the best price for Guava Delta 9 Gummies

Are Hemp Delta-8 Gummies Legal?

Yes, hemp Delta-8 gummies are legal according to the 2018 Farm Bill [1]. This revolutionary bill protects cannabis enthusiasts from facing legal consequences that are normally found with the possession of Delta-9 THC, so long as the product contains less than <0.3% D9 THC by weight.

Unfortunately, just because Delta-8 is federally legal doesn’t mean that states haven’t outlawed its sale and possession. As of 2023, Delta-8 THC has been made illegal in 15 states. New York, Colorado, Delaware, Alaska, Idaho, Iowa, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Washington, Utah, Rhode Island, Oregon, Vermont, and South Carolina have banned the sale of Delta-8 THC.

In the remaining 45 states, Delta-8 is either fully legal or regulated in the same way as Delta-9 THC. Be sure that you live in a legal state (or country) before purchasing THC gummies online!

Delta-8, Delta-9 and Delta-10: What’s the Difference?

With so many alternative cannabinoids on the market, you might be wondering – what do they all do, and what’s the difference between them? Here, we’ve explained the primary differences between Delta-8 THC, Delta-9 THC, and Delta-10 THC. It’s worth sticking around for more info.

Delta 8 THC

Delta 8 THC is the closest thing to Delta-9 THC that you’ll find on the legal cannabis market. It may have psychoactive effects on the mind & body that are similar to Delta-9 THC. Some users report feeling pain relief, an improved sense of well-being, mild euphoria, & appetite increases.

In terms of potency, it lies directly in the middle of Delta-9 THC and Delta-10 THC. Like Delta-9 THC, Delta-8 can be manufactured into sativa, hybrid and indica strains depending on the hemp it’s extracted from. However, Delta-8 THC is derived entirely from the hemp portion of cannabis.

Delta 9 THC

Delta-9 THC is the real deal in every sense of the word. It needs no introduction: unless you live under a rock, you’ve either partaken in the devil’s lettuce yourself or have friends who’ve tried a bong rip and lived to tell the tale. Delta-9 is known for possessing intense psychoactive effects.

If you’re looking for the most intense experience possible, Delta-9 THC is the strongest option. However, it’s federally illegal and is only possible to acquire on a state-by-state basis. There is one exception to this rule – according to the 2018 Farm Bill, products with less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC (by weight) are legal to buy and sell. Our top picks exploit this loophole for your benefit!

Delta 10 THC

Delta-10 THC is the mildest form of cannabis in terms of potency, and many users report that any Delta-10 THC product feels much like a sativa Delta-8 blend. Like Delta-8 THC, Delta-10 may possess calming effects and deliver an uplifting mood boost to power through your day.

It goes through the same manufacturing process, third-party lab tests, and quality assurance procedures as Delta-8 THC. Many customers who find Delta-9 THC (and even Delta-8 THC) to be too overwhelming respond well to Delta-10 THC products. They’re fantastic for beginners!

>> Check the best price for Guava Delta 9 Gummies

How We Chose the Best Delta-8 Gummy Vendors

Here, we’ve explained how we chose the best Delta-8 gummies brands. Our benchmarks boil down to each vendor’s reputation, pricing structure, available flavors, verified customer reviews, and product potency. As we said earlier, our experts found the perfect product for every buyer!

Brand Reputation

The cannabis industry is more popular than ever, and it’s important to be on the lookout for new brands. Unfortunately, some vendors have been known to mislead consumers & expose them to unwanted chemicals. That’s why our experts looked for D8 brands with a storied track record.

Customer Reviews

Social proof is the best proof, and it’s said that wise individuals learn from the mistakes of other people. That said, our team gave a higher ranking to Delta 8 gummy brands with boatloads of verified customer reviews. When it comes to social proof, a picture paints a thousand words.

Pricing & Discounts

What good is a product if you can’t afford to buy it? Any affordable weed brand should deliver the highest-quality Delta 8 gummies at an inexpensive price point. Speaking of which, our team gave priority to Delta-8 brands that run frequent discounts and offer expedited shipping.

Potency & Effects

Many users with a high tolerance may require highly potent Delta 8 gummies to enjoy the mild psychoactive properties inside, but some customers with no experience may wish to purchase gummies that promise a milder high. We selected brands that operate across this spectrum.

Delicious Flavors

You can enjoy all the benefits of Delta-8 THC without every gummy reminding you of a freshly mowed lawn. Our experts picked Delta-8 THC products with delicious, fruit-themed flavors. We also gave a higher ranking to vendors that use natural ingredients rather than artificial flavors.

>> Check the best price for Guava Delta 9 Gummies

Other Types of Delta 8 Products

Even if Delta-8 gummies don’t sound like your cup of tea, there are many ways to skin a cat. We explained the other types of Delta-8 products you can purchase from our top-ranked D8 brands.

Delta 8 THC Flower

Delta-8 THC flower looks, smells, and tastes just like regular flower. You can purchase several strains with individual potencies for your next bong rip, joint, or Backwoods! Delta-8 THC flower isn’t naturally occurring: it’s just CBD flower that’s sprayed with Delta-8 THC for desired effects.

Delta 8 THC Vapes

Delta 8 THC vapes are a discrete and convenient way to enjoy the hard-hitting effects of THC without inhaling combustible materials. Unlike Delta-8 gummies, which take 30-45 minutes to kick in, users can notice the effects of vaping D8 THC within 10 minutes of taking a single puff.

Delta-8 vapes utilize a non-toxic “base” oil that’s infused with Delta-8 THC for a consistent and reliable experience. If you want to smoke but don’t like the smell of burning flower, vapes offer privacy & discretion with quickly fading clouds and sweet vapor that smells like a nic device.

Potential Benefits of Delta 8 Gummies

In this section, we’ve explained the potential wellness benefits of consuming Delta-8 gummies! Please remember that Delta-8 THC affects each person differently, and your experience may not mimic someone else’s. That being said, more people than not report the following effects:

  • Pain Relief [2]
  • Anxiety Improvement [3]
  • Seizure Reduction [4]
  • More Restful Sleep [5]
  • Reduce Inflammation [6]

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Side Effects & Contraindications of Delta 8 Gummies

While Delta-8 THC comes from the hemp plant and should be viewed as all-natural, everyone may have a different response. Here are some potential side effects you should be aware of:

Side Effects

Sometimes, you can have too much of a good thing. Users who take too much Delta-8 THC may experience nausea, vomiting, increased anxiety, increased heart rate, dizziness, tremors, and drowsiness. In severe cases, users may experience auditory and visual hallucinations.

Over the long-term, the worst side effects of Delta-8 THC include memory/concentration issues and heightened anxiety. Thankfully, the side effects of Delta-8 THC aren’t long-lasting – at the most, you’re in for a few hours of discomfort. Remember the GLASS: go low and start slow!


Depending on your pre-existing health issues, some Delta-8 gummies are better than others. If you deal with a diabetic issue or insulin resistance, you may wish to avoid products with added sugars and artificial flavors. Similarly, always check with your physician before using D8 THC.

What to Know Before Buying Delta 8 Gummies Online

Below, we’ve listed some factors you should consider before buying Delta-8 gummies online:

Strains & Desired Effects

You might believe that all hemp plants are the same, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Certain strains of Delta-8 THC may have markedly different effects on the mind and body. First up, sativa blends are known for delivering a boost of clean energy and improved sense of mood.

On the other end of that spectrum, indica gummies are best reserved for nighttime use. They can make you feel sleepy, giggly, hungry, and way too into Family Guy for your own comfort. Finally, hybrid strains can offer a mixture of calming, uplifting, and euphoric mental effects.

Third-Party Lab Testing

For your safety, you should only purchase Delta-8 THC gummies that are third-party lab tested. Third-party labs ensure that your product is free from potentially unsafe household chemicals, and reputable Delta-8 vendors discourage manufacturing in uncontrolled or unsanitary settings.

Shady manufacturers have been known to expose consumers to potentially harmful chemicals, pesticides, and toxic fillers that can adversely affect the digestive system. As the hemp industry becomes increasingly popular, it’s more important than ever to remain vigilant about your safety.

USA Grown CBD Hemp

For the best quality control standards, it’s a good idea to look for cannabinoid products that are organically grown in the United States. Other countries utilize industrial hemp for D8 and CBD gummies, and they may have unapproved products in their preservation blends. Again, prioritize safety!

Third-party tested products ensure the absence of heavy metals, and they often guarantee the maximum potency you’ll find online. In many ways, it’s worth investing in a high quality product!

Additive Cannabinoids

Many Delta-8 products contain additive cannabinoids that fall within the legal boundaries for hemp in the United States. If you’ve never tried Delta-8 THC before, it may be a good idea to stick to the basics until you’ve established a baseline. After all, Delta Extrax’ THC-A 7000mg Adios Blend will be there once you’ve earned a higher tolerance!

Best Way to Take Delta 8 Gummies

Experienced users can take Delta-8 gummies on an empty stomach in order to enjoy the full scope of mental & physical effects, but it’s recommended that beginners enjoy a light snack. Ingesting Delta-8 THC with a small amount of food can reduce the possibility of feeling sick.

How Many Delta 8 Gummies Should You Eat?

If it’s your first time, you’ll want to eat one half of a Delta-8 gummy. At the absolute maximum, you should eat a full gummy. Depending on the vendor you buy from, one Delta 8 gummy can equal the potency of two or three gummies from another brand. Be sure to read the ingredients!

How Long Does it Take for Delta 8 Gummies to Kick In?

Most users will begin to feel the potential effects of Delta 8 gummies within 30-45 minutes, but having a gummy with dinner can delay the absorption process by up to 2 hours. Because Delta 8 gummies aren’t instant, you should set a timer and wait 2 hours before having another one.

What is the Best Way to Store Delta 8 Edibles?

In order to preserve the natural flavors and potency of Delta-8 edibles, it’s best to store them in a cool, dark place. This can be your dresser drawer, kitchen cabinet, or even the refrigerator – so long as they’re not exposed to direct light and high temperature, you’ll forget they exist before they expire. You can also freeze gummies for up to 6 months if you’re buying in bulk!

Delta 8 Gummies Dosage

If you don’t feel like calling the National Poison Control Centers, be sure to read this section.

Dosage for Adults

Beginners and experienced users alike should be cognizant of the dosage they’re ingesting. A standard dose of Delta-8 THC can be as little as 5 mg. for beginners, but experienced users will find that doses between 10 mg. and 50 mg. have adequate effects for moderate consumption.

As you continue using Delta-8 THC, your tolerance will build. If you want to keep the dosage as low as possible, it’s best to limit your Delta-8 THC consumption to once or twice a week. Using Delta-8 THC all day, every day can skyrocket your tolerance and drain your wallet very quickly.

Special Considerations

Every individual reacts differently to the same dosage of Delta-8 THC. As such, it’s impossible to predict how you might feel. Listen to your body, go low & start slow (GLASS), and make sure the timing is right before you take your first gummy. For example, don’t have one before work!

Not all Delta-8 gummies are created equal – many brands use additive cannabinoids, and even brands that sell traditional Delta 8 gummies use varying blends and THC concentrations. You should always use the manufacturer’s recommended dosage suggestion and take half of that.

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Delta-8 THC Gummies & Other Cannabis Products – FAQs

In this section, we’ve answered your questions about potent edibles & other Delta 8 products!

What Do Delta 8 Gummies Do?

Delta-8 gummies can provide a sense of intense relaxation and deliver mild psychoactive effects. After you take your first gummy, you may notice an improved sense of well-being &

pain relief! Some users report feeling energetic, sleepy, hungry, giggly, and content with life.

What is the Best Delta 8 Gummies Brand?

FAB CBD is the best Delta 8 gummies brand. In addition to their 30-day money back guarantee, they offer high potency products made with all-natural ingredients. You can grab their CBD/D9 Guava gummies for $69, but users who subscribe can save 20% and get them for just $55.20.

What Delta-8 Edibles Are the Best?

BudPop has the best Delta-8 edibles on the market. The company has several years of experience! They offer the highest quality products on the market. All their products are third-party lab tested for your safety – get their Strawberry Gelato Delta-8 Gummies.

Will Delta 8 Test Positive on a Drug Test?

Yes, Delta-8 THC will test positive for regular cannabis on a drug test. Even CBD with trace amounts of THC can make you test positive, so it’s not a good idea to use Delta-8 gummies if you’re subjected to random drug tests. Your probation officer won’t care to know the difference.

Are Delta 8 Gummies Stronger Than CBD?

Yes, Delta-8 gummies are significantly stronger than CBD products. CBD is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid, and Delta-8 is derived from CBD. However, Delta-8 THC shares more similarities with Delta-9 THC than any other chemical. Even if you’re a chronic stoner, they’ll get you high!

Is Delta 8 Legal in All States?

Unfortunately, Delta-8 isn’t legal in all states. Some US states have outlawed the sale & possession of Delta-8. If you live in Rhode Island, Oregon, Alaska, Iowa, Idaho, Washington, Nevada, New York, Utah, Vermont, South Carolina, North Dakota, Delaware, Minnesota, or Montana, you’re prohibited from purchasing Delta-8 products. Many brands won’t ship to newly illegal locations.

How Long Does it Take for a Delta-8 Gummy to Hit?

It takes between 30 to 45 minutes for a Delta-8 gummy to hit. Keep in mind that ingesting D8 gummies with food or other substances can delay their onset by up to 2 hours. Be careful!

Can You Get High on Delta 8 Gummies?

Yes, you can get high on Delta 8 gummies. Unlike their milder counterparts (CBD, CBG & CBN), Delta-8 THC can have mild psychoactive effects. They call D8 “diet smoke” for good reason!

How Long Does Delta 8 Stay in Your System?

Delta-8 can stay in your system for up to 8 hours after ingestion, and it’s detectable on a drug test for up to 30 days after your last use. People who take Delta-8 gummies on a daily basis may take longer to detox, but moderate users can reasonably pass a drug test in 2-3 weeks.

Can Delta 8 Gummies Be Shipped To My Home?

Yes, Delta-8 gummies can be shipped to your home! Frequent users can also subscribe and save up to 25% on recurring orders with many of the Delta-8 brands we’ve reviewed. All you have to do is add D8 gummies to your cart, enter your card number, and click “Purchase”.

Are Delta 8 Gummies Addictive?

In some cases, Delta-8 gummies can be addictive. However, because they’re approximately 50% less potent than Delta-9 gummies, the risk of addiction and dependence is drastically reduced by comparison. If you only take gummies a few times a week, you’ll be just fine.

What Are the Best Delta 8 Gummies? Here’s Our Final Verdict.

FAB CBD’s Guava Gummies are the best option for beginners and experienced users alike. Each bottle contains 60 servings of hemp-derived, dispensary-grade Delta-9 THC and 5 mg. CBD! They’re designed to subtly enhance your mood without feeling like you did too much.

They recommend starting with half a gummy to assess your tolerance, which should give you a hint as to how potent they are. They’ve already received 29 positive reviews from customers, and FAB CBD promises free shipping for $99+ orders! You can also return them for 30 days.

Still, FAB CBD’s Delta THC gummies might not appeal to every user. We’ve reviewed higher potency products, edibles that contain other cannabinoids, and affordably priced D8 gummies that promise more value for your money. Please check your local laws and indulge responsibly!

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