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White Truffle Strain [ A Complete Guide]: HONEST Customer Reviews & Where to Buy

White Truffle Strain

It seems like 2023 is the year of trying new things and exploring strains you never thought existed.

The white truffle weed strain is one such strain you should try. This strain quickly overtook the industry by delivering a rich and sweet taste, potent effects, and high THC levels.

This article will explore the cannabis strain and discuss its pros, cons, potency, effects, and reputable seed banks like Seed Supreme, where you can purchase this strain.

Tag along and find out why white truffle is the right fit for you!

About White Truffle Strain

The legendary White Truffle combines a phenotype of Gorilla Butter and a mix of genetics of Original Glue and Peanut Butter Breath. This strain is well-known for its potent effects and its health advantages.

This strain comes from Fresh Coast Genetics; however, Parabellum Genetics offers a cross-breed by the same name. With a THC of 25%, this strain appears to be exceptionally high on the THC scale.

So, let’s discuss what more this Truffle can offer, shall we?


  • Easy for cultivating
  • Thrives both indoors and outdoors
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Beneficial for those with depression and anxiety
  • Plants take 6-7 weeks to grow
  • Rich flavor – nutty, savory, with hints of citrus
  • High THC content at 25%


  • Low CBD levels

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White Truffle Strain: Main Features

White Truffle Strain Features

Potency: 4.8/5

The Strain has an average THC level of 25%; however, the normal CBD level is usually at 0% or close to 0%.

The primary psychoactive substance in cannabis, THC, gives the plant its unique “high.” High THC concentrations can offer a more potent and prominent sensation to recreational consumers looking for intense pleasure, relaxation, or altered perception.

For particular events or activities, such as relaxation, artistic endeavors, or social encounters, some might favor high-content THC strains, like White Truffle. Recreational users seeking a more euphoric experience can prefer strains with low CBD and high THC concentrations since they can have more psychoactive effects.

Low CBD strains, like White Truffle, might not offer as many therapeutic advantages as higher CBD strains. These strains are perfect for people trying to unleash their creative potential. These strains can improve creativity and concentration thanks to their energizing and uplifting effects that can stimulate the body.

This strain is a robust Indica-dominant hybrid that is excellent for musicians, writers, and painters. The cerebral high can boost imagination and open new neural pathways, improving artistry. This strain will deliver whether you’re working on a new project or need creative vigor.

Effects and Benefits: 5/5

This strain has a variety of effects. On the one hand, they offer a stimulating and upbeat high that can increase productivity and creativity. However, they also produce a tranquil and unwinding sensation that can settle the body and the mind.

The strain’s hybrid composition perfectly balances these White Truffle Strain effects and provides a well-rounded experience. These strains can meet your demands for an energy boost or a peaceful time.

Additionally, in today’s fast-paced world, many people struggle with anxiety, stress, and depression. Thankfully, these symptoms can be significantly alleviated by white truffle strains and Indica-dominant weed strains in general. Users report that the relaxing and energizing properties aid in easing anxiety.

Taste and Smell: 5/5

One of the most remarkable qualities of white strains is their distinctive flavor, aroma, and delicious taste. This strain’s bud has a mild yet recognizable aroma, combining notes of citrus and lemon with earthy mushroom and light pepper.

This bud’s nutty and earthy flavors add to its overall appeal, making it a favorite among marijuana connoisseurs. The truffle-like buds of this strain are a testament to their quality and potency, while their dense and thick buds exude an aroma that resembles the luxurious truffles found in gourmet cuisine.

Growing Procedure: 4.9/5

White truffle strains are known for their relatively short flowering time, making them an attractive choice for farmers. On average, these strains take 6 to 7 weeks to flower, allowing for a quicker turnaround than other strains.

The growing procedure is fairly simple compared to other strains, and the ideal harvest month for the white truffles is October.

Additionally, this strain tends to have a medium height, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation. Whether you cultivate them indoors or outdoors, these strains can thrive with the proper care and environment; however, users have claimed that the buds are fresher when grown outdoors.

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Where To Buy Strains Like White Truffle Online

We’ll share our picks of the best seed banks where you can buy this amazing truffle weed strain.

  1. Seed Supreme – Best overall
  2. ILGM – 100% germination guarantee
  3. Homegrown Cannabis Co. – Best loyalty program

1. Seed Supreme – Best Overall

Seed Supreme


  • Various beginner-friendly options
  • Accepts bitcoin payments
  • Full refund on returned, unused products within 14 days
  • Germination assurance
  • Guaranteed delivery


  • Slow customer service response time

Seed Supreme has been leading the cannabis game for a while now. Being one of the most renowned and trusted seed banks in the US, they offer various marijuana seeds, from beginner seeds to feminized and auto-flowering seeds.

Offering fast, express shipping on their orders, Seed Supreme guarantees that your product arrives safe and sound promptly; however, if it happens to have an issue, they provide either a full refund or a replacement. 

If you’re on the hunt to try out this white strain, Seed Supreme offers it and many other similar strains. High THC and Indica dominant hybrids can be found here using their website’s very convenient filtering search tool. 

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2. ILGM – 100% Germination Guarantee



  • 10% discount when buying with Bitcoin
  • Free shipping in the US
  • VIP program with discounts up to $100
  • The average shipping time is 4 days
  • 100% germination guarantee
  • Replacement seeds sent on damaged items


  • Some seeds are relatively pricey

If you love growing marijuana or you’re just starting your journey, ILGM has endless options for you to choose from. ILGM is a legendary seed bank that offers a 100% germination guarantee, and the shipping only takes four days on average!

This amazing company also offers a VIP program, allowing its customers to enjoy extra perks and benefits, such as discounts. But one thing growers love the most about ILGM is their free shipping policy, which is available nationwide without any requirements or limits.

ILGM offers a diverse variety of Indica-dominant high-THC seeds. The best part is that you can trust them with quality products, fast delivery, and a customer service team that cares.

3. Homegrown Cannabis Co. – Best Loyalty Program

Homegrownn Cannabis Co


  • Free shipping on orders over $99
  • Live chat customer support
  • Bitcoin, bank transfer, Visa, Mastercard accepted
  • VIP program available with discounts and offers
  • Offers a birthday gift for all users


  • Germination guarantee available but poorly explained

Are you always looking for the best deals on your favorite seeds? Homegrown Cannabis Co. might be the perfect option for you. Offering deals and discounts all year round, this seed bank also provides quality seeds with a germination guarantee and a discreet delivery.

Users enjoy the VIP program at Homegrown Cannabis Co., where every dollar spent is a point that you can collect to spend on offers, promotions, and other exciting perks.

Additionally, while Homegrown Cannabis Co. offers tracked, express shipping, their customers can enjoy free shipping on orders over $99. While this seed bank would happily replace a faulty or damaged item, its website does not clearly define its germination guarantee.

With over 200 high-THC strains at Homegrown Cannabis Co, we are confident that you’ll find your favorite.

White Truffle Strain Reviews from Verified Users

The customer reviews of this Truffle are mostly positive, with many users claiming that the strain improved their mental health.

Let’s take a look at some of the reviews.

One user with PTSD, brain cancer, sclerosis, and other serious medical conditions claims that White Truffles helped relieve their chronic pain. 

Another user reports that this strain gave them a calming sensation, making it different from similar strains they have tried.

Another satisfied reviewer wrote that White Truffle is certainly one of their top 5 strains, lifting their spirits and partners while watching the TV and enjoying munchies. 

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White Truffle Strain: FAQs

Here, we discuss a few frequently asked questions about the this strain.

Is White Truffle a Good Strain?

Yes, white truffle weed strain is a good one. Whether seeking creative inspiration or relief from anxiety and stress, users report that white truffle can deliver the desired results.

With their enticing aroma, flavorful buds, and potential health benefits like helping insomnia and suppressing appetite, these strains are good for those seeking an exceptional white truffle cannabis experience.

Is White Truffle Indica or Sativa?

White truffle is an Indica-dominant hybrid, which possesses the characteristics of both indica and sativa strains. This cross-breed nature allows white truffle strains to provide a well-rounded, unique experience, catering to various preferences and needs.

How Strong Is White Truffle Strain?

White truffle is a strong strain with a THC content of around 25%. Though, the strain’s effects largely depend on the quality of the seeds, the amount you’re consuming, and the form in which you’re taking the strain.

This strain can deliver a strong and long-lasting high courtesy of its balanced combination of Sativa and Indica effects. It is important to start with a low dosage and gradually increase as needed to avoid any potential discomfort.

What Color Is the White Truffle Strain?

This strain is green, with hints of purple and orange.  

Contrary to its name, this white strain is not purely white. The buds of these strains often have a mix of vibrant green hues with hints of purple and orange dark brown hairs.

The trichomes covering the buds give them a frosty appearance. The frosty white trichomes add to their visual appeal. During its growing process, it sometimes appears black when grown indoors.

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Is White Truffle Strain Right for Me? Our Verdict

White Truffle’s popularity is justified by its great health benefits, potency, and unique flavors. With its relatively short flowering time and straightforward growing procedures, this strain is great for beginners or anyone who would like to try it out and have fun.

Its high THC levels of 25% ensures that the users will start experiencing effects quickly, while its mixture of sativa and indica allow you to channel your creative energy and experience tranquility and calming sensations simultaneously.

If you are searching for a truly remarkable and potent strain, get this truffle weed strain from Seed Supreme and try it today!

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