“I occupy a niche simply by existing” – We Speak to Trans Adult Star Trip Richards

Given our obsession with the OnlyFans platform, it’s only natural that we’d want to learn more about our favorite OnlyFans content creators.

Who are they? Why did they start OnlyFans? Do people recognize them in the grocery store?

Multi-award-winning Trans educator and entertainer, Trip Richards, aka @TripleXTransMan, reveals his thoughts on OnlyFans, pansexuality, and being a transgender man in the Adult industry.

Find Trip here:

Tell us a little about yourself. When did you become a content creator? What made you take the leap?

I’m a 30-something-year-old transgender man. 

I have been involved in the adult industry for over 8 years. I entered the industry just to make a little extra income and also explore aspects of my own gender and sexuality. Over the subsequent years, it has become my full-time career.

What sets you apart from other OnlyFans creators?

As a transgender man, I occupy a niche market simply by existing.

But what I think really sets me apart from other models are my consistent and high-quality postings. I upload new content daily, am highly interactive with fans, and intentionally showcase diverse co-stars in a wide variety of partnered scenes.

What are your favorite kinds of scenes to shoot?

It’s hard to choose, but I feel like I shine the most in group scenes. I enjoy the collaborative aspects, where I can feed off the energy of my co-stars.

Photo of Trans Male OnlyFans Creator Trip Richards
“As a transgender man, I occupy a niche market simply by existing.”

Do you have a certain message or purpose you like to promote within your work?

I absolutely use my adult work to promote a message of inclusivity and body positivity.

While I am unapologetic about the fact that this is my livelihood, I think that adult models are in a unique position to push forward an atmosphere of sex positivity and destigmatization. 

Whenever I hear from fans that I expanded their horizons or helped them be more comfortable with their own bodies and identities, it really warms my heart.

Do you find the queer community to be accepting of trans men in porn?

I encounter a mix of reactions from the broader LGBT community. Although the hateful transphobic people are a minority, unfortunately, they are a vocal one. 

In addition, some people don’t believe that porn is a good path toward trans inclusion. I disagree with this; showing trans bodies as desirable is part of normalizing us.

Furthermore, no person should ever be judged for making money and improving their life simply by sharing sexual pleasure with others.

Although most of the negative comments I receive roll off my back, it’s still tough to confront them on a daily basis, when all I’m trying to do is share hot content with the world.

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When did you realize you were pansexual?

I have always identified as bisexual, and once I encountered the term pansexual (which explicitly includes transgender and nonbinary people), I switched to using that label. 

For me, it’s pretty straightforward; I have the capacity to be attracted to individual people regardless of their genitals or gender. 

Do you think a lot of people are pansexual, but don’t realize it?

While I don’t presume to tell other people how to identify, I think that many people also have this capacity. 

There’s still a lot of social stigma against exploring being bi/pan, paradoxically even within the broader queer community.

In your opinion, do you think that trans male performers would be affected negatively in the porn industry if they decided to get bottom surgery? (i.e. get a penis)

I know of only a very few post-op trans men in adult work, but I am unsure if this is because they don’t find a market, or because they choose to remove themselves from the public eye at this point in their transition.

If my 8 years in sex work has taught me anything, it’s that viewers have very broad tastes in porn, and that there’s space for diverse bodies in the industry. Although I am comfortable with my current body, I support all trans people taking whatever steps toward transition they need to feel aligned with their body.

Photo of Trip Richards 2

You’ve won awards for Hottest Transman (FTM Performer) and Favorite FTM Star – how has that affected your porn career? Did it feel validating?

Although winning awards has never been my main focus, it is certainly nice to receive public recognition for my work. 

When I began working as a transmale performer, I had no idea there would be any market for me, so it’s very validating to see that in fact people like what I do.

As someone who has lived experiences as both male-presenting and female-presenting, have you noticed differences in how people treat you since transitioning? Whether in the porn world or in general?

Outside of porn, being perceived as a cisgender man confers advantages to me such as receiving greater respect and experiencing greater safety. 

It has also forced me to adjust my own actions in order to not be perceived as threatening to women, such as not accidentally following someone at night. 

Within porn, the reaction is a little different because my body is obviously not cisgender male. I have to spend a significant amount of energy just explaining to people what I am and what body parts they are seeing, and that’s something that cisgender models don’t have to do.

Finally, where do you see your OnlyFans going in the future?

Going forward, I plan to continue expanding my fan pages, adding new pics and vids on a daily basis, and collaborating with as many other great models as I can. 

I also want to continue showcasing people of diverse sizes, shapes, colors, and gender identities because I believe that porn should be as diverse as the people who watch it.

Be sure to check out Trip on Just For Fans, OnlyFans, Twitter, and Instagram.

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