Thou shall not be bored

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We’ll be doing a lot of this over the next two weeks, but what else are you doing in between? Tell us so we can tell everyone else. | Image: Robert Anasch

You’re used to seeing a list of the best and most exciting events Philly has to offer in this space every week. 

But those events are no more – at least for a few weeks. They are victims of the dreaded coronavirus. 

However, that shouldn’t mean we have to sentence ourselves to wallow on the couch watching endless television and online reports of how the virus is consuming life as we know it.

There are better things to do – and PW wants to help spread the word. But to do that, we need everyone’s help. This is a crisis, people, step up to the plate.

From what to watch on Netflix, to the virtual games and smartphone apps you’re playing with your homies, to whom you suggest we all follow on Instagram or Tik Tok, we want to know.

We need your best suggestions for passing the time while you self-isolate and do your part to “flatten the curve.”

What’s the best drinking game to play (and please don’t say “virus”)? The least-talked-about-but-best shows to stream? How about the easiest foreign language to learn? Can you share a favorite recipe (cocktails would be best)? If you cut your own hair or dye it, and it turns out goofy, please send photos we can post online. If you’re able to teach your dog to talk, or you dress them up in a funny outfit, please share the video.

Businesses, we want to hear from you too. We know the virus and new rules have hit you hard. How are you adapting? Do you offer services or specials that even people who have been told to limit their activity can still participate in? Take-out? Delivery? Online activities? We want to know.

People want to know. Honestly, in these times? People need to know.

Please send your ideas, specials, whatever coronavirus-related, self-isolated activities to or hit us up on social. We will share them with everyone. You just might be saving a life – at least a life from boredom.

  • Eugene Zenyatta was raised on old-time Memphis 'rasslin' and strongly prefers the company of dogs to people. His greatest heartbreak came in the 2010 Breeders' Cup Classic.

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