21 Best Steakhouses in Philadelphia: Upscale, Affordable, and Everything In-Between!

A good steak often symbolizes a special meal with a prime piece of beef taking the spotlight. There is nothing like a searing steak at home or a chic restaurant.  

The following are the 21 best steakhouses in Philly for those times when your stomach is growling for the juiciness of a perfectly cooked Porterhouse or New York strip!

1. Steak 48 – Best Steakhouse in Philadelphia

We know it’s a bold claim, but we really believe that Steak 48 is the best steakhouse in Philly! There are five of these extraordinary American steakhouses across America, including (from east to west) Charlotte, Chicago, Houston, and Beverly Hills. Philadelphia is lucky enough to have one (or the other way around?) of the Mastro family’s restaurants in town. 

One look at their menu and you know Steak 48 isn’t messing around. Right in the center is a full-on list of steaks from a cut called the KC Strip to the Westholme Australian Wagyu Filet (limited availability). Steak 48 comes with a price but you’ll want to pay more. It’s the best.

2. Saloon – Queen Village’s Favorite Steakhouse

Saloon has been doing steak for more than 50 years now so you’d think they would know how to make one. It has a more family-style atmosphere than other steakhouses on the list and a 12 oz NY strip as good as any in Philadelphia.

While Saloon is far more of an Italian restaurant than a traditional steakhouse, they also have other steak options on the menu like the smaller 7 oz Petite Filet. Our favorite, the Filet Moda, is an 11 oz choice tenderloin sitting in a creamy mustard sauce you simply have to try.

3. Urban Farmer – Best Farm-To-Table Steakhouse in Philly

You get fresh ingredients from the Northeast with your meal at Urban Farmer, a steakhouse that prides itself on the relationships it builds with local farmers and fisheries. This is a rustic steakhouse in its true glory and the freshness and distinction of the region can be found in each bite.

4. Malbec Argentine Steakhouse – Best Argentine Steakhouse in Philadelphia

You got three kinds of steakhouses in Philadephia: American, Brazilian, and Argentine. Malbec Steakhouse is where you go for the Argentine steakhouse experience and there isn’t a debate on this. 

Malbec takes a lot of pride in its meat and offers patrons a nice variety of cuts ranging from a fantastic skirt steak to a stomach-filling porterhouse. Every single piece of meat we’ve had here has been amazing. Treat yourself to a Malbec steak the next time you plan to have a special evening out.

5. The Prime Rib – Best Upscale Steakhouse in South Philly

Another fabulous steakhouse chain, The Prime Rib at Live! Casino & Hotel can hold its own with the best of them. This may not be your cup of tea if you’re into what looks like an upscale bar disguised as a bad-ass steakhouse.

The Prime Rib offers five different steaks, with our favorite for sheer size being the killer 24 oz bone-in ribeye. Others rave about the 45-day dry-aged 18 oz Kansas City bone-in Angus steak too. No matter the steak, you can’t go wrong with the Prime Rib.

6. Alpen Rose – Philadelphia’s Best Reimagined Steakhouse

By reimagined we mean Michael Shuster’s steakhouse isn’t the common dimly-lit joint with big, giant booths. Alpen Rose takes it the other way and houses a small number of patrons, 40 seats in all, but all of them get to bask in the delight of what feels like an airy, romantic, boutique bistro.

Let’s get to the meat. Alpen Rose isn’t fooling around and you know this because they have a dang dry-aging room on site. Do you want a mind-blowing, unforgettable steak? The Tomahawk Ribeye is one of the best pieces of meat in town but this is the place for special nights so plan accordingly.

7. Butcher & Singer – Best Old-School Steakhouse in Center City

Sometimes you just want that old-school vibe. Butcher & Singer delivers that feeling to the tune of an Old Hollywood (circa 1940s Hollywood) atmosphere while you chow down on a hell of a steak. 

While you’re paying homage to the Golden Era of film, you’ll have eight steaks to choose from, all of which are fantastic and perfectly cooked. The 22 oz Porterhouse for one is one of our favorite Porterhouse steaks in the city.

8. Capital Grille – Best Spicy Steak in Philadelphia

Where some steakhouse chains take on the look of a bar, the Capital Grille could double as a club, much less a memorable chophouse. Capital Grille doesn’t feel the need to distract by its decor or menu. 

Instead, it’s very straightforward with only four steaks on the menu, each as mouthwatering as the next. The star of the show, however, is the dry-aged NY strip au Poivre with Courvoisier cream. Coated in black peppercorn, this spicy delicacy earned Capital Grille the title of one of the best steakhouses in Philadelphia! 

9. Fogo de Chao Brazilian Steakhouse – Best All-You-Can-Eat Steakhouse in Philadelphia

If you’re a meat eater, you have to indulge yourself in a Brazilian steakhouse meal at Fogo de Chao, or else you’re not a true meat eater. Imagine getting endless meat until you burst. Okay, we don’t want you to burst but you get the point. 

Brazilian steakhouses offer customers something called churrasco, a never-ending tableside service of different cuts of meat from sirloin to pork chops. Just check out all the meats to choose from! There’s no place quite like Fogo de Chao, a red-meat lover’s dream and an obvious addition to any list of best steakhouses in Philly.

10. Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse – Your Father’s Steakhouse

Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse is the kind of steakhouse your dad or grandfather enjoyed. It’s upscale but still modest while serving kick-ass steaks and seafood in what you could call elegant surf and turf. 

Nine steaks grace the menu but one hit for us was the option to get either an 8 oz or 12 oz filet mignon. We went with the latter and didn’t regret it one bit.

Are you still hungry for more steakhouses?

11 More Delicious Steakhouses in Philadelphia 

11. Picanha Brazilian Steakhouse

Picanha is another delicious Brazilian steakhouse.

12. The ChopHouse

Excellent steakhouse for large parties.

13. Rittenhouse Grill

Eat great steak and feel like you’re at a 1940s jazz club.

14. D’Angelo’s Ristorante Italiano

Eat one of the best steaks you may ever have at an Italian joint.

15. Barclay Prime

Are you down with a chic steakhouse? Barclay Prime has got you covered.

16. Chima: Best Steakhouse for Variety in Philly

This Brazilian steakhouse features 15 different varieties of meat to taste.

17. Ocean Prime

Another surf and turf kind of steakhouse but you can’t knock their ability to cook a great steak.

18. Bronco’s Brazilian Steakhouse

Yes, yet another Brazilian steakhouse is on the list. Believe us, if they weren’t absolutely 

amazing, they wouldn’t be on here.

19. Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

The classic American steakhouse chain is as relevant and tasty as ever.

20. Butcher Bar

Not only are their three steaks phenomenal but we’d fight someone over their smoked gouda mac and cheese. 

21. Wm. Mulherin’s

Fantastic little joint for everything s from pizza to brunch items and yes, an incredible steak called the Dry-Aged Cowboy Ribeye.

21 of the best steakhouses in or around Philadelphia are now at your disposal. Get your fork and your stomach ready because you’re about to experience the greatest beef your palate has ever experienced! Be sure to share this article with another foodie and let us know if you try any of these staple Philly steakhouses.

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