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Hannah Savage finds success as singer, dancer and actor

That's why she's a triple-threat

Hannah Savage
Philly’s Hannah Savage released a new single, ‘Do This,’ in mid-December. | Image: Tyler Borchardt

Philly’s Hannah Savage recently released her new single, “Do This.” In addition to singing, she’s also an accomplished dancer and actor.

Savage was born and raised in Philadelphia, and currently resides in both Philadelphia and New York City. As a child, she began training instrumentally, vocally, and in various dance styles. At 11, she landed her first lead role in the Philadelphia Annenberg Theatre production, “Annie.” 

Savage began writing original material and visiting the recording studio while in high school. She has trained at the Vocal Workout School of NYC and the Badiene Magaziner Vocal Studio. 

Not only known for her soulful, deep vocals, she is also a skilled actress and dancer who began expanding her acting talents as a teenager, playing supporting roles in a few independent films. She has trained at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film institute and continuously trains at Broadway Dance Center while performing in cabarets regularly, as well as performing her original music in local concert venues. 

This past June, Savage made her TV debut in the Investigation Discovery TV Show “Dead Reckoning.” Musically, she has performed at local venues like The Fire and Connie’s Ric Rac.

Not only known for her soulful, deep vocals, Hannah Savage is also a skilled actress and dancer who began expanding her acting talents as a teenager, playing supporting roles in a few independent films. | Image: Tyler Borchardt

PW recently caught up with her to talk about her career and new music.

PW: You’re pretty much a triple-threat – singing, dancing, acting – and have been since childhood. What attracted you to performing? Who were some of your earliest influences?

HS: I grew up in a musical household and was introduced to the arts super young. I was playing piano and going to dance classes in kindergarten! I remember watching MTV music videos all day when I was nine or 10, feeling so inspired by the powerful pop women of the time: Christina Aguilera, Brittney Spears, Ciara.   

PW: How have the pandemic and all of the ensuing closures affected your career? How did you spend any downtime?

HS: This year has definitely been confusing for a lot of artists like myself. As tough as the year has been, I’m grateful for it, overall. It has really helped me discover more about myself as an artist. I spent a lot of time listening to new music, writing, practicing. I’ve never felt closer to myself as an artist than I do now. 

PW: Your single, “Do This,” was released in mid-December. How did it come together? How have your fans reacted?

HS: “Do This” was different from any song I’ve ever released. I love musical theater and jazz, but I’m also a huge pop music fan. I decided to change it up on this one and put everything I love into one song. I wanted the different elements of “early 2000s pop,” as well as the “Philly soul” sound. I wanted it to be fun and empowering. I collaborated with Andrew Gomez and L’marco Smith. They’re both super talented, and together we brought my vision to life! I’ve heard great things about the song. I hope my fans are loving it as much as I am! 

PW: You’ve performed in a number of Philly hot spots for music. What’s the Philly music scene like these days? How would you compare New York City and Philly when it comes to not only music, but also opportunities in other areas, like acting, for example?

HS: The Philly music scene is great. So many talented artists come out of Philly, and I’m proud to be from here! Performing in Philly is different from anywhere else because it’s home. A lot of family and friends come to see me when I’m performing here, which means a lot to me. It’s definitely a bit easier to find acting and audition opportunities in New York, but it’s almost impossible to compare the two. Two very different cities with amazing opportunities! 

PW: It’s hard to predict when things might go back to “normal” or close to it, but what’s ahead for you? Do you plan to focus on singing, dancing or acting? How would you like to see your career progress?

HS: I plan to keep doing all of these things. I still attend classes in singing, dancing and acting. Sometimes, being in the industry can get stressful, but there’s no better way to remember why it all started than taking a class. I’m so excited to see where this year takes me, in all areas of the arts. I learn more every day.

PW: What are the best ways for people to stay up-to-date with what you’re doing?

HS: I’m active on almost all social media platforms. I want to make sure my fans have the chance to connect with me in as many ways as possible. Always feel free to reach out! 

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