They said it: Election edition

On Nov. 6, Philly came out to cast its ballot creating record numbers at the polls.

Whether it was to turn the red tides blue or keep the blue at bay, people from all over the city braved snaking lines in heavy rain, ready to make their voices heard.

We caught up with a few to ask one important question. Why?

“I voted because I’m tired of hearing people that look like me don’t vote. Well I’m 23, I have [face] tats, and I’m a Black man and I’m standing out here in the rain in this long ass line for change.”

– Tuwan Underwood, 23, Overbrook

“Because fuck Donald Trump.”

– Alison Menard, 36, Center City

“I voted because it is time for change. I was really disappointed in the last election and I had different expectations. The last two years has opened the doors to hate and really negative global public policies. I think it’s time that we shift the power and hopefully it will go in the right direction.”

– Bindi Patel, 44, Center City

“I just wanted to make change, make my vote count. This is a crucial election.”

– Amrit Chapadain, 31, Northern Liberties

“I vote definitely, because my ancestors died so I could vote. That’s the major thing when I go in that booth, that’s real for me. My ancestors paved the way for people of color to vote and all marginalized oppressed when it comes to voting.”

– Kim Ackridge, 52, Frankford

“The pride I get from wearing that sticker, it makes me feel for one day like we all belong, regardless of what we look like or what we choose to do with our lives,”

– Tye Mango, 20, Fitler Square

“I always vote and I think it’s my civic duty to vote. But I also voted because I am really disgusted in what’s going on in the government right now and I think we need new leadership.”

– Megan Schneider, 36, East Passyunk

“Don’t complain. Your vote counts too. If you don’t vote and it doesn’t go the way you hoped, then you don’t have a leg to stand on.”

– James Thompson, 57, Northeast Philadelphia

“I always vote. I have always voted.”

– Beverly Samuels, 90, Fairmount


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