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The Best Weed Dispensaries in Minnesota to Shop From in 2023

Minnesota is the newest state to hop on the bandwagon of legalizing medical and recreational use of marijuana, and IRL dispensaries are just starting to pop up in various locations. While you wait, check out the best online platforms!

The best dispensaries in Minnesota feature hundreds of popular cannabis strains, free shipping, excellent support, generous return policies, and the lowest prices. You can legally explore, buy and grow pesticide-free cannabis seeds from our verified online shops.

SeedSupreme is our #1 rated seed dispensary in Minnesota. Still, we’ve taken a closer look at the best cannabis shops for new patients, seasoned smokers, and everyone in-between!

Top-Rated Marijuana Seed Banks: First Look

  1. Seed Supreme – Overall best medical cannabis dispensary.
  2. ILGM – Best grow kits and money-back guarantee.
  3. Homegrown Cannabis Co. – Best for new patients.
  4. MSNL – Premium seed bank
  5. WeedSeedsExpress – Best delivery and germination guarantee.
  6. Crop King Seeds – Best for medical CBD strains.
  7. Blimburn Seeds – Premium genetics.
  8. Rocket Seeds – Widest product selection in Minnesota.
  9. Mary Jane’s Garden – Best dispensary for outdoor grows.
  10. Beaver Seeds – Best seed bank for rare strains.
  11. SunWest Genetics – Fantastic, 24/7/365 customer support.
  12. Sonoma Seeds – Top discounts for cheap + legal cannabis.
  13. Quebec Seed Bank – Best foreign cultivars in Minnesota.
  14. MJ Seeds – Best auto-flowering “fast” cannabis seeds.

1. Seed Supreme – Overall Best Online Dispensary in Minnesota

Seed Supreme


  • Get freebies with every order
  • 5,000+ seeds (and counting)
  • Phone, email, mail support
  • 14-day (unopened) refunds
  • BOGO on blueberry hybrids
  • Free, informative blog posts


  • Customer support isn’t 24/7

Popular Strains 

  • Afghan Kush x Super Skunk
  • Gorilla Glue #4 (GG #4)
  • Blue Dream
  • Jack Herer
  • Northern Lights

Brand Overview: 4.9/5 

Seed Supreme launched in 2013; and they’ve been on top of their game ever since. After expanding their operation to Minnesotans and the rest of the United States, they’ve grown to massive proportions! They’re like an aggregator for weed seeds, and they sell 1,500+ strains.

Highlights: 4.8/5

Seed Supreme offers a 14-day refund policy for unopened products, and they promise global stealth shipping. If you have any questions or concerns, their customer service team operates from 9 AM to 5 PM (GMT) on weekdays. Finally, they’ll give you free seeds with every order.

Customer Satisfaction: 4.7/5

Having partnered with 104+ reputable companies, SeedSupreme is much like the Amazon of Minnesotan dispensaries. Customers praise their responsive support team, staggering strain selection, and free blog posts. You can go from zero to hero with a few hours of research.

>> Check the best prices at Seed Supreme

2. ILGM – Best Dispensary for Grow Kits & Money-Back Guarantee



  • 100% germination guarantee
  • Complete grow kits sold here
  • Free stealth shipping to MN
  • Buy 10 seeds, get 10 free 
  • 30,000+ positive buyer reviews


  • No phone or live chat support
  • They don’t sell breeding seeds

Popular Strains 

  • Complete Grow Kit
  • Super Skunk
  • Girl Scout Cookies (GSC)
  • Granddaddy Purple
  • Rainbow Glue

Brand Overview: 4.8/5 

ILGM launched in 2012, and founder Robert Bergman was on a mission to promise freedom (and knowledge) for cannabis growers across the United States. They’ve made it easy for new growers to decide which way is up. A decade later, they’ve earned 30,000+ positive reviews!

Highlights: 4.6/5

Robert Bergman brings decades of personal experience to the table; and he backs his expertise with ILGM’s 100% germination guarantee. If even one of your seeds fails to germinate, you’ll get a full refund or exchange – no questions asked! Pretty sweet.

Customer Satisfaction: 4.9/5 

ILGM maintains an 8.9 out of 10 rating on Kiyoh, where they’ve proudly displayed 30,000+ verified reviews from satisfied customers. People appreciate their compatibility with Bitcoin, high-quality seed selection, and frequent BOGO discounts (buy 10 seeds and get 10 free).

>> Check the best prices at ILGM

3. Homegrown Cannabis Co. – Best MN Dispensary for Beginners



  • 2-minute beginner quiz
  • Buy 8 seeds, get 8 free
  • Earn Stash Points now
  • 5,765+ positive reviews
  • Free HomeGrown Forum
  • Email, chat & IG support


  • No germination guarantee
  • No phone support available

Popular Strains 

  • Chocolope
  • Hellfire OG
  • Baked Apple
  • Mango Crack
  • Shishkaberry Kush

Brand Overview: 4.7/5 

Homegrown Cannabis Co. has painstakingly built their reputation from the ground up since launching in 2020. In a relatively short period of time, they’ve established themselves as the leader for beginners, novice growers, and people who have zero experience with cannabis.

Highlights: 4.6/5

If you’re having trouble finding the right strain, let Homegrown Cannabis Co. do the research instead. Just take their 2-minute questionnaire to determine your ideal THC product. Beyond your initial purchase, their Homegrown Forum contains a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Customer Satisfaction: 4.7/5

Homegrown Cannabis Co. has accumulated 5,765+ customer reviews, and they maintain a 9.6 out of 10 rating on Yotpo. Delighted buyers praise their beginner-friendly approach to cannabis consumption, free informative resources, Stash Points program, and buy 8 get 8 BOGO sale.

>> Check the best prices at Homegrown Cannabis Co

4. MSNL – Premium Seed Bank


  • Company boasts a strong reputation in the industry
  • Every order includes complimentary seeds
  • Newcomers can take advantage of value packs
  • Germination rate of the seeds is high


  • Customers outside of Europe may encounter lengthy shipping times
  • Free shipping options currently not available

Popular Strains

  • Bruce Banner
  • Gorilla Glue Regular
  • THC Bomb
  • Sour Diesel
  • G13 Haze

Brand Overview: 4.7/5

Marijuana-Seeds.NL boasts a rich heritage that stretches back to 1999. While initially established during an Australian tour, the company primarily serves European customers from its U.K. base.

Alongside their diverse selection of cannabis seeds, MSNL also showcases a curated catalog of their best-selling products, allowing customers to stay informed about the preferences of fellow buyers.

Highlights: 4.6/5

MSNL is a standout option among other reputable seed banks thanks to its top-notch selection. With over 250 different types of seeds on offer, including feminized, auto-flowering, regular, and medicinal strains, they provide a diverse range of high-quality options for customers.

Customer Satisfaction: 4.7/5

MSNL has over 6107 reviews, rating almost 5/5 stars overall. The company offers amazing discounts where you can find up to 50% off using their coupon codes. Moreover, customers who opt to pay with Bitcoin are eligible for exclusive discounts, and loyalty points can be earned on every purchase made.

>>Find the best prices for MSNL cannabis seeds

5. WeedSeed Express – Best Delivery and Germination Guarantee

Weedseed express


  • Huge number of seeds
  • Delivery and germination rate guaranteed
  • Easy-to-use website
  • Provides grow guides for most seeds


  • Relatively new on the market
  • Shipping and payment methods are limited

Popular Strains

  • Godfather OG
  • Chiquita Banana
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Grandaddy Purple

Brand Overview: 4.7/5

WeedSeedsExpress began in 2005 with a group of friends who shared a love for cannabis cultivation. They experimented with breeding new strains and shared growing advice. Three of them decided to make their work available to the public, creating the WeedSeedsExpress cannabis seed bank online and becoming quickly popular.

Highlights: 4.6/5

WeedSeedsExpress presents an extensive selection of more than 150 strains, suitable for various budgets and levels of cultivation proficiency. This online store proves to be an excellent destination to purchase marijuana seeds.

Despite its relatively short span of less than ten years, WeedSeedsExpress boasts an impressive assortment of top-notch genetic options. Furthermore, they consistently introduce new strains to their collection, ensuring a diverse and up-to-date offering for customers.

WeedSeedsExpress offers the ultimate peace of mind with delivery and germination guarantees on all of their seeds.

Customer Satisfaction: 4.7/5

According to several reviews on their website, WeedSeedsExpress is dedicated to providing high-quality seeds and excellent customer service. The company has received a 4.8/5 rating from over 600 reviewers, with 97% of them recommending their services to others

WeedSeedsExpress offers various promotions and discounts on their sale page, including rotating promotions such as “buy 10, get 10 free” and percentage-based discounts of up to 50% off. For an extra incentive, the company gives away 25 free samples of cannabis seeds each week to five individuals who either sign up for their newsletter or like their Facebook page.

>>Find the best prices for cannabis seeds from WeedSeedExpress

6. Crop King Seeds – Excellent Dispensary for High-CBD Products

Crop King Seeds


  • Launched back in 2005
  • 33+ high-CBD strains
  • Discreet US shipping
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Versatile BOGO sales


  • 80% germination guarantee
  • Must provide proof for refund

Popular Strains 

  • 20:1 CBD Diesel Strain
  • Durban Poison (THC)
  • CB Autoflower Cheese
  • CBD ACDC Strain (1:18)
  • CB Dutch Treat Strain

Brand Overview: 4.6/5

Crop King Seeds opened shop in 2005, and they’ve had a unique opportunity to collaborate with international breeders. As such, they feature 33+ exclusive CBD strains you won’t find in MN. They’re the best option for medical patients who don’t want a buzz as much as they want relief.

Highlights: 4.5/5

Over the past 18 years, Crop King Seeds has earned their place atop the cannabis industry. They’re one of the only MN dispensaries to offer 24/7 phone support, and they feature 700+ high-THC seeds for recreational users. It’s impossible to go wrong with hefty BOGO sales.

Customer Satisfaction: 4.4/5

Customers praise Crop King Seeds’ dedication to free US shipping, and they’ve commented on some of the discreet ways in which they pack your products. Whether it be an old Nirvana DVD case or ballpoint pen, they’re determined to send you mind-soothing relief here and far.

>> Check the best prices at Crop King Seeds

7. Blimburn Seeds – Premium Genetics

Blimburn Seeds


  • Great selection of strains
  • Develop innovative genetics
  • Focused on quality over quantity
  • Provides deals and discounts


  • Some popular varieties not available

Popular Strains

  • Blackberry Moonrocks
  • Fat Bastard
  • Cafe Racer
  • Bubble Gum Sherb
  • Future #1

Brand Overview: 4.5/5

Blimburn Seed Bank, hailing from Spain, has made a remarkable mark in the cannabis seed industry. This renowned online seed bank was born out of the passion and expertise of experienced breeders.

With a genuine love for the plant, Blimburn Seed Bank embarked on a mission to develop strains that not only yield abundantly but also deliver captivating aromas, flavors, and effects. From its humble beginnings, this seed bank has grown into a trusted name in the industry, offering top-quality cannabis seeds to enthusiasts worldwide.

Highlights: 4.5/5

Blimburn Seed Bank stands out for its unwavering dedication to innovation. With their pioneering breeding programs, they continually challenge the limits of cannabis genetics, yielding exceptional strains of high-quality marijuana seeds that are both distinctive and exhilarating.

Offering a vast selection of over 950 cannabis seeds, Blimburn Seed Bank provides a wide range of options, including unique and premium strains, as well as popular favorites.

Customer Satisfaction: 4.4/5

Blimburn Seed Bank consistently offers special deals and discounts to provide great value for those seeking top-quality cannabis genetics. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced cultivator, Blimburn provides exclusive offers on select strains and attractive bundle packages.

This ensures that growers of all levels can confidently start their cannabis-growing journey. With these frequent promotions, Blimburn Seed Bank makes their high-quality genetics even more accessible and affordable

>>Find unique premium genetics with Blimburn Seeds

8. Rocket Seeds – Widest Selection of Popular Cannabis Strains

Rocket Seeds


  • 605+ high-THC strains
  • Same discounts as CKS
  • Mobile app for growers
  • One-time free reship
  • Versatile 24/7 support


  • 80% germination guarantee
  • Expect to wait for your seeds

Popular Strains

  • 3 Kings
  • Kosher Cookies
  • Cataract Kush
  • Kalashnikov
  • Ice Cream Cake

Brand Overview: 4.5/5

Rocket Seeds and Crop King Seeds are in kahoots to deliver the best experience possible. While the former launched in 2020, their partnership with CKS adds a solid decade to their reputation. Both dispensaries stock hundreds of CBD-dominant seeds and high-THC strains.

Highlights: 4.4/5

Rocket Seeds and Crop King Seeds offer the same discounts, which means you can snag their BOGO deal on 10 & 25-seed packs. Unlike their predecessor, Rocket Seeds offers a one-time free reshipment on any seeds that didn’t germinate with your first grow attempt.

They also have a downloadable mobile app that can help you track your initial harvest!

Customer Satisfaction: 4.6/5

Rocket Seeds has proudly served thousands of satisfied customers across the globe, and many of them leave comments regarding the speed and quality of their customer support.

Of course, bargain hunters are locked in with Rocket Seeds’ BOGO sales.

>> Check the best prices at Rocket Seeds

9. Mary Jane’s Garden – Best Cannabis Flower for Outdoor Growers

Mary Jane_s


  • High-yield outdoor seeds
  • Discreet global shipping
  • Exotic strains from NL
  • Phone support hotline
  • Same BOGO as Rocket Seeds


  • $200 minimum purchase required
  • Guarantee doesn’t apply for MN

Popular Strains 

  • Banana Kush
  • Grapefruit Regular
  • CBD Mexican MJ
  • Blueberry Diesel
  • Diamond Kush

Brand Overview: 4.4/5

Mary Jane’s Garden gives it away in the name – for 8 years and counting, they’ve committed to growing outdoor seeds with sky-high yields. They have a 90% delivery rate in every country, and your next smoke session is sponsored by the Netherlands’ most reputable pot breeders.

Highlights: 4.3/5

If you’re tired of shopping in Minnesota’s marijuana dispensaries and seeing the same strains over and over again, Mary Jane’s Garden features hundreds of exotic cultivars. You’ll feel as though you’re walking the Red Light District right before smoking on some exclusive NL weed.

Customer Satisfaction: 4.5/5

Outdoor growers are becoming harder to find, but plenty of customers praise the Garden’s true-to-form yield counts and strain information. However, MN patients will need to order at least $200 worth of seeds. Thankfully, their BOGO discounts make the ordeal worthwhile.

>> Check the best prices at Mary Jane’s Garden

10. SunWest Genetics – Best Customer Support for MN Patients



  • Top-tier cannabis genetics
  • Quick-responding support team
  • 500+ exclusive seed strains
  • Creative shipping practices
  • Quick & easy doorstep delivery


  • No germination guarantee
  • $200 minimum for MN orders

Popular Strains

  • Amnesia Haze
  • Cherry Pie
  • Agent Orange
  • Lavender
  • Powerplant

Brand Overview: 4.3/5

Sunwest Genetics differentiates their dispensary from the rest with lab-grade cannabis genetics and a selection of 500+ exclusively exotic strains. That said, Sunwest Genetics’ primary stand out feature is their quick-responding support team. Expect 24/7/365 assistance within seconds!

Highlights: 4.2/5

Over the years, Sunwest has gained a notorious reputation for their “creative” global shipping practices. Don’t be surprised if you find seven or eight free seeds buried in an unassuming birthday card or toy. They also go the extra mile with BOGO sales on 10 and 25-seed packs.

Customer Satisfaction: 4.4/5

Hundreds of satisfied customers have praised Sunwest Genetics’ ability to stock seemingly rare or hard-to-find strains. They also appreciate each strain’s true-to-form effect profile and discuss how easy they are to grow. Finally, customers are shocked at how quickly their team responds!

>> Check the best prices at Sunwest Genetics

11. Beaver Seeds – Best Seed Bank for Rare Strains

beaver seed


  • Insurance coverage for deliveries
  • Fast shipping through Canadian and US offices
  • Quick 24-hour dispatch of order
  • Spend $420 and get extra free seeds


  • No guarantees

Popular Strains

  • Blueberry Auto
  • Blue Cookies
  • Cali Kush
  • Candy Jack
  • Chocolate Chunk
  • Devil’s Crack

Overview: 4.3/5

Beaver Seeds has been serving the market from Canada since 2009, offering a wide range of high-quality genetic strains. As a reputable online seed bank, Beaver Seeds takes pride in its diverse selection, which includes both rare international strains and exclusive in-house varieties.

With an attractive design and engaging graphics, Beaver Seeds captivates customers, but it’s the extensive strain options that truly impress. From regular varieties to autoflower seeds, feminized seeds, premium strains, and even CBD-infused alternatives, Beaver Seeds caters to every cannabis enthusiast’s needs.

Highlights: 4.3/5

Beaver Seeds may be relatively “green” in the seed bank industry compared to well-established players, but it has managed to offer competitive features that set it apart from the rest. The company provides personalized support to customers seeking assistance via phone calls through its helpline.

With an impressive germination rate, growers can expect high success levels. Additionally, Beaver Seeds takes pride in its round-the-clock online customer support team that ensures prompt responses to any queries or concerns that customers may have.

Customer Satisfaction: 4.3/5

As you explore reviews online for Bever Seeds, you’ll come across testimonials from satisfied customers who praise Beaver Seeds for their punctual delivery, impressive germination rates, and robust plant growth.

Additionally, Beaver Seeds frequently offers enticing promotions, deals, and discounts to their valued customers. These can range from discounts on purchases, complimentary seed offers, or exclusive bundle packages.

To stay informed about the latest deals, regularly visit the official Beaver Seeds website or subscribe to their newsletter. This ensures that you have access to the most current and accurate information regarding ongoing promotions and free seed offers.

>>Find the best prices of cannabis seeds from Beaver Seeds

12. Sonoma Seeds – Top Discounts for Legal Cannabis Products



  • 10+ free seeds over $420
  • Free shipping in the US
  • BOGO sales are everywhere
  • Email subscribers save 10%
  • 24/7 phone and chat support


  • Must buy 20+ seeds in MN

Popular Strains 

  • Acapulco Gold
  • Bruce Banner
  • A La Mode
  • AK-47 Feminized
  • Alaskan Thunder Fuck

Brand Overview: 4.2/5

Sonoma Seeds and Sunwest Genetics have been working together for 8 years and counting. They’ve since expanded their operations to US buyers, and Minnesotan medical patients can take advantage of the best discounts we’ve come across. It’s hard not to buy seeds on sale.

Highlights: 4.3/5

Expect 10 or 25 free seeds when you order their 10 and 25-packs. If you’re non-committal, save 50% on any 5-seed pack. Sign up for their email newsletter and get a 10% discount!

It’s worth noting that Sonoma and Sunwest only accept bulk orders from MN medical patients. You must buy 20+ seeds or $200 worth of product before placing an order, but you’ll enjoy free shipping and receive around $450 in pot seeds for the hassle.

Customer Satisfaction: 4.1/5

Even though Sonoma’s germination guarantee doesn’t technically cover US buyers, we’ve heard differently from hundreds of satisfied customers. Their experiences with claiming a free reshipment have been nothing but positive, which speaks volumes about Sonoma’s reputation.

>> Check the best prices at Sonoma Seeds

13. Quebec Seed Bank – Best Platform Selling Canadian Cultivars



  • All products produced in-house
  • 10 years of Canadian genetics
  • Get free seeds with $150 order
  • Express US shipping from CA
  • Hundreds of exclusive strains


  • Customer support isn’t 24/7
  • We didn’t find any BOGOs

Popular Strains 

  • Grape Skunk
  • Fat Bastard
  • Blueberry Kush x AK-47
  • Blue God x Cluster
  • Animal Gelato

Brand Overview: 4.1/5

Since 2013, QCS has leveraged decades of personal experience to their benefit. All their seeds are produced in-house – they maintain connections with international breeders, who pride themselves on crossing multiple “parent strains” to create the next generation of cannabis.

Highlights: 4.2/5

We didn’t find many BOGO discounts for this seed bank, but you know the saying: you get what you pay for. Thankfully, QCS isn’t heartless! MN buyers will take advantage of expedited free shipping to their doorstep, and you’ll get a couple of free seeds when you order $150+ worth of products.

Customer Satisfaction: 4/5

QCS’ interface hasn’t been updated since the days of AOL Instant Messenger, but customers don’t care about looks as much as they do efficacy. Their team is too busy combining strains and tweaking terpenes to fret over a few misplaced menu icons.

Reviewers gush over the unexpectedly high quality of their cannabis seeds, and more than a few buyers have commented on the validity of QCS’ 80% germination guarantee.

>> Check the best prices at Quebec Seed Bank

14. MJ Seeds – Best Minnesota Dispensary for Quicker Grows

MJ Seeds



  • $30 more for “guaranteed” shipping
  • Must submit proof of customs letter

Popular Strains

  • Cola Kush
  • Purple Dream
  • Alien Candy
  • Angel OG
  • Aloha Auto-Flowering

Brand Overview: 4/5

Many brands have tried (and failed) to supersede MJ Seeds’ auto-flowering selection; and their claim to fame lies in mistake-proof genetics with a side of Siberian winter weather. Autoflower “fast version” cannabis seeds are bioengineered to reach harvest within 75 days of germination.

Highlights: 4.1/5

If record-time harvests don’t tickle your fancy, their 10% email discount might do the trick. Bulk buyers can expect 10 free seeds with their $420+ order! Finally, MJ Seeds keeps their name squeaky-clean with 24/7 support by phone, email, and chat. They’ve been around since 2009!

Customer Satisfaction: 4/5

While a few buyers scoffed at the price, many satisfied customers have purchased MJ Seeds’ $30 shipping insurance with excellent results. Just as many customers have expressed their shock at how quickly fast-version seeds actually grow. Are you ready to hop on the wagon?

>> Check the best prices at MJ Seeds

How We Choose the Best MN Dispensaries: Here’s What Our Team Looks for in Cannabis Shops!

We ranked the best patient-friendly dispensaries in Minnesota based on their strain selection, brand reputation, stand-out features, and existing customer reviews. It’s time to dig deeper!

Product Selection

We chose MN dispensaries with the largest available selection of cannabis products and weed seeds. Our team prioritized platforms that go the extra mile to differentiate themselves from the competition. Some of the best dispensaries like ILGM and Homegrown Cannabis Co. offer grow kits and harvesting guides.

Brand Reputation

When it comes to your health and well-being, our experts refuse to cut corners. That’s why we searched high and low for MN dispensaries that have an established & successful reputation. To that effect, our readers won’t find shady or unregulated seed banks anywhere on this list.

Quality & Safety

Building on our last benchmark, we gave a higher ranking to Minnesota cannabis shops that use high-quality seeds and submit their products for third-party lab testing. Like pharmacies that sell medications, dispensaries align with regulations set by the Minnesota Department of Health.

Customer Reviews

Weed dispensaries can advertise and spin words all they’d like, but taking a quick glance at customer reviews may tell a different story. For your protection, we combed through each dispensary’s backlog of testimonials. We did the painstaking research so you don’t have to!

Prices & Shipping

Our experts prioritized MN dispensaries that give buyers the best value for their money. We gave a brief rundown of the discounts, price reductions, and special offers available for new consumers! Notably, we gave a higher ranking to sites that offer free shipping & free seeds.

>> Check the best prices at Seed Supreme

The Latest Medical Marijuana Program in Minnesota

Minnesota medical cannabis has been legal for explicitly approved patients since 2014, and a number of medical dispensaries sprung from the earth just one year later. However, with the state deciding to legalize recreational cannabis in August 2023, the floodgates were opened.

Before you decide to purchase edibles, flower, shatter, concentrates or any other THC product in Minnesota, here’s what you need to know. We’ve discussed the key parts of their program.

  • After patients have been approved for their medical cannabis card through a certified MMJ doctor or pharmacist, they must schedule a consultation with a licensed dispo. This is imperative to developing a treatment plan, and it can usually be done online
  • Keep in mind that you’ll need to pick your preferred product based on the feedback you receive from a pharmacist, doctor, and your own personal experience. Minnesota patients can purchase cannabis flower, edibles, tinctures, chews, and concentrates.
  • Make your choice wisely – if you decide to switch up your method of consumption, you’ll need to schedule another consultation with your preferred dispensary. While this can be done over the phone, you won’t be allowed to switch from oils to flower without approval.

>> Check the best prices at Seed Supreme

Minnesota Cannabis Product Types and Prices

It’s no secret that thrifting at your favorite dispensary can get expensive, but a little information goes a long way. Our experts would suggest joining a dispensary rewards program if you’re shopping on a regular basis. Still, we’ve broken down the prices you can expect to pay in MN.

  • Cannabis Flower: Most medical dispensaries in MN charge slightly more than you’d see on the black market. Raw flower costs approximately $45 – $50 for 3.5 grams, commonly known as an eighth. Some Rise locations (eg: New Hope, Minnesota) sell 7 grams of flower for $63 – $80.
  • Weed Edibles/Gummies: Weed edibles and gummies cost you approximately $30 – $35 for 100 mg. of THC. If you see a THC product that looks too good to be true, check the dosage!
  • Sublingual THC Tablets: Depending on their potency and the quality of ingredients used, low-dose THC tablets may cost between $30 and $100 for a 30-count. That approximates to just $1 – $3 per serving.
  • Bulk Distillate/Concentrate: Distillate, wax, or concentrate – whatever you want to call it, you’ll pay a pretty penny for the convenience of instant highs and portability. You can purchase 1-2 grams of concentrate for $125 – $200 depending on potency. This is equal to 4 – 8 grams of bud.
  • Cannabis Oil Vape Cartridges: Cannabis vape cartridges give you the freedom to control your consumption without needing to finish the entire pre-roll. Depending on the brand and amount of THC present in your cartridge, you’ll pay between $41 – $125 for 0.5 – 1 grams of cannabis oil.
  • Capsule Tinctures & Droppers: Oral sprays are the cheapest option here, and each bottle may cost between $45 and $60. Tincture droppers (like RSO) cost $100 – $200 per bottle.
  • Topical Creams & Ointments: Topicals, creams, and ointments are meant to be applied externally. Each container will cost you between $30 – $90 at most licensed dispensaries.

>> Check the best prices at Seed Supreme

What to Know Before Buying Weed Seeds from Dispensaries in Minnesota

Before you purchase THC products from any MN dispensary, consider the following factors:

Parent Strains

Before you purchase a cannabis product, think about the parent strains that mingled together for your latest weed baby. Indica-dominant cannabis strains may increase drowsiness, appetite, giggly euphoria, and systemic relaxation. Sativa strains give users energy and a heady rush.

THC/CBD Content

THC is the primary psychoactive component in cannabis, and it’s responsible for delivering the famous high that leaves first-time smokers wondering what the heck just happened. CBD has many of the same purported health benefits as THC, but it takes the edge off your next smoke.

Beginners should look for a moderate ratio of THC/CBD, but high-tolerance vets may choose to forgo CBD altogether. Notably, medical cannabis strains feature CBD in higher proportions.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Growing

Where are you planning to grow your seeds? If the answer is indoors (like most people), you’ll need to purchase marijuana seeds that adapt well to low light and controlled temperatures. 

Outdoor growing involves more work, more monitoring, and a higher chance of getting burned.

Taste and Flavor

It’s important to ensure that you’re buying autoflowering or feminized seeds that match with your tastebuds. Some smoke tastes sweet like candy, and other strains smell like the earth they came from. Although taste and flavor don’t correlate with effectiveness, you should aim to enjoy your next experience.

>> Check the best prices at Seed Supreme

Best Medical & Recreational MJ Dispensaries: FAQs

Here, our knowledgeable team outlines the no-frills answers to your most pressing questions.

Does Minnesota Allow Medical Marijuana Under Law?

Yes, Minnesota allows medical marijuana under law. Medical dispensaries in Minnesota have been open since 2015, but physical adult-use dispensaries are just planting their roots (haha). In the meantime, we’ve covered the best online THC dispensaries & seed banks in Minnesota.

Is Recreational Marijuana Legal To Use in Minnesota?

As of August 1st, 2023, recreational marijuana is legal to use in Minnesota. While IRL THC dispensaries in Minnesota haven’t opened for business yet, online cannabis dispensaries

are making a killing from legal-use marijuana. Get your slice of the pie with our top picks.

Does Minnesota Have Any In-Person Dispensaries?

Yes, there are 14 in-person medical marijuana dispensaries in Minnesota. Each dispensary is licensed, regulated, and monitored by the Minnesota Department of Health for your protection. However, there are zero recreational dispensaries in Minnesota that you can visit in real life.

>> Check the best prices at Seed Supreme

Do You Need a Medical Card To Buy from a Dispensary in Minnesota?

Yes, you will need a medical marijuana card to buy from cannabis dispensaries in Minnesota. Please consult our section above for the latest updates regarding the state’s MMJ program!

What Qualifies Patients for a Minnesota Medical Marijuana Card?

Minnesota patients may qualify for a medical marijuana card [1] if they present with one or more of the following conditions: severe or chronic pain, nausea or severe vomiting, and cachexia (severe wasting). PTSD, anxiety disorders, and depression aren’t approved by their program.

How Much Is a Medical Marijuana Card in Minnesota?

Before you shop at marijuana dispensaries in Minnesota, you must pay a $200 annual fee [2] to consult with a doctor and obtain your medical marijuana card. MN patients who receive SSI, disability, social security, VA compensation and Social Security will pay a reduced fee of $50.

How Much Can You Buy From a Dispensary At a Time With a Medical Card in Minnesota?

According to the Minnesota Department of Health [3], qualified medical patients may purchase up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis flower every 14 days. You are legally allowed to transport 2 oz. of flower, 8 grams of concentrate, and 800 mg. of edible THC products in a car or another vehicle.

Which Is the Best Product to Get From a Dispensary?

There’s no such thing as the best product to get from weed dispensaries in Minnesota, but you’ll pay the least for topical creams and raw cannabis flowers. Dabbling in THC concentrates, vapes, oils, and tinctures can get very expensive rather quickly because you’re paying for convenience.

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Can Anyone Buy from a Dispensary in Minnesota?

Although patients who are eighteen (18) years of age may qualify for a medical cannabis card and purchase THC products from pot dispensaries in Minnesota, recreational users must be 21+ years old to legally shop with adult-use cannabis platforms operating in the state [4].

Can You Grow Medical Marijuana in Minnesota?

It’s lawful to grow a maximum of eight cannabis plants, and only four must be ready to harvest at any given time. In order to grow more plants, patients must obtain a cultivation license [5]. MN’s new guidelines took effect on August 1, 2023! You can start growing cannabis today.

So, Should You Visit a Reputable Dispensary in Minnesota? Here’s Our Final Verdict.

If you’re still buying from the black market in Minneapolis, there’s a better way to consume cannabis. Medical patients have received the bulk of smoking privileges so far, but MN’s groundbreaking legislation took effect in August 2023. This means less stress for users.

While IRL dispensaries ready themselves for battle, Seed Supreme is the best online cannabis dispensary for growers in Minnesota. They feature 5,000+ high-quality pot seeds, and their 10 year track record is unmatched. They’ll also throw in free seeds with every order you place!

Still, we’d highly encourage you to shop with any of the online dispensaries we’ve reviewed.

Some platforms offer insane discounts, while others dominate the charts with a huge strain selection. Just be sure to determine your desired effects, have fun, and imbibe responsibly!

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