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Premium THC Carts Online Near Me in 2024: Pain Relief, Euphoria & More

If you’re tired of sparking up in public, THC carts promise a quicker and easier way to enjoy relief from anywhere. According to some veteran stoners, carts are also much stronger than regular bud. Instead of smoking an entire joint, you’ll only need one or two puffs to get ripped.

Still, not every THC cart is created equal, and many companies have been known to promote fake carts that contain harmful adulterants. That’s why it’s so important to do your research, and that’s where our experts come in handy. We’ve reviewed the best THC carts in 2024!

Exhale Wellness offers the best THC cartridge on the market. All their products are third-party lab tested for your safety, and each cartridge contains 900 mg. of CO2-extracted Delta-8 THC. Take your first puff from their ergonomically friendly mouthpiece and enjoy an uplifting rush!

Where to Buy the Best THC Carts: First Look

The best THC carts are portable, third-party lab tested, and potent enough to carry you through the day. Our top-rated brands combine delicious flavors, awesome effects & rock-bottom prices.

1. Delta-8 Vape Cartridge – Best Overall

Exhale Wellness


  • CO2 extracted Delta-8 THC
  • Sleek, form-fitting cartridge
  • 100% all-natural ingredients
  • Vape battery comes included
  • Subscribe and get 25% off
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • They don’t ship to several states

Why We Like Delta-8 Vape Cartridge – Sour Diesel 

The price is right, the effects are hard-hitting, and the ingredients are all-natural. Exhale Wellness’ premier Delta-8 cartridge checks all the boxes for a wide variety of consumers.

Size: 4.9/5

Exhale Wellness’ vape cartridge comes with an included battery, and they’re both as sleek and form-fitting as you’d expect. Put together, your cartridge & battery are the same size as a pen.

Effects: 4.8/5

With safe & pesticide-free CO2 extraction procedures, Exhale Wellness’ Delta-8 cartridges are a cut above the rest. Sour Diesel promises sativa-dominant effects with calming & uplifting clarity.

Flavors: 4.9/5

Enjoy the gassy and citrusy notes of real Sour Diesel terpenes with every puff. Exhale Wellness uses 100% all-natural ingredients & flavors to deliver an earthy & bud-like vaping experience.

Price: 4.7/5

Each Delta-8 cartridge contains 900 mg. hemp-derived Delta-8 THC, and they’re throwing in a vape battery for $10 extra. If you have your own battery, you can get one cart for just $39.95.

Summary: 4.9/5

When you take your first puff, you’ll see for yourself why Exhale Wellness tops the charts.

Where to Buy This Vape Cartridge

Exhale Wellness changed the hemp industry with their launch in 2021, and their revolutionary product line-up sets the standard for competing companies. When you subscribe for recurring orders, you’ll save 25% off the original price! Plus, enjoy their 30-day money back guarantee.

>> Check the best prices for Delta-8 Vape Cartridge – Sour Diesel

2. THCa + THC-P 2G Cartridge – Best for Experimental Stoners

Delta Extrax


  • THC-A and THC-P blend
  • 2 grams per cartridge
  • Try four delicious flavors
  • Potential face-melting buzz
  • The final price is on-point


  • Uses artificial flavors
  • It’s not for beginners

Why We Like THCa + THC-P 2G Cartridge | Wreck’d Series 

Delta Extrax’ latest cartridge is built for experimental stoners, high-tolerance veterans, and cannabis consumers looking to switch up their smoking routines.

Size: 4.8/5 

Each weed pen cartridge is filled to the brim with 2 grams of Wreck’d-style cannabis oil, so they can get a little bulky and top-heavy. Still, they’re compatible with all 510-threaded vape batteries.

Effects: 4.9/5 

From the moment you take your first puff, you’ll be transported to a different dimension. A blend of Delta-8 Live Resin, THC-JD, THC-A, and ultra-powerful THC-P kick your buzz into high gear.

Flavors: 4.7/5

You can get this cartridge in four delicious flavors & strains. Try Amnesia Haze (sativa), Mr. Nice Guy (indica), Truth Serum (hybrid), and Twisted Citrus (sativa) with your purchase!

Price: 4.8/5 

For a limited time only, Delta Extrax’ Wreck’d Blend is on sale for just $25.99. You’ll get a 30% discount from their original price of $36.99. Plus, you can earn loyalty points with every order!

Summary: 4.8/5 

If you’re looking for pain relief and euphoria that border on face-melting territory, don’t miss out!

Where to Buy This Vape Cartridge

Delta Extrax goes the extra mile with mind-blowing THC cartridges at mind-blowing prices.

>> Check the best prices for THCa + THC-P 2G Cartridge | Wreck’d Series

3. Blue Dream Vape Cartridge – Best THC-A & D8 Cartridge



  • All-natural ingredients & flavors
  • Hemp-derived THC terpenes
  • Potent, strain-specific effects
  • No additives or preservatives
  • Relaxing, sleepy & analgesic


  • It’s a tad more expensive

Why We Like Blue Dream Vape Cartridge – THCa & Delta 8

If you’re looking for a clean and all-natural cartridge that delivers hard-hitting effects from well-known cannabinoids, it doesn’t get much better than BudPop’s Blue Dream Vape Cartridge.

Size: 4.7/5 

Sleek, form-fitting, and metallic are the words of the day at BudPop’s manufacturing facilities. Each one-gram cartridge is made in the USA, and the grey chrome mouthpiece feels premium.

Effects: 4.8/5 

BudPop uses strain-specific terpenes and flavors to accurately mimic the effect of smoking on Blue Dream flower. It delivers potential pain relief in tandem with euphoria and bodily relaxation!

Flavors: 4.6/5

All-natural ingredients and terpenes deliver an earthy but slightly sweet flavor with every puff. More experienced cannabis consumers may notice blueberry, hash-y, and citrus-y undertones.

Price: 4.5/5

BudPop charges premium prices for premium products, and one cartridge will cost you $49.95 before discounts. When you sign up for their newsletter, get 15% off your purchase!

Summary: 4.7/5

THC-A is the closest cannabinoid you’ll find to D9 THC, and Delta-8 balances out your head high with wave after wave of bodily relaxation. Give this all-new THC product a fair chance!

Where to Buy This Vape Cartridge

BudPop guarantees free shipping on all orders placed in the USA, and you can sign up for their loyalty program to save even more money. Enjoy premium THCA products at BudPop!

>> Check the best prices for Blue Dream Vape Cartridge – THCa & Delta 8

4. Maui Wowie Cartridge – Best Sales and Promotions

CBD Diamond


  • Frequent sales & promos
  • Get 55% off your order
  • Visible third-party labs
  • Stress relief & euphoria
  • High-potency, 10X blend


  • Had to switch ownership
  • No returns once opened

Why We Like Maui Wowie Cartridge – Delta-8 THC 

When you buy THC cartridges from Diamond CBD, you’re participating in legal highway robbery. They run frequent promotions & epic flash discounts across their range of high-potency carts.

Size: 4.8/5

Each one-gram cartridge is made from shatter-resistant plastic, so it’ll outlast your mishaps. Although we’d like to see a slimmer mouthpiece, you won’t have any issues with durability.

Effects: 4.7/5 

Diamond CBD’s 10x blend mixes natural terpenes with high-powered Delta-8 THC for strain specific effects. Their “Maui Wowie” strain delivers cerebral euphoria with every single puff.

Flavors: 4.5/5

Diamond CBD uses all-natural flavors and ingredients to mimic the citrusy and woody flavors of a true Maui Wowie strain. You’ll likely notice lavender, floral & hash-y undertones on the exhale.

Price: 4.9/5 

Diamond CBD shines in the discounts department, and it’s nearly impossible to avoid promos here. Get your first cartridge for $31.99 and enjoy up to 55% your first order when you sign up through email!

Summary: 4.6/5

Even though Diamond CBD’s prices undercut the competition, their products are on-par with premium brands.

Where to Buy This Vape Cartridge

Diamond CBD blends affordable pricing & enhanced safety precautions with frequent discounts that will make you scratch your head in disbelief. Apply their 30%, 45% or 55% promo code!

>> Check the best prices for Maui Wowie Cartridge – Delta-8 THC

5. Zombi – Blackout Blend Cartridge 2g – Best for Insomnia

CBD Genesis


  • Black out every night
  • Three potent strains
  • On sale for 17% off
  • 2 grams per cartridge
  • Third-party lab tested


  • Multiple cannabinoids
  • Oleoresin concentration

Why We Like Zombi – Blackout Blend Cartridge 2g  

Sometimes, your nightly pre-roll just doesn’t cut it. CBD Genesis has the solution! Their Zombi Blackout Blend puts veteran stoners in a coma with the power of Mike Tyson’s famous left hook.

Size: 4.5/5

Each 2 gram cartridge is a tad bulky for our taste, but then again – you’re getting 2 grams of high-potency cannabis oil. As you might expect, it’s compatible with 510-threaded batteries.

Effects: 4.8/5 

For all its awkwardness in the palm, CBD Genesis’ Zombi cartridge makes good on its promise. THC-X, PHC, THC-P, Delta-8, Delta-10, and THC-B deliver potent bodily and mental relaxation.

Flavors: 4.4/5

You can pick up CBD Genesis’ Zombi cartridge in three delicious flavors: Watermelon OG, Blue Hawaiian Haze, and Lime Skunk. They make sugar-sweet, fruity, and citrus-y/earthy flavors that accommodate a wide range of cannabis connoisseurs.

Price: 4.7/5

Get your 2-gram THC cartridge from CBD Genesis for $24.99!

It’s on sale for 17% off, but even their original price of $29.99 felt like a steal.

Summary: 4.5/5

Veteran stoners can say goodbye to insomnia and sleepless nights with an extra kick from CBD Genesis, but keep in mind – this multi-cannabinoid THC cartridge is not designed for beginners.

Where to Buy This Vape Cartridge

CBD Genesis keeps their clientele happy with discounted prices on products from premium brands. This Zombi Blend cartridge is designed by (and carries the full weight of) Delta Extrax.

>> Check the best prices for Zombi – Blackout Blend Cartridge 2g

6. Delta 8 Cartridge – Super Lemon Haze – Best Uplifting Cartridge


  • Sativa D8 for all-day energy
  • Get a 40% first-time discount
  • More discounts for bulk orders
  • 98% customer service rating
  • Third-party lab tested product


  • May cause anxiety in beginners
  • Mouthpiece could be slimmer

Why We Like Delta 8 1g Vape Cart – Super Lemon Haze 

It’s hard to find true sativa strains in today’s cannabis market, but Moonwlkr delivers to a niche target market with their Super Lemon Haze Delta-8 THC cartridge. Get comfortably uplifted!

Size: 4.4/5

Moonwlkr’s THC cartridge takes on a cylindrical shape from top to bottom. While it goes easy on the eyes, their mouthpiece isn’t exactly form-fitting. On the bright side, it leaves enough room in the coils and airway for truly gigantic clouds.

Effects: 4.8/5 

Physical laborers, freelance writers, and creative types looking to replace their afternoon coffee with a healthier pick-me-up can expect lasting energy & mental clarity from Super Lemon Haze.

Flavors: 4.6/5

You’ll notice a citrus-y and earthy rush of vapor with every inhalation, and you’ll taste the gas like you’re slurping down 93 octane. As soon as you exhale, you know you’re in for a good time!

Price: 4.5/5

When you order your first cartridge, you’ll enjoy a 40% discount and get yours for $29.99. If you love sativa strains, order a three-pack ($28) or five-pack ($27) for even more savings!

Summary: 4.4/5

Propel your taste buds into the cosmos with all the cerebral euphoria of Super Lemon Haze.

Where to Buy This Vape Cartridge

Moonwlkr offers free first-class shipping for orders over $90, and they’re dedicated to premium manufacturing processes. Enjoy the highest-quality THC cartridges with visible third-party labs. Should you have any questions, reach out & rest assured in their 98% customer service rating!

>> Check the best prices for Delta 8 1g Vape Cart – Super Lemon Haze

7. Magic Melon Delta 8 Vape Cartridge – Best Flavors

Blue Moon Hemp


  • Delicious melon flavors
  • Get 20% off your purchase
  • Buy in bulk for more savings
  • Hybrid-leaning sativa strain
  • Engaged, uplifting & potent


  • Cartridge isn’t the prettiest
  • Won’t ship to several states

Why We Like Magic Melon Delta 8 Vape Cartridge 

Delicious flavors, affordable prices, and mind-blowing sativa satisfaction come together with Blue Moon Hemp’s Magic Melon Delta-8 cartridge. Enjoy the last inklings of summer weather!

Size: 4.3/5

Blue Moon Hemp’s weed pen cartridge isn’t the prettiest we’ve come across, and the black plastic mouthpiece is somewhat unsightly. Still, it’s made with premium-quality glass CCELL.

Effects: 4.7/5 

Aside from this cartridge’s excellent flavors, you’ll indulge with 9.3 mL of high-potency Delta-8 THC with every puff. With a 93% blend, users will notice the uplifting vibes from just one rip.

Flavors: 4.4/5

You’ll notice “in-your-face” citrus and sugary-sweet undertones that you can almost taste from Blue Moon Hemp’s Magic Melon cartridge. This flavor is just as phenomenal as the resulting buzz, and that’s saying something.

Price: 4.5/5

Each weed pen cartridge will cost you $29.90 for a single purchase, and you can get 20% off your first order after signing up through email.

Summary: 4.3/5

Enjoy delicious flavors and potent mental clarity with Blue Moon Hemp’s Magic Melon cartridge.

Where to Buy This Vape Cartridge

Blue Moon Hemp promises bulk discounts and free shipping for all US orders above $99. Buy 2 to 4 carts and get 5% in additional discounts! Users who buy five or more will enjoy a 10% discount, bringing the price down to just $20 per cartridge.

>> Check the best prices for Magic Melon Delta 8 Vape Cartridge

8. Delta 10 THC Cartridge – Blue Zkittlez – Best Delta-10 Cartridge



  • Purely Delta-10 THC oil
  • Sativa, but more calming
  • 2 delicious strains/flavors
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • 100% USA-grown hemp


  • Buyers pay the premium
  • Refunds only go up to $100

Why We Like Delta 10 THC Vape Cartridge – Blue Zkittles 

If you’re more concerned with long-lasting clarity than pigging out on Doritos, ATLRx’s Delta 10 THC cartridges promise smaller doses of relaxation alongside a venomous boost of energy.

Size: 4.6/5 

This glass CCELL cartridge tapers into an ergonomically friendly mouthpiece for easy draws.

Effects: 4.3/5

Delta-10 THC is a bit less intoxicating than Delta-8 or Delta-9 THC, but you’ll feel an improved sense of well-being and all-day energy mixed with calming bodily sensations.

Flavors: 4.5/5

Blue Zkittlez offers sweet and earthy undertones mixed with dominant floral and sour notes.

Price: 4.1/5

Each cartridge will cost you $54.99, but we can assure you that the premium price is worth every penny. You’re also covered by their satisfaction guarantee for refunds up to $100.

Summary: 4.2/5

Delta-10 THC cartridges are becoming more popular, but ATLRx perfected the original recipe.

Where to Buy This Vape Cartridge

ATLRx earned their reputation from high-potency CBD products, but their recent foray into the cannabis industry has been well-received. Claim a 10% first-time discount with your purchase!

>> Check the best prices for Delta 10 THC Vape Cartridge – Green Crack

9. Live Resin HHC Cartridge – Best HHC Cart With Real Terpenes



  • Mega-euphoric & relaxing
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • Zero additives & pesticides
  • Buckle up for a wild ride
  • Get 20% off your first order


  • They don’t ship to certain states
  • It’s like a mixture of CBD + THC

Why We Like Live Resin HHC Cartridge – Grape Ape

TreHouse breaks boundaries with their HHC cartridge. If you don’t like the hard-hitting bodily and mental effects of Grape Ape, take advantage of their 60-day money back guarantee.

Size: 4.6/5

Each glass CCELL cartridge feels light in the hand, and the shatter-resistant plastic mouthpiece allows for adequate airflow. You’ll enjoy strong hits and massive clouds with every inhalation.

Effects: 4.5/5

HHC is derived from CBD, and it’s much like the best of both worlds. Enjoy bodily relaxation, an intense feeling of euphoria, and a serious case of the munchies with zero potential for anxiety.

Flavors: 4.4/5

Like many of their competitors, TreHouse uses natural and hemp-derived terpenes to mimic the flavor and effect profile of Grape Ape cannabis. Enjoy grape, candy & strawberry undertones!

Price: 4.8/5

Each THC cartridge is priced at $16.99, which is an absolute steal for the value you’re getting. You can also get 15% off a single order, 20% off two or more, and 25% off three cartridges with the promo code “LIFTED”.

Summary: 4.3/5

If you’re looking for something beyond Delta-8 and more powerful altnoids, HHC comes close to proper cannabis in both flavor and feeling! Plus, you can’t go wrong with a 60-day return policy.

Where to Buy This Vape Cartridge

TreHouse makes bold claims, but their THC products meet the challenge with 95% potency. They produce cartridges that get you chillaxed, energetic, and euphoric about the day ahead!

>> Check the best prices for Live Resin HHC Cartridge – Grape Ape

10. CBD Vape Kit V2 Cartridge + THC Liquid – Best Refillable Cartridge



  • You can refill this cartridge
  • THC oil and CBD blend
  • Save up to 25% (CHILL)
  • Awesome for beginners
  • Federally legal D9 levels


  • Won’t ship to California

Why We Like CBD Vape Kit V2 Cartridge + THC Liquid 

Most cartridges are disposable, but users on the hunt for a cartridge they can refill over & over again will appreciate CBDfx’s versatility. Plus, THC oil gives you more bang for your buck!

Size: 4.6/5

Each refillable cartridge can hold one gram of THC oil, and the steel/glass exterior is durable for long-lasting usage. CBDfx uses ceramic coils to preserve the integrity of your vape liquid.

Effects: 4.2/5

You won’t get blasted from a mixture of 2,000 mg. CBD + 75 mg. hemp-derived THC, but it’s a good starting point for beginners & daytime stoners looking for something to keep them calm.

Flavors: 4.3/5

Enjoy a dominant, earthy flavor and blueberry/fruit-flavored undertones from naturally derived terpenes. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of smoking OG Kush, this liquid isn’t far off the mark!

Price: 4/5

Each refillable cartridge costs $8.99, and every 30 mL (three gram) bottle of THC oil will cost you $79.99. That gives you three one-gram refills, and you can get 25% off using code CHILL.

Summary: 4.1/5

Although it’s quite the investment, CBDfx delivers more value for your money in the long run.

Where to Buy This Vape Cartridge

CBDfx has been dominating the hemp industry since 2014, and they primarily focus on casual stoners with low tolerances. If you’re not looking to get stoned, their THC products have merit!

>> Check the best prices for CBD Vape Kit V2 Cartridge + THC Liquid

What Are THC Carts?

THC carts, otherwise known as weed cartridges, contain high concentrations of THC oil in a sleek and easy-to-use device. They’re compatible with 510-threaded batteries, which are the best battery for THC carts. Just push the button, inhale, hold your breath, and Exhale Wellness!

While they’re not as convenient or sophisticated as disposable vape pens, THC carts deliver more value for your hard-earned money. You’ll get 300 – 400 puffs from each cartridge, and they’re less prone to clogging up than draw-activated vape pens.

The Potential Benefits of Using THC Carts

Beyond discretion and convenience, we’ve listed the potential benefits of using THC cartridges.

Pain Relief

THC, especially when mixed with CBD, can significantly reduce chronic and acute pain. Studies also suggest that CBD/THC may reduce inflammation in animal populations [1,2].


THC and CBD can have a marked impact on your anxiety symptoms. Studies show a significant improvement in mental health for patients treated with CBD to combat anxiety [3].


CBD is proven to have strong anticonvulsant properties [4], and the FDA approved a medication created with real CBD (Epidiolex) to mitigate the intensity & frequency of seizures.


Daily intake of 25 mg. CBD is said to improve the quality and quantity of sleep for some individuals [5]. Plus, 150 mg. to 600 mg. of CBD daily is linked to more restful sleep [6].

Blood Pressure

In some populations, cannabis intake is scientifically proven to reduce blood pressure. A study from the NCBI identified significant blood pressure reduction after a single dose of 600 mg. CBD. was administered [7].


We’ve touched on this already, but regular cannabis intake has shown promising results in the management of chronic pain, arthritis, and inflammatory conditions [1, 8].


Everyone thinks of getting the munchies when they smoke up, but cannabis may improve metabolism and promote weight loss through mitigating the effect of free radicals [9].

>> Check the best prices for our #1 THC cart pick 

Different Types & Brands of THC Carts

In this section, we’ve constructed a quick overview of the different types & brands you can expect to find from reputable THC vendors.

Delta-8 THC Carts

Delta-8 THC is called “diet weed” for a reason. It’s federally legal according to the 2018 Farm Bill [10], and it feels almost like the real thing. It’s derived from CBD and hemp, allowing it to bypass federal regulations.

Expect an uplifting buzz that delivers clarity and wave after wave of body tingles.

Delta-10 THC Cartridges

Delta-10 THC is slightly less powerful than Delta-8 THC, but it’s good for creative types and physical laborers. It leans towards the “sativa” side of the cannabis spectrum, and it’s not overly intoxicating! As such, it’s the perfect option for daytime usage. Beginners are sure to fall in love.

D9 THC + CBD Carts

Some THC cartridge brands combine Delta-9 THC and CBD derived from the hemp plant. For the most part, D9 THC and CBD cartridges are federally legal so long as they stay below 0.3% THC by weight. CBDfx has the best refillable cartridge and THC oil – try their OG Kush here!

THC-A Cartridges

THC-A cartridges are literally – and we mean literally – indistinguishable from a regular Delta-9 THC cartridge. The only difference lies in how fast THC-A hemp is matured to create federally legal THC oil. It’s harvested prematurely – when it burns and vapes, it produces legit THC.

It’s the closest thing you’ll find to a regular THC cartridge without consulting a street pharmacist.

Altnoid Blend Cartridges

“Altnoids” are derived from different parts of the cannabis plant to create a unique experience with every puff. THC-P, THC-JD, Delta-11 THC, and Delta-10 THC are some common examples of alternative cannabinoids. These cartridges are usually designed for high-tolerance stoners.

If you’re ready to try something new and face-melting, buy Delta Extrax’ THCa + THC-P 2G Cartridge | Wreck’d Series today!

Factors to Consider When Choosing THC Cartridges

Before you settle on any particular THC cartridge, you should consider the following factors:

Firm Reputation

For your safety, it’s important to make purchases from THC brands with a solid reputation. The cannabis market is flooded with imposters, and companies have been caught in the process of selling fake carts with harmful chemicals. Do yourself a favor and make reputability a priority.


You should only buy THC oil and weed pen cartridges that use high-quality and all-natural ingredients. For example, you should make sure that all hemp is grown inside the USA before making a purchase. Additionally, be on the lookout for artificial flavors, terpenes & pesticides.

Production Methodology

A brand’s manufacturing process can be just as important as the quality of ingredients used. A reputable company will rigorously test their products for safety, cannabinoid content, and other important metrics. Any reputable brand will provide recent third-party lab tests on their website.


Consider the color of your THC oil. If it looks burnt or otherwise unsavory, you should return your product and request a new one. Sometimes, even reputable companies have oversights. For reference, the color of THC oil should range from crystal-clear to golden/dark yellow.


Each THC cartridge is created differently, and beginners may want to find a lower-dose option than seasoned veterans. That’s why our experts covered a wide range of THC cartridges for casual, medium-tolerance, and constantly-toasted stoners. Pick your weed strain and effect profile!

Client Support

You should only shop with THC cartridge brands that have your back if things go wrong. Our top picks offer excellent customer support, generous return policies, and hassle-free shipping! The most important part about ordering online is receiving your package in a timely manner.

>> Check the best prices for our #1 THC cart pick 

How to Properly Use THC Carts

Our younger readers can feel free to skip this section, but if your last memory of smoking pot was unwrapping a brick of Acapulco Gold in the 1980s, you might not know how to use THC carts. Buckle up and strap in, because you’re in for a wild ride to the stratosphere and beyond!

First, you’ll need a 510-threaded vape cartridge battery. Be sure to pre-charge your battery with the included cable. If you’re looking for recommendations, try CBD Genesis’ Cartbox 2g battery! It looks (and hits) just like a regular nicotine vape, which prioritizes your discretion and privacy.

After you’ve screwed your cartridge onto the 510-threaded battery, click the power button twice. This pre-heats your THC oil, making it easier to inhale the desired amount without pulling too hard. Once your THC oil is done pre-heating, press the button and take a 3-second rip.

What is a Vape Cartridge?

A vape cartridge is a container that holds THC oil. It normally comes in 1 gram and 2 gram sizes, and there’s a mouthpiece at the top of the cartridge. At the bottom of your vape cartridge, you’ll notice a threaded coil. This side of the cartridge attaches to your 510-compatible battery.

Vape cartridges are usually made from glass or heat-resistant plastic, and they contain quartz or ceramic coils to heat up your THC oil. However, the quality of a cart varies between brands.

How We Ranked the Best THC Carts Available Online

In this section, we’ve explained how we ranked the best THC carts available online. In order to be featured in this review, each weed cartridge must exceed our stringent benchmarks.

Battery Size/Portability

We gave a higher ranking to THC carts that fit right in your front pocket with no hassle. The primary draw (pun intended) of using a weed pen cartridge is discretion, and portable products don’t attract undue attention. CBD Genesis’ 2g Cartbox battery is the best battery for THC carts!

Pricing & Discounts

Our team prioritized THC carts that you can afford. Although you usually get what you pay for, we picked out affordable weed pen cartridges that use high-quality ingredients & promise potent effects. Furthermore, we gave a higher ranking to brands with frequent sales.

Potency & Effects

Not all THC carts are built the same, and varying products have different potencies. Still, there’s more to consuming cannabis than chasing a face-melting high. We gave a high ranking to THC carts that accomodate beginners, casual users, veteran stoners & experimentalists.

Flavor & Strains

Our team prioritized THC carts with all-natural flavors and accurate strain effects. Indica THC carts may deliver a drowsy, sleepy, and hungry buzz. On the other end of the spectrum, sativa THC carts can wake you up and provide long-lasting energy! Hybrid THC carts lie in the middle.

Customer Reviews

We gave a higher ranking to THC carts and weed vape pens with verified customer reviews from satisfied buyers. Social proof is the best proof, and learning from other people’s experiences can save you a lot of money. Good THC carts come with positive testimonials!

>> Check the best prices for our #1 THC cart pick 

Are THC Carts Legal?

Yes, THC carts are legal according to the 2018 Farm Bill [10]. This Congressional amendment revolutionized the cannabis industry by protecting CBD and hemp users from legal trouble in all 50 states. It legalizes all hemp products that contain less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC by weight.

The 2018 Farm Bill legalized all Delta-8 THC products, THC-A cartridges, and altnoid products that don’t contain actual THC. Instead, most THC carts sold online are filled with hemp-derived THC analogues. Some cartridges contain a special blend of Delta-9 THC and CBD that’s legal.

How to Properly Store and Maintain Your THC Cart

When you’re not puffing your way to nirvana, there are a few tips you can utilize to maximize the longevity and health of your THC cartridge. First up, be sure to unscrew the cartridge from your battery when it’s not in use. This prevents THC oil from potentially leaking or clogging.

Secondly, be sure to stand your cartridge upright. For extra bonus points, keep the plastic cover for the mouthpiece and coils. If you want, save the original THC cartridge box for safekeeping. Then, leave your THC cartridge in a cool, dark place away from moisture, lights, and liquids.

Where to Buy High-Quality THC Carts

You can buy high-quality THC carts from any brand we’ve reviewed! As a quick refresher, we’ve listed the ten best vendors for potent, affordable & hard-hitting THC carts online.

Our top-rated vendors prioritize third-party lab testing for all their products, and you’ll benefit from free and expedited shipping at BudPop or Exhale Wellness. Many THC carts are on sale 24/7, and rock-bottom prices make it even easier to pull the trigger with discounted bulk orders.

You can also visit your local dispensary to find high-quality THC carts. No matter where you decide to buy cannabis in vape form, be sure to start slow and partake responsibly.

Alternatives to THC Carts

If you’re not accustomed to smoking or vaping cannabis, you can still enjoy the potential relief that CBD + THC has to offer! There are many alternatives to THC carts that protect your lungs.

Edible THC Products

When you eat cannabis, it’s filtered through your digestive system before reaching the blood. It may have longer-lasting and more potent effects because it goes through the liver. Many THC cartridge brands also manufacture THC gummies, chocolate bars, and other delicious products!

THC Lotions & Cream

Users looking for chronic pain relief should consider CBD or THC lotions, creams, balms, and salves. They won’t give you any sort of buzz, but they can alleviate joint pain and chronic pain related to inflammatory conditions. Plus, they could improve muscle recovery for athletes [11].

Dry Herb Vaporizers

Dry herb vaporizers give stoners the chance to re-use their cannabis flower. If you pick up a Pax 3, you can vape flower and smoke the remains when your stash runs low. For stoners

who prefer regular weed over THC oil, dry herb vapes can make your bud last longer. 

FAQs About the Best THC Carts

In this section, we’ve answered your frequently asked questions about the best THC carts.

Which THC Cartridge is Better?

Exhale Wellness’ Delta-8 Vape Cartridge – Sour Diesel is the best THC cartridge on the market. All their products are third-party lab tested, and they don’t contain any potentially harmful added ingredients.

Each sativa-dominant cartridge contains 900 mg. of uplifting Delta-8 THC, and you can get your first THC cartridge for 25% off. They also promise free shipping for $80+ orders!

What is the Most Common THC Cart?

The most common THC cart is undoubtedly a Delta-8 THC cartridge. They’re federally legal, affordable, and hard-hitting! You can buy Delta-8 THC carts from almost any supplier online,

but cannabinoids like Delta-9 THC, THC-A, and THC-P are a little bit harder to find.

What is the Strongest THC Disposable?

Delta Extrax makes the strongest THC disposable cartridge on the market. If you’ve never tried their Wreck’d Blend, you’re in for a treat! Each 2 gram cartridge contains a wickedly powerful combination of Delta-8 Live Resin, THC-A, THC-P, and THC-JD for a face-melting experience.

How Much is a Good THC Pen?

A good THC pen will cost you approximately $35 to $65, but the price can often drop lower if you bump into a flash discount or ongoing sale. Diamond CBD is always running promotions, and you can get up to 40% off your first purchase. Buy their Maui Wowie Cartridge right here!

Can I Refill A THC Cartridge?

While you can refill a THC cartridge, it’s not recommended. Unless you’re using a refillable THC cartridge from CBDfx or another vendor, THC carts are meant to be disposable. Trying to refill a cartridge can lead to burning out the coils, wasting your THC oil, and more clogging.

What is the Difference Between THC and CBD Vape Cartridges?

There’s no difference between THC and CBD vape cartridges aside from the kind of e-liquid that gets put inside. THC carts contain full-spectrum cannabis oil that’s chock-full of the good stuff, and CBD cartridges are primarily used for anxiety. They contain little, if any, THC oil.

Will Vaping Delta 8 Show Up on a Drug Test?

Yes, vaping Delta-8 THC will definitely show up on a drug test. If you have to pee in a cup, you shouldn’t vape Delta-8 THC for 3 to 4 weeks before the test. We’d encourage you not to rely on fake urine or quick-acting detox drinks. However, it clears your system faster than Delta-9 THC.

What Battery Do I Need for a THC Vape Cartridge?

You will need a 510-threaded battery for your THC vape cartridge. Thankfully, these are very easy to find, and we have a recommendation for cannabis users who enjoy discretion: CBD Genesis’ Cartbox 2g battery looks, feels and puffs just like a traditional nicotine vaporizer.

It also has the best voltage for THC carts, so you’ll never have to worry about burning or clogging.

What is a THC Cartridge?

A THC cartridge is a disposable container that contains 1 or 2 grams of THC oil. It connects to a 510-threaded battery for button-activated enjoyment. Some THC carts contain only Delta-8 THC, while others contain a mix of alternative cannabinoids for high-tolerance users.

Can I Travel With THC Cartridges?

Yes, you can travel with THC carts, but they should always stay in your carry-on luggage. Contrary to popular belief, TSA drug dogs aren’t sniffing for weed. Just make sure you’re going to a state where THC consumption is legal to avoid any unwanted encounters with the police.

How Long Does a THC Cartridge Last?

Generally, THC carts should last you a month or more if you’re new to cannabis usage. If you’re hitting it every chance you get, expect it to last 3 to 7 days. High-tolerance stoners should buy Delta Extrax’ THCa + THC-P 2g Cartridge. Their Wreck’d Series is bound to keep you lifted!

Should You Try the Best THC Carts? Here’s Our Final Verdict.

If you’re looking for an easier and more discrete method of consuming cannabis, THC carts deliver an unforgettable experience on a silver platter. Exhale Wellness tops the charts with affordable pricing, potent carts, and a commitment to excellence in all manufacturing aspects.

Even if you’ve been around the block with THC carts, their Delta-8 Vape Cartridge Sour Diesel is sure to deliver a pleasant surprise with every puff. Each weed pen cartridge contains 900 mg. hemp-derived Delta-8 THC with uplifting, sativa-dominant effects that promise mental euphoria.

Still, we’ve picked out the best THC carts for a wide range of cannabis users. Whether you like to smoke once-in-a-while or keep your shelves full with the latest products, we’ve reviewed THC carts that you’re guaranteed to love. Be sure to have fun and partake responsibly!

>> Check the best prices for our #1 THC cart pick 


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