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Sites Like Sniffies 2024 – Gay Dating Apps for GPS Matching

Sniffies is a rising star in the 2024 gay dating (and hookup) game, offering features like GPS location matching and totally anonymous log-ins.

It’s like the closest thing we have to cruising in the digital age.

However, Sniffies also has its share of limitations (i.e. flakey guys and pictureless profiles) which is why we’re eager to find sites like Sniffies that offer something a little more than an easy hookup.

Gay Hookup Sites like Sniffies

First Look

In a rush? Here’s a quick overview!

  1. AdultFriendFinder – #1 site like Sniffies
  2. Zoosk – Video speed dating
  3. Grindr – Daddy of all gay hookup websites
  4. Alt.com – Kinky guys galore
  5. OkCupid – LGBTQ+ friends with benefits
  6. Scruff – Lots of “masc” guys
  7. Tinder – It’s free & no one’s too picky
  8. Growlr – Look for the “bear” necessities
  9. Feeld – Threesome & group finder
  10. POF – More traditional gay dating site

Let’s take a look at each Sniffies alternative in more detail!

1. AdultFriendFinder – #1 Gay Online Community Like Sniffies

Features Like Sniffies

  • Map-based local matching
  • Confirm your identity option
  • NSFW photos allowed
  • Say hello with video


  • More of a friendly community than Sniffies
  • Chat rooms & niche forums
  • 90 million users


  • Limited free preview


  • $19.95/mo for 12 months

Adult Friend Finder is the most popular LGBTQ online dating app, and the most friendly to gay, bisexual, FtM, gender fluid, and non-binary dating.

Like Sniffies, it offers map-based local matches and NSFW profile photos. However, where Sniffies is just another hookup site, AFF has a strong online community.

You not only get local matches, but you can also join group discussions, comment on photos, add friends, and see how your crush interacts with others on an adults-only social network.

Forget Instagram – if you’re cruising, share it on AFF and really get them horny for you!

Visit AdultFriendFinder, the best gay dating app that surpasses Sniffies!

2. Zoosk – Best Gay Video Chat Community Like Sniffies

Features Like Sniffies

  • Live video streaming
  • Desktop dating site or smartphone app


  • Not just video chat – video speed dating!
  • Advanced SmartPicks algorithm for better matches


  • No nudes allowed


  • $10.83/mo for 6 months

There are plenty of sites like Sniffies that offer live video chat. Smart idea since it lets you test face-to-face chemistry before you meet.

And you know… you can check that they’re real!

But Zoosk Live! is the next evolution in online dating – virtual speed dating!

You don’t just chat with other men, but you can also join popular chat rooms, follow your favorite broadcasters, and post your own live video streams to start conversations.

Go face-to-face with Zoosk Live!, one of the best video dating sites besides Sniffies!

3. Grindr – Best of the Gay Hookup Sites If You’re Tired of Flakes


Features Like Sniffies

  • Anonymous gay dating
  • Bi-curious friendly
  • Free version
  • Grindr searches for better matches


  • Add tribes like bears, jocks, twinks, and muscles to profile
  • Add other hookup #tags


  • Some “toxic” users still around


  • Grindr XTRA $13.33/mo for 3 months

While Sniffies allows users to use the app without registering, Grindr offers the next best thing: easy profiles, no required face photos, and easy signup via a “burner” email address.

Grindr is also known as one of the easiest apps for gay dating – one that actually finds you a hookup – and not just a whole new round of flakes!

If you’re gay, you probably know what Grindr is. I’m sure we don’t need to explain it to you.

Hit a home run with Grindr, one of the best gay dating apps of 2024!

4. Alt.com – Fetishes Hotter Than Sniffies

Features Like Sniffies

  • NSFW photos & kinks
  • Video chat & intros


  • Extreme BDSM
  • Kink search function


  • Fairly small membership base


  • Silver – $8.33/mo for 12 months

If you’ve ever joined sites like Sniffies and been shocked at some of the stuff your matches are talking about…

And then got really turned on after being shocked

Then you’re going to love Alt.com!

Alt.com is a BDSM and extreme kink dating site. If you’re into candles, cuffs, roleplay, and safe words, this is your final stop!

Find out why people think Alt.com is the only app more extreme than Sniffies!

5. OkCupid – Top Gay Dating Site for Friends With Benefits 

Features Like Sniffies

  • Serious relationship or hookup app
  • More sexual orientation/gender options


  • Deal breaker-matching system
  • More LGBTQ options


  • No full profile with free version


  • $14.99/mo for 12 months

Sniffies brings guys together, sure, but does it really make you a lot of friends? The Dark Side of Gay Dating Apps is very real and torturous.

Where Sniffies falls short, OkCupid helps you hold onto those Friends With Benefits. It’s also just one of the most inclusive straight and gay dating sites in general.

OkCupid offers something more than just hooking up, with its personality questionnaires, variety of LGBTQ sexual orientations, and deal-breaker questions about politics, culture, and religion.

Try more serious gay hookup sites, like OkCupid, for something better than random Sniffies!

6. Scruff – Gay Dating App Better Than Sniffies

Features Like Sniffies

  • Chat locally or worldwide
  • Let people know where you’re going
  • Find bears & BBMs


  • Publish travel schedules in advance
  • Send & receive private videos


  • Free users don’t get as many matches


  • $13.33/mo for 3 months

Sniffies is a gay hookup site that connects you locally just as easily as it does worldwide.

Likewise, “Scruff” has similar plans for world domination!

Billed as the global gay travel companion, Scruff is all over the world and helps brings gay, bisexual, and queer guys together – even if “right now” is not the best time. 

Yes, you can plan your itinerary in advance and let people in your destination city know when you’re coming.

Find a date at Scruff, the most global of Sniffies alternatives!

7. Tinder – Swipe Right To Your Heart’s Content

Features Like Sniffies

  • Free mutual matches with texting
  • GPS location-matches within .01 miles
  • Free mutual match texting


  • Share social links & music playlists on your profile
  • 75 million members


  • Lots of fakes & flakes


  • Tinder Plus – $4/mo for 6 months

Tinder is the most similar site to Sniffies because it’s another free app with free texting, as long as you have a mutual match.

With Tinder’s name notoriety, you’re sure to find easy hookups within a mile or even a few yards(!) away.

Find out why Tinder is the “default” free date app that everyone tries at least once!

8. Growlr – Online Hookup Site Like Sniffies, but for Bears 

Features Like Sniffies

  • Assemble – bears of all ages!
  • Live video chat


  • Monetize your channel with virtual gifts
  • Free video broadcasting


  • Not everyone’s cup of gummi berry juice


  • $9.99 for 1 month

One thing people love about sites like Sniffies is its welcoming spirit to men of all shapes and sizes. Growlr goes one step further and builds the whole app around gay bears in your area.

Furthermore, what better way to stand out than by showcasing your streaming personality via Growlr Live Video? It’s a nice change to chat live rather than watching Adult Omegle Alternatives.

You can even trade in virtual gifts for money. Now that’s what we call a sugar bear!

Find out why Growlr is the hottest dating site for “bear” body gay men!

9. Feeld – Gay Hookup Apps for Groups Like Sniffies

Features Like Sniffies

  • Host group sex
  • Or join a MMM threesome


  • Browse singles or open-minded couples
  • Free version


  • Smaller membership


  • $10.33/mo for 3 months

Sniffies has recently become well known as one of the better group dating sites, and with good reason. Like Sniffies, Feeld is also well known for its swinging and poly communities.

Couples or throuples can even link their profiles together as one. Why settle for one when you can go home with a sexy gay couple for the evening?

See why Feeld is the fastest-growing name in group hookup sites!

10. Plenty of Fish – The Gay Men Dating App More Popular Than Sniffies

Features Like Sniffies

  • Video chat
  • Find matches even in small towns/cities


  • 150 million users
  • Online dating games


  • Harder to get mutual matches


  • $7.13/mo for 12 months

Sniffies has a reputation for connecting gay users with other guys all over major cities, sometimes within less than a mile of your home.

Likewise, POF is quite possibly the most popular hookup app in the world, with a whopping 150 million users. You’ll probably find other guys in every city and town, no matter how small.

You’ll never believe how many gay users are waiting for you at Plenty of Fish!

Best Sniffies Alternatives for Gay Hookups FAQs

Sniffies is a cool “small” app, but keep in mind some Sniffies alternative sites that are just as much fun for finding gay sex, hookups and gay dating online.

Here are some FAQs about Sniffies and sites like Sniffies!

Is it only gay men on sites like Sniffies?

No, it’s not only gay men on sites like Sniffies. Many straight people, bi-curious men, and other LGBTQ users enjoy using Sniffies.

Sniffies is well known as one of the most “anonymous” hookup apps, in addition to other sites like Adult Friend Finder, Grindr, and Tinder.

Can I find gay hookups on a dating app?

Yes, you can find gay hookups on practically any dating app out there.

But it won’t always be easy to find an ideal match.

Still, you can find LGBTQ-friendly hookup apps like OkCupid and Zoosk. These sites include more gender and orientation diversity than the usual go-to app.

Is there a gay hookup app for open couples?

Feeld is known as an app for open couples and can be used by gay or bisexual users as well as straight people.

What is the best site like Sniffies?

Sniffies is considered one of the best hookup sites for the gay community because of its anonymity and map-based matching system. 

Sites like Sniffies might include the social network/map-based app Adult Friend Finder, as well as gay hookup websites like Grindr or Scruff.

What is Sniffies?

Sniffies is one of the top gay hookup websites because of features like location-based dating and anonymity.

Not only can you see other users in real-time on the “virtual map” nearby, but Sniffies also enables users to make intimate connections without officially registering on the app.

As such, it’s great for gay and bi-curious guys who want to hook up on the downlow with a certian amount of anonymity. It’s also a great place to find out about local sex spots, cruising areas and gloryholes.

Sniffies is NOT for the faint of heart.

How does the Sniffies App Work?

The Sniffies app works as follows:

  1. Use the site anonymously without registering
  2. Push the Discover Tab & see hot guys on a virtual map
  3. View popular meeting spots where a date is waiting/going
  4. Add NSFW photos & stats to your profile.
  5. Join groups of guys
  6. Select “Host” & explain where you’re hosting
  7. Enjoy unlimited text chat
  8. Meet Face to Face in “Sniffies Live Play
  9. Meet IRL
  10. Play a game of nug-a-nug

It’s about as simple and anonymous and possible!

How can I delete my Sniffies account?

You can delete your Sniffies account by going to Menu > Account Settings > and Delete Account.

How accurate is the Sniffies location?

The Sniffies location shown on the app is intentionally not that precise. 

Rather, the app shows a “pseudo-location,” or close proximity of where the person might be.

No doubt, this is because many curious or closeted people would be wary of giving away their real-time location. It’s also just a safety and privacy concern in general.

What do the Sniffies symbols mean?

The Sniffies dating app has its own color symbols, which users have come to interpret as the following:

  • Blue circle means you’ve chatted before
  • Orange circle means hosting
  • Airplane symbol means in Travel Mode
  • Check mark symbol means verified by a selfie

As for the Sniffies logo, it looks like a stick man in a rather suggestive pose, doesn’t it?

What are the most active cities on Sniffies?

According to one survey, some of the “horniest and most active cities” in the U.S. included:

  • Los Angeles
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Atlanta
  • San Francisco

Meanwhile, the United States outranked Canada and Mexico as the horniest country in the world.

Sniffies Alternatives – Find a Better Gay Hookup Site 

No doubt, Sniffies is an innovative site that puts anonymity back into NSA gay dating. 

However, there are several alternatives worth looking into that provide special features beyond what Sniffies can offer.

Adult Friend Finder has an active online community where it’s easy to make new friends and hook up buddies.

Meanwhile, Zoosk makes gay dating fun again with a live video-sharing community full of laughs, real talk, and flirting.

Try using similar platforms to Sniffies and see just how desirable you really are. Good luck, practice safe sex, and have fun!

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