New Year, New You!: Our annual roundup of everyday people’s aspirations and affirmations

Even though Jan. 1 is technically just the next day in a lineup of days and, if anything, signals an odd-numbered year — which is illogically irritating — many Philadelphians remained spirited by the open possibilities of a new year.

And with that spirit comes the all-too-notorious New Year’s resolution.

Keeping your resolution may be the needle in your New Year’s ballon, slowly deflating as your goal motivation dwindles or as your champagne flute empties. But for New Year’s Eve, and usually just New Year’s Eve, your resolution is an affirmation of having a healthier and happier new year — and who knows, you might defy the odds and keep it.

We at PW pulled out the umbrella for what was a rainy New Year’s Eve and party hopped to spots like Tradesman’s, U-Bahn, Stats On 17th and One Liberty Observation Deck. Counting down the clock with streamers, sequins and plenty of champagne, we asked others throughout Philadelphia about their resolutions as they danced – and kissed  – their way into 2019. 

“Just really to live each moment in the present time. Nothing about the future, nothing about the past, just focus on what’s in front of me, and live my best life.”

– Dana Barrier, 37 | Delaware

“Just to brush my teeth and to have better habits. I don’t know if you want to put that down, but—yeah, it’s practical.”

– Alex DeStefano, 26 | Maryland

“Finish my grad school master’s degree.”

– Alyssa Del Rozo, 25 | Center City

“To be healthier. Have a better, healthier diet.”

– Dale Tubello, 24 | Center City

“To wash my face every night.”

– Sarah Wintime, 21 | Ontario 

“I will have as many laughs as I possibly can in 2019.”

– Mike Catrino, 24 | Graduate Hospital

“Just try not to be an asshole.”

– George, the first-name-only basis bouncer at U-Bahn | Center City

“To pass the NPLEX — I’m going to be a nurse!”

–Margaret Moore, 25 | North Philadelphia

“I just graduated from Rowan, and my New Year’s resolution is to sleep more. That’s it.”

– Shawn Hammond, 24 | Cherry Hill

“Mine is to stick to my morning routine of stretching every morning and drinking a cup of tea and getting an even better morning routine together.”

– Gabriella Delao, 24 | Northeast


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