The Best JOI OnlyFans Accounts to Follow in 2024

best JOI onlyfans

There’s no denying that a steaming hot OnlyFans account can be a great place to go when you’re feeling horny. The hottest girls produce some great content that will easily do the job.

But did you know that some of these hot babes provide JOI that will help you blow your load like never before? 

Imagine following her instructions, edging towards release, and only being allowed to cum when she tells you to? That’s a turn-on right there.

So who are these hot chicks, and how do you find them? Well, you’re in luck. We’ve got some of the best JOI OnlyFans girls for you to follow. So, hunker down, grab a box of tissues, and be prepared for an almighty release…..

Best JOI OnlyFans: First Look

  1. MelRose – Hottest JOI OnlyFans pornstar
  2. Tilly Toy – Top Only Fans JOI content
  3. Lana Monroe – Busty babe with Only Fans JOI content
  4. Mia Thorne – Best exclusive OnlyFans JOI
  5. Sheyla Jay – Hottest OnlyFans Kinkster
  6. Rebeca Vega – Best JOI OnlyFans babe for when your sex life is lacking

1. MelRose – Hottest JOI OnlyFans Pornstar

mel rose OFTop Features

  • Over 2k explicit photos and videos
  • Live streams
  • Daily uploads
  • Special offer of $3.75 monthly cost

MelRose is probably one of the most well-known pornstars on OnlyFans, which means you’re in for a pretty hot ride with her.

As well as incredible JOI, this flame-haired redhead offers all sorts of kinks and fetishes to keep you entertained on her VIP account.

Expect to see photos and videos of her enjoying anal play, spit play, roleplay, domme, and lesbian action, amongst plenty of other things. There are over 2k of them on her account, which means there is definitely a lot of XXX content here.

She uploads daily posts and is a frequent live-streamer where you can watch her perform her saucy shows while controlling her sex toys and making her cum. She’ll even treat you to some audio message replies if you drop her a message.

Is there much left to want?

If you don’t have the cash to subscribe to her page, she offers a free page. You won’t get her JOI here, but there are plenty of hot pictures to get you hot and hard. She is this month picture model, after all.

For only $3.75 a month, why wait? Just hit the subscribe button, and you’ll be having fun for hours.

>>Sign up and get intimate with some of MelRose’s amazing content.

2. Tilly Toy – Top Only Fans JOI Content

joi OFTop Features

  • 1k pieces of raunchy content
  • JOI custom voice notes
  • Exclusive shows
  • Hot roleplay
  • $3.74 monthly cost

Tilly is full of deliciously naughty treats, and that includes her JOI custom voice notes. You’ll find it hard to hold on with these—but if you do, we can guarantee you’re in for an explosive end.

JOI isn’t all she does, though. Expect some seriously explicit photos and videos and some truly wild performances in her exclusive shows. From squirting to roleplay to anal and full-on sex, this lady is one dirty fan favorite that you don’t want to miss. She really has no limits.

She’ll happily provide you with either voice or video cock ratings and is up for anything in her custom requests. Now all you have to do is decide what you want her to do for you.

Just drop her some messages and tell her what you want. If you can’t decide, ask her for a surprise. She goes out of her way to please her fans, so you know you’re in for something pretty special. She might even give you something for free.

For only $3.74 monthly cost, it’s no wonder she’s at the top of our list.

>>Enjoy JOI and naughty videos of Tilly Toy

3. Lana Monroe – Busty Babe With Custom OnlyFans JOI Content

OF 3Top Features

  • 250 explicit pieces of media
  • Very dirty
  • Incredible curves
  • Live streams regularly
  • $3 monthly cost

Lana is a Spanish minx. Her enormous bust and thick juicy booty will really grab your attention,  especially when she is fully nude. She boasts 250 pieces of explicit media on her page, but where she really shines is in her custom content.

Here you can ask her to perform some XXX content or to give you her best JOI. These are out of this world and definitely one of the best JOI OnlyFans footage we’ve come across.

Make sure you follow them fully, though. She’ll edge you to the most explosive end.

Whichever of her custom vids you go for, you’ll be begging her for more. She’s extremely raunchy, though, so just make sure no one is around when you watch them.

This hottie has great fan interaction. She loves talking and sexting and will happily engage with you when she live streams. Tell her what you want her to perform—she rarely says no. If you’re lucky, she might even squirt for you.

With new content being uploaded every week, this busty babe is well worth the $3-a-month subscription for her account. If you auto-renew, she’ll even give you a free gift every week. Now, that’s what we’re talking about.

>>Get some custom OnlyFans JOI from Lana

4. Mia Thorne – Best Exclusive OnlyFans JOI

mia thorne OFTop Features

  • 60 extremely explicit photos and videos
  • Cock ratings and dirty talk
  • Very interactive
  • Live shows
  • $3.50 monthly cost

Mia is one of OnlyFan’s hottest content creators. When you catch your first glimpse of her, you’d be forgiven for thinking she’s just your average girl next door. But behind her innocent looks is an incredibly naughty minx. 

As well as delivering cock ratings, live shows, and dirty talk, she produces incredible exclusive content, including the most unbelievable JOI you can imagine. This girl knows exactly how to edge you to ecstasy. You’ll have to pay for the pleasure. But, boy, is it worth it.

The content on her general page is just as hot and will certainly act as a good warm-up. You’ll find 60 pieces of explicit footage there ranging from saucy solo play to plenty of ass to boy-on-girl and girl-on-girl action. If you catch one of her live shows, you might even see her squirting.

With her account having just a $3.50 monthly cost, it’s easy to see why she makes it into our list of top JOI OnlyFans models.

>>Sign up to Mia’s account and get one of her JOI OnlyFans videos.

5. Sheyla Jay – Hottest OnlyFans Kinkster

shayla jayTop Features

  • 1.1K hardcore photos and videos
  • Custom OnlyFans JOI
  • Loves kinks and fetishes
  • Live streams regularly
  • $3.60 monthly cost

This Colombian hottie loves her kinks. From anal to feet to BDSM to JOI to femdom, this girl is definitely on the more risque side of playful.

You’ll find over 1000 pieces of video and photo content on her page to whet your appetite, but if you want something specific, or videos of her OnlyFans JOI, you’ll have to ask her for some custom content. It’s worth paying for, though, believe us.

As well as the content on her general page, Sheyla live streams on video regularly. She loves interacting with her fans and will go out of her way to get you off. Send her a message during her show and ask her to perform specific acts, and she’ll do her best to indulge your fantasies.

She loves sexting too. If you get a message from her, we’ll guarantee it will be deliciously naughty.

For just $3.60 monthly cost, subscribers will be in their element with this playful angel. Just imagine what it would be like getting blowjobs from her….now that’s a thought for her fans!

>>Join Sheyla Jay’s OnlyFans page and access some of the hottest OnlyFans JOI.

6. Rebeca Vega – Best JOI Onlyfans Babe for When Your Sex Life Is Lacking

rebeca vega OFTop Features

  • 300 explicit photos and videos
  • Hardcore, kinky content
  • Custom JOI requests
  • Exclusive shows
  • $3.50 monthly cost

Rebeca is a fiery minx with some hardcore delights waiting for you on her account. This Latina beauty has no limits to what she’ll do.

Her general page has over 300 explicit photos and videos, including plenty of kinks and fetishes, footage of her playing with sex toys, and lots of girl-on-girl action. You’ll even find a video (or videos, if we’re being more accurate) of her squirting.

It’s the kind of content that most other models would charge you extra for….so you know you’re in for a good time if you subscribe to her account.

Where she really delivers, though, is in her custom content. Think JOI, cock ratings, anal, and videos of everything that you could imagine.

This hottie is daring and very playful.

If that’s not quite enough for you, she also delivers exclusive shows. The big difference between these and her custom content is she delivers these in person, so you won’t even need to wait too long.

You’ll be able to see plenty of ass in these, amongst other stuff, and interact with her IRL. Just drop her some messages and tell her what you want her to perform. Don’t be afraid, she won’t bite… or will she?!

We’re getting steamy just writing about it. Hey, don’t judge—we won’t judge you..

For only $3.50 monthly cost, this sassy minx has to be on your list for some solo fun.

>>Check out Rebeca’s OnlyFans account and access some of the best JOI on OnlyFans.

Buying Guide/FAQ

They all sound delightful, don’t they? If you’ve still got questions about girls that offer JOI or want to know more about what JOI actually is take a look at our most frequently asked questions.

Who Are the Best JOI Onlyfans Models

The best JOI OnlyFans models are MelRose, Tilly Toy, Lana Monroe, Mia, Sheyla Jay, and Rebeca Vega.

While MelRosse and Tilly will give you JOI on their general pages, you’ll have to ask for some custom JOI content from the others.

Every one of them has a real talent for taking you to the point of release. If you follow their instructions precisely, you’re in for a real treat.

What Is JOI

JOI (jerk-off instructions) is a form of fetish where a woman (or man) gives you instructions on how to pleasure yourself. It’s a form of BDSM where another person controls when you can cum and how you get there. 

From the tempo you use, to how you touch yourself, to when you can release. They’ll edge you there in the most delicious way. It’s incredibly exhilarating to do and often leads to more intense and explosive orgasms. 

Only Fans subscribers go mad for it, which is understandable. There is something about being told exactly what to do, and having your orgasm controlled.

We’re getting hot and hard just talking about it!

What’s the Difference Between JOI and Sexting?

The difference between JOI and sexting really comes down to how the act is delivered. JOI are often delivered over videos or audio messages, whereas sexting is done via some kind of text message.

While sexting can definitely get you turned on, videos of JOI are on a whole other level. Being given specific instructions by an OnlyFans model like MelRose or Tilly Toy is far more intimate and sexy than receiving the same instructions via text message.

If you don’t believe us, check out their feed and find one of their videos. You’ll be pleased that you did.

Which OnlyFans Models Do JOI?

Our favorite models that do JOI are MelRose and Tilly Toy. They top our list of the best Only Fans JOI content providers for a reason.

Both have JOI videos on their general pages, meaning you don’t have to pay anything extra to experience that explosive ending.

You can also get custom JOI videos from Lana Monroe, Mia Thorne, Sheyla Jay, and Rebeca Vega. Just drop them a message and tell them what you want. They might even give you a free taster if you’re nice to them.

Best JOI OnlyFans: Conclusion

There you have it—six of the hottest OnlyFans JOI models right now. We know you’re already reaching for your box of tissues (hey, who could blame you?)

Whether you decide to surrender control with some free JOI from MelRose or Tilly Toy or you go for custom JOI from Lana, Mia, Sheyla, or Rebeca, be prepared for them to control your tempo and give you some incredibly intense orgasms.

These hotties know exactly how to take you to that explosive ending that you’re aching for.


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