10 under $10 | Jan. 9-16

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Celebrate inclusivity at this friendly neighborhood bar and witness art come alive on stage at the Northeast LGBTQ Night Out. | Image: Brian Kyed

Pit Hair

Smelly, unsightly and overgrown – luckily, this band is nothing like that. These Philly punks are exactly the kind of body hair you’d want to keep around. They can get a little filthy when they need, but when has that been a bad thing? | Friday, Jan. 10 7:45 pm. $6. The Barbary, 951 Frankford Ave. eventbrite.com

Karaoke Gung Show: The Boring Twenties

Skeletor hosts this karaoke showdown where participants have to sing before the gong gets banged. Get your words out before you’re faced with the inevitable bang. If you’re lucky, he’ll like you. | Friday, Jan. 10, 9 pm. Free. World Cafe Live, 3025 Walnut St. eventbrite.com

Cutthroat Queens

This is the drag version of Cutthroat Kitchen. Queens each have $150 to pay for sabotages against their competitors. In the end, the shadiest – and richest – bitch will come out on top. | Sunday, Jan. 12, 10:30 pm. Free. Tabu, 254 S. 12th St. facebook.com

Science on Tap: Launching Space Camp

We’re all getting ready to yeet ourselves off this planet when WWIII starts. It’d be useful to learn a thing or two about space before that happens. Don’t miss out on this discussion of Space Camp in Alabama, where you could get actual space training. | Monday, Jan. 13, 6 pm. Free. National Mechanics, 22 S. 3rd St. facebook.com

Lonely Artist Mingle

We get it – you’ve been locked up in the studio for days on end crafting your vision. Being a creative can get pretty damn lonely. Get to know artists with similar struggles at this necessary networking event. | Monday, Jan. 13, 6 pm. Free. MilkBoy, 1100 Chestnut St. facebook.com

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Trivia

Choose your gang to support you at this trivia night all about the city’s favorite TV show. Hopefully, you won’t need any riot punch to power through the night. | Tuesday, Jan. 14, 7 pm. $8. Punch Line Philly, 33 E. Laurel St. facebook.com

Tuesday Night Hang Out

Club going up on a Tuesday. Come meet some new friends and score cheap deals on drinks. There’s no reason for your night to be lame if you have somewhere you can go like this. | Tuesday, Jan. 14, 10 pm. Free. Saint Lazarus Bar, 102 W. Girard Ave. facebook.com

Fam Sesh

A little jam sesh with a tight local music fam, hosted by James Cooper and Jared Williams. Spread some sticky and sweet jam on the dry white toast that is your typical Tuesday evening. | Tuesday, Jan. 14, 8 pm. Free. Connie’s Ric Rac, 1132 S. 9th St. facebook.com

Northeast LGBTQ Night Out

This isn’t limited to just one day of the week – inclusivity is celebrated every day at this friendly neighborhood bar. Witness art come alive on stage with a performance by Mx D. Underwood. Feel free to come back every Wednesday if you want. | Wednesday, Jan. 15, 4 pm. Free. SawTown Tavern, 4717 Princeton Ave. facebook.com

The Future of Art

This may depict exactly how you picture the future of art galleries to be. Art will be displayed using augmented reality technology, which will undoubtedly alter the limits of our physical reality. Trippy stuff. | Thursday, Jan. 16, 8 pm. Free. The Maas Building, 1325 N. Randolph St. facebook.com

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